the making of (c)F-7985-656-882: Part 1 Tim gets recruited

A normal family home, 3 bedrooms in a quiet urban sprawl neighborhood somewhere in Europe’s more prosperous Regions.


In front of the Meyers Family home one of the mate grey PC 10 tropp carriers used by the guard pulls into an open parking space. Two guardsman in their parade uniforms leave the carrier. One from the front door another one from the back hatch.
Both inspect each other and see that their uniform is clean, crisp, the boots shined and the haircut acceptable, their back ramrod straight and on their faces a winning smile.

(c)D-7985-642-339 was athletic and had a winning smile, he looked really sharp in the black parade uniform with just that dark blue shimmer and silver trimmings. His blond hair was cut short with a razor on the side an al little bit longer on top. His parade uniform was that of a standard guardsman except of the two white leather belts that crossed over his chest in a polished silver chrome buckle. Instead of the standard tag number only both wore first names on their silver i.d.plates as well. Of course none of the names were the real ones they had been given by their parents.
He was a little bit taller then and much younger then E-5430-030-027 who filled out the uniform very well with his muscular sturdy upper body and short hair with greying temples.

E-5430-030-027 rang the bell at the Meyers house.
“Hello, we have come to talk to you about your son’s application for the guard academy”
Ms. Meyer opened the door and let both prime examples of manhood into the sitting room.
Tim, his little sister, his father waited already.
“Can we offer you some refreshments?”
E-5430-030-027 replied for both: “two glasses of water please”
Both sat down.
E-5430-030-027 and his cadet had been on guard gruel for the last months, so eating civilian food was out of the question. A, because the stomach was not used to it and guardsman could get sick and throw up, what wouldn’t make a good impression. B, there calorie intake was monitored to keep them in the desired lean and muscular state. C, keeping their hands in gloves and their stomachs free of civy food was one of the measures to keep them diseases free. D, guardsman lived a live of dedication and not one of pleasures.
“So you have come to talk about the application?”
“Yes, we have come to see you.”
E-5430-030-027 opened a briefcase and presented some brochures.
“And I brought Mike with me to talk about life at a guard academy, he is one of our students” E-5430-030-027 pointed joyfully at ‘Mike’ or (c)D-7985-642-339 who started to giggle shyly.

The tight suit framed Mike’s well exercised and athletic physique, he sat ramrod straight and nodded attentively.
“The Academy has given me so much and I have developed physically and mentally, Mum.”
“Mike is member of the swim team, the debating society, he helps in the student union and as many of our students is expected to score highly in his university admission tests”
“That is correct, Mum. In the beginning I was doubtful to join up, but now I will really miss it, when I leave.”
Of course swim team meant you were training to become a diver and rescue swimmer in the guard, debating society to argue the guards point of view and the student union just a forefront for recruitment. Being led out – not only on the normal parents weekends but also during school months and being allowed to interact with the public was a special duty. Only the most loyal guard cadets. Most cadets were kept behind the razor wire and concrete walls of the large school compound year round. Only once their conditioning had been settled enough the parents could come and visit or they would be send home for a short break.
Tim remembered looking into the brochure his parents had given to him, when they first started talking about sending him to the academy: all male student body, development of body and mind, pristine landscape away from distractions, concentrating on the students not on fancy housing, many clubs and facilities to develop themselves.

“My son’s school grade are not really perfect, I have to admit”
“That shouldn’t bee a problem, neither were mine when I was his age, and today I have a good career, in fact many of our students struggle academically a little bit. We have tests to determine if he has the right potential, that we would like to do with him and then we can tell if he fits or not.”
“That is good to hear.”
“Tim do you want to take the test?” Tim was hesitant. On the one hand he had not been good at school, he eyed both guardsman nervously and was impressed by their physique on the other hand he had heard the rumors of people just disappearing into the system and only coming back once a year or nothing was heard of them.
“How would I take the test?”
“We have a testing equipment in the van outside, so it can be done easily while I talk to your parents”
Tim’s mother looked at Tim.
“Ok. I guess its just a test and I can decided afterwards.”
“Mike will go out and you can talk to him during the test how it is to be a guard cadet and stuff” the recruiter gestured to (c)D-7985-642-339 and he the went outside with Tim.
Meanwhile the recruiter talked to Tim’s parents about studying at a guard academy: Good prospects for students from many backgrounds, sure many choose to serve and some not, it was up to them when they graduated, but a lot of them were accepted at respected universities, and later had good jobs and got married to high ranking women. Of course if your child was accepted you save a lot of money: food for the hungry teenagers, clothes, haircuts and toys.

