The Guardsman: Making of 6 / muscle them up

Part 6 muscle them up

Meanwhile the instructor walked the material to the clothing chamber. They were to get their boots, gloves and headpieces.
“While you wait repeat the mantra: The guard is my mother – I obey my masters – I love my uniform – I support my brothers…” So they were standing there, eyes closed, repeating and waiting for something to happen. Zero-Thirty-Four slowly lost the awareness of his surroundings just letting himself slip into the easy trance the mantra provided. “The guard is my mother – I obey my masters – I love my uniform – I support my brothers…”
Zero-Thirty-Three nipple was poked and became aware of his surroundings again.
“step forward to the counter”

„A-8007-399-033 this is your set, try it on“
Zero-three-three pushed his feet into the dark matte leather boots and knotted the laces. The boots felt tight, but very comfortable.
„Now put on the metal taps to the heels, this is so that we can more easily hear you marching. It will help you keep in sync during lockstep“
Zero-three-three wanted to step away from the counter.
“What do we say”
“This guardsman thanks the guard for his uniform and the care it provides for him”

On the next counter he was handed gloves his by C-3005-576-057, who had already given them their uniforms.
„Material gets mittens, to denote your status, put them on“
As he put on his new gloves he noticed how they sealed with the rest of his R-Class Uniform.
„The mittens connect to your uniform, you might be allowed to take them off, but normally they will stay firmly attached, to protect your fingers and to denote your status, you will have to earn the privilege of taking them off or have gloves with individual fingers. Next station“
“This guardsman thanks the guard for his uniform and the care it provides for him”

Zero-Thirty-Four rejoined the line of waiting guardsman and started to repeat the mantra: “ The guard is my mother – I obey my masters – I love my uniform – I support my brothers…”
As he stood, silently chanting, he noticed how Zero-three-two in front of him was crying, tears falling down his smooth checks. Zero-Three-Three tried to comfort him with a massage to this shoulders and some kind words.
„Gee I can’t take them off“
„Yeah they are sealed to the suit“
„But what if I need my fingers“
„Its for your own safety, like this nothing can happen to them and it doesn’t really impair the feeling“
He continued his gentle massage to shoulder and neck.
„But I liked my fingers“
„But you like the feeling of getting massaged with it, see I can still bring pleasure with them.“
“After being robbed control of our little man we are now being robbed of control our hands, as well.”
The instructor yelled: „next family unit“
They stepped forward to the next counter.


„This is your headcover“:
He was handed a cap like structure with straps around the chin, leaving the mouth and nose exposed, guard logo on the back of the head. The entire head including the ears covered. In black rubber, made from the same material as his suit.
„Put it on“
Zero-Three-Three put it onto his freshly shaved skull. He then closed the strap around his chin, at the chin the strap was a little bit broader, encompassing his entire chin. It felt niece against the sensitive face and skull to have it covered with neat and clean rubber and some metal inserts.
„Whats the metal?“
„No worries, just increasing the durability“
What the material wasn’t told, the tiny metal and thus the cold feeling in the cap, was from sensors, embedded into the material and measuring the brain wave activity, and thus providing the earpiece and GUMS which much better information about the shaping of the materials thoughts.
Zero-Thirty-Three waited, while the guardsman behind the counter, a handsome lad in his late twenties, was checking something with the pad computer on the desk and waited until all the indicators showed green.
„You’ll wear this at all times except otherwise told by your master“
„Aye and this guardsman thanks the guard for his uniform and the care it provides for him”
„Dismissed – go back in line“

They waited standing in line, whispering Zero-thiry-three was talking to Zero-Thirty-Four behind him.
„its so tight“
„yeah if fits snugly around our heads, keeps it warm and comfy and safe like the rest of the suit.“
„I like the little guard logo on the back“
„Yeah its really niece, makes me proud to wear the stars and sword“
„We all look so uniform in it“
„I guess thats the idea of it, just our bodies are different“
What they didn’t know was that their bodies wouldn’t be so different soon, too.

„align for march – to the parade hall“
As taught everyone except the the first guardsman in the line closed the eyes and tried to walk in sync with this guard brothers. Marching in lockstep in the cavern was strange, only the first guardy, had his eyes open, all of the rest had their eyes closed and just followed what they felt from the man before. The walks where made to be deliberate confusing, so as the material would loose all sense of direction.
„open eyes“
They found themselves in a huge cavern. The parade hall was the biggest cavern in the mountain and usually used for parade. Passing out ceremonies, big events and alike. Today it was the training ground for how to properly walk, stand, respect and behave in the presence of woman.
„Fall out – that means turn left, and put an arms length between each other.“
They turned left, and put an arms length in distance against each other.

Their morning exercise begun under the instruction of GUMS. The material was doing stretches, push ups, pulled themselves up, made some speed runs and after some time were assembled around one of the instructors that taught them the proper guard stances.
For Sam or Zero-Thirty-Three it felt strange to do all this things wearing mittens, being enclosed in the R-Class-Uniform and with a dildo up in the ass. All this just enhanced the feeling of being under control and lacking any agency.

