The Guardsman: Making of /part 15

They marched to another classroom. Five chairs were ready for the family unit to
“strap in”It felt strange to enter the chairs without their rubber uniforms. But an order was an order.

In the classroom other family units had already strapped-in or were in the process of getting onto their seats. As therere was not a lot light it was not easy to make out who was in there. 033 could only see nude forms, not a single hair on the body. Most of them tall and muscular, some others lean and toned, all athletic, none of them fat. Would GUMS have permited an erection, 033 would have had one by seeing alls this prime male meat.


033 strapped himself in, first the legs with the buckles, then the torso, then his head snapped in. So he was unable to move his head and could not move his upper body. His field of vision was fixed to the monitor in front of him. Last went his left arm and then the only thing that was not secured was the right arm. One big brother walked by and pinned the right arm to the arm rest. He was unable to move. but he could still enter responses. The screen [ in front of him went green.

Next B-2727-788-011 went into the class room, carrying a box with cables. He started fitting the rubber head piece on the first material. Thin metal stripes were used to measure the brain waves and deeper control the thinking. Then went from seat to seat to put on the head piece and secure the strap with a buckel beneath the chin.

B-2727-788-011 was coffee skinned and well toned, he war proud to perform this function and make young guardies ready for their duty. Now their final testign was carried out. But today the finaly test had special treat. He put two tit clamps on each of the guardies nipples and attached them to a socket of the chairs.

When all was done the lights in the classroom whent off.
033 could feel slight tingle, it got stronger then it got really painfull.

Text appeared on the screen. “This is your final exam. Your performance under stress, pain and your programming is beeing tested. Do well. service is pleasure.”

The questions were about many subjects. They came up and 033 only had seconds, ticking in a little clock at the left edge of the screen to answer them. At the end he could not remember what he had typed. Only some stuff remained in his memory as he was questioned on various subjects:

the law of the Union:
“torture is permissible when the subject is a resoanble suspcision of a severe crime or planned future secrime. Measured and escaltable techinques should be used. Blunt force is not a good instrument. Pain hast to be inflicted on a controlled way. If enought time is at hand use psycholical intimedation… suspects can be held with reasonalbe suspicion by a police unit up to 30 days.”

About the tactics:
“Always use superior and overwheling force, try to reduce resisance by intimedation, if violence is necessary keep it focused and short, possibly out of the sight of the public.
Proper guardsman behaviour:
“Smiling in public, beeing controled, focused, courtous, professional. friendly to old ladies and children. try to encourage recruitment. Be firm when you act. Only speak when absolutly necessary. Let all speaking be done by the highest ranking guardsman on site, when possible”
Mental Hygiene and self control:
“The guardsman keeps his body in hairfree and clean condtion. He keeps his mind in a clear and focused condition. Thinking at the task on hand. Lack of material possesions keeps the guardsman free of worry about them and out of selfishness”
“All orders fo GUMS and of superior officers have to be obeyed. If you are idle report this.
If Idle for more then 10 min start excercise regime. Obedience is pleasure.”
Functions of the rubber suit:
“The rubber suit is our second skin, we love it. It feels good on the skin and helps us control body temperature, moisture, and keeps ourselves in a comfy feeling. At the same time it shows our body so we have to keep in good shape. No slacking or fatteing is allowed. Having an impressive body keeps stupid people from doing stupid things to guardies”
Functions of the tank suit:
“Keeping the weared indepedant from outside. safe from bullets, and indistingusiable from other guardsman. uniform apearance and thinking is one of the corner stone of the guards identtiy. To the outside we shoudl look as one. Being an army of one. In the suit we can feel at home.2
Behaviour towards their families:
“Coutrous, visit the family regulary, do not talk excivly about the service, only recall funny and jolly stories, try to recruit younger brothers. Keep a friendly but increasinlgy distant relationsship with old friends, especially female ones. Do not talk about gay sex.”
Pleasuring and Companionship
“Every guardsman is the companion of the other. the ancients said: its brothers keeper. so we look after each other and care for each other. care means care of proper thinking, beeing upebeat and joyfull about your service. Sexual and initmate stimualtion. giving a shoulder to hug and cry for other guardsman and cheering them up.”


While the final testing for the guardies was going on, another inspection by a mistress had comenced. The regional supervision comittee regluarly inspected the training faclitily and checked on the GUMS programming and guardsman training. So today another mistress was lead around.
“Every third day we take in about 100 material, every third day we spit out around 95 newly minted guardsman”
“What is the difference?”
“Well about 5 % are not beeing made ready during the normal 100 days programm, they either need to have another round, or we let the entire family unit go for a repeat of their training or give the perfoming ones extra training while the slacking one is beeing rehashed. It that does not work out we seend them to neuro reprogramming. They usually get them right. Most of them are internal investigation later”
B-6550-368-088 smirked and thought about one materil from his family unit that had been sent to neuro reprogramming. He had mit him later. For him was to much. It was a 110% obeying every intrstruction and protocoll by the book, a top shape body but when he had asked him about the time before the guard, he had looked into empty eyes and got no answer.
So now he treid to avoid that fate for his material.

