The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882: chapter 4

The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882:
chapter 4

Tim entered the next room, there was something that looked like a dentist chair. Anxiously and nude he came closer. A guardsman in a white rubber uniform with a red cross armband on his muscular right arm gestured for him to come closer. Despite his toned body and the shaved head he smiled and laughed.
“Hi, new cadet, lie down”
Tim didn’t dare to resist. He still remembered the pain from his collar. And since his entire body had been shaved he felt really different.
After he lay down the tall good looking guardsman started to put rubber restraints around Tim’s body. One pair went across his chest, two secured his arms, two more his legs. Then a specially devilish contraption fixed his head. He couldn’t move
“What are you going to do to me?”
“This one is going to tattoo your Guards Identification Number and then put the ID Chip into your right hands palm. This will hurt, but not as much as the collar, so lay still and don’t complain.”.
“But I don’t want this”
“Shhhhhhh…. There is no I in the word Guard, is there? Your parents signed your rights away when they signed the school contract, the Guard is your mother now…..”
“I wasn’t told I would get tattooed and chipped?”
“Shhhhhh, didn’t you read in the brochure: All students will be issued an ID and kept track of?”
“I thaught it was an ID card or something.”
“Well you were wrong. Now shut up or do you want this one to activate the pain collar?”
Tim did not resist as he was strapped into the chair helplessly anyway and his left arm attached to an extension.
“Mhhh you smell so nice, lavender.” The tall guardsman sniffed Tim’s body scent.
Then a ball gag was shoved into his mouth.
“When it hurts, bite on it”
The Guardy placed a black machine on his chest and then pressed a button. Tim felt a sucking, then small needles sticking into his breast muscle.
“Ok what you is the automated tattoo machine inking in your new tag number.” After a short while the medic removed the device.
“Wasn’t to bad, was it? Anyway better get used to pain, you are in the Guard now.” The medic smirked.Then the medic sprayed a numbing gel on his right palm. Tim saw a big needle. This hurt. Then the sticking was over.
The medic removed the ball gag.
“Ok that was your chip.”
He held a scanner to Tims’ hand. “Works perfectly, great. So now you are tagged as Cadet 7985-656-881. Welcome to the Guard.” laughed the medic.


The medic gently massaged a cream onto his new number.
“This will reduce the swelling and pain.” Tim could feel how his penis was swelling.
“Well not all swelling, hahaha”. The medic laughed.
Then he started undoing the straps and Tim looked at the new tattoo on his left shoulder and the mark from the chip implant in right hand.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” The medic smiled.
“Nooooo, I didn’t want to get a tattoo”
“Too late… This one has a tattoo as well. The chip will fuse to the bone matter in your hand, it hurts now but that will be away in a couple of days. Well once the chip is fused you won’t be able to remove it without removing the bone….
Ok GUMS tells me you can go to the next room”
“What is GUMS?”
The medic pointed to his left ear and the little silver insert and smiled.

Tim was still nude. He hurried to get into the next room. On the one hand the medic wasn’t so unfriendly but his arm still hurt and he felt humiliated and objectified.

Two more cadets in their uniforms stood there waiting. Both were not as tall as the ones who had shaved off his hair, but still physically impressive. Three more nude guys were in the same room, Tim recognized them as the guys from his transport. None of them dared to speak, all looked a little bit frightened. They had all lost their body hair and Tim could see fresh tattoos on each chest. The dark guy, Tim remembered he was called Ahmed actually looked better without hair. The twins were indistinguishable except for the different numbers on their chests.

