The Guardsman: Making of /part 9 lets get the bodies the Guard needs


Zero-Thirty-One looked at the medic in disbelief.
“All guardsmen get circumcised. It’s easier to clean. It makes sex more fun and of course prevents the spread of diseases. No worries, you get it for free.“
“But it’s my penis.“
“Your body belongs to the guard. Didn’t you read what you signed when you joined?“

B-8933-788-010 moved on to Zero-thirty-Two and started to fondle and feel him and then made several entries into his pad.
“I have to tell you will need a little bit more then the standard things we do to everyone.“
“Yours is too small. We will enlarge it.“

Zero-thirty-four commented, “Wow he’s getting a bigger man paid by the government. I’d like that.“
All of them smirked.

The remaining inspections went smoothly in most cases. Their mothers had made sure their boys had gotten circumcised by a good surgeon when they were in kindergarten.

“Ok, I need you to go to the body scanner. Zero-thirty-one, you go first.“

At the center of the room was a slightly raised platform with diagnostic equipment suspended from the ceiling above. To either side were rails of transparent plastic with handles at a convenient height.

Zero-thirty-one was the first to go on to the platform. He put his hands onto the handles. Then the handles closed and looked his hands into place. At the same time his feet were locked to the platform below. The platform started to move below him. He spread his stance a good third of a meter. Then he looked down to see a saddle-seat, similar in construction to the sanitary saddle, rising on a silent piston from the opening below. The seat slide up between his thighs to press against his bottom. A sheath encased his penis and an anal penetration unit locked tightly into his anus. He felt his penis starting to swell.

“I apologize for any discomfort, Material.” B-8933-788-010 said while watching the readouts on a control panel. “But this examination is partly to catalog any physical distress you may be experiencing so that we may gauge it. Set your chin here on this pad, good.”

As the diagnostic assembly lowered in front of zero-thirty-one, B-8933-788-01 guided his body into position. Zero-thirty-one leaned slightly forward so that he had to reach back a bit to keep hold of the handrails. This pressed his bottom more firmly into saddle.

“Now, let me get the Heads up into place.”

The unit covered zero-thirty-one’s eyes and the view screen showed a pleasant landscape. Automated straps held his legs, arms and head in place.

“Simply relax and enjoy the scenery, Material. There will be a series of subliminal images. The system will be recording your subconscious reactions to each. Later, this data will help GUMS to select which subliminals to play during your studies and recreational viewing to maximize a smooth transition as we establish your new routines.”

The procedure was repeated with each material.

Zero-thirty-three felt slightly dizzy and uncomfortable when he got off. He was allowed to sit on a rubber coated bench in the surgery room while waiting for his guard brother Zero-thirty-four to finish his treatment.

“You should feel better soon. The dizziness is from the GUMS not yet being fully adjusted to your brain. Since we have made the scans, this should go away and you will start feeling better.“

The Surgeon E-1400-020-070 came into the medical ward. As protocol demanded, the boys stood up and came to attention. The surgeon was a wiry lean guy, youthful looking with neatly shined dome and a black R-Class uniform. He was not wearing any gloves. He started talking to the Medic guardsman without acknowledging the five in their attention position.

“How are their bodies?“

“Well thirty-one need his penis circumcised. With thirty we are looking into some fat reduction and a little recutting. Thirty-one and thirty-four will have to be something done about their eyesight. For the rest, their male parts are up to standard. They have already been circumcised and none of their cocks is too big or too small.“

Both of the medical personnel left the room.

“This guardsman can’t really believe they are going to do stuff to our penises.“ Zero-thirty-one said. “That`s our most private part.“

With zero-thirty-four the indoctrination had already taken more hold. “As proper guardsmen, you want to be fitting to the standards.“

The medic reenterd. “But before that, you will get milked, follow this guardsman“
They were let nude through the medical facility on the way encountering several guardmembers either beeing attached to medical machines and mostly nude or guard medics treating them. They came in a room in which 5 dentists chair with leather padding were placed.
“Lie on the chairs and strap yourself in, its the same system as with the seats in the classroom.“
The five enterd themselves onto the tables and begun systemically strapping themselves onto the seats, frist lower legs and uper boddy, then the left arm, until the autorestrain clamps fixed their right arm into place as well. The medic went from boy to boy to attach brainwave sensors to them.
“What is this machine?“ Zero-thirty-one asked.
“This is the suction system, that we use to milk you, togehter with the headset, I’ll put onto you it will milk you dry and collect your sperm for storage in case something with the operations goes wrong. Your white milk will be stored dry and cool so it can be used in breeding“. The medic responed as he pluged their crotch with a dildo and the the machine on the other side caged around their penis. Upon all of them beeing straped in, he placed virtual reality googles and headphones on them. The material was presented with erotic pictures of men and the machine examines his brain patterns to detect arousal. After a while, images continue to be presented, but the machine also started to rub and tease the subject as well. Hidden within the images and the voice were subliminal messages designed to make the subject comfortable and at ease with unfamiliar feelings towards men.
After the material achieved an erection – which, depending on the effectiveness of Basic Training and the openess and previous tendencies, took a couple of minutes in the case of zero-thirty-four and a good three hours in that of zero-thirty-one the machine gently applied suction through a tube located over the subjects crotch. His penis is drawn into it, whereupon it receives special attention from the computer, which will alternate between suction and slow masturbation. The computer constantly scanned the subject’s brainwaves to monitor the responses when it tried different things, and gradually built up an accurate profile of the subject’s newfound sexual interests and most erogenous zones.

