The Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033 – chapter 1


“Mom I don’t want to join them”, Sam complained.
“But Sammy we have talked so often about it, your Dad would be proud of you”,
Mum replied.
“I don’t want to get a gay rubberman”
“You know that’s not true and besides that neither your Dad was after he left
and it paid for his college degree”
“But you heard the rumors”
“Rumors, he was a loving husband and you know we can’t pay for your education.
All I want you is to go to the center and get yourself tested.”


The testing

Mother took him to the guard compound on the outskirts of town with her small
car and park near the tall concrete wall. It was a short and silent walk to
the little house near the people entrance. Sam showed the printout of the
appointment to the tanked guardsman on duty.
“Ah Sam Brownes, I see you have an interview today and are eager to join us”
Sam moaned. “Eager not really but my Dad was guardsman”
“That’s the best stock, I think you will enjoy it.” Said the guardsman, and
held the printed email to the camera lens on his tanksuits collar.
“The computer identifies you and accepts you, step in.”

His mother gave him a kiss.
“I’ll be back at 4 PM to collect you”
Behind the iron door was another door and Sam entered it.
“I welcome you and will bring you to the testing center,” said a rubber clad
boy. He couldn’t be older than 18 or possible 20, with a tag B-2011-328-799 to
Sam. “Just follow me”.
“Are there others to be tested today?” Sam inquired.
“Oh yeah, they will come later.”
They walked around the compound and came to a plain concrete building.
“Here we are”.

On the receptions desk was another rubbered man, black hair 3mm long, about 25
years old, swimmers built, with a tag D-3478-328-410. A little silver earpiece
attached to right ear.


“Please put your phone and personal belongings, shoes, and everything into
this bag, we’ll hand had it back to this afternoon and step into the testing

There was a battery of test: drawing blood, x-rays, doing exercises, putting
the potential recruits into the body scanner, to get a clear measurement of
height and proportions. In between waiting he was told to sit and watch some
informational videos about the work of the guard and how great it was to
become a guardsman.

A wrinkled guardsman, but still with a lean muscular body came in. “I have to
make some more tests” and started fondling with Sam’s penis. He felt Sam’s
muscles not missing a single body part. The physical exam was through and
sexual. Sam felt a little bit uncomfortable.

From behind a darkened window a woman and rubber suited lanky man in his early
30 stood.
“How is our intake process working?”
The bald guardsman in his black rubber-suit with the number E-1999-230-455
said, “We are testing them here, and the ones which are suitable get taken to
the indoctrination room for further testing and some induction hypnosis, so we
make sure they return.”
“And how is the blond guy with the tussled hair there testing, four-five-
“I guess he will lose his ugly tussled hair soon. He’s got good points so far
and his dad was in the guard. He accepts the testing programming readily”,
four-five-five smiled.

“Ok, this is the last test. We are going to measure your responses. Just go
into the reclining seat, put your arms on the arm rests and press the left
button if you like what you see and the right one if you don’t like what you
see.” As D-3478-328-410 gave the instructions, he glued the ECG and brainwave
monitor stickers on Sam’s torso and head. “This is just for your safety,” the
guardsman stated as he strapped two thick rubber straps across Sam’s chest and
similar straps over his thighs, calves, biceps and forearms. Finally, he
placed the headset over Sam’s eyes and ears. D-3478-328-410 left the room.
“We are ready, he is strapped in and connected to the sensors, but why do they
always have to have this messy hair? Why can’t they just get a clean body?”
“He will have soon” four-five-five smiled.

Sam was shown a quick succession of seemingly innocent images: a baby, a tree,
a house, a couple kissing, children, a waterfall. The succession of pictures
accelerated, going quicker and quicker, accompanied by a buzzing sound. More
pictures came: young nude man, man kissing each other, a penis, boots, rubber
clad figures.

