The Guardsman: Making of /Part 8 “feeling the heat”

Part 8 “feeling the heat”

The sauna was very cramped. Guardsman sat next to guardsman on the hot benches. As the instructors poured water on the hot stones, their bodies began to glistening with sweat and condensed steam.

Zero-Thirty-Four looked at Zero-Thirty-Three’s lean body and face.
“You start getting some stubble back on your face.”
Zero-Thirty-Three felt his chin.
“Yeah seems to be growing back, guess I need to go for a shave.”
“They will take us for one, I guess.”
Both giggled.

“Can you see Zero-Thirty’s back? He looks so small and cute.”
“Yeah but his skull is so white. A little bit of hair would make him look much better.”
“I guess the paleness is from the thick Asian hair he used to have. Well, it is all gone now.”
“Makes him a little bit moon faced, don’t you think?”
“Oh well, he still looks cute.”
“I prefer the stronger guys.”
“So you like my soccer body?”
Zero-Thirty-Four looked with a false disgust.
“You might have done a little bit more to get a six pack.”
“Since when do you need one for playing soccer? And besides I have good pecs, not like yours.”
He started feeling them and playfully poking his companion.

Looking around, they saw that most of the couples were having similar conversations. Six-oh-five was petting the bare dome of Zero-Thirty’s head and massaging his companion’s back. Zero-Thirty looked extremely relaxed.

“Material!” the voice of one of the instructors boomed, “You have a choice! I know this is something you won’t get often. Either come out and sleep with your companion on the mat now or stay a little bit longer in the sauna. However, before you go for your rest, make sure to get watered and use the sanitary saddle. Your big brother will go around and give you a massage to help your muscles.”


Some immediately got out to go to sleep. They kept closly to each other because the room outside the sauna felt cool. Some were massaged by the big brothers with oils and ointments. In the end, more and more of the material were cuddling with one another. This was helping them build a sense of brotherhood and get used to naked physical contact with their brothers.

“Let”s wait. The big brothers seem to be busy and the feeding stations are in use.”
“Ok, the warmth is great and I like the view in here as well.”

A-8007-399-033 was one of the last of the material to leave the sauna. As he left, he was approached by a senior guardsman decked out in his full R-Class-Uniform. G-5050-022-400’s abs and his massive muscles showed prominently his years of dedicated service to the guard. The skull cap covered the senior guardsman’s short cropped, brownish grey hair but showed his hazel green eyes.

“Attention Material.”
Zero-Thirty-Three and Zero-Thirty-Four locked themselves into the attention position and stared straight ahead, despite being nude and feeling slightly cold.
“How old are you, zero-thirty-three?”
“19, Master.”
For a moment the senior guardsman silently probed Zero-Thirty-Threes body and felt his muscle, almost gently touching him and feeling him up through a rubber gloved hand.
“Was your father a guardsman?”
“I think he still is, Master.”
“Yeah that may still be the case. Dismissed, enjoy your night together. You deserve it.”

The senior guardsman turned away suppressing his tears. He had recognized Sam, his son, by the way he spoke and the little birth mark below his left nipple. How cute he was without that messy hair, just like the day he was born. He felt enormous pride that his son had joined him. On the other hand, he knew what the guard did to your body and soul and he knew of the brothers who had suffered and not returned from service. How should he deal with this? He might seek a longer conversation his guard companion in the family unit on that.

Six-oh-five had just finished massaging Zero-Thirty-Two and Zero-Thirty-One when he saw one of his favorite instructors, G-5050-022-400, leaving and decided to approach him.
“I would be most delighted to fellate you, master.”
Well, there were offers you didn’t say no to.
“Of course, but that won’t lead to any better treatment.”
“I know, but we have to be of help to each don’t we?”
“I can see you life the spirit”, said the senior guardsman as he gently stroked Six-oh-five’s bare dome.