UCI Track World Cup Aguascalientes, México Diciembre 5 de 2013 Foto: ©

Zero-thirty-one awoke exhausted from the treatment, the other chairs were already empty“
The medic entered again. “A-8007-399-031 come with me.“ And let him to the operation table in another section of the clinically white medical facility.

GUMS started to talk to zero-thirty-one. “Hello Guardsman. You are about to experience the most amazing feeling in your entire life You are going to feel more relaxed than you have ever been.“

B-8933-788-010 started to strap Zero-thirty-one to the table. Tight straps held the lean Asian body to the steel operation room table.

“Everything will be OK. You don’t need to be afraid. Take this pill. It will help you relax.“

“But I want my penis to be as it is. I’m really proud on it.“

“That’s not up to you to decide. Mine got remodeled when I joined the guard and I can tell you it has really been much more fun this way.“

“No, stop it!“ He spit out the pill and struggled in his restraints.

GUMS started buzzing and a feeling of peace and contend enterd zero-tens body and he happily smiled and offered no more resistance.
B-8933-788-001 started to catheterize the guardsman and emptied his bladder. Then the medic put an IV line into the guardsman’s left arm. Zero-thirty-one fell asleep.

When he woke up he was in anther rubber bed, completely nude. He couldn’t feel his penis and he couldn’t see. Zero-thirty-three, in his R-Class-Uniform, was sitting next to Zero-thirty-one holding his hand and gently patting his bare skull.

“Where am I?“

“You are in the wake-up-room of the medical section in the training center. I would stop talking if I was you. The instructors might hear.“

“What has happened?“

“They corrected your little guardsman and your eyesight. That’s why you can’t see right now.“

He gently patted his skull and tried to comfort poor zero-thirty-one. He had really a hard time adjusting to guard’s life. Zero-thirty-three really hoped little zero-thirty-one would make it. He was cute and had a nice bottom.

On the next bed another guardsman tried to comfort zero-thirty. He seemed to have much less trouble, even though he had just had parts of his body fat removed and some penile remodeling done.

Still Zero-thirty-three had been relieved to be the one tasked by GUMS with comforting zero-thirty-one.

After about 2 hours, one of the instructors came in.
The two sicklings were not allowed a lot of recovery time. They were put into the R-Class-Uniform with underwear to be put back into service right away. Actually being catheterized was no problem. There was a small hole in the uniform’s codpiece that could be used. The suit itself had another hole through which the line could be connected to a small pee collection pack on the right foot.

They marched to their rest stations, cleaned themselves out and hung their suits into the lockers. Zero-thirty-two was very careful to clean his R-Class uniform but was still a little bit shy about being seen nude in front of his brothers.

Zero-thirty-four teased him. “What are you afraid of, your little Asian body not up to our standards? Come on, your manhood is a good as mine now.“

There was laughter among the brothers, each checking out someone’s manhood and comparing with their own.

C-0500-878-605 stepped in. “Stop teasing him. We are one family and support each other. The transition to guardsman isn’t an easy one and some of us can’t adjust as quickly. Zero-thirty-two, don’t be afraid. What you feel is OK. Now everyone get ready for the night.“

Six-o-five went from bunk bed to bunk bed. He talked and stroked the heads of his little brothers, trying to help them with the transition and the new experiences.

“Big brother, since this guardsman has been here, he has been looking at man with such desire. I fear I’m gay.“ A-8007-399-030 inquired. The big brother sensed zero-thirty needed his support. In his last sentence he had even deviated from standard protocol and used the first person to refer to himself.

“That is not abnormal. We are all living here in such close quarters and under stress. You’re getting taught these stress relieving techniques. This is not about being gay but about doing well.“

“But still, I’m afraid. I have a girlfriend and I promised to be faithful to her.“

Six-o-five smiled, clearly knowing that that wouldn’t happen. Zero-thirty would be a relaxed, self confident, gay rubber boy in a short time. How else would they achieve coherence?

“You are faithful to her. You can’t betray your girlfriend with a boy. The sex between man and woman is sacred. It’s about making new people, new Europeans, not just for fun. Always remember how to talk of yourself. You want to become a guardsman!“

Zero-thirty relaxed a little as six-o-five put on his earpiece and the buzz and voice of GUMS spoke to him. “Love your R-Class uniform – obey the guard and the master – train – discipline – structure – find rest with your brothers.“

It was nearly dark in the chamber when six-o-five went to his own rest station and plugged in his night earpiece. A smile and a gentle erection getting came when he pulled on the rubber sheet and closed his eyes. GUMS instructed him as well. “To lead is to love, uniformity, structure, discipline,…“

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