“Very good, I can remember that you had to discharge these people and we had proplems with their families, getting back half programmed guardies who are not ready for service but nor ready for society anymore as well.”
“Yes that is a fate we can avoide today. But let this guardsman assure you the reformed path is not a good one either: unlike the more sucessful material, their free will be completely stripped. Since training failed with them in the normal manner of suggestions and conditioning. And they are not completly suspectible. GUMS has to take an alternative path. With their free will (permanently) off, they lose all of their individuality and personality, to the point they become almost like drones, and therefore, not as useful for public presence. In general they are in for lifelong service to the Union and the Guard.”
“At lest these defcitives units can have a funtions and serve society.”
“Yes, serving is pleasure”. B-6550-368-088 smirked.
“This alternate path had been devised originally after noticing that not everyone would be completely assimilated with a ‘soft’ brainwashing and conditioning process that we aply here. This however turned to be an opportunity, given the need for some functions of interanl supversision and evaluation.”
“You can explain this very well”
“Thank you mistress, after the inspection may I show you the mistress suite this facility offers? I have been trained in many female pleasuring techniques and would like to perform my skills”
“That will be most delightful”


The pass out parade

After 10 cycles they were finally to be posted to their invitational guard stations and had been given the chance to met with their families again.
The last day of the training was there. The normal morning routine ensured they would have a good start into the day. Then they assembled into the long cavern with their webbing and gear for a short run, just 30 km, with the intensive training they had received in the past 6 months that was no problem for them.
But still it was a long run and A-8007-399-033 arrived exhausted at the cleaning booths where B-3200-077-005 welcomed them with some water.
“How are you doing zero-thirty-three?”
“Good, … hang on this guardsman remembers your face, you drove us to the training?”
“Right this guardsman remember, too its been a time”
The doors of the cleaning both opened and zero-thirty-three stepped in. Following the familiar procedure of water, soap, water and hot air until he wore his Rubber-Parade-Uniform including the headpiece.
GUMS voice told him: “proceed to parade grounds, wait for further instructions there”, so our hero obedient to his computer voice as he was, waited until a group of five was ready and marched in lockstep to the parade grounds. Relaxing in the sensation of his rubber suit on the skin, the chastity belt around his cook and the dildo in the ass.

“At attention” G-0500-878-605 yelled “today is your last day of induction training, most of you have made me proud and I’m proud to call you my guard brother from now on. Some of you will have interesting post, some of them boring ones, some of them may not return to their families, but always keep in mind, you serve our Europe and keep it safe from terrorism an the threats.”
The guardsman stood ramrod straight but some of them smiled.

The band played the anthem and some of them shed a tear when they heard the voice.

“Before we proceed to the promotions and citations for good behavior we have to do the sad part. 8007-A-399-009, 8007-A-399-023, A-8007-399-030, A-8007-399-049, A-38007-399-051 step forward.”
The five stepped forward. “You’re the worst performing material we got, you’re not deserving to become guardsman.” Two instructors in tank suits steeped in from the side, pain sticks in their hands. “Follow the instructors for further processing” Resigned to their fate they were marched away with their instructors in look step.
What would become of those?
Silence endured.
Every guardsman lowerd their face to the ground, in shock. But also in the knowledge that standards had to be uphold.
G-0500-878-605 spoke again: “We are an organization of standards and performance, slacking and substandard are not to be tolerated, neither in training nor in the work out there. As your head instructor I’m proud that only 5 of your training batch are being sent to neural preprogramming. But rest assured we do not let anyone back, they will beceome good guardsman as well.
But now I present to you something we do not have often. The chairwoman of the regional security council has come to give a speech to your comencment.


A woman in a well tailored black pant suit came to the stage.
All guardsman did as learned and lowerd their left foot to the ground and looked down to show their obedience.

The Mistress spoke: “Guardsman look up”
As one the guardsman rose and came to attention.

The famous author and philosopher Avtar Brah has taught us „that racism is always a gendered and sexualised phenomenon. The idea of ‘race’ is essentially an essentialist narrative
of sexualised difference“
Racism has been overcome, because sexism has overcome, man have their place in society to serve and protect. You can be proud and look forward to a long and sucessful life as service members, where your place in society and life is clear. Where you do not have any doubts. Where you know what is right and wrong.
You will life a life of happyins and health. There is so much you do not have to worry about: no need to worry about what you wear, how you look like, what to eat where to sleep. All these things have been taken care of and you can concentrate on what is important: your service!
Some of you think this programming done to you is hard and the control by GUMS make you less human. No it makes you more human, more able to be what you want to be: tools for a better society.
Think of your programming as a gift to you and cheerisch your love for your fellow brothers.
In former times policeman were illoyal to the state (a feeling of chill went through 033 bodies) and staged coup d’etats or had their own agenda. Some even commited crimes themselves. But in our society we have solved this problem.

You have not heared of this, but in the member state of Ukraine there has been a second release of radiotion from the former nuclear power point Chernobyl. A large area is unsafe for human inhabitation. As we are speaking your guard brothers are helping to evacuate the population and are making sure that contaminated people are not interfering with the gene pool.
Many of you can expect to have their first deployment there.”