Both youngsters walked out.
“So how do you like it?”
“Being a guard cadet. Wow. We do so many interesting things and learn so much” ‘Mike’ said.
“Why is there no name of you on the uniform?”
“For security reasons, in the past terrorists came to the houses of police and threatened their family, so it was decided we show only our tag numbers, safer and easier.”
“And the little silver piece in your ear?”
“That is a radio connector, we are always connected to the GUARD so in case something happens we can report and we are never lost.”
As they arrived at the van, another guardsman stepped out.
(c)D-7985-642-339 said: “we want to do some testing”
“Is he wearing a rubber uniform?”
“Yes, well its not really rubber, only looks like this, its a bullet proof, flam proof and whatever proof material that also regulates body temperature and feels really, really good on the skin, you want to touch it?”
B-5430-030-025 the driver and attendant stroked with his arm over Tim’s arm, it felt really nice. Tim looked at the athletic physique of the driver who smiled.
B-5430-030-025 noted the typical youth: mousy unkempt brown hair, pimples from acne, a little bit pudgy.
The three went through the rear hatch of the van.
“Ok first thing is we need you measured, just get on the scale and we take your weight… good, next thing we need to know is some test… ok you lie on the chair and we will take some readings…Just go into the reclining seat, put your arms on the arm rests and press the left button if you like what you see and the right one if you don’t like what you see. (c)D-7985-642-339 said: gave the instructions, he glued the ECG and brainwave monitor stickers on Sam’s torso and head and smiled. “This is just for your safety,” the guardsman stated as he strapped two thick rubber straps across Sam’s chest and similar straps over his thighs, calves, biceps and forearms. Finally, he placed the headset over Sam’s eyes and ears.
“Can you hear me?”
Tim didn’t answer.
“He is ready, start the program”

Tim was shown a quick succession of seemingly innocent images: a baby, a tree, a house, a couple kissing, children, a waterfall. The succession of pictures accelerated, going quicker and quicker, accompanied by a buzzing sound. More pictures came: young nude man, man kissing each other, a penis, boots, rubber clad figures.

(c)D-7985-642-339 leaned over B-5430-030-025 and watched the read outs from the program.
“He is doing fine.”
“His mother tells me he likes playing in a rock band”
“Maybe he qualifies for a guard band?”
Both laughed a cynical laughter. Guard band was a very rare thing, most cadets and material ended up the standard guardsman if they were tall enough end muscled up patrolling the streets in a tank suit.


Meanwhile inside 5430-030-027 was informed that Tim was a suitable candidate through his headpiece and increased his sales pitch: He took out a brochure from his briefcase, showing the lush surroundings of the guard academy, photos of happy students sitting in a classroom, just normal boys in uniform, pictures of them doing physical activities. The last page had a league table comparing academic results with other schools across the union.
There was one class full of the top performing loyal guard cadets who were bright, smiling and beautiful. Those pictures were taken of them .But of course the brochure glossed over this. Even better for the parents to see the same people recurring.
“Many of our students struggle but the distraction free atmosphere helps them to focus on their academic goals. Let me add something that is important to many parents in this difficult economic times: you do not only save money as we take no tuition for the students, but you continue to get child benefits every month. There is a bonus payment for every school year completed and of course a bonus if your son decides to sign up for a contract later.”
“Mum, will I get my own room when Tim moves to the academy?”
Mum looked at Tim’s little sister.
“I guess yes”

Meanwhile inside the van the program stopped. Tim was still a little bit dizzy. “I have to make some more tests” B-5430-030-025 said and started fondling with Tim’s penis. He felt Tim’s muscles not missing a single body part. The physical exam was through and sexual. Then some blood samples were drawn.
“Ok get up, undress we have to take body measurements”
A slight buzzing was heard. Tim undressed and stood in the center of the van.
“Turn around”
Then the buzzing ended
“OK get dressed, lets have a chat”