“This guardsman will teach you now how to stand, to walk and to rest. When you are here GUMS or this guardsman calls you to attention you will do the following:
Stand facing straight, your eyes looked to the distance, feet 45 degrees apart, hands at your side, you remain silent and motionless.” C-0500-878-060 assumed the position. The family unit watching.
„At attention“
Sam and the boys tried to imitate him.
„Yeah, chin up, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in – I don’t want to see any of your face making any expression.
„Good – Zero-thirty-one, don’t follow me with your eyes, they are locked to the front, this is the position you will assume when you encounter a senior guardsman or are commanded to do so“
C-0500-878-060 walked around them and checked their stances.
Then walked away.
Zero-Thirty-Three tried to remain steady, not moving, just letting everything flow out. The voice of GUMS spoke to them: „Calm, steady, focus on the distance, no thinking, … “ It was buzzing.
And Zero-Thirty-Three found himself simply awaiting instructions.

C-0500-878-060 appeared again.
„Ah its a pleasure to see material performing well. Now we will go into another position. You will assume this position when you talk to anyone above your rank. Right now that is everyone. So feet shoulder with apart, hands clasped behind the back but the chest remains out and the shoulders to the back. On my commando: Parade rest.“
The boys put in the position as described, it felt good to move a little after the unknown time in the attention position.


The boys started moving there body.
„That means you can move everything but your right foot and do some stretches. But no talking“
The boys started stretching themselves, moving their muscles and trying to restart the blood flow.
„Any questions?“
„How long did we stand in the attention position?“
„About 25 minutes – no worries you will be trained up and get to be used to stand up to an hour in that position, it gives you time to contemplate and concentrate on your tasks.
“Isn’t that long”
“It is a pleasure to serve – always remember that”
“No more questions the next positions will be important for the instructors so make sure to remember that correctly:
Inspect – that is the position that we will command you to take, when want to inspect you, your body. The instructors will command it.
So you stand at attention, pull your body to the full height, move your feet apart, at lest 45 centimeters and entwine your fingers behind head. If you are dressed and wear the mittens, interlock your thumbs. Then thrust out your chest, suck in your belly and clench your buttocks. Stare straight ahead. No movements and let your self be inspected.“
The material assumed the position.
Again the voice of GUMS was talking to them and soothing them in. While the big brother was going around and checking on their bodies.

„Ok the next position is a very special one. You will assume it when you met a superior woman – a mistress!
We call it the Respect position. As soon as you see a superior position and are not in an uninteruptable task, you will assume this position until the Mistress has passed you.
You drop to your left knee, the right one remains standing, lower your head, looking down. If you are approached you ask: How can this guardsman be of service to you? You will then answer all the questions or sentences ending in, MISTRESS. Remember proper submissive behavior is required. There will be more training for proper protocol when encountering a mistress, later.
Assume the respect position”

They went through the other parade commands: turn left, turn right, about face and marched exercising in lock-step which would be the primary mode of getting around in their groups. The entire training in the proper stances and marching must have lasted for hours, Zero-Thirty-Four could really feel how sore his feet had become and he felt exhausted. Never the less the drill was exhaustive. As they went through and through the commands again and again.


“Material – Rest and sit down in the taylor-seat.
The material formed a circle around the big brother and started to listen.
“I’m to tell you now about our symbol. The Guard symbol. C-0500-878-060 held up a laminated sheet of paper with the guard symbol: a grey shield with a circle of twelve yellow stars and a sword in the middle. The grey shield depicts our function as defenders and protectors, the yellow star signifies us as an european institution and the swords symbols our strength, you are to memorize this.”
“As a guardsman you should always feel pride in carrying the symbol and protect and defend it”

“Ok your formal training is over for no. Get to muscle you up a little bit, only a strong guardsman is good guardsman. Align for march”
They arranged in line, put their hands to the prescribed marching position and closed their eyes as
C-0500-878-060 marched them away to another cavern.

“Open eyes, form line”
The material formed the line opened their eyes and saw the familiar face of their own big brother.
“Guardsman, we want you to be strong and well exercised for your duty. One of the exercised that generates power for this facility and helps you to stay fit is the treadmill. As you enter, just hold your hands to the bar in front of you, then start running. You will run for an hour then you are released. Then you will have the opportunity to visit a waste elimination and water station. You can drink at the end of your shift.

They went into the large wheel, started walking faster and faster until GUMS signaled them that it was fast enough, from there they were kept on the same pace, chanting the guard creed: „the guard is the mother, the guardsman your brothers, GUMS is your father … the guard is the mother, the guardsman your brothers, GUMS is your father….”
Whilst running Zero-Thirty-one started to think: I miss home. And started thinking about his mother and his friends back home.
The big brother notice it.
“Stop thinking, just run”
“But if I stop thinking…”
“You will find it easier to take, there is a time to think and a time to just do what you are told, it will be easier if you just follow what you are told”
Somehow that felt good and just let go of his thoughts and concentrated on running.
Until their time had been over and GUMS directed them to slow down and towards the water stations.

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