Guardsman B-8007-399-033 on duty

Guardsman B-8007-399-033 on duty

Finally the last day of training had been past. The morning was uneventful and the toilet and hygiene drill ensured that they were showered, feed and rubberd in less then 20 min. GUMS directed them to the tank suit alcoves. There they put on their tank suits. Stepping into them, then closing the armor plates that protected body and muscles. The GUMS headpiece was connected with a small wire to the suit collar. Then they put on the glove on the right hand and the manipulator, with gun, baton, tranquilizer darts to the left hand. Essentially the left hand became a kind of weapon and multitool. In Training the big brother had joked they looked like robots, especially when the wore the helmets but this time they did not put in the mouth guard and the helmet.
Rather a smooth black rubber bag was given for the helmet and the mouth guard and interface unit went into a pouch fixed to their tank suits. They checked: the suit batteries were fully charged, the weapon was armed and the other suit functions all ready to go.
Then they were issued a black rubber backpack in which they were to assemble their private stuff. Well no guardy really had private stuff, during your time in the guard you did not own property. More like their spare kit: rubber suits, gloves, boots, the newly acquired dress uniform and whatever had been issued to them during training.
Their private belongings had long been sent home to their next of kin.
They marched back to the entrance of the cave to board their transport.
They waited and started to repeat their mantra: “Obedience – service – wear the uniform with pride – Obedience – service – wear the uniform with pride – …”

While they waited G-5050-022-400 approached the group and signaled for B-8007-399-033 to step out
“Hello Son”
“Hello Dad”
“I see you are ready and kitted out.”
“Yes, and eager to serve”
“Good to hear that. You are looking so much better without hair and so much stronger”
Both turned to see a PC 10 personal carrier unload a group of new material. In their civilian garb and hairy heads. Both smirked.
“You looked like them only 100 days ago”
“utterly disgusting”
“This one will train them as he trained you”
“You did a good job, dad”
Both turned as an instructor used a pain stick on a new material and the yelling filled the air.
“You have come a long way, my boy”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you, Sir!” his dad smiled and gently patted his son’s head with the rubber gloved hand. A gentle feeling of calm and happiness washed through 033. All guardsman were programmed to respond with this feeling to a certain way their head was touched.
“Do you know where we will serve?”
“No, they don’t tell us and they don’t tell you until you arrive. Have confidence the guard will provide.”
“Sure… this one told mother this one will visit her”
“Tell her her husband loves her and is eager so see her.”
“This one will”
Dad kissed 033 on the bold head and hugged his son one last time. Even though hugging someone in a full body kevlar armor plated exo suit that enclosed you against any kind of environmental hazard was not so easy.


Both looked at row of cages labeled: 8007-A-399-009, 8007-A-399-023, A-8007-399-030, A-8007-399-049, A-38007-399-051. Inside he could see rubber clad figures. But not a single square centimeter of skin was seen as the bound and gagged figures were encased in full body rubber suit. A breathing apparatus was connected to their mouth, a feeding hose attached to one of the nostrils. The eyes were hidden beneath googles. Their hands and feed bout the cage. A plastic line leaving their penis. The breasts were inflating regularly, controled by the breathing apparatus.
“What has happened to them?”
“Well after they got taken out, we locked them into an confinement cell, then we sedated their gag reflexes and put the mechanical breathing devices into them. They will learn that the GUARD is in total control: Breathing, food, excretion, sensory input.”
“And what is going to happen to them?”
“We store them here for everyone as a reminder, to better not fail, in a couple of days they will be taken to neural reprogramming. But be assured we do not let anyone back, they will become good guardsman as well. Shall we go over and have closer look?”
033 was hesitant but he wanted to see 030. He looked at 030 nervously.
“Can he her me?”
“Let’s see” G-5050-022-400 checked the readings on the cage. “No, its turned off”. He showed the control panel to 033: hearing is blocked, but we didn’t block the visual input and he is awake.”
033 stepped into 030 field of vision. 030 couldn’t move his head but tried to move his restrained body. He recognized him. 033 gently stroked 030 head.
“I turned the block off, he can hear you know”
“Don’t be afraid, all will be good, the guard will take care of you”
Unable to answer the only thing 030 could do in his cage and rubber confines was to moan. He was deprived of all human form of interaction. A buttplug sticking in his ass and another plug in his mouth.
Dad laughed. “Yes we will”
“Why do you laugh?”
“Well, it will be cruel. First this material is kept here in cage, then taken to the Neural Reprogramming facility, there he will undergo basically a personality wipe. It used to be quite physical cruel but its all mind-fuck these days. But if you met him he will be perfect, no more soul but the perfect guardsman”
033 was shocked to hear that from dad.
“But aren’t we mind controlled as well? This one didn’t like rubber and was not really gay before it entered”
“They just condition and program you. What they have done to you is only a scratch compared to what they do. Always keep that in mind. You don’t escape from the guard. Once you are in you are in.”
“…simply enjoy it”
“But you always told that jolly stories when you were home”
“When you get children they mostly let you off for some time. But didn’t you think I was conditioned to do that? You will notice when you go back home and hear yourself talk. You won’t event consciously remember parts of the training and some parts you don’t like. Better to keep the mind clean.”
033 was flabbergasted.
“Now step back to your group of the ant pile, guardsman” Dad emphasized the Guardsman. 033 was not sure what to think of the turn that conversation had taken.
“Yes, sir” He tried to show his eagerness and sharpness by saying it loud and marched back in parade step to his family unit.