GUMS maninpulates their dildos, so they feel horny, when thinkign of deployment!
“But now lets celebrate your new status as full guardsman.”

The guardsman recited their pledge:
“The guard will give us unity,
A unity that is real and material.
GUMS gives us the unity of spirit,
In reality, the most ideal.
He gives us internal unity,
Unity in thought and in feelings.
We need our masters to rule
Our outward and inward dealings.”

“Now stand ready to recieve your baret, symbolising your status as guardsman – assume Respect position”
All material droped to their left knee, the right one remained standing, lowered their head, looking down and waiting. The seal of the rubber head pieces opened. First two large guardies 033 recognized B-3200-077-005 came, removed their headpiece into a bag. Then came the mistress.
“Look up”
033 looked into the eyes of his mistress.
“Herby you recieve your baret as symbol of indcution into the ranks of the guard”
033 took the baret and put it up onto his head.
C-3005-576-057 adjusted it.

After every guardsman had revied its baret the band started playing the guard song and the guardsman joined in:

“Dressed in black uniforms
Dressed in black uniforms so fine
We served and protected to pass our time
Wearing the pride of all our duties
With measured steps we walked in line
We walked in line (x8)

We carried pictures of our brothers
And number tags to prove our lives
We walked in line (x8)

Full of glory never seen
We made it through dircted by the machine
To never question anymore
Hypnotic trance we never saw
We walked in line (x8)

Full of glory never seen
We life to serve and to protect
To never question anymore
Hypnotic trance we never saw
We walked in line (x8)”

G-0500-878-605 stood up again: “A-8007-399-005, A-8007-399-020, A-8007-399-033, A-8007-399-034, A-8007-399-044, step forward.” With his feef slightly trembling zero-three-three left the formation marched with his brother forward and stood at attention. “For good performance during the training you are to be promoted to Guardsman Class B”. A smile played over their faces, their penises straining. Which was a little bit uncomfortable because he wore their chastity devices. Never the less he looked into the white, pink, black, chocolate faces in front of him in their rubber parade suits, with the silver trimmings and rank insignias, Here they stood stiff, inducted, denationalized, shaved, rubbered, collard, trained, mechanized, more muscular and ready to take on the challenges GUMS would task them.

“At ease – guardsman its time to thank your brothers and be grateful for their performance, as we are guardsman there is one way to do it. Remove your R-Class-Uniform. Like one man the guardsman stepped out of their uniforms.
„Remove cod pieces“
GUMS opend the seal to their codpieces and the fell off.
„ and off you go.”
A-8007-399-034 stepped forward and removed his husbands chastity device he whispered into zero-thirty-threes ear: “Now have fun, but remember you are mine”

The orgy endured until discipline caught them, they stiffened and were given their assignment by GUMS.
They were really proud when they got their new R-Class-Uniforms, instead of the word material below their tag, and in case of zero-thirty-three even with a B in front of the number, was now the word „Guardsman“ written. Denoting their status as general purpose guardsman.
Some of the new guardsman would either receive additional training for some special tasks or would be posted somewhere directly.
Zero-Thiry-three and zero-thirty-four had been given 3 days of leave to go to their families and say goodbye before their posting started.

Before that they wer made to announce their new status to the world.
They had been taken pictures in their leave uniforms: the same black as the R-Class-Uniform, that went under it, just these were chocke-collar jackets with 12 silver buttons, white trimmings, their rank and tag umber on the right brest and for everyone the completion of induction training medal centerd on the left. Either wearing the guard baret or with their shaven skulls. Fotographed before a grey, yellow guard flag and the blue European flag.
In the instruction classroom, zero-thirty-three selcted which of these pictures would be better and updated his social media profile with it, changed employer to guard and used the rest of the twenty minuts, closely supervised online time, to respond to some of the messages and comments. Then finnaly updated his status to „proud to be one of them“ and logged off.

It would also be the first time they could leave the mountain and be under the light of the sun.

When 033 and 034 assembled at the same space in the cave where they had started their induction into the guard, they saw some completely rubbered figures. Their bodies were locked in a tight full body rubber suit.


Hoki, or A-8007-399-030, having failed again, was placed in a 2x2x2 cube , looked to the metal bars . His head was locked inside the rubber hood portion of the suit, without any orifices save for two for the nostrils and the mouth, the latter filled with a dildo from which a nutritious liquid came from time to time.

Inside the hood, audiovisuals kept bombarding 030’s mind into oblivion, full of obedience and servitude to the Union and the Guard. 8007-A-399-009, 8007-A-399-023, A-8007-399-030, A-8007-399-049, A-38007-99-051 were all experiencing the same intense brainwashing. As this happens, they are being fondled and played with at the entrance of the VIP section. Shoved into their rears, butt-plugs send pain and pleasure to the corresponding images and instructions bombarding their brains. They came again and again inside the suit, which collected their semen for furhter use.

As 033 waited for his transport he asked 605:

“Do you know where we will be sent?”
“No, they never tell you. This Guardsman only discoverd he was serving at a Paris Airport when he saw it.”

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