Mike’s morning

The phone on his bed stand rang and mike woke up. He pushed the ringing off and thaugt for a moment about sleeping a little bit longer, but then decided to get up.
He started doing his morning exercises. 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 dips and felt how he became awake.

“Mike come for breakfast” his mother yelled from the kitchen.
He went to the kitchen and started to mix some fruits into the low carb muesli and the green tea.
“Hurry, you don’t want to be late for school”.

Mike stepped und the shower. The water went on for 60 seconds, then soaped himself thoroughly and then the water gave him another 60 seconds.
He grabbed the towel and rubbled himself dry. Then stepped to the sink. Hmmm no need for a head shave this morning, he thought as he rubbed over his head. A scruff of hair on his skull didn’t look to bad. Not that the Mister Clean look was bad, but some variety didn’t matter.
So he saved some time by only shaving his face clean. His body hair had not yet sprouted to strong so it was enough to shave once a week.
No more cleaning on his body was required. He flexed his muscles and smiled.

Next was something he dreaded. But if you are over 16 and you wanted to fit in. You would need it.
He took the the cook cage from hook above the sink. He had cleaned it before going to bed yesterday, right after he had cleaned his teeth.
So he inserted his penis into it, looped the belt around the wrist and put his balls through their hole. The look clicked shut.
At least with this model you could pee and shit. This one had been chosen by him together with his mother. He was lucky, some friends were just given one without proper measuring by their parents.

Next came the school uniform. He started lubing himself. Once his body was properly lubed he stepped into the one piece. First the feet, he pulled a little bit at the lower leg to give it a proper fit. The one pieces were officially labeled as “body fit”, but it really meant just tight and no way to hide any fat. Well that was no problem with Mike, he did his daily exercises. So he put  the upper body and arms into it. Finally he closed the zipper and  latched the top buckle on the choke collar close.
The name of his school was engraved on the left of his choke collar, on the left 12 c as a number of his class.

This was a normal school day, so no gorget or any other accessory was necessary.
He closed the belt buckle and put on his watch. Well not only watch but it also monitored your vitals. Counted health stats and stuff.
The watch beep and showed it had noticed the electronic seal on his chastity belt.

He went out of the bath room and put his phone and wallet into his back pack.
Pushed his I.D. Card in the clear plastic spot on his left chest. So everyone could see who he was. The stuff got also scanned at the entrance of most buildings.
At the wardrobe he pushed his feet into the black boots. Just the normal school students boots and tightend the boot laces

No he was ready to go but for one thing: His senior peaked cap with the black chinstrap and black visor.
Now he was ready for the day.

“Bye Mom”
“Stop let me have look”
Mom looked over him, felt the the look on the chastity cage and gave her boy a kiss on the cheek.
“Have a good day – oh and don’t forget your gloves.”
“Ups oh yes, thanks”

He left the apartment and decided to clim down the ladder on the outside of his apartment tower.
Nine floors were ok. Climbing down was fun and besides he liked to get the exercise. Also it would give him additional points on his exercise log.

Arriving downstairs he navigated the blast walls of his apartment complex.
Then he turned left. It was frowned for students to use the monorail. “If you are young you can walk or use the bike” and again his watch would monitor it and deduce it from the daily exercise requirement.
So he decided to walk the 10 min to school.

When he turned left on Assange Avenue he encountered one of these vigilante police cheeks.
A couple of police conscripts in their black armor suits, carrying semi automatic rifles had put up an impromptu check point.
People on the street were herded into two lines.
Mike decided not to turn around. Why arise unnecessary suspicion and que to get himself checked.

“Put your bag here”
Mike put his backpack to a fold table. One of the conscripts started searching his belongings. What did they expect to find? He only carried the permitted items to school: books, tablet, his sports gear, a fruit for lunch. Some pencils. Anything else like scissors – well in grade 12 you didn’t need scissors, and if you needed one maybe for an art class anything sharp would be issued by the teachers.

“Bag is okay”
Mike moved on.
The next policeman scanned his ID on his rubber bodysuit.
“Hey Mike Meyers, you went to the same school then me”
A freckled face smiled at him.
“Patrick. Wow good to met you. How are you?”
Patrick was a boy a class above him. He used to be one the student council and booth had shared a room at weekend retreat.
“Doing my part”
“I see”
“But don’t call me Patrick its Policeman K2W9 for the time, they don’t want us to share our names for security reasons”
“Cool. Let me hug you. I miss you.”
So Mike hugged the policeman in his black ant like armor suit and gently touched his skull.
Patrick responded by doing the same. Although that was not so easy with all of him encased in a kevlar armor suit. At least his commander had not ordered them to wear the helmet, as this was a routine friendly ‘encourage the citizenry’ kind of checkpoint.

“You know the routine, I have to ask you: Did you take any illegal substances?”
“Do you know of any illegal or terrorist activity?”
“No” Mike laughed it was unusual to see someone like Patrick who had always been on the silly side ask such questions.
“Ok, I want you to give a little blood sample for the scanner”
“Yes, we take it from everyone”
Mike removed his left glove. K2W9 sprayed on the little finger with an antiseptic. The needle stuck him and a little blood was sucked into the scanner.
“Ok it detects no residue of banned substances. You are cleared to leave”
K2W9 radioed to his commander “Citizen is cleared to leave”
Then squeezed the right nipple of Mike and smiled.

“Ok, I have to get on with work, don’t want to slack just coming from training. But I’m in the area so if you want to we can catch up”
“Definitely, yeah I have to hurry. Don’t want to be late for school”
Mike took his stuff and started to walk off. Seeing how the guy next to him got felt up. At least knowing the policeman – event if it was only a conscript – had saved him from getting checked on the chastity belt. If they notice your belt was not locked but your phone status indicated, you would be in trouble for tampering with a certified device.

So Mike basically ran up to the gate of his school. He navigated the concrete barriers and went onto the entrance doors. Good he was not late for morning parade.


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