some hints about the Guard Universe

Many have asked me how it came so far. What happened that Europe got a rubber clad mind controlled gay police force?

Well this is as any social development not so easy to determine.

One of the reasons was the increase in terrorism in the middle of the early 20s of the 21s century. With this came not only an expansion of the state power to suppress terrorism and increased security but also with an increase in police powers and numbers of policeman and security forces.

Slowly people realized that if you need more security you need more cops. But paying for more cops is expensive. Thus the idea of conscript police was done. But who should be conscripted? How do you balance the pay and cost of security measures with a thriving economy?

However more police costs money to train, equip and pay them. Especially if you send people into a highly dangerous and possible deadly situation. However citizen demanded a more robust approach to policing.

With a more robust approach to policing being a demand and with the rise of terrorism  SWAT style and military police tactics became more common. Also police needed better protection and more weapons.

As those were directed against “the other” many citizen were quite eager to see a robust form of policing. In the same time a clear presence sends crime numbers down. At the same time the cash strapped European governments, especially in the south had to find ways or reducing cost. A large security apparatus is costly and binds especially young fit males to a unproductive profession. At the same time you face the issue of corruption, sleaze and patronism.

At the same time, something had to be done to the people who do not want to have children and are gay. So gay men had to be given a role in society.

So the politicians turned to social scientists to develop and construct a new kind of police force

One of the remedies that was promoted against this was more discipline and easy to control. In the beginning it was though to supplement national police forces and also do the things where you need many people but not necessary so many intelligent staff, such as protecting endangered objects, crowd control, riot police in general things where a physical aspect was important.

With some of the policeman young guys that were conscripted – in order to save money – but also to stop them from rebelling, it lead to further militarization of police culture and work.

Meaning  living in barracks, some policeman especially in the larger cities actually preferred this because barrack accommodating was free of charge and cheaper then an apartment in the overcrowded cities. It also meant often a free meal and access to recreational facilities, that were cheaper then commercial offers. Living in barracks also prevented police personnel from having to many close friends in the civilian population and improved their safety.

In the same time the employers tried to encourage the workforce to live by simpler means and to improve training and education with knowledge gained from the neurosciences. Similar strategies where employed for the security forces.

At the same time we also saw the rise of a new kind of political party: The radical feminist party, those platform included the establishment of primacy of woman as the first gender (over men), strictly controlling male sexual desires and acts, harsher punishment on gender crimes, such as rape or sexual assault and a control of public media to censor all sexist speech. This party together with the Greens who shared part of their feminist ideals but at time also with right-authoritarian parties was able to impose its agenda.

So we can say our stories take place in a feminist state where men are controlled by their wives.

Because gay men are less prone to this kind of control, they will be recruited for the Guard, a kind of police that should protect against supposed threats such as terrorist attacks, child molesters or refugees. Through constant controls as well as propaganda the population is kept in state of constant fear and anxiety. The media are censored.

The security apparatus is extremely large: there are frequent roadblocks where citizens can be controlled, most of the citizens find that great because they feel safe, and intimidates thieves and stuff. One of the ironic items actually is, that the crime rate is very low.

The Guardies are present before many important buildings as guards, they also perform tasks that in our time not done by the Police: Check Airline passengers or check on Trains, Air Traffic Control, Prison Guard, Body Guard, Enviromental protection… Due to the vow of poverty and the strict work regime they are very cheap and effective employees.

Future Guardsman – young gay man, about to leave school –  are lured with concessions, as well as ideology and propaganda to the service of the Guard. It is officially banned to “program” civilians or to make them undergo brainwashing. But for the security forces but that is allowed.

Officially it is argued that in the normal education in school or training of the police or the military men’s minds were also changed or the world of thought enhanced.

So Neuroscience based condition as it is done in the Guard is only a very efficient form of education. In addition, it helps against a possible coup d’etat or the loss of control over the security apparatus. Lack of control of the state security apparatus is something the leaders of society really fear.

In the Guard the “natural” tendencies of most gay men are reinforced: submissiveness, obedience, love of muscular, athletic men, esprit de corps, hygiene and very short or shaved hair, body hair will not be allowed in general. But the joy of sports, of enjoying their bodies and of course punishment drive and motivate them.

Motivation is done by rewards, mostly the permission of little things we take for granted, but are doled out in the guard as rewards for good and proper behavior. Such as leisure time, cumming, sex, leave or special treatment.

In addition, the body of the guardsman gets modified, due to the nature of the R-class suit nothing is hidden, so the guardsman need a sufficiently muscular and impressive, slender body structure – this is also a prominent recruitment tool.

