Tuukka becomes a Crimson Guard: 2

This story is a gay version of Once A Courtier by Tang. It is in no way intended to steal, merely just a gay version of the same. Or rather a gayified version taking place in a future Finland. Tang has explicitly written to me and approved of this transformation of his works and is happy with it. He even gave some proofreading hints!


Tursas followed Aino with proud steps, aroused by the fact that people looked at him as nothing more than what he was, a soldier-slave with strong body on show in public. Whereas Tuukka would have felt humiliated, Tursas thought nothing of it, nothing of being led, gloss-covered; faceless as the Crimson Guard because that was what he was.

After some time parading around the city they came to the Villa Kivi. The Villa Kivi had been expanded from being a humble building towards the city palace of a proper nobleman and was surrounded by high walls. Two Crimson Guards stood at the entrance of the plastiglass walls. Aino and Tursas were waved in.

The Queen’s Cousin awaited them, on the entrance porch, as both ascended the stairs to the mansion. He was clad in a black leather pants, and a red leather jacket: “Is that Tuukka?”

Aino responded: “There is no Tuukka anymore, we inducted your boy toy.”

The Lord of Satakunta and Cousin to the Queen made a shocked face and turned towards Tursas:

“Tuukka what has happened to you?”

Tursas did not respond.

“Answer me, Tuukka?” He enquired.

“i am Tursa.” He said simply.

“What have they made you into?” The Queen’s Cousin asked incredulously as he recognized Tuukka’s voice.

“i am a Crimson Guard.”

Smiling, Aino turned around. Recognizing her, the Queen’s Cousin stepped back a little.

“This soldier-slave is the property of the Queen, as all Crimson Guards. He was transformed on her order.” Aino explained.

“I will appeal, I will get you turned back.” The Queen’s Cousin said.

“i am a soldier slave; a Crimson Guard, the property of my Queen.” Tursas said, remembering the pleasures he had felt in the past half-hour and the pleasures to come.

Aino commanded Tursas to wait on the porch and stand guard there, while both she and the Queen’s Cousin stepped inside. Tursas enjoyed the rose tinted view through his visor and scanned the garden for any dangers. A behaviour that felt very natural to him.


After some time the Queen’s Cousin and Aino stepped back on the porch and bid farewell.

The Queen’s Cousin turned to Tursas: “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that this would happen.” He touched the gloss of Tursas. Tursas felt a shiver of pleasure tingled through his arm.

“I will try what I can do for you.” Tursas remembered dimly what had happened together that night on the border patrol.

Aino bid the cousin good day and lead Tursas on his way. Soon they were back at the court which was not any more in session.

They arrived in the Queen’s more private quarters.

Aino spoke to the waiting courtier: “This is the Guard we inducted this morning. I’m bringing it for the bonding ceremony.”

Tursas was taken over to the silk cushions at the side of the chamber where he was told to wait.

Aino removed the collar. Tursas lowered himself onto the cushions at the back.

The Queen and two more Crimson Guard in their body gloss entered the chamber. Aino respectfully bowed.

“Rise”, the Queen commanded.

“I bring you Tursas, the Crimson Guard you inducted today. We should finish the induction ceremony now.” Aino explained.

The Queen lowered herself on a broad silk divan and spoke to her two Guards: “Uffe and Vali: virkaanastuminen.” The Crimson Guards removed their helmets and put them on a pedestal in the room. Truss noticed that Uffe was of Asian descent and Vali ebony black. Then they opened each other’s cod pieces. They started pleasuring their Queen.

In front of Tursas was a squirming mass of gloss covered bodies, kissing, stroking, licking the Queen’s body. Tursas felt eager to join them and slowly moved forward. As he did he realised that he was fulfilling what Aino had said. Previously he had been fascinated by his work as a border jaeger, protecting the Empire from any incursions of the mongrel masses from the East. Now all his attention was on serving his Queen.

Aino smiled, knowing she had released Tursas into what was a further step in his permanent transformation. So far she had changed superficial things like his name, but Aino was expert enough to know that the next few stages were crucial in finely adjusting Tursas’s assumptions and behaviour until he was truly a Crimson Guard and no-one, not even the Queen’s cousin, could change him back – even if he had ever truly intended to do so. Aino knew that that was what the Queen’s order had meant.

