Welcome to Tranter Academy


Tim slowly begun to wake. He felt his body aching and his joints hurt. He couldn’t move. He opened his eyes, but there was only darkness. After some undefiniable time in which he felt lying on cold steel, white type appeared in front of his eyes and a reassuring low male voice started talking to him:

Hello, if you’re accessing this file, then congratulations! You have been selected for Tranter Academy.
The board of trustees sees something special in you, and they decided to make the most of it. You’re about to become a much happier, more productive member of society.
Of course, more and more parents are discovering the benefits of Tranter Academy, so processee wait times may be longer than usual. We know you’re a little anxious, so why not settle your nerves by reading this brief presentation? We’ll walk you through the steps of your adjustmant and, hopefully, ease any doubts you might have about the process.
Relax and calm down.
Blink twice with your eyes to continue

What Do We Mean by “Adjustment”?
First, we should point out that there is no such thing then “brainwashing.” What we do here is just helping young wayward gentleman to find their way back to a more favorable track. So its much better to use the term “Adjustment”. Most students who went through this process describe it as joyful and are struggle to convey their gratitude afterwards.
Until then, why not get into the right frame of mind by imagining yourself as a squire kneeling before your Kings’s throne? You are about to be inducted as a knight of the realm! Some may think this a little outdated, but think of the values the old knights had: chivalry, loyalty and honor. True, you are not literally kneeling so much as lying; but if you imagine yourself in a different position, your physical discomfort will be lessened.
Sorry for the shackles and tubing. But right now they are here to help you. If the average youngster understood all the gifts available to him, he would queue for days, just for the chance of to receive one of them. Sadly, the unadjusted have trobule understanding the wisdom and benevolence of the school and their parents.
Remember you are here because your parents want to help you. The school is aware of your past transgressions.
The students helping with your adjustment sympathize with your fear and anger. Each of us was once in your shoes…or should we say, on your table? That is why we made this little presentation to help you ease your concern and provide you with a smooth ride into the fold of our student body.
Blink twice to continue

The methods used in your adjustment have been proving their worth over years here at the Tranter Academy and have helped to make thousands families happy. Giving parents back the child they desired and deserved. The fact that the process works so well, is a testament to wisdom of its creator Dr. Lee and his team.
Our technique is surprisingly simple. After you are collected from our home and brought here by our agents, the new students brain is analyzed and scanned thoroughly. Then, using that knowledge, we use artificial enzymes targeting certain areas of your brain and body.
From there it’s just a matter of implanting some simple hypnotic conditioning and some slight beahviour modification.
You’ll be amazed at all the changes this can make.
Let’s begin with the mental enhancements, since those are the quickest and easiest to explain. We will help your brain regain its focus to the important tasks. Exceeding at school work, doing well academically. With a little help from us your brain is capable of superhuman feats.
Not only that but the willpower we will give you, can guide you to new horizons of understanding.
What will your future position in life be? We don’t know, but what we know is, that you will be better prepared then most young men. All we know for certain is that no matter what your destiny, you will experience more satisfaction and pleasure in fulfilling it than you ever did in your unadjusted life.
Blink twice to continue.

Unless you have been circumcised we will do very little physical modifications. Except for inserting a little drug port in your upper right chest, so that you can be supplied with drugs that will help you ease into your adjustment.
Otherwise it will be strenuous physical excericses and training, day in day out, to improve your flabby body. That will allow you to hike wider, jump higher, run faster, swim better and lift more weights then you have ever dreamed of.
As you can see, every body modification enhances your live.
Blink twice to continue.

Our trustees know that you as a young men need to have sexual satisfaction. However in the past your sex drive has let to some pretty stupid and unnecessary complications. We know you are an adventurous young man. But as everything firm guidance and adult knowledge can help improve. Therefore we will help you adjust to the all male environment of the Academy.
Therefor some small modifications to your pleasure centers will be made. So that your current pleasure points will become more sensitive and you can get more easily aroused. Just some small cuts near your penis. Imagine, for a moment, the possibilities of this arrangement.
It’s almost too much to take in, isn’t it? Yet even now, we’ve only scratched the surface of your new erotic existence. Extensive physical training will prepare you for your service.
Blink twice to continue

We hope that this presentation has eased your worries about the adjustment process and the academias ‘ plans for you. Your guidance counselors and student supervisors look forward to meeting you in person, and ushering you into your new life.

Blink twice to continue
The visor in front of his eyes went totally black again, he started hearing some white noise.

Tim felt the pick of a needle in his left arm. Some cold fluid was inserting into him. Then pain in his upper right chest. He was falling asleep again.

A harsh light shone into Tims face.
“Wake up Tango-Alpha”
Tims mouth had a metallic taste. He saw a young face with close cropped hair shining a torch straight into your face.
“Your sleep time is over rookie”
Tim felt how some snap hooks were unlatched and he could move freely.
“Put your arms behind your body”
He felt how a short chain was connecting both his arms and locked them loosly together behind his back. A leash was attached to his handlers belt and both started walking out into a corridor. The entire thing had the smell of institution: neon lights, cheap painted walls, a laminate floor that felt cold under his bare feet.
Slowly Tim noticed he was without clothing.
“Why am I naked”
“No worries, you’ll get your school uniform soon enough”
They walked on to a kind of shower room with two steel bars in the middle.
“Ok lets get you fitted”
The snap hooks were loosened and quickly reattached to the two steel bars , his arms overhead his feet below, so he was mostly unable to move.
“Ok guys you can start”
Two youths not really older then Tim with buzzcuts and electric clippers came.
“3 mm on the head, zero on everything below the neck”
Tim felt his light brown hair fall and he tried to remain as emotionless as possible.
His handlers gloved hand stroked him. “No need to cry all will be good”
The two youth went over his body systematically and shaved of any body hair.
“Ok hold his penis and balls until we get them cleaned of too.
His handler held out his penis whilst one of the shavers started shaving off any pubic hair on the balls and in this private area.


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