The Guardsman: Making of /part 4 Training the trainers


Training the trainers

“Form line”
The family unit formed a marching line, as they had exercised in the morning. The big brother first, the others neatly stacked close to each other right hand in the ass crack of the brother in front of them and started marching. In one of the corridor a line had already formed.
“Zero-Three-Zero, open your eyes”
Six-o-five stepped out of the line and connected his brothers right hand into the ass crack of Zero-two-nine.
“Close your eyes until you get further instruction, wait and repeat the mantra: I love my R-Class uniform – I obey the guard and my masters – I train to become a guardsman – silence is golden – discipline and structure helps me – I put in the earpiece all the time – I thank the guard for the generous care it provides for me”
Whilst the material was standing there repeating the mantra and waiting for something to happen. GUMS directed C-0500-878-605 to the training room for big brothers. There he and all the family units big brothers were to learn about their duties and leadership skills.

They formed groups of three, each of the group had one of the pad computers then waited in the rest position until their instructor came. The room had been laied out with black rubber mats, from wall to wall but otherwise it was bare concrete like most guard facilities.

G-5050-022-400 the senior instructors entered the room and immediately the big brothers assumed the attention position. They had been inducted by him and admired his muscular frame and knowledgable but strict guidance.

“You will get more of the big brother upgrades, remember you are to lead your little brothers in spiritual, mental and physical guidance through the process of their induction.
Now before we start, close your eyes and contemplate how your big brother did this to you and how you felt to him after and during training.“

Obediently the big brothers closed their eyes and contemplated the warm feeling of brotherly love and reassurance their big brothers provided to them and how they worshipped and respected them. Not feared like the instructors, but yearned to be lead by him.
“So what are you feeling towards your own induction, C-3300-345-006?”
C-3300-345-006 was a handsome, well muscled guardsman in his late twenties, a stubble of black hair on the perfectly sculptured skull. “I remember how it was to get muscled up and become a strong man, look at me now, I really like to exercise and be strong”
“It is this feeling of being focused and the feeling of belonging towards the guard, that is what I really enjoy”
“For me it was the first time I felt at ease loving other man, enjoining the rubber and being at ease with my homosexuality”

“Now lets remember, during your time here you are not to want, think, like, or feel and if I get one of you doing that, prepare for punishment and believe me not just some pain stick – Now any questions?”
For six-o-five that was the same feeling he had when he was in induction training, when you did work of course you were allowed to have feelings, but whilst during training especially you were to suppress them. He had noticed it from the medication he was given in the morning, that he felt more submissive and less emotional.

“Isn’t the extensive use of the GUMS and the lack of human attention generating a deficit in Material training? Shouldn’t we pay more direct attention to the new material?”
“That is often said, but we observe a system that provides guidance, discipline, and performance control on a constant basis. You now GUMS controls and checks on you and the material constantly, I will give you later tools and access to check on their progress and your groups progress, remember if your group falls back, you get punished as well. At the end and throughout the training we can supervise and asses where each Material stands and what he needs to improve. This makes it possible to design individual instruction, from a cognitive to the affective aspects of the first 3 months in a guardsman’s existence.”
G-5050-022-400 looked around, no hand was raised.

“Now assume forward learning position”
Two of the groups started doing push ups.

“Read text M 25 from the induction material”
Six-o-five started reading to his companions.
“Phase One lasts approximately the first 40 days. Here, discipline will begin to be instilled in material by disorienting them and effectively cutting them off from civilian habits and mindsets, as well as reinforcing the mental and physical standards of the guard. Which they need to perform under stressful situations that will be simulated in subsequent phases. Material is required to learn and strictly use Guard language and terminology.
The purpose of the first phase is not only to physically challenge, but also to psychologically break down the material. At this point, civilian thoughts and habits are considered detrimental to training, so they are squashed during this period by intense physical training, unchanging routines, strict discipline, and heavy instruction. The process is designed to enable material to learn to survive and generally to adapt and overcome any unexpected situation. One of the principal ideals learned during this period is that material are not to think of themselves as individuals; they are not permitted to use first person or second person pronouns”
Six-o-five started doing push ups while C-0500-880-242 called two for two was doing the reading.
“Instead, material is required to use third-person referrals, such as referring to themselves as “This guardsman” and accomplish all tasks with teamwork. Any actions that put the benefit of an individual over the benefit of the other material are not permitted, and material are expected to conform to a standard that does not tolerate personal deviance or individualities.
Second part
The bulk of first-phase education consists of classes about the Guard and its structure, role in society, and role of man in society, first aid, protocols, customs and courtesies, prepare equipment for use such as how to properly make a rest station regulations regarding uniforms, getting used to GUMS oversight and other topics. Material learns through the use of rote memorization, sleep training and mnemonics; material is expected to be able to recite a passage or quote in unison, without error, and on demand.”
G-5050-022-400 hat himself joined a group of three and participated in the push ups.
“Change to Crunches”

