Prison Guard: on the way to the Prison

B-8007-399-005, A-8007-399-006, A-8007-399-007, A-8007-399-008 and C-3300-345-006 are another family unit that was trained at the same time as A-8007-399-033 in the cavern.
005, too, was promoted to B because of his good performance during the training.

C-3300-345-006 their big brother was a handsome, well muscled guardsman in his late twenties, a stubble of black hair on the perfectly sculptured skull. Even though the shaved himself with the same fanatatical devotion most guardsman did, his stubble never really semmed to go away.
All of the guardies in this family unit were not very tall.

005 had been to his step parents. He didn’t remember his original parents very much, only that he had been taken away from them and placed with the Hansons. The Hansons had been good to him and three normal and two more adopted siblings. He never felt he had been unwanted and working on their family farm in Wales was a good thing. Never the less he had got himself tested for the Guard and got acepted. His school grades had not been the best and so after some time his step parents had agreed with his choice.
One of his older brothers Steven had been inducted into the Guard as well. He could remember Steven as a lanky and shy boy and how they had cried when he left.
But then he had met him each year for leave and he had become a muscled and good looking stud, always smiling and seemlingy on the bright side of life. With every visit his definition and muscles had increased. His deployment was as the personal protection and ceremonial units. So one time he had gone to London to see him parade infront of Buckingham Palace.
Those uniforms didn’t look as impressive as those of the old British Army but sure people respected them.


So now it had been time for him to come home one maybe last time to his step parents. At the end of the couple of days he was glad to leave and walk the 35 km to the guard post in the next city. Unfortunatly Steve had not been home the same time, so he could have shared stories.
The next guards station was not big.
A tall concrete wall topped with razor wire, a door for personel and a gate for vehicles.
He put his gloved hand onto the scanner at the door and it opend.
“Welcome back B-8007-399-005. How was the trip to your family?”
“Good, but a little bit strange. Mother and the sisters were gald to see me, Dad a little bit worried”
“Did you adhere to protocol?”
“Of course, only jolly stories.”
“Very good. How did you get here?”
“Ah, that explains the state of your parade uniform. Never the less get in and put yourself into an aceptable state”
“Sir, yes Sir”
His superior smirked. After 005 had washed himself, scratched of any hair on face, skull and body, washed himself completly and let the waste be pumped out of body he reported to he comander of the guard post.

“Guardsman B-8007-399-005 reporting for duty, master”
“At ease. This guardsman has recieved your orders. You are to report to become prisonguard… Congratulations you are becomming a prison guard”
005 was stunned.
“But why?”
“GUMS determines each guardsman individual set of skills and ablities, it seems your family unit is needed here most…. Its better then deployment to Ukraine.”
“But this guardsman was hoping to get deployed to Ukraine because of the crisis.”
“Service is pleasure, wherever it takes place.”
“You are right.”
“So when is this guardsman to leave?”
“C-6442-288-017 is going to drive you to the train station, as you had no tank suit this guardsman assumed you would do something in a less dangerous enviroment, this one was right. You will leave asap, no need to let you idle here”
“Thank you and thank you for your hospitality. Sir”

C-6442-288-017 took the patrool jeep. 005 had put his guard issued belongings: rubbersuit, cleaning supplies, pad, boots into the back pack and put it into the trunk of the grey car with the yellow stars.
As instructed per protocoll 005 stood during the journey, mostly in the baggage compartement of the train as not to occupy any seats for civilians. When he was confident no ones was comming he started a guard excercise routine: Push-ups, burpees, Lunges, Squats, crunches, shoulder bridges, on and on and on. Coupled with repeating one of the mantras: obedience – duty – politeness – poverty” He lost most sense of time.
Only once was he interupted by a group of guardsman patroling through the train and checking on pasengers IDs and tickets. They smiled when they met him. Both were at least a full head taller then him.
“Ui a cute”
“Thank you”
“Look how obediently he does his excercises”
“Are you fresh from cave?”
“Yes. This one was with his parents, now on the way to first deployment”
Both of the train inspectors smirked.
005 froze and went into attention position.
The taller of both in their mate dark tank suits but without a helmet, fondeld his private parts.
“He is wearing underwear”
Both looked at each other and smiled.
The higher ranking one was already a little bit wrinkled and gently patted 005 smooth head.

At the station closest prescribed by GUMS he exited tothe train and started walking towards the PC-10 vehicle.