Zero-Thirty-Three and Zero-Thirty-Four stepped up to the feeding stations and placed their hands onto the handles. They had leaned forward and prepared to gulp down the chow.
“Attention feeding starts.”
They sucked on the dildo shaped feeding tubes. This time it tasted like minerals and was almost like a protein shake. It was much more watery than usual; probably to restore some of the water they had lost through sweating.
“You”re feeding finishes.”
They withdrew their mouths. Each took a napkin, cleaned the feeding tube and threw the napkin away. A routine ingrained into them over the past days.
Both looked at each other and spoke the thanksgiving to the guard. “I thank the guard for this generous feeding and the care it provides for me.”

They stepped over to the sanitary saddles, pressed the start buttons and the saddles started to engage. The clamps held the penis firmly whilst the anal probe entered and started cleaning out the remains of the previous guard chow meals. It felt good to be clean and stimulated like this. The control button on the saddle went yellow and GUMS announced, “Cleaning has finished, step away from the saddle.” It was a liberated feeling.

In the corner of the huge cavern there was still some space. Six-oh-five came over and brought them their sleeping bag.
“Ok boys, this is your sleeping bag. As you see, it’s made from our favorite material. It will cover both of you so that you can keep yourselves warm and comfy on this night in the cold cavern.”
He opened the bag and laid it on the mat.
“Hop in.”
Zero-Thirty-Three and Zero-Thirty-Four struggled to get both of their bodies into the rubbery confines of the comfy sleeping bag.
“It”s tight.”
“It”s made to help you keep your brother warm and comfy, but it only works if the fluffy nano material is close to your body.”
Both struggled to get in and had finally found a way to accommodate both of them.
“Uahh it”s tight. How can we sleep like this?”
“With each other”, Six-oh-five smirked as he closed the zipper on the side of the bag.
“Here are your night earpieces. I”ll just put them on for you.”

Six-oh-five put them into the material’s left ears and the clamps fastened, starting a slight buzz. At the same time, the day earpieces clamps softened their grip on the right ear and went into standby mode. Every guardsman could be assured that he would never lose contact with GUMS. The reassuring voice droning into the ear, “love your R-Class uniform – obey the guard and the master – train – silence – discipline – structure – support your brothers – exercise – put in the earpiece all the time.” Slowly both fell into their well deserved slumber. They barely noticed when six-oh-five closed the strap buckles of their sleeping bag, locking them in it helplessly. This made them even more like huge babies; locked into rubber, sleeping and huddled tightly together.

Six-oh-five looked across his family unit. Most of them had already gone to sleep in the confines of their new sleeping bags. He stepped closer to his bag. Zero-Thirty had already made himself comfortable in it.
“Last night we had to sleep in the bunks together and now tonight in this. It”s really embarrassing. Why can”t we have our own beds?”
Six-oh-five patted of the stubble on the dome of his newly assigned companion. Sometimes he wondered if the profile matching really worked that well. “In the guard, we have to learn to live and sleep together. This is part of your duty, so be a good guardsman. Besides being my boy, you get a little treat.” He handed Zero-Thirty a pleasure pill.
“What is it?”
“Just take it. You will love it.”
A feeling of bliss and deep inner peace overcame Zero-thirty. He relaxed completely and lost himself in the sense of rubber and the guidance of mother guard.
G-5050-022-400 approached to close them both in the bag.
“I fear Zero-thirty has a difficult time adjusting, master.”
“Didn’t we all have? Just be extra genteel and caring. Show him the loving side of the guard. The instructors will show him the firm side anyway.”


Four Hundred closed the zippers to their sleeping bag.
“Take special care of Thirty-Three, will you?”
“If you tell me to then I will.”
The straps on the sleeping back were closed and the buckles fastened.
“Here, I’ll put in your night ear pieces. Just relax and enjoy your night together.”
The familiar buzz of GUMS engulfed them and both found a grateful sleep.

“And with this you will wake up feeling refreshed and calm for the day ahead.”
Zero-thirty-three woke up entangled with Zero-Thirty-four. Both must have cuddled even closer together during the long night. He didn’t feel his underwear and had the feeling of dried cum on his belly. The night must have been fun.

