The Guardsman: Making of 7 / Get the bodies

Get the bodies

After the exhaustive morning training the material had earned their chow. GUMS directed them to the feeding stations, five at a time. They placed their palm on the reader, identifying who they were. And placed their mouths on the feeding tubes, then started to suck.
„Attention feeding starts“
The five started sucking, bypassing the gag reflex and the nutritious paste arrived in their mouths. This time it tasted more like carrots. 45 seconds later the feeding stopped.
„You’re feeding finishes“
They withdrew their mouths took a napkin, cleaned the dildo shaped feeding tube and threw the napkin away.
They stepped back in line and waited in rest position. Still feeling a little bit hungry.

One of the instructors came around with the their midday pills. As they had learned they assumed the Attention position.
“Open mouth”
The material opened the mouth obediently and the instructor retrieved for each of them from a labeled dispenser their pills. Some got two, some three, Zero-Thirty-Two even four different pills.
And the boys swallowed the pills.
Zero-Thirty-One spoke: „Master, Material A-8007-399-031 requests Permission to speak?“
„What do the pills contain that the material is given?“
“Well, that is legit questions: growth compounds, vaccines, vitamins and stuff that is good for your.“ And in his mind he added: “mechanize and rubberize you and not to forget the stuff that makes you more docile and open to the embedding of our commands.
Encouraged by this Zero-Thirty-Four asked about the feeding tubes
„You don’t get normal plates: you have to get strong fast, its less a hazzle, faster, cleaner and just part of our lifestyle, besides we want to control your calorie intake.
Now form a line and wait until GUMS directs you to your next task“


Gums directed them to the classroom and A-8007-399-033 followed the already familiar procedure of strapping himself into the chair, body harness and feet into the paddles. And started paddling, despite his already exhausted feet. The training chairs made them intently focused on the screen.
He opened his terminal. Where they were introduced into the basics of the pan european security system, consisting of the guard, eurocorps, the commons civil protection and various other agencies providing security for the good citizens of Europe and their children.

He opened his terminal. The starting screen said: political instruction – lesson 1 the history of Europe 
Remember the early years of the new century, when europe was in peril? First the euro lost is value, recession, terrorist threats from the right to the islamist, wars at its borders, our society had lost its directions, our leaders seemed clueless. We were aimless, drifting. Global warming was getting out of hand, more and more a problem. Some argued for a break up of the united europe, small units below the nation state should carry on, some argued for further integration. National Governments bickering. So the new movement started first as youth movement, demanding focus and then as a political movement for tighter and closer integration of europe, so thats she could get her rightful dominance back at the worldstage” 
(A short history of the 21st Century, by Alan Jones, Oxford University Press)

Whilst looking at his screen he noticed it was flashing sometimes, sometimes showing him not the text but other pictures.
He pressed the button and one of the instructors came along:
„What is this flashing on my screen? Is my screen broken?“
The senior guardsman started pressing some of the buttons and checking the screen.
„Now thats normal and it works.“
„But why does it flash then?“
„Well we its part of your continuous, multi-channel programming“
“Yes, Material. The mind can be very receptive to information that it absorbs without you being aware of it, and that is how the programming will work. GUMS can embed messages in the white noise that it sometimes plays into your earpiece or in the screens you watch which you won’t be aware of and couldn’t hear even if you knew it were there and listened especially for it. But nonetheless, your mind will hear it and respond accordingly.”
“What sort of message?”
“Oh, GUMS will have to see what you respond best to. But now stop asking and continue doing your work before the system judges your responses to be not sufficient and starts punishing you“

A-8007-399-033 started to concentrate on the screen again. His attention more and more drawn to the clear and reassuring instructions.


Material 2: 
“Terrorism and the internal challenges of disgruntled youth and citizen lead to new security challenges, crime syndicates were operating on cross border basis, The Security situation was getting worse every day, the answer was the creation of a Paneuropean police force, supplementing the national forces, that could effectively deal with this issues under jurisdiction of the european state. Within the the organization embedded strong post-national values of discipline – structure – unity. Behind the the behind the cover of the uniform, being one being united becomes what the guardsman feels” 
(An introduction into the history of the European Guard, Brussels, Guards Headquarters, L-3001-020-077)

Material 3: 
The institution the most clearly embodies the „awakened European“ ideology is that of the guard. Young man are coerced by carrots and stick to become members of this european security force, that is more and more replacing traditional police. Incentives such as stipends for education, a generous payment at the end and a general preferential treatment for government jobs. On the other hand its also easy for troubled young man to flee their convictions, for immigrants to get fast track to citizenship and for more and more men to flee the domination of woman. The space for male activity in europe is shrinking, and so the guard offers an outlet for those to be integrated productively into society“ 

The political instruction ended and the topic switched to more practical things. The working of the pain sticks. The standard guard issue pain stick was a 40 cm baton, with a switch on top. It could either be turned off, dialed to the left for pain or to the right for disabling some one. Which was not painful and could be used in arrest procedures. The induction pain works through up to 5 centimeters of clothing or bare skin.

