Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty

Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty

This story is set in the guard universe. It is set later then the Training a Guardsman stories.

So far there had been no abnormalities, and certainly no trace of any terrorist group. So the five men were moving quite relaxed through the narrow streets of the mountain district. They wore their usual uniform: A matte black body suit that reached from the neck down to the heavy black boots and closely hugged the body ,simultaneously veiling it totally but also show caseing their certainly well developed physique. On top of the matte black rubber suit they wore black gloves, a harness system with various electronic devices, handcuffs, baton, belt computer, flashlights and their needler weapon. Their clean-shaven skulls, were covered with black berets made of the same rubber like material that their uniforms were made of . A standard guard foot patrol like you could see in all parts of the Union State.

“See this show of presence really has an effect,” said one of the Guardsman. He was about 1.80 meters tall, had bright, slightly reddened skin, because he had a little sunburn from being outside a lot, green eyes and a really well developed chest even by Guardsman standards. On his chest was he his silver number D-8007-399 -033. “No more property damage, vandalism and no burning more cars.”
“I bet hey set their old cars on fire themselves to collect the insurance,” replied his colleague with the number B-8007-399- 032.d He was a little bit as smaller, had a strong jaw and a face full of freckles. “And if we really would should show presence, then we would wear our armored suits, which make really a show of force .”
The other three Guardsman adhered to the code of silence and said nothing.
“I want people to feel a little fear when they see us. Then they have respect … “-032 immediately took a defensive posture, , drew his gun and pointed it to the courtyard on his right. It was a reflex, which after years of training worked without any thinking by itself.

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Only this time there was not threat,. 033 intercepted the football, elegantly with his head and stopped with his foot. t. A boy and a girl looked scared out of the courtyard.
033 then adjusted his beret and smiled at them – a smile from ear to ear, the sympathetic effect was even increased by the shaved head . “Well, you are indeed real aces. Or is the ball a gift for us? ”
The girl shook her head almost imperceptibly, the boy looked the Guardsman admiringly but a little bit frightened
“Then go and exercise a little more, so that you no longer hit people when you play otherwise we have to take the ball away!” Laughed 033
“No, its our only ball. Don’t do that. “, the girl said shyly and caught the ball was kicked back to her.
“I’ve always played football , before I became a guardsman.”
“Really?” The boy with the brown curls was amazed . “Do you want to play with us?”
“I would like to. But we have to continue our patrol so that you little citizen are safe.. ”
The children took the ball and ran cheerfully aback into the courtyard.
032 put his gun back in its holster and turned to A-8007-399 -034: “Your husband would have made also made a good kindergarten teacher, wouldn’t he? ”
“And you have talent for a scarecrow,” joked 034 and everyone laughed. “In addition, we will win the trust of the citizen if we are kind..”
“You have done the right thing,” praised 033 the highest ranking, “One guardsman secures the scene the other speaks, the rest keeps silence..”

Security Measures In Paris Following Attack Of French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Good humored the five Guardies continued with their patrol around the corner. It seemed to be a normal road that lay before them, like so many other streets in the mountain quarter.
“Do you notice that?” Asked 034. He had, despite the hard training and demanding years obtained a certain sensitivity that one would not have expected from such a muscleman.
All men in the Guard were extremely good in shape. A strict training regime, daily exercise, made and medications ensured that. Additionally you could earn reward points for special achievements. And because , their unit was often used for foot patrols and public order duty they put special emphasis on an impressive stature and imposing upper arms.
“Something is wrong here,” repeated 034 and pointed at the brown house. At the entrance was a note: “We swap rare literature for beautiful houseplants. Please enter.”
“I can not find anything suspicious,” said C-0500-878-605, who scanned the the environment with a handheld scanner. . Neither did the the display show any heat sources nor any suspicious trace elements. Except the reading for w for magnesium was slightly higher “Everything is quiet.”
“GUMS, is there any data stored for this location?”, Asked 033 the Guardsman Management System, which among connected the Guardsman to each other and to the dispatch and computer system.

Without delay, the system responded via the earplugs of the five guardsman: “For the street there are no significant deviations in the database. Do you require further analysis of the raw data? ”
033 looked at his Guard brothers and then he replied: “No need, GUMS. 032, 034 and this Guardsman will be entering the building. We are requesting . permission for a warrantless intrusion into private property and search according to European Criminal Procedure Law §103b in connection with application number 2045/456788 .”
GUMS confirmed the request and granted the permit.