As the Crimson Guards noticed Tursas, he was drawn enthusiastically into them. They made him recline on the cushions. Aino removed his helmet, for the first time he breathed unscented air and saw the chamber as it really was. For a moment everything felt bland and strange but then his codpiece was opened and the butt plug removed. He gasped as he felt the fingers of a strong female slowly, teasingly unzipping his zip as he had been instructed to allow by Aino. Tursas also felt Vali unzipping the rest of his catsuit, releasing Tursas’s firm shiny muscled breasts so he could lick and stroke them. Tursas abandoned himself to it, realizing what he was experiencing he would soon be doing to others. As the male’s cock thrust in and out of his juicy lubed butt Tursas was brought to orgasm inside his Queen. He moaned and grunted like the sexual animal he had become, writhing in his skin-tight gloss.

Then the Queen was gently stroking Tursas’s erect penis with her finger and then her tongue. Tursas pressed his lips against Vali’s and his tongue licked his. Tursas responded, feeling a timeless pleasure as his body was stimulated. He came again into orgasm and then subsided, panting. Then it was Uffe’s turn. He lapped at the Queens’s sex as she had shown him and continued guiding him with light moans until she too orgasmed. Finally Tursas licked and teased the male’s fat cock. His grunts told Tursas he was doing well until he sprayed cum deep into his mouth and he stepped back, tired.

“Tursas.” He heard his name called once more and snapped to attention without thinking. He was not only erotic but obedient too. He rose, zipping up his catsuit. She strutted from the cushions into the main part of the chamber.

Aino hurried to replug his butt, ease him back into his codpiece. The helmet and the gorget were reattached and his vision became rose tinted; the outside sound was muted. In this catsuit he was in his own world. He felt comfortable. He waited.

“Tursas”, the Queens voice shattered the short peace and quiet. He noticed his helmet transmitting only the Queens voice but no other outside sounds.

“When you orgasmed in me and licked from the royal lactate, you were bonded to me forever. Your life and mine are now conjunct.” Tursas knew instinctively that he would be ready to give his existence to the Queen should it be needed.

“For me the life of my cousin, the Lord of Satakunta, is as important as mine. You have shown true bravery for protecting his life and saving him from the mongrels of the East. He has requested that you serve him, as you would serve me. So I command you to protect him. From now on you will be part of his household.”

Tursas stood proud in his boots, his gloved hands resting on his gloss bound hips, every feature of his body clear in the skin-tight catsuit.

“State who you are.” Aino ordered.

“i am Tursas, Crimson Guard of my Queen, ordered to the household of the Lord of Satakuna, Mistress.” He replied.


The session was over and Tursas was marched back to the Villa Kivi by two more Crimson Guardsman. Neither of them told him their names and he didn’t speak to them.

He was led to the private chambers of the Lord of Satakuna the Queen’s cousin and ordered to recline on silk cushions. The Lord appeared and strutted in knee-length boots back across the room. He stood for a moment looking Tursas over.

“Clearly I should get rescued more often by handsome young jaeger lieutenants.” The Lord said. “It was really good to convince the Queen to promote you into the Royal Guard. To have you changed from a boring straight jaeger officer into an obedient sex-slave and Crimson Guard.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Tursas said.

“There is no need to speak, just purr.” The Lord commanded and Tursas obeyed. “Just like the sexual animal you are. There is one test to see if you are a true Crimson Guard and not just a jaeger dressed up.” His Lord smiled, “Orgasm.” He commanded.

Tursas did not know whether it was the rubber he wore, his collar or something else, but on his Lord’s command his whole body was run through with pleasure. His penis strained against his codpiece. He shuddered and moaned, grateful his lord had made him so erotic. As the pleasure subsided, Tursas lay back panting. He knew he was a Crimson Guard an obedient soldier slave, even if he or anyone tried to deny it. He had been transformed more than he realized. His thoughts were filled with ideas of pleasure and obedience, little else.

“Excellent. I was keen to make you into someone who would be unable not to offer yourself to me sexually, and I have succeeded.” Tursas knew it was true, in the night of her encounter the Lord had called him to his tent and tried to persuade him to have some fun. Would this have been different if he had agreed to the offer? Now these memories faded away as his whole personality was totally obedient, totally erotic, and there was nothing he could do about it. Or wanted to do about it.