G-0500-878-605 started the examination process, questions would appear on each guardsman screen and they had 20 seconds to give an answer, getting a little stroke for each wrong answer.
A-8007-399-033 opened the exams application and the questions started to fire:
„What is your ambition as a guardsman?“
He typed into the computer: „My biggest ambition is to be useful to europe and help my brothers.
What did you learn today?“
„I have to accept the fact that the GUMS and the instructors know best for me and will guide me thorough my development as guardsman.“
„You are given an order, you do nor really want to execute, what do you do?“
„I will obey all orders immedialty and without hesitation.“
„What thought helps you during training?“
„I feel secure, knowing that I’m observed by an instructor and GUMS all the time.“
„When is it propitiate to sit?“
„I will not stand, sit, or talk without permission“

IMG_0268The examination ended and the screen went blank.
“Material, you have done well for today. I will activate the punishment and reward routines in minute.”
Sam saw how A-8007-399-030 was silently showing pain on his face and then relaxed after some time, clearly hit by the pain inducer. Then the chamber went dark and the reward routines begun. Sam felt very good and his penis swelled and got hard. The plug in his ass made some rewarding convulsions. He had answered 78 of 100 questions right.
This short moment of pride and elation was terminated by the lights going back on and end do the buzzing of the earpiece

“proceed to inspection”
The restraints opend and the guardsman rose from their chairs and stepped out into the tunnel to the classroom. The senior instructor G-0500-878-605 yelled: “At attention” and they stood ramrod straight starring ahed, while the senior instructor went from one to one, inspection the R-Class suits.
“Material number 8007-A-399-032 there are stains on your suit, clean them.” The pain stick stuck him at the stain and zero-thirty-two yelled of pain.“
Whilst Zero-Three-Two started licking of the pain from his uniform.
True to the fact that the entire training took place in the endless caverns of a french mountain, they didn’t know how late it was. GUMS would’t supply them with a time or date and the instructors wouldn’t either.

GUMS directed them to the treadmills again. And they stepped in and started running.
„How long did we sleep last night?“
„I don’t know.“
„It can’t have been long, I feel really tired“
„Maybe its just the transition“
„Would be good to know the time.“
„Why do you have to know the time? GUMS will task you if you have something to do and will send you sleeping if there is nothing to do. Just trust GUMS“ the big brother had explained. They were n the treadmills and kept running. Bald, rubbered, muscled, in formation chanting songs about how good life in the guard was.
Zero-thirty-one just couldn’t run any more and stepped out of the treadmill. One of the instructors, in his black-rubber-uniform with the red trimmings approached him.
„Why did you stop running, material?“
„Master, I can’t any longer“
The pain stick stuck him at his right angle and zero-thirty-one had the feeling of his ankle exploding with pain.
„Now get back into the treadmill and run or I’ll punish your entire family unit“

After about four hours their family unit was allowed of the treadmill and herded with a quite liberal use of some painsticks to do push ups.

„Ok, the one who gets more then the senior instructor gets this bar or chocolate“ yelled one of the instructors in their red-trimmed R-Class-Uniforms. Chocolate, spurred a frenzy of activity and everyone tried to outcompete the senior instructor doing push-ups.
„40, 41, 42…“
8007-A-399-032 stopped
„I’m out“
One of the instructors came around.
„What are you?“
„I’m out sir“
The pain stick was hitting his butt.
„This guardsman is out, then get of to the side and wait“
8007-A-399-034 talked to Sam.
„The senior instructor isn’t even sweating yet“
„In sports I once did 80“
The pain stick merciless jabbed him.
„There is no I in the guard, material! You are out“
In the end some muscular bloke 8007-A-399-015 did it but did not beat the senior instructor. So today it was chocolate for no one but pain for a lot.

The ordeal was about to end. The 40 guardsman in their batch were led to the sauna.
„Guardsman, you have had 40 hours of non stop physical and mental training behind you, I’m proud of you“ the senior instructor yelled. „Now we have time to relax. Remove your R-Class-Uniforms, fold them and put your underwear on it, GUMS has opened the seals, then join me in the sauna.“


With sore hand and feet they removed the clothing they had lived in the past days. Sometimes it was not easy because the suits clung tightly to their sweaty bodies.
Then they removed the underwear and went into the big sauna. Well not that big, but if you sit next to each other and used every space the entire training batch fit in.
Everyone, including the instructors with their feared pain sticks joined them in the sauna. Still as protocol demanded, the instructors took the belts with he painsticks with them into the sauna. There they sat silently sweating, looking exhausted at each others body. Hairless, tattooed, exhausted but enjoying the warmth of the chamber.

Zero-Thirty-Four was looking at Zero-Thirty-Threes body.
“Yours is looking good and the rush from tattooing is almost gone”
“Now that this guardsman sits, he can feel the pain in his mussel”
“This one hopes they will permit us to sleep”
“Look at Zero-Thirty-Two he is already nodding off”
“You look a little bit worn out”
“Really, good that you my dear are fresh and relaxed”
Both started to giggle. It felt good to be close to each other and rest.

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