The Guardsman: Making of 5 /Serving the mistress

Serving the mistress

Whilst GUMS directed the big brothers to their family units. G-5050-022-400 was directed to meet with a mistress in one of the control rooms. In front of both of them C-6550-368-087 and B-6550-368-086 sat rigidly at their control consoles and montirord the ongoing material training. As a mistress was in the room both didn’t dare to speak but just faced their screens and checked on the status of the 8007-399-030 group.

G-5050-022-400 stood kneeled as the mistress entered the room.
“How can this guardsman be of service to you?”
“Rise. Is this the new batch?”
“Yes, we got the material only 2 days ago”
“How strong is the control via GUMS on your trainees, already?“
G-5050-022-400 responded: “We call them material, its fair enough – I’ll show you“
He pressed a button on his pad.
A-8007-399-034 earpiece buzzed, he froze and threw up, vomiting on the guardsman in front of him.
“See we have quite some control over them“
“That is impressive, how do you make sure its not abused?“
“Well, we have less over the brothers who have finished training, GUMS couldn’t make me throw up without my consent, but its still possible as a measure against poisoning.“
“So are they human drones, like the American Marines?“
“No not, they are still aware, but we try to make them unthinking except for what GUMS inserts into their minds, the American Marines are fare more controlled, they don’t think at all anymore, as far as I know, but I only gather that from the news reports, you’d have to ask one of their officer grade soldiers“
“I don’t think that I have the opportunity for that soon”
The regional controller smirked.
“Will you show me around?”

Lance Cpls. with Kilo Company, Battalion Landing Team 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, read an article during  a Lance Corporal’s Leadership and Ethics Seminar aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43), Jan. 14, 2015. The 24th MEU is embarked on the ships of the Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and deployed to maintain regional security in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Devin Nichols)

As they walked around the facility, guardsman would stop what they did, fall to their knees and respectfully kneel until they were told to continue. Just as protocol towards a superior woman required.

“Here at the LeBlanc Faciliy we have one big advantage, GUMS can control the night and day cycle of the material as well as their food, water, medicine and psychological intakes. The material does not leave the mountain during the 100 days of training. We can put them on their very own night and day cycle so we can use the facilities more economically and of course can break their will through a random sleep cycle more easily.” Explained the senior guardsman, he himself in a his rubber suit, to the visitor.

The tour had neared the end and they had seend the big cavern, the exercise wheels, the feeding stations, the classroom and the punishment cubicles.
“Mistress, If you wish you can take advantage of one of our relaxation facilitates. This guardsman or his staff would be pleased to serve you”
The woman stroked G-5050-022-400 abs and felt the massive muscles of the senior guardsman with his short cropped brown, grey hair and hazel, green eyes.
“Your services as always will suffice”
The senior guardsman actually despised having to serve woman. He hand been made gay when he joined the guard, as all guardsman during their material phase, but if a mistress commanded she was to be obeyed. And anyway it had been paid of with promotions over the years.

They both walked to the mistress suite. Zero-forty observing the proper decorum and stayed one step behind the mistress.
In the suite a muscular guardsman, with a swimmers build, was cleaning up. B-6550-368-088 dropped to his knees when he noticed the mistress entering with his superior.
“Mistress, how can I be of service to you?“
The mistress ignored the him.
“See you trained him well, though he is quite docile“
“I hope it was satisfactorily“
“Well, he can’t replace the master, but he is willing and look at this niece chest, you must worked him hard“
“He came to us well endowed, I know your tastes so I kept him here and trained him myself“
“You are dismissed, go to your place“
Zero-eight-eight rose and stiffly walked to a cabinet with frosted glass doors. The doors swung open, he made a precise 180° turn and entered the cabinet. It had been put specifically to the size of his body. The sanitary saddle rose and started cleaning him out. Whilst he put his head on a backrest and his hands on arm rests, clamps closed and tighten his body to the restraints. He felt encased and secure. A slight buzzing started: “service, silence, obedience, training, structure, my cabinet is my womb, here I feel safe”
Inside the cabinet it was warm and a comfy. Mother guard kept him well and relaxed. He could feel all his body becoming limp and falling asleep, whilst GUMS started its gentle indoctrination, just refreshing the obedience is pleasure codes. B-6550-368-088 was one of the very few guardsman that were programmed to find pleasure in serving a superior woman as well as lusting for men. As such it would be unlikely for him to leave the confines of a guard facility unaccompanied. When a mistress was in the cavern, the huge training complex in which the intake for the guards material took place, he spend his entire waking period either cleaning the suite or getting himself ready for a mistress.