The penises are circumcised and are taken to guard standard, meaning they get to have a certain minimum size. Refractive errors of the eyes are corrected. All Guardsman get an identification chip implanted into the hand, it serves to activate their weapons, opens doors and so on. In addition, the Guardsman get their “tag number” tattooed on the chest.

The Tag Number – Guardsman drop their name. In many European countries it was already normal for police to always display a number, so they could be identified. Later only the number was shown, so that Guardsman can not be associated with his family. The dropping of the name is also used to signal that a new chapter in life has begun and to accept the new identity. Similar to the change of name when you join a religious order. In most units, only the last three digits are used to to address.

Some Guardies have nicknames due to their number: Bond for about 007.

This numbering remains the same during the whole period of service. If they use of civil name they will be punished.

Gums or  Guardsman Management System –  The system monitors each Guardy and speaks to him through a small silver button in the ear. He can rely on this system to be always connected and cared for and to never feel alone. The system is friendly and has a deep soothing voice. It is connected to a central computer, that has mild AI properties. On the one hand, it also measures constantly the vital functions of Guardies, checks and controls their interaction, has a record where they are and they can talk back to it. He can always contact a verbal interface. In addition, the system is used to give him tasks. It can also control different ‘states of consciousness’ like sleep, conditioning, alertness, being awake. Since it also knows when guardies need food, water or shit it can direct them to get the necessary supplies. And it controls the calorie intake.

The small button in the ear is made from a silvery material and is charged every evening, for the night, there is a night headset, that helps to condition the guardies in their sleep.

GUMS serves for monitoring and performance control, which can also be monitored at all times what the Guardsman is doing and how he feels. In addition, to improve efficiency of the Guard unit.

Calorie intake occurs in the form of slime or gruel, the suck this directly from Dildo-shaped nozzles in the facilities. GUMS directs the guardies there and then a prescribed amount is pumped or sucked to their stomach.

Guardies never speak of themselves in the first person. At most, a group of Guardies would use the expression WE. When they speak of themselves they say: this Guardsman or this or use the 3rd person and mention their tag number. This is done to emphasize that they are part of a group and not individuals.

The uniform of the Guardsman is a matt black body suit made of a rubber-like special material that has all kinds of protective functions and is actually several layers of very advanced nano material: This regulates body temperature, sweat, it protects against stabbing, small caliber shots, is flame resistan, acids and toxins. However the suits are very expensive to manufacture and so every guardsman more or less has only this as a uniform. Wearing it feels really good on the skin. To work properly the suit has to be one piece and have minimal seams or openings. Therefore, he goes from the neck to toe, incorporating socks, most suits also incorporate gloves. During training, the material gets mittens to reinforce the impression of losing control.

For training there is a skull cap which connects to the earplug and can monitor brain activity through the shaven skull, thus mind control is made easier.

On the chest of the suit is the  tagnumber of Guardies, his rank and his function. This is all decoration that the suit has.

The zipper of the suit is in back together with a seal controlled by GUMS. To put on the , the Guardies use a nice smelling lotion, so that the tight-fitting suit gets on better. The suit can only be put on and off by two people, so to emphasize the need for cooperation in the guard.

To suit include matt black boots.

The chest information contains the rank, tag number and a function designation: Material for guardies in training, Guardsman for a normal Guardy , Guardmedic for a Medic, etc … Otherwise see all black suits alike. The letters are in silver writing.

Guardsman, who have finished their training a Beret. This is available in different colors. Drill instructors and internal audit wear red. Prisongaurd orange, others have different colours to denote their function.

The suit also includes underwear. It consists of a black rubber band, a rubber tube sheathing the penis and testicles and a dildo-like anal plug, this anal plug closes the anus and is expanding it thus controlling the ass..

It has several functions:1. control over body function: The guardsmen surrender control over their body function shitting, peeing (and even sleeping) to GUMS. The plug blocks the butt so they can’t shit. Shitting is only possible on the sanitary saddles that evacuate waste from their bodies. It also inforces the feeling of being controlled.

  1. stimulation: the Guardies ass gets stimulated when they do something they should like.
  2. plugging the butt: once they wear it, they can’t shit in their pants. Helps if they have to confront a difficult situation. And of course they cannot remove their uniform, so this so much better.
  3. widening the butt, so that gay sex is easier.

Married Guardsman get anal plugs in the shape of penises of their husbands.

With the underwear you walk first a bit strange, the feeling you get used to but then it is pleasant.