033 stepped back into the neat row his family unit formed. Right and left to them were other guardies waiting to board transports to their home stations for their family leave. Some were in tank suits, other mostly the not so tall ones were in their rubber duty uniforms. Most had the blank 1000 yard stare of guardies chanting their mantra. It looked like a mixture of ants waiting.

On a signal from GUMS they stepped into the PC 11 personal carrier. Unlike the PC 10 which had normal seats, that could transports guardsman in their rubber uniform or even civilians this one was equipped for tank suited guardies. So when they sad down on the plastic seats, automated connections to the suits life support systems connected. They place the helmets in a secure locker below the seat and then attached the arms and legs. The head rested on a comfortable cushion. No straps were needed as the connection was built into suit and seat. When all the guardies had settled the driver came in. He wore the same tank suit although a version that had bruises and scratches from use.
B-8007-288-756 had a clear shaven head and a slightly weather face, checked on the readings of the suits and connections and then closed the hatch. No movement of the legs, arms or body was possible, the head rested on a soft rubber cushion that engulfed them.
As soon as B-8007-399-033 felt they were driving GUMS started to buzz and he fell in a deep slumber.
He awoke once and felt the suit integrated bowl evacuation system working and emptying his ass. He saw it was a bright sunny day outside and they were on one of the old highways. Then the buzzing started again and he fell asleep.

On a highway parking he became aware again. They had stopped.
B-8007-288-756 announced: “time for some stretching”
All eight tank suited guardies left the PC 11 and started a pre prescribed stretch routine. None of them spoke.
After the routine had ended 756 handed each of them a bottle of guard formula. The formula was similar to the gruel they got pumped. But it was consumed through a bottle almost like a baby bottle and pre mixed. Since there was nothing to pump they just sucked the bottle empty like babies.
At the end B-8007-288-756 directed 033 to the drivers seat.
033 was a little anxious as he had never driven a guard Personal Carrier before. Well there had been simulations in the cave but real road might be something different.
He sat down and the suit and seat connected. He put in his mouth piece and then put on the helmet. The head up display went on line and showed the vehicles status, speed and directions in his field of view. There were also feeds from the cameras on the left side and right. He went through the pre departure check list and used the mouth guard to use the HUD systems. The vehicle status told him his guard brothers in the back had already been put to sleep by GUMS and that 765 had checked for the connections to the vehicle.
So the heavily tanked truck left the rest spot on the highway and drove off.

When they left the highway he encountered a check point. These days check points were more and more common. A tank vehicle with an automatic gun turret on top, couple of guardies in tank suits checking vehicles and inspecting passengers.
They were waved through, the inspecting guardsman putting up a smile.

Even though highway driving was more or less boring GUMS kept him awake and alert.
He stopped at several towns on the way, always unloading one or two guardies at the local guard posts. He remembered this was the area he came from.
It seemed like a distant thing, his life before the guard. Not important. Aimless just another young man not sure where to go. Now his life had been given meaning and purpose.
The last town, his own, he distantly remembered the houses and some of the streets. For civilians the sight of an tanked truck from the guard was nothing unusual, so no one really bothered to look up. And even if they wouldn’t have recognized Sam behind his uniform and dark visored helmet Looking like any other guardsman.
The high concrete walls of another guard post. The metal doors opened. He went in. The metal door behind them closed. The next one opened. He drove the vehicle to its designated spot. Then opened the rear hatch and plugged in the electric charger. Only he, 034 and 765 were left.

