Tuukka becomes a Crimson Guard

This story is a gay version of Once A Courtier by Tang found at: http://mcstories.com/OnceACourtier/

It is in no way intended to steal, merely just a gay version of the same. Or rather a gayified version taking place in a future Finland. Tang has explicitly written to me and approved of this transformation of his works and is happy with it. He even gave some proofreading hints!



Tuukka waited at the edge of the cloisters. He had only been at capital for a few days, and it was all still exciting. He had been serving with the border jaegers for the last couple of years. Securing the kingdoms borders to the east. Often for weeks he and his men had been on patrol.

Then he had been called to the capital, apparently for receiving a medal for his work in the border skirmishes. For him being from the rural region the capital was still a bewildering place.

“There you are, our hero from the Eastern Border.” It was Lumi, a slightly older protocol officer at the Queen’s estate. Tuukka never liked what the media had made out of him for saving the Queen’s cousin from the mongrels of the wastelands.

“Our queen’s secretary said that we should go in. She is eager that you miss nothing of the proceedings, things are taking a little longer than she expected but she will be along soon.”

“Yes.” Tuukka said, uncertain what to do next.

For the day of the medal giving he had been dressed in his finest uniform. There was not a single stain or imperfection on it, the fabric clung tight to his well developed body. All the medals and insignia shone freshly polished like his spit shined shoes. His hair was shining, his chin smooth and well shaved like that of a recruit.

“Come on, we will go through the gardens.” Lumi suggested. “They are one of the marvels of the palace. Have you been to the palace before?”

“No.” Tuukka replied and followed her through the formal garden, then they passed into an area of higher hedges and small alcoves with plush sofas under little awnings. They came across a junction where different paths met. There were alcoves on marble plinths around it. One held a Crimson guard.

“Look, a Palace Guard.” Lumi said, pulling Tuukka to a halt in front of the alcove.

Tuukka looked at the soldier, he seemed exotic and powerful, as he was dressed in a skin-tight glossy crimson catsuit, and thigh length boots, wearing a crimson codpiece. He was standing still almost like a statue, his face covers behind a s similar crimson helmet.

“I bet it is your first time seeing one up close.”

“Er, yes.” Tuukka stuttered embarrassed.

“I have heard that all their thoughts are concerned with obedience, servicing their masters and mistresses.” Lumi explained. She took Tuukka’s hand and removed his white glove. “Touch him, there’s no harm, you will not believe what that gloss feels like.”

Tuukka self-consciously let Lumi touch his fingers to the gloss of the soldiers boot. As he did he felt a tingle run through him.


“Yes.” Tuukka said entranced. The Crimson Guard made a sharp almost robotic movement and looked down at him, and Tuukka felt it difficult to look away, surprised that someone could be so different, so exotic, but still a soldier like him. He had a lot to learn a lot at the capital. Maybe after receiving his praise and possibly a medal he would be transferred to a posting in the capital.

“Come on, or we will be late.” Lumi said pulling Tuukka on.


Before they entered the large court chamber they were required to undergo another security check. Tuukka saw another pair of Crimson Guard standing at to alcoves and overseeing the procedures. After they had cheeked one of the courtiers performed a ritual washing. Cleaning his face and hands. It seemed a little bit unnecessary – who would come and met his Queen dirty, but palace protocol demanded it. Then he was given from the Royal Jelly.

They both entered the large court chamber and Tuuka and Lumi found places near the back of the crowd waiting with a couple of other military, police and border guard soldiers, but they had a reasonable view of where the proceedings would happen. Tuukka slowly noticed how the Royal Jelly spread a feeling of warmth and content through out his body.

The courtiers hushed as the Queen entered and took her place on the throne, on the raised dais. She wore black silk jodhpurs and a matching cropped jacket. At either side stood her Vizier Otso Rask, and the Chief of the Crimson Guard Aino, Rask wore voluminous brocaded clothes like most of the courtiers; Aino was in her distinctive quilted red leather, skin-tight trousers, long boots and a jacket like the Queens’s.

The court waited silently as the Queen looked down her list of proclamations for the day. Finally they started calling up police and border jaegers to receive their medals. Then a soldiers, a private was promoted, an officer given the Lions Order. Tuck started thinking he might have been forgotten.

“Lieutenant Tuukka Nyyrikki, .” The Queen spoke clearly. At first it did not sink in, then as it registered, the protocol officer pushed him forward eagerly. Tuukka flushed, realizing that he was being summoned for a direct audience with the Queen. He would receive his promotion directly from her. The courtiers around him made way and Tuuka walked slowly past them and out on to the open floor of the court. He approached the dais and bowed, his eyes kept down.

“Lieutenant Tuukka Nyyrikki?” Dalia confirmed.

“Yes, your highness.” He croaked nervously.

“News from your heroic acts has reached the capital. You have performed most fervently and rescued my cousin.” Tuukka looked up and into the face of the Queen. His Queen. When he had been recruited from the farm of his parents to become a simple solider and later when he had been allowed to ascend to the royal officers academy, he had never dared to think that he would be invited to the court.

