The Guardsman: making of / Part 11

Six-oh-five checked on the material’s cleaning work.

The material had arranged the bed sheets perfectly, not a single crease on the rubber bed linen. There was no dust in the corners and the chairs were neatly arranged at the table. The sanitary saddle had been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and its chrome instruments polished and shined. Their R-Class-uniforms seemed to be spotless.

“Prepare for inspection.”

The material and six-of-five came to attention. They pulled their bodies to full height and moved their feet apart, entwined their mittened hands with interlocked thumbs behind their heads. They thrust out their chests, sucked in their bellies and clenched their buttocks.

“While you wait, repeat the mantra: The guard is my mother—I obey my masters – I love my uniform – I support my brothers…”

Lights in the room went out and the only input was the chanting of their creed. Zero-Thirty-Four slowly lost the awareness of his surroundings and just let himself slip into the easy trance the mantra provided. After some indefinite time the lights went back on and two instructors in their red-lined R-Class-uniform entered the room. One started to fondle and feel the bodies, closely inspecting them for any imperfections. The other checked the room with a white cloth to see if there was any dirt. Both noted down their observations.

“Family unit at ease.”
The material took a far more relaxed position.
“You have achieved 87 of 100 possible points, this is still good. Congratulations.”
The material smirked.
“You will form a line and move to the games, good luck”

Efficiently the material formed the well rehearsed line, closed their eyes and were let by their big brother into the training cavern.

The tenth day would normally be designated a rest day in the cycle, but not, of course, during the training of new guardsmen. So it was combat league time. Each family unit in training assembled in a large labyrinthine network. The instructors looked down on them from above, striding confidently on the catwalks. The goal was easy. Catch and handcuff your opponents. The last one to remain free wins.

Two senior guardsmen stood behind a darkened window in the control room overlooking the big cave. Groups of material were doing group fights with each other.
In front of them were rubber clad instructors sitting at their consoles with freshly shined domes. The instructors quietly whispering into headsets, their eyes fixed on banks of monitors that showed individual stats of the material and camera views of the fights.

Polizisten f¸hren am 17.06.2014 einen Mann vor dem S‰chsischen Landtag in Dresden (Sachsen) ab. Nach einer Kundgebung der NPD vor dem Haus der Presse fl¸chteten die Kundgebungsteilnehmer unter Polizeischutz vor den Gegendemonstranten in den Landtag. Foto: Arno Burgi/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Polizisten f¸hren am 17.06.2014 einen Mann vor dem S‰chsischen Landtag in Dresden (Sachsen) ab. Nach einer Kundgebung der NPD vor dem Haus der Presse fl¸chteten die Kundgebungsteilnehmer unter Polizeischutz vor den Gegendemonstranten in den Landtag. Foto: Arno Burgi/dpa +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++
“You know this is the first time they get to really see and interact with other guardsmen outside their family unit?”
“Yes, this guardsmen remembers his training.”
“Is he really your son?”
“This guardsman thinks he is. This guardsman has contacted his wife and she told him that their son had left in time for guard training to become part of this training batch. But who knows, he might have ended up in the facility in Scotland or in Scandinavia. We are not the only ones that take in material and make them guardies.”
“Isn’t it a great feeling for a father to know his son is following on the family footsteps G-5050-022-400?”
“Well, I guess it’s a consequence. He must have lost a little bit of direction. You know I was absent for so much time when he grew up. I wanted to stay home and be a homemaker dad whilst my wife was out earning money. Then they called me up again.”
“Yeah once you are in you are in.”
“Easily said by someone who joined at sixteen in the guard cadets and has never lived a year outside since. When were you out last?”
“Funeral of my mum, last October, 3 days.”
“Sorry for that”
H-5476-376-272 eyes filled with water.

“But it’s okay,” said two-seven-two. “This guardsman has lost almost all connections to the outside. His sister asked him to come to her for Christmas and he considers doing that. Still, it feels weird and difficult outside. Here everything is so much easier and clearer.”
“I know that feeling,” said four-hundred. For a moment he paused. “Let’s check how four-hundred’s son does.”

Four-hundred tipped one of the material controllers on the shoulder and he removed his headset.
“C-3300-345-006 reporting master.”
“At ease. How does A-8007-399-033 fare?”
Zero-zero-six relaxed in his seat and started pulling out his stats.
“Master, for his intended purpose he is doing well. The fighting team has already knocked out two other teams and arrested them. There is currently only one team ahead of them.”


“Continue Zero-zero-six.” G-5050-022-400 gently rubbed Zero-zero-six’s shoulder with his rubber gloved hands as he put the headset back on.

“He is always a little stiff and formal,” said four-hundred.

“Well some of them are if they are big brothers,” replied two-seven-two. “I guess his team might not fare as well as Zero-thirty-three’s, so he won’t get into the reward chamber.”

Six-oh-five would get to join his family unit in the reward chamber.
The contest had ended. The only two non-arrested material were A-8007-399-033 and A-8007-399-034. They were exhausted, guarding their handcuffed brothers.

G-5050-022-400 and H-5476-376-27 walked in the pile of handcuffed bodies. C-0500-878-605 followed, smiling proudly at the accomplishments of his group.

“As usual, the winning family unit gets to spend the reminder of the day in the reward chamber. C-0500-878-605 take your family unit to the reward chamber. For the losers, we will keep you a little bit longer in your current state so you can contemplate why you failed. After that it will be rest station time without dinner”

Six-oh-five walked them to the reward chamber with a big grin.

The rubber suits unlocked and Six-oh-five helped the material hang the suits up on clothes hangers.

“Go to the table and strap yourself in.”

Then the back of the table folded and Zero-Thirty-Three found his legs spread and strapped to the sides. His back, arms and neck were strapped down next. After the last strap was secured, even his head was unable to move but he rested comfortably.

