Letters from a bottom prince

Letters from a bottom prince

This is not a story. This is based on a real life conversation I had with one of my readers. To protect his privacy I have omited all details that would allow you to conclude who he is. We had this Email conversation after I had posted one of my stories online.

Sent: 16:58 1.12 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

Dear Hans,
let me tell you a litte bit about myself. You wrote in your story about a guys first experience getting his ass plugged. I know this feeling: I like wearing a butt plug myself and love the way it feels when I move around so I know exactly what Sam feels when he moves and it is in his ass.

Sent: On 1 Dec 2015, at 3:21 p.m., Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com> wrote:

Can you describe the feeling of a butt plug?
It would be great to know that. How often do you wear one?
To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 17:41 , 1.12 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

Dear Hans,

Just a quick reply about wearing the butt plug.
As for the butt plug well I’m a total bottom. I started out a total top until one of the top guys I’m friends with convinced me to give my ass up at a sex session we were at. He’d been after me for ages to give him my hole. I finally gave in and it was so hot to be fucked with a load of guys watching me being devirginised and made into a bottom. Poppers made it the best sex I’ve ever had.
I bottomed a bit more after that for my top friend and then a few more top guys I knew and eventually I liked it so much I went total bottom. I have no desire to be top any more I like bottoming so much.
So I use the butt plug but not to stretch my hole. Very few top guys like a loose stretched hole so I use a small but long butt plug to keep my ass ‘fed’ when I’m not bottoming for my mates. It’s not a fat one but more long.
It feels like you’re perpetually having a shit as it makes your ass feel full. It very erotic when I walk around and feel it moving up inside my ass. And when I sit it feels so hot and horny. I have a muscled ass so it’s not flat so I don’t sit on the wide edge as such as its hidden up my crack.

Sent: On 1 Dec 2015, at 4:03 p.m.,
Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com> wrote:

How is your butt plug secured?
Would you say you just like being a bottom and fucked more?

To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 18:21, 1.12 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

The plug is pear shaped so the first bit going in my hole is thin and then it fattens out and then gets thin again. Once it pops inside my anus ring muscle closes around the thin end again and keep it from popping out of my ass.
I left it in under my jeans and jockstrap until we went to the sex session so my anus was stretched to take his 9″ cock. It felt amazing. None of the other tops knew I had agreed to get fucked and become a bottom that night.
I have slimmed down and muscled up somewhat. I also wear a cage to keep my cock from getting hard and to increase my sexual intensity.
Yes I like being a bottom now and being fucked. It’s also the fact of other hot guys using my body for their pleasure especially when I use poppers. But my hole is still tight so my top friends can enjoy a tight fuck.

On 1 Dec 2015, at 4:56 p.m.,
Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com> wrote:

My dear bottom friend,

now I have even more questions:
1. How is it to wear the cage?
2. Do you wear cage and butt plug every day?

Thank you for the picture you attached. You look like a muscle god. What do you do to do that?
You must live a good life.

To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 19:27 Dienstag, 1.Dezember 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

I don’t eat sweets or junk food if I can avoid it. I don’t drink alcohol and do cardio to keep my body fat low. I also work out in a gym 4 times a week to keep my muscles toned. Top guys like muscular bottoms I find.

I wear the butt plug and cock cage most days but I can remove them whenever I need to. My top friend has kind of made me into his sub bottom and likes me to wear the butt plug and the cage to keep me horned up. However I have a key for the cage as well as he so I can take it off whenever I need to.

It is a sexual thrill to be another hot guys bottom and he likes to get his too mates to fuck me as well.

To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 0:00 Mittwoch, 2.Dezember 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

When I finally gave in and agreed to him fucking me he took me to a sex shop to shop for the butt plug and the cock cage. He told the guy in the shop that he was a top and so was I until the next weekend when he was going to fuck me in front of a few other guys. So he asked the guy for an appropriate butt plug and a cock cage.

I was so embarrassed but so turned on at the same time. Other guys in the shop were sneering at me and making comments.

The guy in the shop asked me in front of everyone if I’d ever been fucked before or if I was a virgin and when I said I’d never been fucked and was a total top he told me to use poppers to make my anus go loose for its first penetration.

We left the shop and the day of the fucking party I had to call over to my friend and have the butt plug inserted up my ass and the cock cage fitted. He told me to have my anus shaved as well as my cock and balls.

He told me that after that night we would no longer be in equal terms. He gave me a chance to back out and he’d just fuck me there in his place and never tell anyone.

He said he was going to the other room for 5 minutes and if I wanted to go through with it I was to be naked and ready for the but plug to be inserted in my ass.

I stayed and stripped naked.

Dear bottom friend,
this is most intriguing:
Does your cook cage allow you to pee?
Has anyone ever seen you in this?
I’m so fascinated about this lifestyle of yours

To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 11:51, 2.12 2015
About:: Re: Your blog.

The cock cage does allow me to pee because there is a hike at the end of it to allow piss and precum to leak out. This causes my jocks to be always wet as the cock cage has me constantly sexually on edge and leaking precum like a tap.

One guy in the gym has seen me with it in and I know he keeps looking. He’s never said anything to me about it but he does send the odd knowing smirk my way as if to say “I know what you’re into”.

I’d like to write a complete story of the night I went from being a total top to being fucked. It was so horny and erotic to have other guys there watching. Most were guys I knew from previous sex sessions and they had no idea I was about to bottom until my friend told me to strip and show them my shaved body.

Then he announced he was going to turn me into a bottom in front of them all.

I just loved it from the first time. Didn’t hurt having 7 guys watching him fucking me and telling me how good I was going. The bottom guys there gave me advice on how best to handle his cock. Was so hot to prepare my hole for its first cock with so many lads watching.

Dear bottom friend, ,
I have never bottom before. But what you describe is the most sensibel and greatest experience. I will buy a plug and try to be a bottom.
Tell me more. Did you insert the plug yourself?

To: Hans Berger <theguardsman@yahoo.com>
Sent: 8.12. 2015, 11:45
About:: Re: Your blog.

Well he made me insert the butt plug before we left to go to the apartment of the guy where we were going to be fucking. He got me to lube my hole up and slowly insert the butt plug. When we got to the apartment none of the other guys knew I was going to be fucked. They all knew me as a top. Then my friend said strip and show them.

So I stripped naked and bent over showing them the but plug up my ass.

They were all confused when they saw the plug so my friend told me to tell them and I told them that I’m about to be ducked for try first time.

He told me to go and shower and to clean my ass and when I came back out the other guys naked and ready.

There were 2 bottom guys there and they explained to me how best to bottom for my first time. They sucked my cock and locked my hole to get me relaxed and got me to take poppers while they did this. I was sucking my top friend at this time too to get him hard.

Then when my hole was ready my friend told me to take a last feel of my virgin hole before he popped my cherry.

I lubed up my hole and he lay down on the bed on his back leaning up on his elbows and got me to straddle his cock and lower my ass down. I took poppers and he lined his cock up to my anus and eventually he broke through my hole and I started to lower my ass down onto his cock.

It felt awesome and erotic and horny. I was being sucked and my nipples were being sucked too.

When my hole was nicely loose and stretched he took me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and fucked me hard til he shot his load up my hole.

That’s how he made me a bottom.
If you want to read more stories from this author please visit: https://theguardsmanblog.wordpress.com


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