“Such a hero like you deserves the highest military reward our kingdom can offer. You are loyal to me?”

“Yes, your highness.” Tuukka replied quickly.

“Good, then you will surely relish what I am ordering. It will show your utmost loyalty and obedience.” The Queen paused as the court waited entranced to hear what the order would be. “You will be relieved of your duties as a border jaeger and stripped of your rank. Furthermore you will be stripped of your family and given name and will become my property.”

“Yes, your highness.” Tuukka stuttered, not really recognising what it all meant.

“Wait, there is more, you will become part of the Crimson Guard. You will be transformed into one of my personal soldiers, with only one name, your collar name Tursas.” A hushed whisper ran through the court.

“Yes, your highness.” Tuukka said numbly. He knew little of the Crimson Guard. Before his encounter with one a few minutes before, he had only heard about it in rumors, even back in the Royal Military Academy there was this rumor about the Palace Guards being transformed using biotech or some other of the forbidden techs.

“Then your thoughts will only be concerned with being obedient and loyal rather than endangering a member of the Royal Family.” The Queen joked, and the court responded with polite laughter.

“The order comes into effect immediately.”

Tuukka was about to reply ‘yes, highness’ once again when he heard a voice beside him say, ‘yes mistress’. Tuukka turned, startled at the sound, and saw Crimson Guards one each side of him. Their skin-tight gloss looked so different to the billowing golden-blue of Tuukka’s parade uniform.

“Yes, mistress.” Tuukka said, and as he did, his body felt a tingle. He realized that this was the start of him change into something very different from the boarder jaeger he had been. His body and his mind were no longer his own, but the property of the Queen.

“Take him to the barracks; bring it back when the change is complete.”

“Yes, Mistress.” The Crimson Guards responded and began guiding Tuukka from the court. As they did he watched entranced as the rubber rippled and squealed to their every move, as they strutted in their thigh length boots. Their whole manly, ripe bodies were shown in the gloss, from their well defined chests to their tightly bound bums, swaying as they stepped. Tuukka could not believe he could become like them, so erotic, so servile. He knew she would return to the court a very different man.


The two soldiers took Tuukka into a secret part of the court. He was led into a large circular room. Aino was already there seated in a bowl chair. Close to her was a stand from which hung a glossy catsuit and below it were a pair of thigh length boots. Tuuka’s throat went dry as he realised that they were meant for him. He kept telling herself that it was some kind of test, but his gaze was fixed on the gloss and his thoughts kept going back to the soldiers beside him.

Aino stood and walked towards Tuuka, her leather creaking as she did. She strutted around Tuukka getting a good look at him.

“You will make a good Crimson Guard Tursas, I am sure.”

Tuukka hesitated not knowing what to say. Aino was using the name that the Queen had given him and it made him feel strange, as if his identity was being changed.

“You already have the necessary body composure and muscles, they are training you well these days in the border jaeger regiments.” Aino looked at him and gently touched his breasts.

“Get out of those silly clothes. Put on your gloss.” Aino said, encouragingly.

Tuukka hesitated, and stood there, not removing his clothes.

“You have to change Tursas, your body is the property of your Queen now.” Ainio explained. “She decides how it is dressed. She has ordered that you become a Crimson Guard. You must ease into your gloss, your catsuit and boots, so people can see you are a Crimson Guard and nothing else; so that your body is visible, accessible and erotic.”

Tuukka did not move, he looked at the two soldiers besides him, still not believing he was to become like them. As a border jaeger he had trained to be hard and defend the empire, not being some kind of sex slave. As a sex-slave in shiny, clinging rubber, every contour would be visible and flaunted. His man nipples would strain against the gloss for all to see. He had noticed the slits too, allowing his mistress or whoever, direct access to his asshole, just by easing down a zip.

Aino nodded to the other two soldiers, “Lalli, Lempo.”

They snatched off Tuukas’s dress tunic and suddenly pulled them off, quickly followed by his undershirt. Lempo bent down provocatively thrusting his glossed bum up as he untied Tuukka’s dress shoes. Tuukka stood passively as it all happened and watched, trying to cover his naked body as his fine parade uniform was discarded.

Lolli took a shaver and shaved off Tuukka’s carefully styled light brown hair until he sported a smooth chrome dome. Then an oily substance was gently massaged onto his skull. He could feel a burning sensation.

“Those are not your sort of clothes, Tursas.” Aino said. She stepped forward, dabbing her gloved fingers into a pot of oil. Suddenly she reached down and smeared the oil over the top of Tuukka’s penis. Startled Tuuka reached down and Aino laughed as she quickly rubbed some more onto Tuukka’s nipples. She stepped back as Tuuka began to feel a tingling sensation where Aino had touched.

“Just a little lauxe oil to help you change, help you yield to your body’s urges like a proper slave,Tursas.”