Zero-Thirty-four was still deeply asleep, certainly still under GUMS. Zero-thirty-three noticed the rest of his family unit getting up slowly. Six-oh-five came around and undid the straps of their sleeping bags so that they could move freely.
“Material, get in line. You have an important day before you.”
Zero-thirty-three got in line so that the big brother could walk them to their destination.
While being tightly stacked in the family unit and waiting, they started to whisper to each other. Tightly meant right hand to the ass crack and left hand to the nipple of the boy before them. So they could walk in the cavern with only the first guardsman having his eyes open.

“How was your night?”
“Just the most amazing night, if I”m totally honest. In fact, from what I can remember, you’ve now completely ruined my future sex life with women.” Zero-thirty-four whispered.
The entire family unit giggled slightly.
“What is it, Zero-Thirty-One?” Someone queried.
“So… do you think… This guardsman is now… gay?”
“Just because you had some fun with another guy turns you gay?”
Zero-Thirty-One just stared searchingly. He didn’t know what to say and still looked a little confused.
“Just answer one very simple question. Do you feel sexually attracted to men now? To this guardsman, for instance?”
“Well, if you put it that way, then of course not. This guardsman still fancies women and pussies and has no desire to fuck guys, not even you. Really, and this guardsman means this in the nicest possible way, not that you are not attractive, because you obviously are a good-looking man, but this guardsman is just not attracted to you in that way.” Zero-Thirty-One started to ramble, his face turning three shades of red.

Six-oh-five connected to the front of the marching line. The others closed their eyes and started marching through the labyrinthine corridors of the cave. They found some feeling of safety in one of their mantras.
“Obey the guard and the master – train – silence – discipline – structure – help your brothers – unity makes strength – enjoy your bodies – practice.”

They were walked to the cleaning chambers.
“Ok you know the drill, 20 min to get your bodies clean, shaved and put away this ugly stubble of hair. I want you fresh and ready for presentation and inspection”
Zero-Thirty-Four took the razor and cleaned Zero-Thirty-Three’s head and body, then generously lubed on some cream.
“Fresh as on the first day”
“You’ll get your treatment as well”
Six-oh-five went through the material and checked their bodies until he was assured they were up to standard.
Strangely they hadn’t been given any new underwear or R-Class-Suit and they were also not taken for feeding and watering.
“What”s happening big brother?”
“Trust GUMS. This one guesses you will go to the medical facility. If they operate on you then they want you to have an empty stomach for the proceedings.”

FullSizeRender 5

They walked into the medical part of the underground compound. A guardsman with blue trimmings on his R-Class-Suite welcomed them. B-8933-788-010 had a bald head, as required for material, and was just beginning to develop a muscular body through the guard training although the induction course and the following 90 min of daily grind showed on his body. He had brown eyes and was about 170 cm tall. His tagline read, “Medic material”.

“Welcome to the medical center. You are in my care now. Six-oh-five will return once you are finished.”
Six-oh-five signed a form on a note pad handed to him. “This guardsman brought them to you in one piece. Make sure they stay that way.”
“We will. You will get them back bigger and a little bit more up to standard.”
Both smirked.

“Assume the inspection position.”
The material stood straight, arms behind their backs, asses clenched and stared straight out.
“I’m here to see if any of you need to be modified for your further service.

He started out checking on Zero-thirty-one.
“your fat deposits will be removed” As he was measuring the belly of him.
“No worries that is just one thing that will help you with your training here for all of you, I have to check to see if your penises are up to guards standards. If not then we will do what it takes to make them right.”
He put on blue gloves and started to check Zero-thirty’s penis.

“Remain at attention and don’t move until I have finished the exams.”
Without any movements and without any clothes it started to get cold in the white tiled examining room. B-8933-788-010 extensively fondled and checked Zero-Thirty-One’s penises. He made some notes on his pad after each exam.
“Ok, you will need a standard circumcision. We don’t want any of you to miss out the fun in here.”
The medicmaterial smirked.

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