The older and taller cadet spoke: “You will get your underwear here… Your underwear will be strange, quite a shock for you in the beginning, but you will discover what it can do for you. You will like it”
The rubber clad cadet, not really that much older then Tim took a strange black device out of a box: “Cadet 7985-656-881?”
No one responded.
“Cadet 7985-656-881, that is you!” The rubber cadet guy pointed his finger at Tim.
Tim responded: “Yes”
“I will demonstrate with you how to put it on.”
Both rubber man came closer.
“Bend over”
Tim bend over, the cadet took the black device.
“This has three parts: number one is the buttplug, it secures your butt and keeps the plug inside. No more worries about shitting your pants.
Before you insert it put some lube on it.”
The second rubber clad young man lubed the butt. He placed the tip of the plug against Tim’s unwilling sphincter and left it there for a minute or so. Then slowly pushed it inside the rectum. As the plug was pushed in slowly, like a delicate screw, inching the tool in, Tim felt some pain as his asshole got stretched.
“It’s almost over now new cadet. You need to relax then its easier.”
Tim let out a loud groan as the plug finally reached its end point and bumped into the sphincter muscle. He was moaning, half in agony and half in lust. The tall guardsman gently rubbed Tim’s buttocks and lower back, trying to comfort him. He other spoke and whispered encouraging words into Tim’s ears.
“Now stand up.”
Tim stood up and the plug dug deeper into Tim’s ass.
“You can feel the plug is in your ass, now it will keep in there.”
“What is it doing?” Tim felt the plug expanding.
“Ah, you notice there is a ballon in your butt. It expands inside your colon to close it.”
The second rubber clad guardsman stepped in front of Tim.
“Now we insert the penis into its sheath, its the easiest when its not swollen.” Some ice was applied to Tim’s penis and the little man got smaller. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, especially since everyone was still nude and it wasn’t really warm in the room. Then gently a little bit of lube was attached on all of it. Finally the black rubber sheath was pulled over. The sheath and the buttplug were connected by two strips around the hip and around the butt to each other.
“Once you connect the lock, this buttplug and sheath protect your penis and butt. Nothing can happen, it is a good feeling of security and safety … Cadet 7985-656-881 how do you fee?”
Tim was not sure what to answer: “Mhhhh, the butt feels strange, so full, now I can’t touch.”
“Yeah, its a strange feeling at the beginning, but its really comfy… Ok, so next is Cadet 7985-656-882” The larger one of both took out another buttplug out of a box and turned towards the dark skinned one.
“ Cadet 7985-656-881 about face” Tim turned towards the wall.
All the new cadets were stunned to have their butts treated like this. Tim heard the procedure play out at everyone.


“Cadets about face”. Every new cadet turned around and looked at their tormentors.
“Ok new cadets: This buttplugs are your new friends. They were formed to conform to your body. So no sharing. Each has been tagged your guard number. Ok we are finished here. Now any questions?.”
Tim was curious: “How can we remove them?”
“Your superiors will permit you. Then the lock opens and you can remove and clean your private parts. But you will remove them when you are told. The Guard will take care.”
Gustav dared to speak: “But how do we sheet and piss?”
The taller of both Guardies explained: “You will be able, no fear.”

They were let from the room by a some other cadets to a big sports hall.
“Hurry, hurry, no sleeping… run” One of the cadet instructor shouted.
Once they arrived Tim had a look around: All of them had freshly shaved heads and not a single hair on heir bodies. And all of them wore a black collar on their neck and all of them were butt plugged and their penises were sheathed.

Some of them shivered quietly. Next to the group of naked students was always one rubber suited, physically well developed young cadet. Tim guessed it must be more then 200 people. In front of them there was a podium. The cadet instructors made sure they were spaced evenly apart. He could see Sven, Gustav and Ahmed, all of them with the numbers tattooed on their breast, being lined up.

“Ok soon, your induction parade will begin. So when you stand and the parade commands are shouted we will tell you what to do.”

Tim looked to the right and to the left. The cadet instructor checked with his arms so that he was spaced equally to the guy on his right and to the left. The class was ordered according to height. The smallest students to the front left and then getting bigger. So that each row of student was behind one as tall as him.

A whistle was blown. Suddenly it became quiet.
One student stepped forward and shouted: “Attention”
Tim tried to imitate the his instructor. And rose to the attention position. The lights in the big hall were dimmed and the stage was illuminated.


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