Making of a guardsman – chapter 2: The uniform

The uniform

Sam entered the clothing department and waited.
„Number thirty-three step forward”
Sam stepped to the counter and a rubber clad figure, tagged C-3005-576-057 with blue darting eyes and very pale skin handed him some kind of undergarment.
„What is this?”
„Your underwear. Put it on”

Sam was shocked. It certainly wasn’t the cotton shorts he usually wore. The only thing on the rubber, neoprene feeling garment was a tag that read „Guard issue. For intended use only”
„I’ll show you how to properly put it on. Place your hands to the counter and relax.”
Zero-Five-Six pushed the dildo into Sam’s until then virginal hole and aligned the codpiece with his balls and penis, then buckled the belt to which both were attached. Sam looked around into the surprised faces of his new brothers. No one had told them in the recruitment videos. But it felt good when the rubber dildo entered his as.
„Now put your left hand on top of the belt buckle”
Sam still shocked did as he was told and heard a clicking sound.
„Your underwear is sealed – go to the next counter. ”

Another rubberclad guardsman stood there and introduced them to their new outer garments:
„This is your Class R Suit, it’s made from a special nano-material that emits water, regulates your temperature, and is a mixture between neoprene and rubber. This is what you will wear when you’re not it the tank suit and you will love to wear it,” the instructor smirked.
„Its one piece from sole to neck, there are optional boots for duty, hand shoes and headgear.
This will be your uniform for the next three years. Initially you will get two sets, and change them every day. There is washing for them every 10th day.
It will fit snuggly and was produced for your body so no sharing.” It felt smooth and gentle. Sam was given his uniform, including his silver tag A-8007-399-033 on the chest.
“Put it on”.

FullSizeRender 13

Sam opened the rear zip and begun to step into it. Sam heard the guardsman advising the new class, “If you have trouble you can use some of the oil.” Sam had trouble and liberally used the oil from the dispenser to enter his suit. It made the process infinitely easier, and Sam quickly closed the zipper at the back of this suit.
There he stood looking at his new brothers all of them now in their respective black suits, rubbered and somehow feeling strangely good. Five rubber clad young man standing there unsure.
The R-Class uniform was a manifestation of the guard’s ideology that heavily emphasized uniformity, obedience and discipline. The only individual identification was the tag number on the right breast and below a line stating the purpose of the guardsman. In Zero-thirty-threes case: Material.

“Each of you will get his duffel back with a second R-Class uniform, sign off for it and then go to auditorium” the black clad figure behind the counter told them. He saw Max looking relieved to not being nude anymore but was walking strangely toward the auditorium. The feeling of penis in the ass and his own penis covered and locked up, surely contributed to that.

First lesson
They arrived in their classroom. 40 comfortable seats with rubber cushions and arm and headrests, placed neatly, in front of them a computer terminal and below them paddles. The seats had built-in harnesses. Sam sat down at the station with his tag blinking A-8007-399-033. Waiting for the others to settle in. He noticed the pedals below the desk but didn’t do anything with them. After everyone had settled G-0500-878-605 entered the room, the lights dimmed and he was illuminated by a spot near the front.

“I see you have received your new R-Class uniforms, quite a feeling isn’t it?”
A guy with very light skin in first row responded with a giggle: “Yes master”
G-0500-878-605 pressed a button and the guy screamed and yelled in pain as a 15-sec 500 volt shock went through his body making him shake uncontrollably.


“I don’t like people who consider themselves to be funny – and you see one of the features of the chairs, they have pain inducers built in, like in the stick, that we instructors wear.
Now strap yourself into the seats. First the belt buckle, then the shoulder straps. Then the headrest”
The boys strapped themselves in, until their upper body bas barely moveable and their head attached to its rest as well.

„On the screen you will find a menu, you can note down stuff and access files and info we designate for you. As you get deeper into the training you will have more access. At the end of the day there will be a test, on what you learned..

Be prepared to take punishment if you fail and rewards if you succeed. The pain inducers are only one form of the punishment we offer. Now as we want fit and exercised material and of course contribute to the power consumption of this facility – the guard is a green organization – you will start pushing the pedals below your desks, constantly when you’re in the seats. The screen will show a green light if you’re maintaining an adequate rate of pedaling and learning. A yellow light will show if you’re too weak or slow in learning. It will go red and then result in punishment if you do not pick up your speed or rate of learning.”

Eagerly, the boys started pushing.
„There are several classes of people here: Material, guardsmen and senior guardsman, you’re the lowest of the them fresh material, and we will take the worthless material you are and make you into worthy guardsmen. Guardsman who are clad and proud to wear the uniform ”

G-0500-878-605 held up a silver colored hearing aide device up. “Many of you have noticed that all of us are wearing this: a GUMS Earpiece. GUMS is for GUardsman Management System and this is your little friend, you will wear them and it will help you. Now pick yours up”
Sam took the coolish silver device, it didn’t weigh more then 100 grams

“That little fellow will go into your ear. Actually you get two, one for the night and one for the day.
This will be your best friend while you are in the guard. Loss will result in severe punishment, wear it at all times. It’s your connection to the system, giving you orders and advice, monitoring your activities. As the guard believes in the evaluation, transparency and accountability of its members we register your positions and store what the microphone and the camera record. To talk to the computer just say GUMS and you will hear a response. Now put it into your ear.”

Sam put the device into his left ear, it started to buzz. On the screen in front of him appeared a little configuration menu, asking him about the sounds he could hear and showing him some pictures.
G-0500-878-605 looked at his instructors console and saw the material or the boys as he lovingly called them go thorough the testing: hearing, sound absorption, tracking, camera, microphone, brain wave test, suggestibility, after 20 min all showed green.

The buzzing stopped and Sam became aware of his soundings again, looking around a little confused.
They had transformed; this morning where there was curly, bangy, unkempt hair there is shiny bald heads now. Where once was baggy skater clothing there is tight and neat rubber suits. The boys started showing the first signs of training, sitting straight at attention in front of their instructor and not talking.

“As you all had a long day I’ll make it short and tell you about the name thing. You may have noticed we all have this number or tags as we call them. It is your official designation as long as you’re in the guard; your civilian names don’t have any relevance. I don’t want to know them and if I get to know that anyone is using them, prepare for punishment. As with the ranks: you are material. You all carry an A in front of your tags. Everyone who has a higher designation, as well as the GUMS, can give you orders. You will obey them, and you will be happy with that!”
“Attention” the senior instructor yelled, “your will go to your rest stations. You’re dismissed for the night”

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