The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882: chapter 3

The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882: chapter 3
Tim has arrived at the academy.

Inside they were let to a holding room. Bare concrete walls, tiled floor. Two metal benches. Already three guys about the same age of Tim sat there.
“Hey my name is Tim. Who are you?”
Two white normally built youngish guys turned to him, both looked as if they were clones. But cloning was forbidden. One of them spoke: “I’m Gustav and this, you might have guessed it, my twin brother, Sven.” Both had fair skin and blond hair.
“Our father died and mother is just overwhelmed, so we decided to enlist.”
“And who is this sobering mess?” Tim turned to a smallish guy with nice but a little bit dirty clothes.
“You can just ask me… I’m Ahmed”. Said the dark skinned guy with gelly hair.
“My parents gave me away, but before my father trashed me. He caught me when I gave a blow job to a friend. Damm I’m not a gay faggot.”
Ahmeds face was bruised and part of it swollen.
“Child protection took me out of my family, my father is in jail but I don’t want to go back. My mother is heart broken.”
Gustav spoke: “Our grades got really bad, we need to make changes, so we decided we should seek a new challenge and so on.”
Sven replied: “And we don’t have any money, so the Guard enlist bonus is something our family can really use. Our dad left us some debt.”

 The  same  guardsman that had welcomed them to the station stepped in: “Boys form a row; we will put you on a Personal Carrier and drive you to the academy. We put your stuff into the back of the van, but keep your IDs with you we will need that. And when we walk through the station please do that in silence.”

They were led by the tall guardsman through a maze of corridor. Sometimes they passed other guardsman. Some of them walking alone, some in groups, most wearing rubber one piece suits. All of them were ramrod straight, had short or shaved hair and were really well trained.

They arrived in some inner court yard. All the sounding walls were made of grey concrete. A couple of the standard tanked guard vehicles were parking there. One was just being boarded by a group of tanked guardsman. They smiled into the direction of the soon to be cadets. Their tanked armor radiating an appearance of power and strength. Nobody would mess with them.
Then they arrived at their designated vehicle.
Inside the personal carrier there were high form individual seats.
Another Guardsman stood there waiting for them. He was younger then the guy who had welcomed them but his physique was well developed. He gestured for Tim to sit down.

The senior officer spoke to them: “Ok guys. Sit down, we will latch you in. That is necessary so that the safety systems of the truck can protect you. There is no need to be concerned but our trip will take some time and we want you to arrive safely. The truck hat far more seats then people in there, but they all sat in the front. Once they had sat down, a clamp lower itself from above their seats. The old and the young guardsman started to strap them into without saying a word he. There was —one for the legs, one for the torso, two straps crossed the chest and a comfy head rest strap, that some more for the lower and upper arms. With a click all those straps where shut and tightened itself. Now Tim couldn’t move but the seat was comfy and he was a little bit nervous. But for the tightness the seats felt extremely comfortable.

Tim tried to make conversation with Ahmed who had been strapped in next to him. The senior guardsman addressed him. “There is no need to talk during the transport, just sit down and try to relax. We have certain rules that help us to life and perform better. One is not to talk without any need. Try to enjoy the trip.”

Once they were all strapped in and buckled the old guardsman sat down facing them and watched, keeping the silence.

The driver sat down, strapped himself into a harness and activated the vehicles controls. On an overhead monitor mounted in the vehicle there was a relaxing video: some good looking cadet talked about the great time the academy was. A slight buzzing could be heard.
Tim felt drowsy and closed his eyes. It was nice and warm, despite being strapped in. He had so many questions: Would he have to wear a rubber suit? Would they find out about him being gay? While he slept he dreamt about his last birthday, where he had sat with one of his best friends after the party and confessed his love. But then these days parents had control over you  and mother had forbidden him to see Daniel.
For some moment Tim woke up and saw a couple of other people his age being strapped in. Then the same video was shown and he fell asleep again.

The vehicle went to a stop. Tim woke up, the buzzing sound was gone. They were at a huge gate. Through the front window Tim could see a group of tank suited guards with mirrored visors and submachine guns.
From the front Tim could hear the sentry at the gate talking to the driver.
“Delivery of new cadets”
The rear hatch opened, a hunk in a full tank suit with his helmet on, visor down stepped in, looked around and closed the door.

The vehicle drove again. On the left he could see the mansion like building of the academy. Very impressive.
A big european flag was flying in front, next to it the grey flag with the yellow stars and shield of the guard. The vehicle drove by the nice building, the well manicured lawns. It all looked like from brochure. Then they drove by a group of guardsman obviously excising outside.
They came to a ramp. And it drove down into the belly of huge cavern. Outside it was dark.
They drove on for some time.