From the secret joint security and defense planning paper
“We found that guardsmen with homosexual tendencies support each other better
and can cope better with the stress of difficult situations. They generally
rate themselves happier in the survey. These results can be supported by a
variety of other studies we have conducted over the last years. The commission
therefore supports measures 1 –- 7 in the internal policy paper”.

“So how is today’s group?”
“We have two candidates that are responding favorably to the test, Sam Brownes
and Max Evans, both of them show high susceptibility, the necessary
tendencies, have good bodies. We’re just installing the necessary desire to
return and eagerness to behave until then.”
“The full package then? Good.”
E-1999-230-455 kissed on the back of D-3478-328-410 shaven head



The letter had arrived. Sam had been accepted into the Guard. He ran down the
stairs to his mother’s room and waved it in front of her: “Mum, I got
accepted! I start the week after my exams”
Mother had first wanted him to join, but when he got into it, she became
afraid to lose her boy.
But she was surprised what had happened to her boy in the last months after
returning from the guard barracks: he had become more focused on his studies,
behaved, didn’t get drunk and his school grades had improved. “Must be the
proximity to his exams, when the boys see it they get more disciplined and
start to study” the English teacher had told her at the parents evening.



The day of departure had arrived and his mum had brought Sam to the guard
compound at the outskirts of town. The instructions in the letter were easy:
bring ID, smart casual civilian clothing for two days, last report cards,
phone and any other proof of qualifications.

The other recruits were nervously standing outside, all in their late teens or
early twenties, saying goodbye to girlfriends, parents and even the occasional

A senior guardsman in his tank suit, though without a helmet, stepped outside
the door and yelled: “New Recruits welcome, please proceed and come in, we
want to start”. One by one they said goodbye, showed their ID’s and went
inside. Some trembling…some smiling.

While waiting Sam talked to one of the others, he recognized the face from
“Hi I’m Sam, don’t I know you?
“Yeah I think we met at soccer some years ago. I’m Max”
Max was 1,80m with a lean build and dirt blond hair hanging in wild bangs down
onto his forehead. He was wearing some baggy pants and a skater shirt.
“Why did you join?”
“Didn’t know what to study in University, and three years serving and learning
some discipline seems good. Besides, I can use the stipend.”

They presented their IDs and stepped inside the warehouse where there was a
small holding area. The group of 8 boys stood there unsure what to do. The
senior guardsman stepped in: “Boys form a row; we will put you on a PC-10
Personal carrier and drive you to the training center at Mount LeBlanc. I’m
D-0011-878-057 that is my tag and you will address me as such. For the trip,
place your stuff in the back of the PC and then step in. B-3200-077-005 will
help you settle in.”

B-3200-077-005 gestured Sam to his designated seat. The seats were high form
individual seats with headrests and very comfy. Without saying a word he
strapped him in the seats belts—one for the legs, one for the torso and a
comfy head rest strap. Sam couldn’t move but the seat was comfy and he waited

Max tried to make conversation with the driver but he only nodded. The senior
guardsman with his salt and paper 5 mm hair looked at him sternly. “Zero-Zero-
Five has no permission to talk to non-guards so he won’t respond, just sit
down and silence for everyone.” The harness went over Max and he remained
silent. He was facing Sam and smiling nervously.

Once they were all strapped in and buckled the old guardsman sat down facing
them and watched, keeping the silence.
The driver sat down, strapped into his harness and off they went. On an
overhead monitor run an the induction video: some good looking stud explaining
the benefits of guard’s service.

FullSizeRender 3

At the center

The recruits dizzy in their seats woke up.
“Dismount vehicle – form line – at attention”

Slightly dizzy they waited until B-3200-077-005, chocolate skin, bald head,
baby face came around and unlocked the harnesses that had kept them safe and
comfy in their seats. He gestured them to stand up.

