the Guardsman: Making of /part 12

Comming back from the bonding session 034 and 033 enterd the family unit room. They were literally glowin with love for each other.
“Come on everybody, group hug” yelled Zero-thirty-For.
Everyone rose, interupted what they were doing and joined the two lovers in a long and intensive group hug.


When they seperated. Zero-Thirty-Four approached the Big Brother:
“Big brother, is it normal that they delete part of our memories?”
“Yes Zero-thirty-four, its to protect us. So we dont get any bad feelings or even trauma.”
“But why did they make us shoot our brother?”
“You cannot be shot whilst in the R-Class-Uniform. Its bullet resitant and its difficult to stab someone. Our Rubber is our second skin.”
“It was to test our loyality and obedience”
“Right and you passed”
Zero-thirty-four smiled.

Zero-thirty-three was still not contend: “But this entire training is so hard? ”
“Little Broter. During this training period we have to give up our egos and wills and let our instrucors and GUMS mold us into what we are to be. And none of it is horrible or terrible if you just accept it!
In fact, just like with what I’m trying to do with you now, it’s pleasurable; but only if you accept your told. We have to do what we’re told as we learn to see things in a new way.”
Big Brother said and gently streaked down Zero-Thirty-Three’s biceps.
“This is comming along nice – but now get ready for the rest stations”
There was the usual announcement over GUMS: “Material, prepare for night.”
The Rubber-class uniform seals opened and each of the guardies stepped out of their daily rubber confine and hung it up neatly in each locker. Zero-Three-Zero got onto the saddle and smirked when it started to clean out his colon.
Then went to bed where is bunkmate Zero-Three-One was already waiting for him. Both snuggled into their rubber blanket, very close to each other and waited when their big brother came around to plug in the night ear pieces and remove the day earpiece. A gentle buzzzing started and they drifted into slumber repeating their mantras: silence – discipline – structure.

Zero-thirty-three and zero-thirty-four had been waiting for the big day, their bonding session getting stronger and the mutual feeling for each of them getting stronger and stronger in turn. Until they were nearly dying for each other.
Then one sudden morning after the morning routine of cleaning, rubbering and getting ready their GUMS-Earpiece directed both to a special holding room, near the parade grounds. Where 6 other couples and senior instructors waited for them.

The seals of the R-Class Suits opened and everyone stepped out of their Rubber.
“Stand next to the Wedding harnesses”
The wedding harness was a steel construction upon which the the future partners would be latched nude with rubber shackles.
034 and 033 stood nect to the X shaped metal structurs. Two instructors in their red trimmed uniforms aproached and started shakling both grooms to the steel X frames. One rubber schackel around their arm, one around their feet, one in the midsection of their body.

Tightly bound to the frames and carried by four of their brothers in their R-Class ceremonial uniforms: black headpieces, covering their skulls, rubber mittens gloves, silver collars and silver rank symbols on their chests.

The wedding march was played, as they were carried onto the stage and placed facing the guardsman in their R-Class uniforms, standing in rows before them. Most of them Caucasian, but with the ebony, chocolate or asian face interspaced. No matter what background united in service and attention. Hundreds of fit bodies in tight black rubber uniforms.

“At attention” commanded the master instructor.
“We have assembled to witness the union of this six young boys, their instruction into the ways of the guard not yet finished, but their devotion to each other has been proofed and enhanced. This young boys take a a step courageous but solemn and we are here to celebrate with them and to witness their formal bonding. Hurray Guardsman”
From a thousand throats came “Hurray Guard”

The band started playing the ode to joy ob Beethoven, not only the anthem of the united Europe they had sworn to serve but also an emotional moment as some of the guardsman started to cry.

The band itself was a grandious thing: 12 guardsman were mounted on a large steel construction. Each arm and leg bound. Wearing a red rubber uniform. Their heads had been encased as well. The only things sticking out of their faces, were short flutes.

“Before the ceremony starts, let us repeat our creed” G-0500-878-605 discipline senior drill instructor added: “ silence – discipline – structure – unity –
– discipline – structure – unity – “ they chanted while the priest exercised his duties.

The priest himself in a R-Class Ceremonial uniform attired, stepped onto the stage, accompanied by two aids, one of them carrying a tray with rubber devices and the other a tray of keys and steel rings on a red rubber cushion.

The priest steeped forward: “This guardsman ask you, do you Guardsman in Training A-8007-399-033 want to take Guardsman in Training A-8007-399-034 to your legally married husband until death or an order of a superior officer will separate you?
“Yes this guardsman wants to”
“And this guardsman ask you, do you Guardsman in Training A-8007-399-034 want to take Guardsman in Training A-8007-399-033
“Yes this guardsman wants”
“So this priest pronounce you husband and husband in the name of the Lord and the name of the Guard”

The aides steeped forward, attached a cookring to each of their semi erect penises and then placed the rubber chastity device on them and hung the key to it to the left nipple of their partner with a clamp.

The ceremony was repeated at each couple.

Now the band in their red unibody rubber suits covering them from head to toe only holes at the mouth for their fixed tone flutes and for their ears. Started playing. Each Band member playing one tone of the guards song. With the flute attached to their head by a special harness, that made them look a little like dog snouts.
The band or should we say the human organ was strapped and suspended behind the group of married guardsman on metal constrained, from the back of each band member went a thick cable to the station of the conductor, he himself in a red rubber suit with white trimming, the only one who could see and hear conducting the organ on some kind of piano.
When pressing the piano, the assigned flute would play, the organ members would be informed about their task by the vibration of the dildo in their ass.

The band was playing the guards song and all the guardsman joined in.

At the end of the ceremony the master instructor in is black R-Class uniform with red trimmings, appeared on the stage again.
“At ease – form circles – put your right hand to the man on the right to you – left hand on the opening of the reward flap – open reward flap – pleasure”

Each guardsman held his brother to right in his arm, put his left hand to the reward flap, opened it and off sprang the penis of the brother his his left, gently stroking each others erection until they climaxed. Slowly the once orderly parade of guardsman descended into a gay orgy. The priest being served by his altar boys and G-0500-878-605 .

The new chastity devices
After their bonding ceremony Sam and Max got new chastity devices. Initially they didn’t notice so much difference, just that there was a little pocket for the key to the others chastity cage at the belt. But the the rubber cooks that went into their anuses different.
“Oh if you didn’t notice, its a present from your family unit, we took the liberty to make little plast copies of your semi erected cooks and got them manufactured into this cages. Now you have your husbands cook in your ass at any time” Six-oh-five smiled as he saw both removing their R-Class uniform for the first night.
Zero-thirty-four took out the key to Zero-thirty-threes cook cage and unlocked it.
“The guardsy wants to see, the similarities are remarkable – how was it made?”
Both compared zero-thirty-threes cook with the black copy from the suit.
“Well you were in the suspension tanks, we took the measurements and programmed that into the forge – you should really enjoy it”

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