“And now I have every young jaeger I met wondering what I will do it to him. As he bows before me.”

The Lord of Satakuna unzipped his leather trousers exposing his naked butt.

“Remove your helmet and codpiece.”

Tursas crawled across the cushions to his Lord. He ran his tongue teasingly over his Lord’s boot, then slowly up his leg, delighting as he heard his breathing turn to panting in anticipation. Tursas’s tongue ran around the lips of his Lord’s penis and then licked. Already the Lord was starting to moan with pleasure as Tursas stroked and licked him. He shuddered, grunting loudly as he peaked in orgasm and sprayed his cum inside Tursas. Then he stood for a few moments savoring the pleasure, with Tursas at his feet, delighting in how he had served his lord.

“I will have you escorting me and standing guard. That will bring home the message, that I could own their minds, their bodies, their sex, like I own yours, totally.” The thought gave the Lord a residual thrill and soon his member was arising again

His lord lowered himself to the floor, and maneuvered Tursas so that he was on all fours, with his glossy butt thrust towards his Lord.

“As a Crimson Guard you will get your own vibrator for when the urges come, and they will…” His lord trailed off as he unlocked the codpiece of Tursas and eased his errect penis into his already juicy butt. Tursas purred as he had been ordered to as his Lord fucked him. The Lord of Satakuna ran his hands over Tursas’s glossed body[O3], teasing his nipples and stroking his shiny butt, reminding Tursas that he was totally covered in gloss bondage. As the pleasure rose once more and his purrs turned uncontrollably to grunts, Tursas knew that any remaining thoughts of being anything other than a Crimson Guard were fading away. The transformation had been more complete than even the Queen or Aino realised. Tursas knew he was nothing but a soldier-toy and loved it. With that thought he moaned aloud and seconds later orgasm took him. Then the Lord came in him.

The Lord of Satakuna let Tursas rest. He threw on a long flowing black silk robe which reached to the floor, over his leathers and put on a matching hat. Tursas zipped up his catsuit, pleased that his body was on show, not hidden beneath court clothes. Tursas lay, cat-like on the silk cushions, stroking his own glossy body, awaiting his lord’s orders.

“Stand.” Satakuna said. Tursas obeyed..

“You may speak.”

“Yes my lord, thank you my Lord.”

“Now you are as bonded to me, as to the Queen. You will obey and I will command”.

“Yes my lord, thank you my Lord.”

The lord led Tursas from the room. In the corridor stood another Crimson Guard. He would never have believed that he would become just like it, a sexual entertainment, but also the protector of the scion of an important noble family or that he would get to toy with him, dressed in his own gloss at his lord’s command. In his former life he would have wondered if his fellow soldiers would point him out to new ladies at the coffee shop in the base.

He did not realize that that was Satakuna had set up all this just to lure him into his estate. Not because he was to dumb because now, like any soldier-slave all thoughts were subsumed by obedience and the sexual urges as his eyes ran over his fellow Crimson Guard slave’s smooth gloss covered contours and he thought of the pleasures ahead. His mind had truly become one of a Crimson Guard.


“This is Otava.” The Lord of Satakuna said. “This is Tursas.”

The lord led his two Crimson Guards, out of the palace and into his gardens. The two marched on, watched by courtiers. Tursas knew the lord still wore his leathers beneath his court robes and was sure his lord would love to be locked in a tight embrace with him and Otava.

“Otava is the head of my personal detachment of Crimson Guards, he will see to your training, Tursas. But now take him to the stables and show him his place.”

Tursas heard the voice of Otava in his helmet, that ordered him to follow his new superior.

The two Guards stepped up into the basement, where the Guard Stables were. Within moments both were in a small chamber, the locks of their cod pieces and helmets opened. Tuukka shuddered with pleasure then slowly began thrusting out his body. Ottawa – built like the bear he was named for – unzipped his butt slit and Tuukka did the same. Soon both were lost in their movements stroking, rubbing, licking each other’s body, unaware of anything bar the stimulation and the squeal and ripple of the skin-tight gloss and their own grunts and moans.

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