‘Mike” said next to him.
“How did I score?”
“If I enter the academy will I see you?”
“Sure you can put in a bunk request with me.”
“If I don’t like it, can I leave?”
“Of course, your contract allows you to leave at the end of the month.”
B-5430-030-025 listened to the chat and smirked.
“Will you shave me bald?”
“Me, noooooo… Is B-5430-030-025 bald?”
“See some guardsman like to shave for hygiene reasons or because it looks good, but in the academy you get to decide.”

‘Mike’ handed Tim a pad.
“Lets watch this video, it has probably answers to most of your questions.”
A slight buzzing was to be heard. The video showed lush landscape, guard cadets marching, playing, being joyful, one spoke about how great it was to be in the guard and what to study, they had an alumni of the school talking about how much it gave him. It also included many close up shots of really well defined guardies.
Tim was a little bit worried that you could see his boner.

Inside the parents concluded the deal: from the day of acceptance the custody of the child will pass to the guard; thus the appropriate guard office can make any decisions, parents have the right to be kept up to date.
His mother signed the contract with a smile. Dad wasn’t event present but cleaned up dishes in the kitchen while Tim’s little sister already had an inspection on her new room.

‘Mike’ and Tim decided to go inside and saw Tim’s parents talking.
“Well with this we can guarantee you that your son will be taken in at the September intake, he can conclude school and get his rend of year 10 report card.”
“I hope he does not fail that.”


E-5430-030-027 shock Tim’s hand: “Welcome… I can see a bright future for you.”
Both guardies said goodbye, walked out in their ramrod straight way and sat into the van.
“We have done well, another one captured”
“Good candidate, he is scoring high on the adaptability and hypnotic inducement readings, he will fit in perfectly”
“These middle class families and their fear that their sons won’t do well, plays perfectly. Its really easy to recruit. And the mothers are almost eager to sign away their children.”
“Are we scheduled for another candidate?”
“No, todays duties are done.”
In the back of the van both E-5430-030-027 and (c)D-7985-642-339 undressed from their parade uniforms and hung them into a locker. They removed the gorgets, spit shined boots, ceremonial daggers and one more time checked them for greases, stains or imperfection.
E-5430-030-027 took on a normal duty belt while (c)D-7985-642-339 latched himself into the far more complicated guard cadet uniform. First went on the two straps that crossed his chest and were fastened in a chrome buckle. Then chrome shackles around his wrists and lower legs. Next came the standard guard duty boots.
Then the shoulder yoke, made from the same chromed steal. All in all the steel yoke and shackles added another 10 – 25 kilo to the guardies weight. I started with lower weights in the lower classes of the academy and then added up.
Unlike the barrette of the standard guardsman a cadet wore a rubber headpiece and strap on muzzle. The rubber headpiece covered everything from the neck to the top. Except parts of the face. The muzzle still allowed them to speak but nourishment and water could only be delivered through sucking on a straw.
E-5430-030-027 checked if all the buckles and seams were latched and locked.
“(c)D-7985-642-339 ready for transportation and back into duty mode”
“Very good, strap yourself in for transport”
Without saying a word 339 strapped himself in the high form seat. One belt over the legs, one for the torso and for the very comfy head rest strap E-5430-030-027 came and latched it close. Now he felt secured and was unable to move.
“You have done well, one recruit this morning one this afternoon, GUMS will reward you. If you continue to perform like this, your privileges will remain and you will be rewarded”
“Yes, Sir.”
Rewarding meant time without GUMS control, orgasms and possibly getting out of the GUARD early.
A slight buzzing put (c)D-7985-642-339 to sleep.

E-5430-030-027 went to the front of the van. Being out of the parade uniform was much more comfortable.
“The cadet is strapped in and secured”
“B-5430-030-025 has been connected to the personal carrier and is ready to drive”
“bring us back to Guardstation”

B-5430-030-025 started the engine of the van pulled out.

For both the reward routines activated and led their dildos bring them to a dry orgasm. Another job done, another live saved for the union.


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