Slowly the sensation grew as the oil took effect and his body hair dissolved. Tuukka felt increasingly as if someone was gently licking his body and penis. Within moments his penis were erect and leaking precum. He tried to concentrate, to keep control. He was speechless and he felt the urge to grunt and moan. That startled him, he realised that Aino was turning him into a sexual animal, here he stood naked as his body’s urges overwhelmed his mind. Tuuka barely noticed when Lalli took down the glossy catsuit and brought it over to him.

“Here is your catsuit, Tursas.” Aino said. Tuukka shuddered as he saw it, unable to believe he would soon be wearing it.

“If you don’t want it say so and I will return you those boring clothes.” Aino lied.

Tuukka tried to speak, but his throat was dry and he felt a thrill. He recognised a new desire within, as the effect of the lauxe oil faded. A real curiosity to ease into the gloss, to feel what these soldier brother in arms felt, to be so explicitly, so undeniably erotic, so unlike his former self.

Lempo stepped closer. “Ease into it, become one of us.” He said enthusiastically with a deep male voice.

Aino took the catsuit and stroked the slippery interior between Tuukka’s breasts and down between his thighs. Tuukka could not hold back and grunted. He was helpless as he felt Lalli and Lempo guide his legs into the gloss. He was panting, speechless as first one arm and then the other was eased into the rubber, and they, like his legs, were covered in the crimson shine, showing every contour. Finally the zip was eased up, pulling the gloss squealing, to cling tight to his body. His body from neck to ankle was covered in a shiny second skin. Moments later he felt his legs being slid into their thigh boots. Tuukka could not believe how quickly he had gone from wearing his proud parade uniform to the skin-tight gloss of a Crimson Guard. He took a few tentative steps, and the gloss rippled around him. He could feel his whole body caressed by the slippery gloss, stimulating him with every small movement he made.

“Excellent Tursas,” Aino said, “you look perfect.”

“Just a few more details.” Lampo said, he took a cod piece made of the same material as the rubber gloss and fastend it around Tuukka’s penis and balls, now they were safely enclosed. On the rear Lalli pushed a rubber butt plug into Tuukka’s ass. A strap around his waist secured both implements. The strap was secured with a little padlock.

Then Tuukka let himself be guided into a chair. The gloss catsuit coverd all his neck.

Aino said: “Now for the finishing touch, marvel of our engineering. But the helmet on.”

Lilith took a helmet from a pedestal. The crimson helmet was featureless except for a black visor. It coverd all of Tuukka’s face. Once it was put on all the outside sounds were muted and his vision became tinted slightly rose. He constantly heard a very faint buzzing. Everything appeared so much better and more beautiful through the visor.

Instead Tuukka gazed down at the glossed thighs of his lap, not believing how the shine caught the light. He looked curiously at the cod piece which was all that covered his private parts, knowing he would never be allowed to touch them without permission. Finally Lampo gave him a pair of long glossy gloves which Tuukka eased on himself, completing his dress as a Crimson Guard. It was all as if he were feeling it in a dream, but then he would realize that it was his naked body which was clad in the squealing gloss, and now wore the clothes and implements of a Guard slave soldier.

Tuukka stood as he was directed and Lalli turned the full mirror round. Tuukka breathed in sharply seeing the image of the Crimson Guardsman before him, his whole body was shown in the gloss, erotic and available. It was only as it reflected his movements that he realized it was what they had turned him into. He had remembered what Aino had said about wearing the gloss so people could see he was a Crimson Guard, a guard slave and nothing else. If he had passed himself on the street the way he appeared now, he would have not given any second thought to that what he was seeing.

“The last thing which makes you our queen’s property, which makes you a Crimson Guard, Tursas.” Aino said as she clipped a glossy collar with a gorget around Tukas’s neck and fastend it to his helmet. Tuukka’s body shuddered with the sensation, and he gasped breathlessly. Since coming to Aino he had felt passive, as if there was nothing he could do to fight the change, but somehow now he knew that with the collar he had lost his own will, he would never make decisions for himself again. His destiny would be to serve his Queen.

The skin-tight rubber he wore, but particularly the collar showed he had been changed and somehow, unexpectedly, Aino had eased his mind into being that of nothing bar an obedient slave. Strange, the Crimson Guard was considered the top level of the forces, the best soldiers to protect the Queen. But with the collar locked to him, now Tuukka knew he was owned, he knew his body and mind were someone’s property. He knew the transformation was irreversible. He would wake tomorrow as a slave, Tursas. His former identity had been erased as the collar had been put on. There was no longer any Lieutenant Tuukka Nyyrikki. It was not a case of letting people call him by another name – as in the forces you would often get a nickname, or your school mates would give you a different name –  He was Tursas now, a Crimson Guard. His life had already been spent and he would give it to protect his Queen.

Aino thanked Lalli and Lempo and they left. Tursas stood waiting to be ordered.

“Follow.” Aino said, and Tursas walked on behind her.

Aino did not lead him back through the court, but out into the street. If she had expected her new slave to shy away, to be embarrassed, she was wrong. Tursas followed her with a proud shoulder, displaying the glossy body of the Crimson Guard he was.





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