The Guardsman: Making of 10 / to get some rest

Sam, or A-8007-399-033 as he referred to himself more and more, woke because of a slight buzzing. He was slightly tangled in Zero-thirty-four’s increasingly muscular frame. Both of their faces were nearly touching each other.IMG_0195

His earpiece told him the familiar instructions: “And with this you will be awake and start refreshed into the day.” Both young men simultaneously opened their eyes and pushed back their rubber cover sheet on their bunk bed. They removed the day earpieces from the charging station and put them into each other’s ears. Then they put the night earpieces into the charging station. It was as if they were synced.
Zero-thirty-four got up with Zero-thirty-three and started making the bed, straighten the bed sheets and pillow. He made sure that everything was neatly arranged.

Zero-thirty-three saw the muscular frames of his family unit getting up. Since he was the first up, he could sit on the sanitary saddle first. He inserted his penis and relieved himself before his brothers had their turns.

The big brother checked the rest stations and reprimanded zero-thirty for not making the bed well enough.

“What day is it today?” asked Zero-thirty-three.

“Not sure, it has all blurred. The routine is the same every morning and then every day.” Answered their big brother.

“The days feel longer here.”

“It’s because we have no daylight, just the lights down here in the cave. I couldn’t even tell you what time of the day it really is.”
After everyone had felt the cleaning and relief of the sanitary saddle they fell in line.
“Form line.”
They marched in lockstep, lead by their big brother, to the cleaning stations. Like every other morning, they would get their R-Class-Uniforms when they were completely showered and clean.

“Remove underwear.”
The seals in their underwear opened and they put the underwear into the cleaning tray. The morning ritual had gone into muscle memory so they didn’t really need to talk that much.

“Look, the property of the guard sign is almost burnt into our flesh.” Noted Zero-thirty-four as he removed his butt-plug-sheaving underwear that covered his penis. He saw the writing on his right belly, where the belt was.
Zero-thirty-three smirked. “Sign of the times, isn’t it?”

They stepped into the power shower. A-8007-399-030 was with six-oh-five. A-8007-399-031 and 8007-A-399-032 were together. A-8007-399-033 and A-8007-399-034 stepped into their shower. There was 60 seconds of water, 60 of rinsing and 60 of water again, then 60 sec for drying.

A-8007-399-033 said, “You’re clean Max.”

A-8007-399-034 replied, “You too, Sam.”

They smiled at each other, enjoying their clean and muscular bodies for a moment. It had only taken them 10 minutes to get up and get clean.

They stepped outside the cleaning booths, went to the lockers and put on their underwear, oiled their bodies and got into their R-Class uniforms.

“Your body has really filled out Zero-thirty. You look much stronger.”

“Thanks zero-thirty-two. I really like how you try to cheer me up. Your fat deposits have gone and you look so muscular now.”


“Can you oil my back?”


Six-oh-five reminded everyone, “Make sure you are oiled completely. The oil is good for your skin, which might be a little bit irritated from the shaving.”

A-8007-399-034 helped Sam get oiled and step into his uniform. Then Zero-thirty-four closed the back zipper. Sam could feel the uniform seal closed and locked him in. Some of the brothers were still busy getting suited so he waited in the rest position.

By now he felt a strong craving to be in his uniform. It really felt good to be in it. It was almost a kind of physical addiction. GUMS made the nanomaterial of the suits release a little bit of special oil that made you feel good.

“Family unit reporting ready, big brother.”, The material spoke in unison

“Acknowledged. Form line.”

GUMS told them, “Proceed to feeding stations.”

Sometimes, as they marched through the long hallways of the cavern, Zero-thirty-three could hear the synced steps of another family unit passing them. Unfortunately protocol demanded that he keep his eyes closed, but he could hear the big brothers exchanging short greetings.

“Why is the route from our family room to the showers and then to the feeding station different some times? Why do we sometimes turn right and then left?”
“GUMS directs me.” Replied their big brother. “I am not leading you. I’m only the receiver of instructions and put them into use”
“Why do we have to keep our eyes shut?”
“To learn trust.”

They arrived at the Material feeding station. Five at a time they placed their palms on the reader, identifying who they were.

“Attention feeding starts.”

The five started sucking and the nutritious paste arrived in their mouths. They each received a predetermined amount of the guard chow. The taste was not the same every time. Sometimes it was more potatoes, sometimes more carrots, sometimes another vegetable but never meat.
“You’re feeding finishes.”

They withdrew their mouths took a napkin, cleaned the feeding dildo and threw the napkin away. Then they stepped back in line and waited in rest position until everyone had been fed.

Now they were ready for the day. They were showered, rubbered, fed and stood in line at rest position to await the day’s tasks. The morning routine had needed less than 20 min.


The instructor stepped forward and started distributing the morning medication. “Open mouths.” He poured each guardsman’s medication into his mouth. “Swallow.”
“We thank the guard for its gracious feeding and support”, again the family unit said the creed in unison.

One of the instructors stopped Sam and Max. “What did you do wrong this morning?”
Both looked at each other and but couldn’t remember.
“What’s your name?”
“Sam Brownes”

The pain stick hit his belly and Sam collapsed, screaming in agony. The boot of the instructor tapped him. “Wrong you are Guardsman A-8007-399-033. If I ever hear you using that civy trash name again, this would be heaven.” He laughed unpleasantly. “I heard you using your names. A-8007-399-034 twenty pushups and I hope we don’t have that happen again.”

Both recovered and fell back into line before marching away.

Surprisingly, they arrived back at the family room.