Suddenly they stopped.
The rear door opened. A figure with a rubber headpiece and a strap on muzzle opened the door. It wore a two red leather straps crossed on a silver chrome buckle over his chest. Chrome shackles around the wrists and lower legs, a chrome yoke on his shoulders. His hair was cut neatly.
“Dismount vehicle,– form line,– at attention”

Slightly dizzy they waited until their driver and the senior guardsman, came around and unlocked the harnesses that had kept them safe and comfy in their seats. He gestured them to stand up.
A little bit dizzy Tim stood up.
“Out, Out” the figure yelled.

“This is cadet instructor (c)D-7985-642-330 or instructor to you, you will obey all my orders, or this will happen.” The figure turned and poked with a stick at a boy near Tim and the guy screamed in agony.
“This is setting one. Guess no one wants to experience setting two… clear material?”
“You are missing the instructor”
The pain stick poked a couple of boys from the truck. They withered in agony. Tim lost control of his bladder.
“Now material, you will proceed through this door where you will find desks. You are to file your ID and your papers with the guardsman behind them, then proceed to the next station.
The walls were grey concrete, harsh neon lights put the entire area into an unnatural glow. They waited outside the steel door.

The door opened.

Four of them moved into the registration room, getting their fingerprints recorded, their identity checked, biometric pictures taken, civilian ID and exams electronically filed. While the watchful eyes of the cadet instructor and one figure in a tank suit with a reflective mirror stood guard.
The cadet opposite the desk of Tim talked to him.
“That’s it. You’re registered and you are (c)A-7985-656-882 from now on,” said a dark skinned rubbersuit clad cadet, his face partially hidden behind the strap on muzzle. “Move on to the next door.”
They went through the next door of the cavern.

“Remove your clothing and personal belongings, turn off your phone and put them into this container.”
Tim turned off his phone and removed his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He put his stuff in the plastic container, labeled it and waited patiently in his undies.
“Fold the clothing, not like this mess.”
Tim folded the clothing and waited
Suddenly he felt a flash of pain in this belly.
“If you are told to remove your clothing this means everything!” yelled the instructor.
Tim hesitated and reluctantly removed his wet briefs, placing them with the rest of his belongings.

“Next room”

Two sturdy cadets approached him, his instructor read out his number into a computer and then detached a round collar from a cable.  Both sturdy large cadets in rubber suits and face covered muzzles held him, while his instructor put a collar around his neck. The procedure was repeated with all four.
The collars were very tight.
“Right you have been fitted with your cadet collars. This is the academy’s gift to you.” The instructor smiled cruelly. He pressed a button on a panel attached to his left hip.
Pain. Pain in every part of his body.
The pain stopped.
“Right these collars are made to control you. We call them control collars.” The instructor laughed. Whenever it is necessary the Cadet Management System can give you pain, or when you are on place you are not supposed to be. Or when one of the instructors feels its necessary or when you are to be punished or  if you talk without permission. Doing anything without permission means pain. Never forget that.”

They all had gone to the floor and only slowly came up from a fetal position.
“Ok that was more then stage one, but you will become future leaders, that means you have to learn to endure pain…. Get up”

They went to the next room. It was tiled from floor to ceiling with tiles in the middle were two poles.
“New cadets, about face!”
Nothing happened.
“About face means you turn around and look at the wall, until you are told otherwise”

The four of them didn’t hesitate to turn around.

“Cadet 7985-656-881 turn around”
Tim noticed the young boy next to him turning around. And being lead away. He could hear an electric shaver, then water, then muffled cries of pain, then moaning. Some time later the cadet instructor came to him.
“Turn around Cadet 7985-656-882”
He was led to the two poles in the room.
The two tall cadets pressed him to kneel on the floor.
He could feel electric clippers on his head. His hair was falling down. He could also feel his penis swelling. No, no, no. This was embarrassing.
The clipper stopped. Shaving cream was applied to his head.
“Remain still or you get scars”
He was lifted back on his feet. Then water was sprayed on him.
Then a nice smelling lotion was soaped all over his body. It smelled after mint. But Tim felt a burning tingle on his skin as his body hair dissolved, well in his age he had not a lot, but still it burned under the arms and on his balls.
Water was turned on and he was sprayed again.
“Ok, now for the more unpleasant part.” His handlers laughed.
The two tall guardies grabbed him in iron like fists. He was pushed to the ground.
“Bend over”
He felt a long rubber thing enter his ass.
“Hold it”
Warm water was flowing into his ass colon.
The water stopped, the nuzzle withdrew.
“Ok open your ass.”
Brown water flowed out of hiss anus.
“Bent over”
The procedure was repeated two more times.
“The anus is clean.”
Another rubber thing entered the back. “This is against the pain.” Some kind of fluid was pressed into his anus.
“Get up”
Warm water flowed over his body.
Then he was rubbled dry with pleasant feeling cloth. Then one of the tall guardsman creamed his body in a very sensual fashion with a nice smelling lavender cream. Special attention was payed to his penis, balls and buttocks. Tim was totally erect.

“Ah so much better looking. About face”
Much more relaxed Tim turned around and starting staring to the wall.

“Cadet 7985-656-881: Go to the next room.” An voice said.

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