Again it was C-0500-878-605 turn to read.
“Close order drill is an important factor in material induction, and begins from their first formation on the arrival day. In the first phase, they learn all of the basic commands and movements, memorizing the timing, that help synchronize a material’s movements with the rest of his family unit. Constant repetition and practice are used to facilitate muscle memory, so that any given movement can be rendered immediately and accurately upon order without hesitation. To aid in this development, drill movements are worked into other parts of daily life, to help increase the family units synchronization and muscle memory; this same technique is used with other non-drill activities as well”
Again they changed and C-3300-345-006, nicknamed not yet Bond was reading.
“Physical fitness gradually becomes more and more intense and is an important part of material break down and training as material begin to get stronger and their bodies accustomed to the strain. material undergo the first of their conditioning marches in the treatmill, which will grow in length. Periodic fitness tests assess which material need more attention.”

C-0500-880-242 read:
“The second day usually starts only 30 mins after the first day – hey that why we are so tired – and the material will not get a full night sleep until the end of the dog days 3 days after their arrival in the induction center, until they got all their gear including gloves, boots and the duty cap. Material is also required to wear metal taps on the heels of their boots; this facilitates marching in step”
The text ended and so did the morning exercise with the big brothers.

“The next we are discussing is the use of GUMS as a nightly training device and its sleep induced commands. So with what do the nightly commands helps us?”
C-3300-345-006 raised his hand: “It helps you sleep and be a better guardsman”
“Right, do you remember what it trains you?”
Everyone looked unsure at them selves. Finally one whispered from the back: “No”
“Right, the messages go to you below the consciousness, but they help us be better guardsman, you may not know, but even we senior guardsman, receive them and they help us, too”
“Is it right that you program them?”
G-5050-022-400 was careful not to let to much down. “Mhh, to a certain extend, before a deployment or before an event we can choose what GUMS pushes, but still we are subject, too and they are essential to keep the guards behavioral standards”

Usually this was followed by a couple of sit ups, whilst they were mad to discuss about the events at the first evening.
“One guy in my group started crying when he looked at his encaged penis, he must have been really shocked”
“Well he get better used to it, we’re in the guard and that means our bodies, with every organ are not ours anymore but owned by the guard, and if mother guard determines to keep part of it under lock, I’m fine with that.”
“Yeah right, and it won’t distract him from the training, actually it helped me focus – what was in your family unit?”
“I had to cane one”
“Yeah, he was so rubberhot he just refused to get rid of his R-Class uniform and wouldn’t remove it otherwise, two of the material had to hold him, I ripped it away from his body and then spanked him.”
“Yeah that was certainly appropriate, you know what, I still miss my old family unit. I really cried when I had to leave them and we kept cuddled all together for hours, our senior guardy really got mad about us”
“Yeah I know the feeling. It was so sad, I had to take some of the medication, GUMS gave me and only then it got better”
“Well for me its more missing them but I already love my new partner, he is so cute and when I explained to him the no personal pronouns rule he nearly started to cry, it made him look like a gigantic baby, so cute.”

G-5050-022-400 interrupted them.
“So big brothers, now you will join your family unit in training, I have to lead around a mistress who is checking out on the facility, as our annual evaluation and certification is coming up.”

The big brothers stood up, answered in unison thank you and G-5050-022-400 left the room. GUMS directed them back to their family units.


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