“Today it’s the 25th day of your training period. It is time to clean the family room and time to write home about what you have experienced so far. Zero-thirty-three and Zero-thirty-four start work on the floor. Take the cleaning utensils and start cleaning. We will take turns writing emails back home, but let me check them first.”

As Zero-thirty-four scrubbed, he started feeling a familiar pleasant tingle in his ass. He had felt this before in the classroom when GUMS rewarded him for giving a good answer. He stopped scrubbing and the tingle went away. He started scrubbing again and something clicked in his mind. GUMS was rewarding him for obeying. Well, better to be rewarded then punished. The tingle gradually grew more intense. A rhythmic pulsing began emitting from the thing inside him. The faster he scrubbed, the faster it pulsed.

Zero-thirty-three smiled. Never had so much fun cleaning up.

“Yup our service is really fun.” he thord to himself

After they had cleaned the floor Six-oh-five stopped them. “Thirty-three and Thirty-four stop cleaning. It’s time to write to your mothers. Let the others have fun cleaning.”

Zero-thrity-three and Zero-thirty-four sat down at the table and began to draft the required emails to their mothers. During training almost no contact to the outside world was permitted. They were only allowed one screened email to your family per 10 day cycle. Writing that email was not difficult. It didn’t take a lot of time because it was mostly pre-instructed. The material’s job was only to add some personal touches. They were helped by a slight buzz from their GUMS-Earpieces, barely noticeable.

Six-oh-five added, “You should refer to yourself in first person if you can’t avoid it, so the email doesn’t sound odd to your mum.”

Zero-thirty-three started writing on the guard issued pad.

“Dear Mum,
The first 25 days have passed and you might wonder I have not been in contact. During this time of initial training they want us to be focused. We are not allowed to have telephones and we can only send you this email. Note down the address. This is where you can send me emails in the future.
You don’t have to worry about me. Everything here is really nice and I have learned a lot. We have been learning to be guardsmen. We learned more of the Standard Operating Procedures of the guard. These policies are necessary for us to eventually become Guardsmen. These policies detail how we should act and dress. They also outline what is expected of us. We learned about our reporting system and our computer system. They help us fulfill our duties. By the time we graduate we will know the ins and outs of this system and how to create detailed, accurate and informative case reports.
Of course we are doing a lot of physical training. We continue to push ourselves in swimming, martial arts and running. This is just another aspect of our training that pushes us to be the best and I really enjoy it.
But becoming a guard isn’t only fun. At this point, I wonder what it’s like to walk somewhere without marching. The instructors are very strict with us. Every mistake is magnified to nearly unspeakable proportions by the instructors. Now I really know how good I had it with you at home. Of course, I do miss you.
We continue to work on our Warrior Mindset. We know that “Discipline must be a habit so engrained that it is stronger than the excitement of battle or the fear of death”.
This forces us to think quickly and address various threats. We are learning the effects of high stress environments on our body. Through this we are learning how to cope with it. This will allow us to operate efficiently and effectively under similar circumstances in the future.
The most fun part of the physical training was fighting each other with pugils. We gear up with a helmet, shoulder pads, kidney pads, and a pugil. The fights were the most entertaining events I’ve seen since I’ve been here. The fights only last about one minute, because both fighters are pretty much exhausted after 30 seconds.
I hope you are doing well. There are so many new experiences here each day. I have met someone from back home. Actually, the guard already feels like home and it was a great decision to join.
I really miss your cooking since the food here is not really that great. We have found some good camaraderie in our unit and I can already tell you that these are lifetime friends. Training will last for another 75 days and then I hope to get to spend some time with you before the deployment.

Your loving son”

“Let big brother read it” Six-oh-five took the pad away.

“Well written, but remove the line that says – every mistake is magnified to nearly unspeakable proportions by the instructors – We don’t want your mother to worry. Since your dad has been in the guard, she will know what it is like.”

“Really but it’s what this guardsman thinks.”

“Stop thinking, trust the guard”

“Ok, it really is a total control environment.”

“Yes, but look at the people. They like it.”


Six-oh-five waved his finger at Thirty-one and Thirty-two smiling and washing the bunks. Thirty-one was removing the old rubber linen and putting on new ones with a blushed smirk on his face.

“Next I will show you how to clean and dissemble a sanitary saddle.”

“Is it true that our R-Class-Uniforms are not ours, six-oh-five?”

“Well yes, none of the stuff we use is ours. The earpieces, the suits, the bedsheets, and certainly not the pad-computers we use. They are all owned by the guard and granted to us for professional use.”

“So even the card game we sometimes play or the razor we shave with isn’t ours?”

“Yeah they are guard supplied and remain its property.”

“So right now this guardsman doesn’t own anything?”

“Well, yes. Remember what you were told when you signed up. The day you join the guard all civilian contracts you have are either terminated or frozen. Your mobile phone plan was terminated. Your subscription to Top Gear was terminated. Your bank account was frozen with the balance you had that day. It will remain that way until you leave the guard.”

“But don’t we still have the physical stuff?”

“No. Boy, why didn’t you read what you signed? You designated one person, possibly next of kin, as receiver of all physical possessions you own. Right now you own nothing! The clothes and stuff you came here with has been shipped to them.” Zero-thirty-four looked shocked, but the big brother continued. “Besides that you will get your payment after you leave the guard, zero-thirty-four. Until then GUMS and the guard provide for all our bodily, mental and spiritual needs. The guardsmen are your family now.”

What six-o-five didn’t add was and control your thoughts

Some people had described being in the guard as bodily imprisonment in rubber cut-rate maximum security environment along with mental imprisonment in the confines of GUMS and strict discipline.

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