Tuukka becomes a Crimson Guard: 3

This story is a gay version of Once A Courtier by Tang. It is in no way intended to steal, merely just a gay version of the same. Or rather a gayified version taking place in a future Finland. Tang has explicitly written to me and approved of this transformation of his works and is happy with it. He even gave some proofreading hints!


News of Tuukka╒s induction into the Crimson Guard traveled through the Kingdom of Finland. Eventually it reached the farm of the Nyyrikki family. Tuukka╒s little brother, who had just come of age saw it on the vid screen: ╥Look mother it╒s Tuukka he is at the court, the Queen is reading out a proclamation about him╔ They are promoting him to the Crimson Guard.╙

No one in the family did really know what that meant. They had, of course, been proud of their son╒s career from a simple conscript, to an officer commanding his own troop of men and by his heroic rescue of the Lord of Satakunta. But neither of them knew what the Crimson Guard really meant. Tuukka╒s mother had only seen two Crimson Guards from the distance, when the Queen had held court in the provincial capital. And she as a representative of the local free farmers guild had been invited to attend. There were of course rumors about the things that would take place in the southern capital but who knew what was true and what was only invented by superstitious country folk who wanted to tell stories to keep themselves entertained.

╥Oh that is a great honor for him. I guess he will tell us all when he comes to visit us.╙ She had told her younger son and then continued with making dinner in the kitchen.

Some days later she was surprised when two border jaegers on their horses had stopped outside the farm. It was an officer and a sergeant. She recognized the sergeant as one of Tuukka╒s best jaeger friends. Both had stepped down from the horses and asked to enter the family home. Both were friendly and courteous as it was becoming for such officers of the queen. They looked impressive in their gray-green field tunics. Mother Nyyrikki had let them all in, they had removed their long leather riding boots and she had made tea for all of them and provided them with some home-made cookies. The family cabin was simple but clean.

The officer started talking: ╥Madame Nyyrikki, as a free peasant, your son╒s entry into the officer corps was a great honor for him and for your family. Today I can be proud to tell you that he has been even received an even greater honor: Your son has been inducted into the Royal Guard. Her royal highness the Queen of Finland has stipulated he will serve as a personal Guard to the Lord of Satakunta, the man he so bravely saved from the attack of the mongrel hordes from the east! This is not only something that can make you proud but also our jeager regiment. From now on he will be posted in the capital.╙

No one in the family did really know what that meant.

╥We have brought you here a copy of the official proclamation, in a framed display case. You can put this up so that every visitor to your home can see what courageous son you have. There is also a considerable payment of 5000 Gold Finmark that the Royal Treasury would deposit in your banking account. I carry the cheque.╙

5000 Gold Finmark was more then the Nyyrikki family╒s cabin was worth. Probably even more then the shop their aunt had in the village. Presumably you could buy a small flat in one of the cities for this sum and still have a considerable amount. The Nyyrikki family was astonished. Mother Tuukka would have never believed she would gather so much money. Especially not since her husband had died in that attack from the east and she and her sons had to struggle alone to make ends met.

╥We also carry Lieutenant Tuukka Nyyrikki╒s personal effects.╙ The officer handed them a soldier╒s seabag. Mother Tuukka recognized it as the bag that Tuukka had brought home so often from his duty when he stayed for the weekend or holidays.

╥Could you please sign here, that you have received these items.╙ The officer handed out a pad and a pen.

Madame Nyyrikki signed the forms and accepted the proclamation, it was handwritten in a beautiful script and bore the royal seal of the magic lion. The magic lion the symbol of the royal strength that protected Finland from all enemies. It seemed to shimmer brightly.

╥Do you know then Tuukka will return?╙ Madame Nyyrikki asked.

The officer turned towards Mother Nyyrikki and made a serious face: ╥Madame, I fear he will never return. Your son has ceased to exist. There is no Tukka Nyyrikki anymore. As the proclamation reads, there is only a Crimson Guard called Tursas and that Guard will serve continuously as long as it pleasures our Queen. In effect, your son is dead.╙

Next to the officer the sergeant started to cry.

╥No one has ever heard of a Crimson guard returning.╙ The sergeant whispered. The Nyyrikki family was shocked. Everyone knew that service to the Queen was the highest honor the Queendom was able to provide. But the Crimson Guards were few and their personal stories were not known. There had never been any stories about that in the media.


Meanwhile in the southern capital.

Otava told him to get up. They had enough fun for the time being and now Tursas was ready to go to the stables and sleep his first night as Crimson Guard. Both rezipped their gloss, put on their boots, gloves, cod pieces and helmets. With the helmets all the noise was muted and the vision was rose. Tursas could only hear the voice of his handler and superior in the guard: Otava. This was the center of his attention.

Tursas was led down into the Crimson Guards stables. ╥Tomorrow we will start with your training. The body of a Crimson Guard is defined and muscular. The mind of a Crimson guard is focused and aware. You will learn to ban all your thoughts and concentrate on the moment. We will also train you in hand to hand combat, more then just what a normal jeager is trained.╙ The handler said.

They entered a chamber below the stables, it was lit in a rosy colored light. Every meter apart there were sarcophagi like things. Tursas remember a visit to the royal mausoleum on one of the islands of the archipelago. There they had been shown the tomb of the Queen mother and the lesser tomb of the prince consort. They lay in similar things. Down in the stables were had to be hundreds or more of these things. Some of them seemed to be occupied with sleeping figures, others seemed to be empty. From the inside they had a rose glow.

They came to an empty sleeping pod.

╥This is Tursas╒s sleeping pod╙. The handler said. He pressed a button. The cover retracted.

Tursas looked into the coffin like thing, it had a crimson glossy padding.

╥Tursas will rest now.╙ His handler told him

Without anyone having told him, Tursas knew what to do. His helmet unlocked and he removed it  and placed it on a pedestal on the wall.

╥Yes, let your instinct guide you, you will know what to do.╙ His handler explained.

With the helmet removed he could see everything clearer and less rosary tinted, although the lighting down in the stable was in same rosy color and rendered everything softer. All noises were so much louder now. It was unpleasant.

His codpiece was unlocked and his handler helped him to remove his boots, gloves and gloss. The gloss was hung in a closet next to the coffin. He was nude. His handler looked at him and inspected his body.

╥You are well developed, the Queen choose well. You will like it here. You will have no other choice anyway.╙ The handler smirked. Tursas did not understand.

Then Tursas stepped into the sarcophagi, nude. The gloss coverage of the mattress engulfed him perfectly. The mattress formed perfectly onto his body. Never had he felt so comfortable, so well the it was molded to his body.

╥Sleep Crimson Guard and dream of your service╙. His handler softly caressed his well developed chest and smooth skull. Then pressed a button.

Straps closed over his hands and feet. He was unable to move.

A dildo was pushed into his ass, then a line entered his uretha and began excavating him. He felt secured in the knowledge that he would be awaken and unlocked when he was needed. As he fell asleep he noticed the lid of if closing and he dreamt of his service to his Lord. The Lord╒s voice whispering him to sleep.

Tuukka was now a Crimson Guard.


* * *

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