The Guardsman: Making of /part 14

After 200 days, the basic training had come to an end. The materials could march 40 km in the treadmills, and cycle the equivalent of 80km during the instructions sessions. Also, they could fight with bare hands, painsticks, and had received exhaustive training in shooting skills.
But what counted much more, they had been set firmly on track and induced to the protocols and values of the guard. A truly values based organization.


Morning began as usual in the guard.

“And with this you will be awake and start refreshed into the day.” The familiar and soothing voice in his earpiece said. The buzzing stoppend and the guardies awoke. 033 tangled into 034. Both looked at each other and smiled.

“Rise and shine for the big day!” the big brother came around, “Hurry up, this is your last day and with the big exams!”

033 removed the day earpiece from its charging cradle and exchanged it for the night earpiece. A slight beep told him when his day earpiece was securely attached to his ear as its clamps fit tightly inside the ear. He didn’t even noticed the little pain this caused anymore. He put down the night earpiece into its charging and cleaning craddle and got up.

033 and 034 waited silently in front of the sanitary saddle. Both had finished making their rest station ready for the day and now waited to get taken care of their bodily functions.
Waiting in line did not require any talking or interaction. So it was done silently, staring ahead. Just wearing the buttplug underwear and posture collar.

The saddle was free. 033 steped on it, pressed the start button. The saddle locked to his underwear. The penis clamp tightend, warm fluid entered his anus, urine left his bladder. The pressure on his arse was reversed as he felt the plug press deeper. The pressure eased slightly, but he continued to feel as if the plug was expanding deeper and deeper within in his rectum. Finally, only clean water left his ass. The saddle pinged and retreated.

033 was ready and clean for the day. So was everyone eventually.

When everyone was ready they marched in line, lockstep; nude except for their underwear. Led by their big brother, to the cleaning booths. The seal in of their underwear went open and the material put it into the cleaning tray.

This time the morning cleaning and shaving was done with the most care and duty.
Zero-three-two went to the knees and six-oh-five, lubed his body and face with the cream, then took the shaver hanging from the wall and turned it on, going systematically over zero-three-two’s head, removing any trace of hair.”I don’t want to see any body hair, not even on this guardsman! Eventhe big brother has to be clean not even in his ass crack”
“Ok brothers, cross check every one. Especially the delicate areas like balls an ass crack”
033 went to 030 to feel up his balls. After feeling some small hairs, 033 proceeded to take the shaver to remove the last hairs.

Meanwhile 032 and 031 were checking and plucking of hair from their ass cracks. While the big brother was inspected and felt up by 034.
“You are supposed to inspect me not to feel me up” the big brother smirked.
“Everyone ready?”
“Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes”
The family unit came to attention.
“Display position”
The big brother checked on them most thoroughly, each one felt each body so that no hair was left, for the last time.
“Ok you are not diasppointing me. Get into the underwear”
They helped each other to put the plugs properly into place and then locking the dicks into their confines.

“Remember no uniforms today only underwear and our posture collars.” The big brother reminded them.

“But in the guard, the skin and muscle were the first line of uniform, the A Class uniform…”, Zero-Thirty-Three replied.
“You have learned the lines really well, but now oil your skin, it should shine.” Big brother replied. “Today’s an exception” he added.
They started generoulsy lubing their bodies to bring them to full shiny perfection. At the end the big brother had a look over them again and cleared them for inspection.
“Gums bring us to inspection. The guardies aligned, closed their eyes and started moving.


The Guardies marched into the big cavern of the facility, which was dark, except for some small spotlights under which some family units had already positioned themselves and waited chanting the mantra “the guard is my mother, we are ready, we love to serve,…” others were empty. From the noises it was clear that theirs was not the only family unit marching into the cavern.
They stopped.
“Open eyes, step onto the inspection positions.
033 stepped into one of the spotlights, before he noticed at least 100 empty ones to his left and a certainly more then 50 that were already occupied by almost nude, muscled hairless bodies. He nearly got a hard-on but rememberd his training.
They were nude like him, except for the posture collar, their underwear and boots. The posture collar had been put on them in the last 20 days to make them more upright. And it had a polished chrome loop on the back to be used for the tests.