FullSizeRender 15

“GUMS unseal my R-Class-Uniform and buttplug; the mistress has requested I serve her.“
Before that could happen GUMS directed him to obtain a spoken request on the record, that could be stored in the archives, if any questions arose in the future.
“Mistress, you know the formalities“
“I request G-5050-022-400 to pleasure me“
Four-zero-zeros earpiece started buzzing as he removed his red-trimmed instructors R-Class-Uniform and hung it over a coat hanger, removed the buttplug and put it into a stainless steel case, next to the bed.
He grabbed one of the nanomaterial condoms that zero-eight-eight had provided and put it onto his penis, then swallowing one of the pleasure pills.
Even though the mistress knew that he as a guardsman was tested on sexually transited diseases regularly, she insisted on him using one of the condoms, that were provided in a tasteful jar in the room. It was grey-matte black and had bore the guard logo on it.
“GUMS make me horny“
“Close the door slave and crawl to me”
He did exactly as he was told and was right in front of her on all fours. “You look so comfortable on all fours. Isn’t that right puppy”
The mistress said as she scratched behind his right ear.
“Arf, Arf, Arf!”
He knew how much the mistress loved him playing the obedient puppy. And internally he really revulsed but GUMS maintained the iron grip on his member and behavior.
“Oh with the short hair you are so much more doggy like”
The Mistress said as she was crawling and stroking with her fingers on his head.
“Was the puppy a good one?”
“Woof, Woof”
“pussy slave mode”
At that point all he wanted was to lick his mistress pussy.
He started licking her legs.
“Has the puppy done what the mistress told him?”
“Arf, Arf.”
“Come to the mistress, be a good puppy”
She started squeezing his nipples. Slowly he could feel getting more and more horny, undoubtedly the effect of the pleasure pill and the slight buzzing from the earpiece..
“Come to the bed, my puppy”
With an eager jump he entered the bed to lie next to his mistress.
The mistress started fondling four-zero-zero’s cook and feeling out his strong upper body. Every time he felt her touch it was a feeling of intensive pleasure. The drugs and the stimulation from GUMS really worked. She felt so dominant, so powerful, sexy and seductive.
He found himself nearly moaning and looking away into the ceiling in passion knowing her feeling alone was enough for him. It was like a worship orgasm.
Whilst GUMS kept buzzing into his left ear, making him weaker and weaker by the minute.
Finally the carefully choreographed act ended as he unceremoniously pushed his coated penis into his mistress vagina.
And both erupted with pleasure.
For some time both keept lying on the bed. Not talking to each other, just enjoying the post orgasmic joy. It was so peaceful, four-zero-zero was completely relaxed and nothing mattered anymore.
Gently the mistress kept stroking over his sensitive breasts.
“I see you have kept your body in shape“
“That is my duty, Mistress!“
“As I like you four-zero-zero, always the dutiful senior guardsman…”
“… ready to serve”
Both laughed.
“You should continue, it makes you look so powerful and strong”
“I like it that way, but it’s not easy”
“Actually the guy you made vomit today, he looks like a younger version of your self, are you related?”
“Well, I have a soon, but not seen him for more then a year, I hope to get some time off, after this intake is fully trained and certified, so I can go back to my wife and son and see what he is up too”

“So what do you think of the proposal to increase the guardsman working day to 16 hours?“
“Mistress, I know we have to serve money, and the guard is built on frugality and efficiency, but the current 16 hours per day is the maximum. We need some down time. I mean this young people can’t be under the discipline all time. Its OK and good for training, but that would be to destructive for their personalities.“
“We will consider this, its always good to get some input from our guardies”
“You should ask us more, we are not just mindless rubberclad toys.”
“You have always been more for me, you know that, but now I have to leave, there are other meetings to attend to.”

He handed her his pad: “Would you please evaluate how satisfied you were with this guardsmans performance?“
The mistress took the pad and answered the questions. Feedback and evaluation were core to the guards life. And he knew he had excellent another time.


“Gums activate B-6550-368-088 and task him with leading the mistress to the gate. “
Zero-eight-eight became awake as the his encasing opened, the clamps sprung open and his anus was fully plugged again. The frosted door swung open.
“How can this guardsman be of service?”
“GUMS has given you a task”
“This guardsman is eager to fulfill his function. Function is pleasure”
“Good, you can help me getting dressed, insert the buttplug”
“Yes, how was it?”
Zero-four-zero smirked.
“Function is pleasure … put it in a little bit deeper … right, you have to be a little bit more forceful”
“when I joined the guard, I wanted to fight and be tough, not a sex slave”
“So, first its this guardsman and secondly this guardsman wants to see his family and doesn’t complaint either. Enjoy your service, it might be the highpoint of your life. See what you wish for and besides if you train yourself, you might just get send, now help me with the suit”
Zero-eight-eight put a generous amount of lube on the difficult body parts, where it usually was not so easy to step in.
“Can I pass tonight with my family unit, this guardsman misses his brother zero-eight-seven.”
“Your senior guardsman will see what can be done”
Zero-four-zero checked his appearance in the mirror as this suit sealed itself and the gentle touch on the skin could be felt as the nano material interacted with the suit.

Both steeped out, face the mistress and sunk to their knees.
“These guardsman are ready to serve, please allow us”
“Zero-eight-eight lead me to the gate, zero-four-zero resume normal duties”

For Goodbye the mistress gave zero-eight-eight a short kiss on the well-defined cheekbone. GUMS rewarded him with a slight stirring of the plug.

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