Sanitary Saddle – To empty the bladder and colon, there are the so-called sanitary saddles. They are installed in all Guard facilities. Each family unit area for example has one. The Guardsman sits down on the saddle, the feet are hooked into restraints. The saddle connects via openings into the underwear and then empties and cleans the Colon. This procedure must be performed once a day, it takes two minutes and is very efficient. A diode on the saddle indicates when it is finished. The procedure is seen by many as a mild stimulant. At the same time also the bladder is emptied.

Food Dildo – food intake is done by the Guardies in the group on a dildo-shaped device. They go there, identify with the chip implanted in their hand, then start sucking. A predescribed quantity is pumped into the stomach. This always tastes a bit different and a bit artificial or vegetables. Knife, fork and normal eating is only used on special occasions. The idea is to make cleaning, feeding as efficient as possible in order to have more time free for necessary activities such as training and working.

Body care – every morning the Guardies wash each other thoroughly. During training this is controlled by their instructors. In each case a Guardy washes the other, so that owns body is not touched. Body hair is shaved. For Material status Guardies (in training) the skull is shaved and must be bare. For Guardies who have completed their training hair on head is allowed if it does not interfere with their duties. Whether it is allowed and how much and how it should look like, decides their superiors. To have them show their faces and be distinguishable while wearing the normal uniform is beneficial to the contact with the public.

Before putting on the rubber suit the whole body is creamed so that it fits better.

Sleep / Beds – To save money, but also to rehearse the gay lifestyle, two gaurdies sleep in one bed. They share the duvet and pillow. The cover is made of the similar material as their suits. In the morning they usually wake up cuddled to each other. For the night the day headset is replaced, so that it can be charged and cleaned by its cradle. Before the light is turned off, the Big Brother comes along and speaks with all of of his brothers. Some Big Brothers also give their Family Unit a goodnight kiss as a sign of compassion towards their brethren. The beds have to be made cleanly after leaving them.

Due to the strong control of the Guard (15h service, protein food, no vacation, no wages, two-person beds, no possession) it is the cheapest police force one could think of.. Poverty ideology and duty virtues help to keep the gay men in the Guard and under control and prevent them form revolting or even taking power.

Armor suit or tank suits – Guardies with dangerous jobs wear an armor suit. Which has even better armoring and protection against attacks than the rubber uniform. This can be worn for several days without taking it off. For sleeping, they go into a sort of alcove which connects with the suit so that the bladder and the colon can be emptied and the suit can recharge. It will also pump fresh food liquid in and fill up the water tanks.

Which allows them to operate for around one week. After 1 week, the suit must be pulled out and cleaned. The suit also has a helmet with a mirrored visor and an integrated display with voice control. It can detects faces, show the environment and upcoming tasks. The display can also be used to selectively hide or block parts of the environment. So that the banners on demonstration are not visible or street and place names hidden. Other functions include navigation, control to Gums. The armor also protects aganinst radiation and air borne toxins.

The Power Armor or Tank suit is also matte black. Designations and ranks can be attached but it depends on the situation.

Guard stations – are the places from where the Guardies operate from and also live in. Most of the buildings are gray concrete with high walls and heavy steel doors. The public can come in to report crime and talk to guardsman but there are also detention cells and other facilities included. Size of the station depends from the function.

Ranks – the lowest rank in the Guard is o A, it then goes through the alphabet to guide a family unit is at least one has the rank C.

Big Brother – in any family unit, there is a big brother. He is an experienced Guardsman, who cares about the younger Guardies and helps them find their way into and through the Guard. It need not necessarily be the highest ranking Guardy of the family units, but is sort of a father figure. He embodies the gentle and good side of the Guard.

Family unit – 6 Guardies are summarized in a family unit. This is also the smallest unit that is always posted and used together. In the family unit room the Guardies live together. the head is The big brother. The Guardies are selected so that they are well suited to each other. It is also the group and in which the daily leisure time is spent.

Dress uniform – for festive occasions, the family visits, parades, appointments in the public, Guardies wear a dress uniform. It consists of the rubber suit is worn below, white gloves, black shiny polished boots, black trousers, a black, mao-collar uniform jacket with 12 gold buttons with stars, a Beret. For this purpose, a belt with golden buckle. Golden applications and accessories like their number plate, special strap buckles of medals or badges. The whole looks very festive and well. It is the only uniform in the Guardies are allowed to leave the station for leisure.

