Mike’s school day continues

Mike went to his seat in the classroom.
His student number was displayed on the chair. Once he sat the chair noticed that he was sitting.
Some students were already in class. Next to him sad Tim, with his polished shining dome, on his left Robert, tall geeky, glasses and always a slight fur on his head, in the front he stared to the blank shaved skull of Muhamed. Muhamed was odd in the sense that he was openly Muslim, but the state allowed them to go to school as long as they were perfect citizen. So he was always the most obedient, picture perfect. Polished dome, clean and crips uniform, sitting upright in the class. Always paying attention, trying to excel in sports, clean eating. He would be the top score student if it wasn’t for his religion.
Students were allowed to have up to 2 cm of hair, but school fashion demanded it to be shaved off or cropped. So most students either used a razor to get a polished dome and most other cut it by a machine frequently. The school bribed itself in its good connections to the security services and many students were eager to join.
So todays session with some guys from the mobile police brigades was just another show off event were every side was trying to impress each other.

The teacher entered.
The students rose to attention.
“class 12c reports to teacher. No student missing”
“Thank you first student, be seated”
As one the students sat down.
“Today we have friends from the security services with us. Two Policemen.”
Two tall guys stood in front of the class.
One was older and had a little bit of grey short grey hair the other one was in his early twenties, clearly a police conscript in his heavy black armour suit. Well at least the guy didn’t have to carry the usual submachine gun or the helmet.
The older one of the two spoke.
“Hello, I’m H6K3 I’m a senior policeman. As you know we don’t say our names in public to protect our families. So you just will have to call me by my service number.”
The younger one spoke: “Yeah and I’m V9K1 that is another nice number. I have been doing my conscript service now for 11 months. So we have come to talk to you about possible careers with us and even about just doing your conscript service.”
“We are shameslessly advertising, as you would say.” The older one laughed.
“Students, the plan for the visit is: there will be a short presentation, then we will arrange to circles and you can talk to the older and to the younger policeman”


A presentation had already been loaded in the projector of the classroom.
A good looking policeman in his armour suit came along. He was not much older then the students. “Great to see that you are interested in the police, we are the force that keeps the order. Let me show you what we do.”
The camera zoomed of and showed a platoon of policemen in their armour suit running along. The narrator came back into the picture sweating a little bit: “this is my platoon, we have been in training together and we live together here at the police barracks.”
For a moment the camera zoomed of to show the police barracks. Then the camera zommed back in onto the still jogging policeman. “Ok so I show you the barracks: this is our room. Here we live four people. My bunk is this down here.” While the guy was still in his armour suit, we could see another policeman in a towel walking into the room.
“Oh no, you are still filming…” The camera turned around. “Its not that my co-worker has anything to hide?” Our grinning narrator said.
“So here we sleep, in our free time we can either go to the gym”
(The camera showed a well equipped gym with lots of muscle exercising, all in the same one piece lycra police issued training gear) “or running, or swimming or doing heaps of other sports…” (cut two guys in their excercise lycra fighting) “… yes and that is for sure we are doing lots of sports.
But now to our training: every year we take in a selection of conscripts, initial training is three months.
(scene conscripts are getting their head and body shaved) “that is learning about the basics of police operations” (checkpoint control), “law” (neatly young conscripts seen sitting in a row, studying a book), and lots of fun (cut to all male party).
“Afterwards some us are going into specialist training: some become police officers, others pursue more hands on careers “ (cut to shot of policeman doing some sentry duty).
“So why choose us: easily said: unlike the army who needs lots of dumb grunts, we need citizens, who know what they do. So to get accepted you have to have good grades especially in subjects like social studies and have to be physically fit.
But there are good points: the chow here is much better then usually in the army, most of us do not serve in a war zone. But still you have very interesting jobs and challenges.” (Cut to a policeman rappelling down, another one visiting a kindergarten).
“Some of you may ask, why do we always wear the armor suits: That is easy. The armor suit is quite expensive to manufacture, probably the most expensive peace of clothing any of us will ever wear. On the other side its also heavy, so you have to be used wearing, then as well it takes time to put it up, usually around 45 min to get into it. (cut two officers in the process of suiting up) So most of us on the conscript level who are not just some kind of flimsy posh officers in their shiny shirts and dress pants, we get into them and keep the armour suits on all day, the really hard ones even sleep in them.” (Our Narrator grinned).
“But guys you can get details from my coworkers and at any police recruiter, just ask them. I have duty now.”
(The camera zoomed of, the stud waving goodbye into the camera).

The lights in the classroom came back.
Both policeman turned on their smiles.
The younger one – V9K1 started to speak: “Well the guy you saw there he did his service one year before me. I met him once. Guess now he is deciding if he does an extension or will become reserve officer. But lets do the splittin up.”
The teacher added: “Ok everyone on the right of the aisle one circle, everyone on the left the other circle. We will switch the policeman after 20 min.”
Mike was left of the aisle so he got first to talk to the younger one. The students had many questions. In the suit the policeman was really broad, so he had to sit at the edge of the chair.
“Why do you not tell us your name?”
“Well in the beginning, this using your registrations number seems to be strange. It was to me. But then they explained it was for our safety and especially for the safety of our family. And now it has become sorts of a second identity to me. Almost like an artist or pen name. And it helps with unit integration and so on.”
“Is the suit heavy?”
“Well you get used to wearing it, I think its about 20 kgs. But then if I was fat, I would have to carry those around anyway. But once you start training you start wearing it and then you get used to it very soon. Basically that one of the central parts of the training to get used to suit.”
“What does the suit do?”
V9K1 looked down on his suit. The gloves fingers, the breast protection, the epaulettes on his shoulders, the plates that protect the hips.
“Well it does protect against most firearms and stabbings, also against acid. If you wear the helmet, also against some toxins and stuff. But its also integrated into the police radio and computer network so we can access all kinds of information. Pretty handy. And I have to tell you, it feels really pleasant to the skin.”
“Does it have any kind of weapons?”
“Mhh yes it integrates standard police weapons. How much can I tell you: well there is gun and of course many non lethal weapons, we prefer to use the non lethal ones. But it also contains all the stuff you need for doing police work. So its pretty versatile. And I have to tell you I really love wearing it.
Maybe you want to ask not so much about the suit and more about what we do?”
The policeman laughed.
“Ok, so what are your duties?”
“Well we conscripts are mostly doing the legwork. That is something we are really proud. We are the face and hands, the eyes and boots of our national police fore. We do the patrolling and the checkpoints, we help at protests, keeping our borders safe. I do mostly patrols here in town and I help with the staff duties as well.”
“Is it fun being in the police?”
“Yes it is. We have good camaraderie and friendship among us. We have so much shared experiences. Its something I really woudln’t want to miss.”



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