“Start chaning the mantra until further notice” the GUMS instructed to the family unit. The guardsmen closed their eyes and joined in the chant: “the guard is my mother, we are ready, we love to serve, Function is pleasure, service, silence, obedience, training, structure,…”

Suddenly the GUMS buzzed and orderd them to attention. 033’s and every other material’s at the same time) posture became rigid and he stood upright. And locked himself into the presentation position.He pulled up his body to the full height, moved his feet apart, at lest 45 centimeters and entwined his fingers behind head. Then he thrust out his chest, sucked in the belly to better display his six pack aps and clenched his buttocks. Then he noticed a long metal pole lowering from the ceiling and griping the loop on the posture collar.

033 could hear click and noticed his movements were limited. Now they weren’t able to move their heads much, and must remain standing.
It was dead silent in the cavern.

An examining committee appeared suddenly at the end of the cavern,from the way they moved it had to be guardies acompanied by civilians. They walked by everyone. The light made it difficult to count but they had to be numerous in its composition, dozens of instructors and higher ranked officials who had come to establish whether the material had finally become Guardsmen or not. He could see his father, who was followed by a couple of instructors and then two guard cadets in their rubber uniforms complete with dog snouts attached to their head pieces.

The inspection comitee had reached the end of the cavern and suddenly blindling lights flashed from the ceiling at a specific angle for each material’s face, effectively not allowing them to see anything clearly around them anymore.

The next thing he noticed was his big brother saying: “And hereby this big brother presents to you his training family in the sincere hope that it is worthy of becoming guardsman.” As his gaze was still fixed to some unknown point in the distance he couldn’t see what was going on.


G-5050-022-400, a senior guardsman, stepped close to him.
“Open mouth”. A special rubber stick was poking his mouth.
“Fully ok”
Next to G-5050-022-400 a guard cadet stood with a note pad and ticked a box (c)F-7985-656-882.
He could feel a scanner beeing held to his chest bar code tattoo and his left hands palm which contained the ID chip.
Next he felt his biceps and arm muscles beeing felt and probed with a rubber gloved hand. Another nude hand – something unusual in the guard – went over his head, the pubes and started feeling for unclanly shaved parts. The inspection and feelign was through.
From time to time the insepctor would say: “pubes clean” or “calv mucles development 80”
The guard cadet would note this down. Guard cadets were even more restrained then normal guardsman. While those mouths and face could be seen, the guard cadets face was more or less obscured by a dog shaped rubber snout.
Next thing in the exam, was a probing of his anus by the underwear. Another finger felt up the penis in his underwear constraint.
In the end he could here the word “passed” and was relieved.
After the inspection ended he was instructed to return into the mantra by his GUMS. He entered intro a slight trance as the mantra kept looping in his head.

Some more time passed, exactly how long 033 didn’t know. He did notice that the lights went off at a point, but he kept on silently reciting the mantra, with a new added section: “The Guard is my mother, we are ready, we love to serve, Function is pleasure. Service, silence, obedience, training, structure, they all bring us pleasure. We love the State. We love the Union. We live happily in servitude and obedience…”. A hard-on was evident in all of the material as they mindlessly repeated mentally these lines.

A slight buzzing sound went off and the material slowly came up to full consciousness, consciously unaware of the altered mantra. All the lights in the cavern went on.

G-5050-022-400 appeared on a small podium: “The first stage of your exam has been completed. Now your endurance test will begin.” Chilly air entered the cavern.

G-5050-022-400 left the podium and the lights went off.

033 used the biofeedback and muscle progression techniques he had learned to remain warm.

From the far end two guardies entered. They wore the medic uniform: black rubber, white gloves over their fingers. A Red Cross on their left muscled arm. Slowly they advanced through the ranks. Each guardy was hit with a needle and a blood sample collected.
Meanwhile the air in the cave dropped to around -2ºC.
“Remain still” B-8933-788-010 said to 033 as he put the syringe into the left arm.

033 tried to remain still and not move, despite the cold. Well his posture collar prevented him from moving but still mainting the stance was important.

More time passed.

Then the big brother came around and released them with a simple press on the lock of the pole.

“Form line, follow me”
Never had it felt so good to move in the single line stacked behind a guard brother.
They were led to the big treadmill.
033 stopped shortly in front of the water fountain and sucked some water out of the dildo.
Then they started running.
Running was always a good thing to achieve the emptiness of the mind. Not thinking, just doing the task ahead. Forgetting time. And it got warmer through excercise.


GUMS buzzed. The group left the treatmill. They walked to the drinking station and started sucking paste from the nutritious dildo.

They were lead to another classroom. Five chairs were ready for the family unit
“Strap in” It felt strange to enter the chairs without their rubber uniforms.

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