Mike’s school day begins

So Mike basically ran up to the gate of his school went through the concrete barriers and straight to the full height turnstile. The laser bar code scanner read the code on his I.D.. Every school student had to wear his state issue I.D all the time. That was no problem. The full body rubber suit had a plastic insert in which you could push your I.D.
So the teachers, child discipline experts and the school guards could identify you at all time.

Then he went straight to the parade ground. Good he was not late for morning parade.
He went straight to the place of his 40 other class mates. 12 c. His class. On the north end the 12 a stood, then b, his c, d, e and f. All the students of his cohort. Mos of them had arrived. But he could see he was not late.

One of his teachers saw him: “5 minues before time, then the student is in time. I see this Mike and I and the computer will notice”
Mike stood still. “Yes, sir. Sorry, I was in a police check point.There was Patrick Qantrall, you know.”
“Oh good, but your infractions is still noted. You want to remain in the top tier of students”
“Yes, sir. Of course, Sir.”
“Now, go to your place”

Mike ran off to his place on the school parade ground. About 250 trained male young bodies in rubber suit stood there. The prime student appeard on the stage next to the headmaster. A throat microphone was fitted around the first students neck. A small reciever in his left ear. His ruber unisuit was more or less the same then the other students. Except that his peaked cap with the black chinstrap had small golden leafs on the black visor. His chocke collar had a the same school insignia then that of all students except for a small one, signifiing his status as the prime student.

Mike looked to the right and to the left. He checked witht his arms so that he was spaced equally to the guy on his right and to the left. The class was orderd accoring to height. The smallesst students to the front left and then getting bigger. So that each row of student was behind one as tall as him.

“Sedi-A” the first student yelled. All students came to attention.
“Good morning students.”
“Good morning first student. Good morning teachers, good morning headmaster” the students replied.
The first student
This is the beginning of a new week, let us remember for us in grade 12 the final exams are comming closer. Only for more months until we are exammed and then proceed to our next stage in life.
But let us start the week with our national anthem”

Three students with trumpets took them to their mouths. The music started to play. The students started singing.

The music stopped and the first student yelled: “Senang di-RI”

The students were allowed to relax a little. Mike put his Legs shoulder width apart put his hands behind his back. As he had leaned the right hand over left hand, fingers straightened. His eyes were stil directed forward, looking up to the stage where the headmaster had apperend.

The headmaster did his weekly prep up talk: “Students. It is time to hand out recomendations and punishment for the last week. As you know I’m not happy if I have to punish you, but it is my duty.”

“Student Ong”. Student Ong was Jason. He stood next to Mike.
“Has been an outstanding student, especially with regard to his muscular development in the last 3 months. He was an underpferomer in sports, but within the last 3 months his muscula development hast taken astride. With help from his coach and physician he could climb more then 150 points in the fitness assesment. This is the most outstanding climb we have seen in the last years.
Student Ong step out.”
Student Ong hat took a perfectly executed step forward, then turned left and marched to the podium. The First Student hung a medal onto him and his rubber uniform. Then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Both smiled.

“Student Dupont. We have obtained surveilance video of you tampering with your chastity cage and if it was not enough giving another student a blow job during class. Not only is this two class A infringements, its stupid. Well, the porn we will keep for your graduation ceremony. You will wear a fools had for the rest of the week. Your excercise requirments have been doubled. You will recieve 12 at the next publich spanking and for the week end you will attend the orientation class.” Orientation class was an intensive and structured enviroment where they made you excercise and gave you “counselling”. Well just another word for a little bit of pyscho talk or maype they would first tire you out and then strap you in.

“As there have been infringements in the entire class 12 c group and as I want to remind you, that everyone is his brothers keeper, the only punishment can be 100 ups and a 100 downs for this class”
The students started doing push ups and counted up to one hundred. Then turned around and started doing sit ups.
“Thank you, Sir.” the students said in union.

Kelas-Kelas, Keluar-BARIS

Mike was glad to finish the morning assembly. His parents had told him that school in their days had not been so strict. No morning assembly, no school uniform, no electronic surveilance and no chastity cages for male students. But then society had changed, with the big wave of terror and retaliation wars.

His smart watch reminded him to go class. And not be late. Beeing late was only a class four infringement, but those would add up and he would be punished.
Comunity studies was mandatory, not to difficult and easy to get good grades. This morning they were supposed to be visited by a police officer to talk about career opportunites in the security buisness.
On the hall he saw one of the security monitors catch a year 10 student. The young guy was handcuffed and taken to the monitors office. Mike did suspect he knew why. The guy had a wild mop of hair, well it must have not been cut in the last 2 weeks. That was what a wild mop of hair woudl be today, but certainly more then the school grooming policy would allow.
Doubtless the young fella would be subjects not only to ridicule on their next assembly.


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