An elderly woman who had a long career in politics behind her stood next to a
guard’s officer watching the intake of new recruits being processed.
“During the induction phase at the training center, we have this intensive
regime of exercises, group bonding sessions, sleep hypno commands and a
generally gay friendly atmosphere.”
“Are they forced to become gay?”
“No, no, it is voluntary, but as you see it increases their happiness and most
of them come to agree with the lifestyle philosophy over the time of their
training, just as I have.”
The woman smiled. The program was working well. With gay guardsman, girls were
safe from rape and attack. It was really a service to the public.

The Senior guardsman signed them off to another senior guardsman and they were
herded into a grey stone corridor by five silent rubber clad figures.
“At attention” a rubber figure, just some 1,60 with a wiry body stood in front
of them in a rubber suit, its voice beaming through the corridor, holding a
black 50 cm stick in his hand.
“I’m senior instructor G-0500-844-785 or master to you, you will obey all my
orders, or this will happen.” The figure turned and poked the sick at a boy
near Sam and the guy screamed in agony.
“This is setting one. I guess no one wants to experience setting two… clear
“I missed the master”
“Clear master”
“Now material, you will proceed through this door where you will find desks.
You are to file your ID and your papers with the guardsman behind them, then
proceed to the next station.

Five at a time moved into the registration, getting their fingerprints
recorded, their identity checked, biometric pictures taken, civilian ID and
exams electronically filed and a little armband fitted on their left arm. Each
received a piece of adhesive paper in their hand.
“That’s it. You’re registered and you are 8007-A-399-033 from now on,” said a
dark skinned rubbersuit clad guardsman. “Move on to the next door.”

“Remove your clothing and personal belongings, turn off your phone and put
them into this container.”
Sam turned off his phone and removed his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He put
his stuff in the plastic container, labeled it and waited patiently in his
white briefs.
“If I tell you to remove your clothing I mean everything!” yelled the
Sam hesitated and reluctantly removed his briefs, placing them with the rest
of his belongings.
“Next room” was all Sam needed to hear.

As he entered the next room, Sam smiled as he saw the barber’s chair.
“Now you get the look, besides that it is just so much cleaner and easier to
With each clip of his brown hair falling some parts of his previous life fell
away. His head soon became as bare as his naked body.

Still nude he was poked by an instructor with his stick—luckily turned off—and
pushed to the next room with a shower cubicle. A rubberman with a rubber
wetsuit stood. For the first time he saw a guardsman wearing their rubber
headpiece—a cap like structure with straps around the chin mouth and nose
unexposed and a guard logo on the back of the head. His entire head including
the ears was covered.
“Here, shower with this,” he said as Sam stepped into Dyson power shower. The
guard turned on the 60 seconds of water, lathered Sam down and cleansed him
As Sam stood there waiting for the hot air to dry his body, he still felt a
burning tingle on his skin as his body hair dissolved.

“Go to the next room”
Sam saw the shocked faces of the recruits still standing outside fully dressed
and with hair, waiting for their fate. He glanced at them and entered the next
room there were 5 dentist chairs awaited the recruits. He couldn’t wait to see
what was to be done here.
“I’m going to tattoo your Guards Identification Number and then put the ID
Chip into your left hands palm. This will hurt, but not as much as a pain
stick, so lay still and don’t complain.” Sam was given a ball gag and strapped
into the chair his left arm attached to an extension. It was only a small
stick with a needle and some 4 min of buzzing on his smooth left shoulder.
“Get up!”

FullSizeRender 21

Sam looked at the new tattoo on his left shoulder and the mark from the chip
implant in his left hand. Previously soldiers got dog tags now they had

He was pushed outside the room again and stood in the cool corridor, for the
first time he noticed the chill of the mountain air. Up to now his body had
betrayed him and the adrenaline from the first day had made his heart beat
“At attention” he heard the master barking.
“Numbers 1 – 40 to the clothes chamber, you will be issued your uniforms,
Numbers 40 and above callisthenics to stay warm.”

The story continues here


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