Six-of-five came around and removed their underwear including the rubber plugs and penis sheaths. For the first time since starting the training they were unplugged and free. Soon, however, something large and cold item was pushed into his ass. A rubber hood was placed on his penis. A gag went into his mouth and was secured with the straps. A vacuum bag was placed over his body. A blindfold and a breathing mask completed the setup.
The air was exhausted from the vacuum bag on the bed and he soon found that he couldn’t move at all.

The things inside him came to life. The sensations… He came quickly and the sensations just kept on hitting him, wave after wave after wave.
All good things have to end, and eventually the toys inside him ceased sending their waves of pleasure. Zero-Thirty-Three smirked as much as the rubber mouth gag allowed and fell into a pleasant but exhausted slumber. He woke when six-of-five unstrapped him from the reward bed.

“Come, rise and shine my little brother. Help me unlock your other brothers”. Six-of-five’s gloved hand stroked gently over Zero-Thirty-Three’s pecs.

Zero-Thirty-Three was still a little bit sore from the hours of induced pleasure but obeyed the commands of his superior.

The morning protocol with showering and feeding was completed efficiently as always. On the walk to a distant part of the cavern they were taught a new mantra:

“The guard will give us unity,
A unity that is real and material.
GUMS gives us the unity of spirit,
In reality, the most ideal.
He gives us internal unity,
Unity in thought and in feelings.
We need our masters to rule
Our outward and inward dealings.”

As they were marching in the darkness to for about an hour, they chanted over and over. They arrived in the waiting room of some kind of technical department. On the walls were posters, always a smiling guardsman with well developed muscles in a shiny rubber suit with a catchy slogan:

“Become a guardsman – get your place” with a handsome guardsman playing cards with his family unit.

“Become a guardsman – make a contribution” with an equally handsome guardsman shoveling sand into sandbags.

“Become a guardsman – be a man” with a guardsman watching his brother rappelling down a building.

“Step in.” said a voice and the door titled “tank suit workshop” opened.

Two rubber clad guardies waited for them next to the suit robot. D-0505-488-725 had a slim, slavic looking face and swimmers build. B-2727-788-011 was coffee skinned and well toned.

“Form a circle and stand at rest,” said Zero-two-five.

The family unit formed a near perfect circle around the suit robot.

“This is fairly easy, undress and put your body into the suit robot, one after the other.”

The seals in their suits popped open and they eagerly stepped out of their Rubber-Suits. By now the guard training had removed any traces of shame and they proudly displayed themselves in their A-Class-suits (or adams suits in civy talk).

A-8007-399-030 went into to machine first. He put his hands and arms into two moulds. He got help from the tech guardies fitting the legs and the most delicate part, the sheath for the penis.

“Put your head a little bit back.”

Soon he was encased in a massive cocoon of metal, only his head looking out. Zero-thirty tried to make a brave face to it.

“This might hurt a little.”

Zero-thirty was used to pain by now and so the hot burning on his skin was only another sensation that he experienced during this training. His brother stood in a circle and watched him silently.

“Yeah, you are doing fine.”

“See, this one has a standard body. We don’t need to do any modifications.”

“Next one.”

One after another they were put into the robot and experienced pain and shock, but also pleasure at the end of the procedures.

“It’s always useful when the medical department does its job well before we get them. They are not to oversized from already bulking up too much with the guys from the honor guard.”

“Not sure why they would need the suits anyway. They are never put into the suits.”

“Yeah, they are trained for looks and then still end up a grunt.”

“Form a circle.”

The material stood at attention.


“Today we scanned your bodies to fit you for the tank suits that you will wear when in operation. Your brains have already been scanned so we know you are ready. The manufacturer will deliver them in a couple of days.” said D-0505-488-725. “You all fit, so I can say welcome into our fold.”

The remainder of the training day went smoothly. The material were taken to the treadmills in the gym and made to exercise. They also did heavy weight squatting in an attempt to increase both strength and endurance. Now that the first phase of training had ended things had become a little bit more relaxed. Each night the material were allowed some uncontrolled time off.

“Can you turn on the monitor? They have idol on tonight!”

Zero-thirty stepped to the monitor above the door and turned on the TV. There was only one channel showing selected news, training videos and some shows. Tonight they had “European idol” on and one of the contestants was “the singing guardsman”.

The show had just started with a section on the various contestants. It zoomed in on Tuomas’ short cropped blond hair. He wore his R-Class uniform and spoke to the camera. “I joined the guard because I wanted to have a challenge, to do something with my body as well as my mind.” The show cut to a shot of Tuomas, or Guardsman C-5881-283-003, running with his family unit.

“My brothers have really become my brothers here in the guard and I would give my life for any of them.” The camera showed him and his family unit standing in line, getting ready for something. “We live life together. We learn together and we care for each other.” Now it showed the family unit in the evening sitting at the table in their room, laughing.

“When it comes to my songs, I try to sing about stuff that everybody cares about: love, family, friendship and emotions. These are things we share with all human beings.” The camera cuts to his various shows up to now: singing in his R-Class suit, singing and dancing in the Rubber-Parade-Uniform, singing while wearing his tank suit.

The announcer’s voice says “And here he is, guardsman Tuomas.” C-5881-283-003 appears on stage and starts singing. The announcer continues “And we have something special today, his brothers are with him.” The camera cuts to the audience and shows a group of four more guardsmen all in their parade uniforms. They are sitting ramrod straight in the studio audience, smiling. Together, they look like five cute, well behaved, clean cut boys; a delight to every potential mother in law.

Six-of-five came around: “Boys its bedtime, start snuggling in”.
And so went another day in training for the material.

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