Leisure – Each Guardy hast one hour of leisure time every day.  He may s move freely within the Guard Station, do some exercises he likes, visits another Guardy for hanging or even sex if he has collected enough reward points. He can also use this time to write an e-mail to his family (there are also precomposed messages, he just has to give his personal touch) to play sports, to talk to his friends or to chill out. During this period the state of consciousness is not controlled or changed by gums. With a permit from his superiors he is even allowed to leave the Guard Station. He is allowed to leave the Guard Station for important family events, if this is approved by the superiors as well. Generally, no more than a few days a year. But in that time he hast to live in the nearest Guardstation. The other 15 h of his day is spend serving and working, receiving instructions or conditioning.

personal property – is not for the allowed for the time of service in the Guard. Accounts are frozen. Ownership of physical objects is transferred over to a relative. In the Guard the Guardies have only stuff they get from the Guard. They also do not make money. Accept any gifts. In the sense of the law they are dead and cannot own property.

Meditation – when Guardsman are not in use or used and are idle they are to repeat their beliefs: I like my rubber suit, I Obey the commands, the Guard is my mother, and so on. For this they close their eyes and concentrate on meditation.

Sport – The Guardies are regulary made to do sports. The goal is for them to have an alethic, muscular and impressive body. That makes people fear or repsect them. Depending on the area of responsibility, different sports are made: Guardies are to work on patrol have to have broad shoulders and do Martial Arts, drone pilots have to be alert and agile, Guardmedic have to carry a lot and have good hands.

Contact with the family – After training each Guardy has the right to regular contact with his family. This is done by email. The text is checked by GUMS and on occasiosn by his superiors. The Guardies write these emails in their free time and it is to report from a carefree life and happy working life in the Guard, so that the family does not to worry. Details of operations or about the butt plugs, gay sex are to be omitted..

Guard reservists – If Guardies are no longer needed, there are two possibilities: They are sent to a preparation center where they are preparing for normal life (eating normal food, wearing clothes, personal care, life without a voice which one says what one has to do, manners, conduct, …). From this they may be assigned a wife. From there, they can if they are needed to be called again back to the Guard. Some are stored as to have reserve for fast escalation.

Internal Audit – These Guardies wear a Red Beret, are the internal controllers and enforcers of guard standards. They are 110% when it comes to laws and procedures. They are also incapable of stepping outside their mental limitations. Inside the guard they are not very popular.

Pain sticks – Standard armament of the Guardies for close combat or for maintaining order, for example in riots or demonstrations. The normal Guard uniform is immune to the pain sticks (except the one for material and cadets, as it is one of the control methods). The stick is worn on the belt (when on patrol or ordered), and may be extended in lenth. The part of the body which comes into contact with  it hurts badly. The severity of the pain can be controlled. At maximum pain is a good chance that people lose consciousness.

Checkpoints– are installed by the Guard regularly on normal roads and in normal times for no particular reason. They are used to control flows of people, train passengers, pedestrians, cars. This is the remedy for the loss of border controls. People are also checked on prohibited substances like drugs,. As a rule, the blood of the people is controlled to these substances. Most middle class people do not like these controls but the Guardies are friendly and very polite. In addition, they have told that these are for their own safety.

Ideology – The most important terms in the ideology of the Guard are: unity and uniformity, discipline and self-discipline. Service and subordination, obedience.

The Guard is an expression of a movement that began as a youth movement in the crisis in Europe and then ideology was dominant along with the Feminism. Just as in the 1990s, neoliberalism.

Unity is to be symbolized by the Uniform clothing. Everyone wears the same black rubber suits, and the hairstyles are standardized and have little variation.

The bodies are brought to the same level through targeted training “normalized”. Very important is the approximation of the penises, through circumcision and surgical normalization. In addition, the anus are standardisced as well.

As they are mostly smooth most Guardies look like big babies.

The strongest expression of this uniformity when they wear the armor suits and helmets with mirrored visors. Then they can no longer be distinguished except by their numbers from outside.

An expression of self-discipline is the renunciation of all the needs. Food is pumped directly into the stomach, shit evacuated.

As a sign that one is not part of your own body itself, care is taken when washing from another person.

That’s life should be dedicated as fully as possible to the service of the security of the people of Europe, but it is necessary to rule with much discipline and self-control especially over their own bodies.

Even thoughts and feelings are standardized and unified, for this they use GUMS, the mantras but also constant statements.

Needle weapon – one could call them handguns which shoot tiny needles. These hollow needles are usually no longer than one centimeter. They may contain different charges, for example, toxins, drugs or explosive substances. For use in normal times the GUARD uses needles with tranquilizer. So that the victim will be paralyzed and can be taken to the guard station. This is usually sufficient against civilians. The actual projectiles possess virtually no breakthrough capacity and can even be stopped by minimal armor. But they want to reform the thinking of their victims not to kill them. A very humane weapon.


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