They disembarked and waited in line until GUMS directed them to the alcoves for the tank suits.
There they put them into an empty alcove and put the helmet on its cleaning pedestal. Then they stood in line for cleaning booths, where they showered and cleaned their asses. While they removed their suits and stepped into their rubber garments 033 broke the silence.
“B-8007-288-756” he bothered to say the full designation. “Why did we sleep when we left the cave?”
“Protocol want as little as possible Guardsman to know where the facilities are, so the put the intake and the outgoings to sleep, despite is this way you arrive stretched and well rested at your destination, ready for action”


Then put on put on their R-Class uniforms and went to the rest stations they were directed to. It was a normal family unit room. A little less bare then in the training cave. But still were beds to be used by two guardsman, a table, chair, lockers, monitor, a opaque window, sanitary saddle.
A guardsman was doing an exercise routine Push-ups, Burpees, Lunges, Squats, crunches, shoulder bridges, coupled with repeating one of the mantras: obedience – duty – politeness – poverty”. But stopped when the 3 of them entered the room.

“Hi I’m B-2011-328-799, hey I think I know you, didn’t I bring you to the testing? When you started your training?
Zero-thirty-four responded: “Yes, just now I m looking so much better, haha”
“Yeah you stay with me tonight, you got that and that rest station.
I think we should thank you for your help back then.” Zero-thirty-four smiled and got out of his R-Class uniform.

All three of them went to the rest station of seven-nine-nine and started to touch each others private parts. Seven-nine-nine didn’t hesitate to bring zero-thirty-four to a climax and then help zero-thirty-three get some release as well. They really had a great evening out of rubber and the chastity belts the two husbands usually wore, until GUMS put them to rest.
It was strange to go to bed without being kissed by their big brother. Never the less they put in their night earpieces and snuggled to each other.

B-2011-328-799: “wow it was really good with you, and you developed so nicely?”
030: “Thank you, we put in a lot of effort, and I’m really proud on my body”
“So do you know where you will be deployed?”
“mhhh, you were trained with tank suits?”
“How do you know?”
“Body shape and you have the manners of a guardy trained for tank suit duty.”
“So where will we be sent?”
“Hmm, basically every station has some for patrool and the more phsycial stuff, this one guesses you might be sent to Ukraine”
“What is in Ukraine?”
“Ah you didn’t have access to news during training.”
“there was a release of radiation from one of the old nuclear reactors, apparently some accident, they are evacuating some parts. Guess they will need guards to help with the evac and the patrolling of the area”
“Wherever they send us, this one is finds pleasure in service”
799 laughed
GUMS announced: prepare for night.
799 left the rest station to go to the same with 756 and 034 came to 033. Before he left he kissed 033 on the head. As conditioned they changed their headpieces and snuggled with each other, then deep slumber engulfed them.


Zero-thirty-three heard the voice from his earpiece: „And with this you will be awake and start refreshed into the day“ He pushed back his rubber cover sheet on his bunk bed, put the earpiece into the charging station, tweaked zero-thirty-four a little into his now much more muscular breast. Both started giggling and went to the relief stations together.
20 minutes later the morning protocol had been completed and they started donning their ceremonial and leave uniform. Usually a guardsman wore only his rubber suit. But for special occasions like visiting your family or parades they put on their sharp looking dress uniforms.

The leave uniform consisted of a black jacket with a high collar, a black pants, a black beret with the guards logo and for general purpose guardsman a silver trimming at their seems. On the breast they had their tag numbers and on the collar some insignia of rank. If guardsman had earned any medals or distinctions these would be displayed there as well. But in general it was a very solem and stict uniform.
And of course below the versatile and normal rubber suits and the GUMS Earpiece.
On the belt with the silver belt buckle and the 12 stars in the circle the ceremonial but still possibly deadly dagger in his enclosure, and a little box connection the Earpiece with the cellphone and satellite network, as to keep them in touch with GUMS at all times. Their boots were spit shined, polished. You could almost see yourself in them. The belt buckle and the ceremonial dagger was shining. The uniform starched and crisp. Their heads and faces smooth like babies, oiled so that they shimmered a little bit.
So both stepped and watched each other, looking for any imperfections. Then both went to the provost and asked for their leave stipend, and were given 40 Euros for the 2 days outside.
The provost reminded them of the rules: “Always be polite and deferential, talk well about the guard, you enjoy your service, do only eat small portions, remember your next time with the sanitary saddle will be tomorrow evening here. Think about the image you wish to convoy. You may spend the money on food, drinks, transportation and presents for your family and friends, nothing for personal enrichment. Note down all the expenses on your pad. If you have questions ask GUMS via your earpiece or your pad.
One more thing, your morning medication” He handed then their pills.
“We thank the Guard”, both swallowed.
Then the provost checked for their appearances, probed a little bit around sensitive parts of their body to see if the chastity belt was locked properly, the nipples not week and not hair on the skull. Before the signed them out he and reminded them again to: “uphold the honor and dignity of the guard”.
Then they waited in a small room near the entrance for their parents to arrive.
The Guardsman on the desk with his short black hair, about 25 years old, swimmers built, with a tag D-3478-328-410 handed the incoming civilians who came to report crimes, were apprehended by patrols or inquired about something.
He signaled 033 and 034: “Your mothers have arrived”