“Guardsman B-8007-399-005 reporting for duty. Sir”
D-6442-289-100 stood in front of the PC 10 carrier. His black uniform conceld a finely toned body and a orange baret indentified him as part of the judiciary force.
“At ease, put your stuff in the back, you are the last one to arrive, strap in, we are ready”

The seats were high form individual seats with headrests and very comfy. Without saying a word he strapped him into the last open seat. As in all personal carriers there were belts for the legs, one for the torso and a comfy head rest strap. Everyone was strapped in an secured.
GUMS started buzzing and 005 fell asleep.
He only awoke when the vecicule entered large metal gates.
Another guard compound?
As much as he could see it resembled the same colours of a guard compund and structure: high concrete walls, topped with razor wire. People in rubber uniforms walking or jogging around going from building to building.
Some of the buidung looked like the standard Guard barracks, essntially large grey warehouse like structures, some like the standard admin buildings, that were prefabricated and put up on guardstations all other Europe.

“Get off and follow D-6442-289-100”
They aligned for march, closed their eyes and went on. Finally they stopped and arrived at large open space, almost the same as the covern, but without a roof. Already a couple of Guardsman were going through the waiting excercises. A podiums was put up.
005 waited until another batch had arrived.

“In the 100 cycles you will be trained to become Prisonguard. Prisonguards are the Guardsman which are in charge of overseing the Unions prisons. The safe storage of our prisoners and their reeducation to become worthy members of society is our goal.”
“Huraayyy” about 60 new guardsman shouted.
“Our facility houses over 12.000 male prisoners today, we are a class one prison. If you come here you will stay between 3 and 30 years. As you know the death penalty has been abolished. This is not the cruel so called United States of America, wher people are excuted to save money. Here we invest in our human capital. If you are wrong you are corected. This is not only done to guardsman but to everyone in our society. During the first cycles you will be able to watch a newly arrived prisoner beeing processed in, beeing settled into their cells and introduced into their work detail. We also offer counseling and classes to enabel our prisoners to be introduced into the free world. Also you will be able to see how our prison is run by the prisoners themselves” I-2005-023-023 said.
005 studd ramrod straight. Never during his service he had been in the presence of such an high ranking guardsman. It was such an honour. His penis swelled.
Next to him the other freshly minted guardsman looked with the same awe.
Despite his years of service I-2005-023-023 stil looked fresh and trained. The rubber uniform clung to his body as skintight as to all of theirs and emphasiszed his gym phyique. But now this guardsman will leave the stage and introduce you to your trainers.”


C-2005-023-022 stepped forward: “A-8007-399-002, A-8007-399-003, A-8007-399-004 and B-8007-399-005 follow me. I’m your trainer. Follow me to your new family unit”
They formed a line and started marching thorugh the compund.
They arrived at a standard Guard family unit accomodation: metal bunk bed with rubber linen, metal table in the middle, monitor atop the door, sanitary saddle, lockers for rubber suits.

C-2005-023-022 spoke to them: “Settle your things. Your bunks and and lockers have been assigned. Make them ready and clean the unit”

Even though it had been a long day the guardsman cleaned the unit. Cleaning was always a plasurable thing, these days their butt plugs didn’t even have to do that much work as they had been properly conditioned to enjoy it. 005 could see 004 moaning a little bit as he dusted off.
When they had finished cleaning, their trainer and big brother had inspected, they started putting their “personal” belongings into the lockers.
After that they came to attention and started receiting their mantra: “service, silence, obedience, training, structure, service, silence, obedience, training, structure, service, silence, obedience, training, structure,…”

C-2005-023-022 comanded: “at ease, take a seat. This guardsman has to talk to you a little bit more: in the comming weeks and months you will experience a more agressive feeling. In order to muscle you up for the prisonguard function we will be giving you testosterone shots until your muscles are up to standard. That has side effects: more libido, more agression, maybe more body hair and less on top. Until you are fully quallified and recieve the orange baret, we will keep you hairfree…”
022 flexed his muscles as to show what kind of body would be expected by them.
“But now you had a long day from travelling and I want you to be ready for tomorrow.”
GUMS orderd them to go on the sanitary saddle as well as getting ready for the night.

022 their trainer and C-0500-880-242 their big brother went round to give every guardy the standard good night kiss. And see if the night earpiece pas plugged into the ear correctly and if the day earpiece was in its charging craddle.
When all were put to bed the lights in the family unit room went out. 006 and 005 – our beloved hero – cuddled to each other. Both didn’t need any words to feel that they were glad to be togehter again.

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