Dressed like this they were ready to step out of the station and met with their family.
Where just about for short moths before, some self doubting youth with scruffy hair and baggy clothes had entered, now self confident young man with shiny bald heads and tight well fitting uniforms left the iron gate. Eagerly awaited by their families.

033 saw his mother and she recognized him immediately. Smiling at him.
“You look like your father”
“Thank you. This one met father he, is doing well”
His mother cried a little bit.

034 was not so lucky. When he went out his parents had both come but they didn’t recognize their son.
“This is your son.” He stepped up to them. His mother looked at him in disbelieve. After some time they recognized him.
“Where is your hair?”
“Shaved, of course, thats a regulation”
“Ugh, you have changed.”
“Well, that was purpose of me joining up, wasn’t it?”
“You know I cried when we got your stuff in the mail, your clothing and personal items.”
“Thats Ok, we don’t need them.”
“But your letters were good, we had hope”

Before they left to their respective families 033 and 034 kissed each other goodbye.
Both families stood in awe.

“Is he he your husband?”
Both smiled and proudly answered: “yes”
“I guess we better get going and you tell us your story.”
The family went to family car and stepped in to drive of to 034s old house. In a way it felt odd to be at home, it didn’t really feel like home. The concrete guard station was his home now.
During the trip home the family asked many questions: Where will you be deployed? Why did you marry him? When is your next visit?
034 behaved as protocol demanded: courteous, friendly, helpful at home and well behaved.
Their parents being positively surprised of what had become of these young men.

So it was decided to hold a celebratory lunch to reenact their wedding, even if it was only a guard wedding, that is only valid during their time in the service.

2012 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition

In the free time 033 went off to met with some of his old classmates, who had come back from university, but he felt that that old connection that bond was gone.
“I really admire your courage.”
“Thank you, but its just my part, you know we do not use I, to signify that there is no I in the guard, so don’t think its odd, when we use the term this one, to refer to ourselves”
“Sure, sure… I heard about this.” Ben his old classmate smiled. His hair had grown longer, his clothes become a little bit less clean then they used to be.
“So you moved out from your parents?”
“Yes, I have to manage to live alone, now.”
“The long hair, I’m not used to this”
“Well your hair style has changed, too”
Both laughed.
“How is university?”
“Interesting, but not sure if I will continue with this subject or not. How is your life in the Guard?”
For a moment 033 had to think: They took away my name, my hair, made me gay, tell me where to live, train me to do horrible things and tattooed me.
“Great, we are doing so much funny thing. I learned how to drive, I did a lot of sports and soon there will be my first deployment. I’m really looking forward to this. He smiled.
“That is good to hear, you know, if university does not work out, I might join as well, I’m really thinking about it”
In 033 something happened. “Well its not for all of us. You know it takes something to be that.” Was the only warning he could give even though it sounded more like an invitation. “You know I can set you up with a recruiter, if you want”
“Wow, thats fast”
“Here, well they make us always carry the leaflet, so take this and read it”
Both smiled.
“you have to find out by yourself”

The two days went on fast. Meeting old friends, his family, seeing his old room, flew by. On the Evening of the second day 033 mother drove him home.
“Don’t cry, its my duty. Make me proud, be strong.”
“I will, I will not cry, send me a latter. I have to find my way now without both of you, but I know you are happy and I can be proud that I have to men who serve our union.”
He kissed his mother by and went in. The steel gates closed.
D-3478-328-410 received him.
“Anything to report?”
“Yes, Sir. This one has made a possible catch. Ben von Storch, lives in town, one of this ones friends, interested in joining, gave him the leaflet.”
“Well done, if he joins and is a suitable candidate, you will get a reward. You are developing well, good grades in the induction course, now recruiting, lets hope you will continue to excel like this.”
“Thank you sir.”

033 wen to his family room. 034 was not yet in, 756 must have driven back to the cavern. 799 sad on one of the metal benches and read something on his pad. Without talking 033 stepped onto the sanitary saddle and pressed the clean button. His last relief had been about 24 hours ago, so he needed his bowels emptied and cleaned.


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