A-8007-399 -03 1 and C-0500-878-605 stopped in front of the house and put their minds into ‘monitor mode’. Their right hand was resting on the holster of their needlers and their senses heightened. They became t intensively aware of the situation and lived in the moment.
Meanwhile, 032 opened the door with a crowbar, while 034 had his needler aimed at it. . 033 had his weapon drawn as well.
The door flew open. The three Guardsmen turned on the lamps on their needler weapons and walked one after the other into the dark hallway.
The first room on the right was empty except for a broken chair and a low, dusty shelf. 032 lit the corners carefully, but could not discover anything of interest..
In a room that must have once been a kitchen, they found in an cabinet some books. 034 red their backs “Europe, the Black Empire, The Woman State, What to do about the police state …this does not sound like licensed literature.  Shall we the confiscate these books? ”
032 grabbed them. “If we do not find anything else, then we had at least a good reason for the search. We can pile this stuff up outside and burn it. Gives a nice show for the public and we do not need to carry it back to the station.”


Except for the unlicensed literature they found nothing on the ground floor Cautiously they moved on through the house. 033 used tactical hand signals ato guide them. Advancing through a staircase to the basement. 034 secured the rear,  033 remained as troop leader in the middle and 032 took with the crowbar and heavy machinery in front.. Despite the heavy boots, the three Guardsman were moving almost inaudibly through the seemingly abandoned building.
033 noticed a short crack in his earplugs, and the others seemed to have noticed it as well. Whispering, he tapped his ear: “. Gums, short status report, please”


After a short while, they all hear a d distant creaking in their earpieces: n: “Cannot connect” and then again static.
From outside reported 031 over the earplugs: “Everything … … ok there? Here all is … normal… nobody …. street” .”
“We are okay,” radioed 033 back . “We only have a small problem with the reception, probably because of the thick basement walls.”
Silence, remained and there was no answer from GUMS.
“What? Should we continue?” Asked 032. They had already searched half the cellar.
“If the connection to GUMS breaks off, the Guardsman pull back and call in reinforcements “, quoted 034 the protocol.
“Except if the situation requires immediate action”, quoted 032 back.
033 shook his head smiling. “Very clever, you two reciters of protocols. Glad that you remember… We turn around. ” And when they had reached upstairs there would be 50 pushups or better yet burpees because he didn’t like such discussions .
At this moment something rattled slightly in one of the dark rooms back. The three Guardsman held their breath and exchanged questioning looks. Was it a rat, a shutter in the wind? Or was someone hiding there ?
After a second of though 033 ordered : “Squad: Battle Mode, Still.” Immediately, the streamlined body of the three, and their awareness of the environment increased, the hands cupped arms fixed.
“GUMS: broadcast Sitrep.” With this command the earplug was orderd to send a emergency status message to GUMS.
032 slowly crept to the corner of the basement hallway and waved his colleagues to him. His needler weapon was drawn from the holster. . The weapon was a sign of the humanity of the European Union State. Instead of bullets it shot small hollow needles filled with drugs. Possible opponents were not killed, but slept fast and lost the awareness . Unfortunately, the impact was very weak. But that kept property intact.
“Sitrep impossible”, the earplugs spoke up spoke to the squad, ” connection to GUMS disturbed.”

034 had positioned himself opposite the wall and held constant eye contact with 033. It was his job, to keep his brothers back free. It all seemed to be ok and 033 gave hand signals to advance.
Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and loud bang from one of the rooms. Smoke and dust seemed to come from everywhere and blocked the view. 034 slapped his hand in front of the face so that he didn’t have to cough. Despite the light from his gun he could barely see anything. He heard 033 calling for immediate withdrawal and ran almost blindly towards the stairs. His eyes watered and he stumbled up the stairs.


After 034 had escaped from the building, he took a deep breath and coughed the dust out from the lungs. 605 looked at him in horror. “What’s going on, 034? I Report. ”
But 034 was still out of breath. He turned back to the building and kept looking ath the the open front door . Then he sat with cracking voice: “Investigated the building, found banned literature, 032 will brings them outside. We investigated the cellar, then thee was an explosion. 033 will report in more detail. ”
Dust was coming out of the doorway. 605 tapped his ear: “8007-399 – 033, Report. Where are you ? ”
There was silence for a moment.
“8007-399 – 032, please notify us.”
Again, no answer. The cloud of dust in front of the building vanished quietly. It remained silent. So suspiciously quiet.
605 continued to stare at the empty doorway, as he began to fear the worst. “GUMS; localize8007-399 -033 and 8007-399 – 032.”
It took a few seconds until the answer came: “At present, there is no contact to D- 8007-399 -033 . Currently, there is not contact to B- 8007-399 – 032 . Guardsman cannot be localized. ”
At this moment, a shock wave threw the three Guardsman to the ground. Smaller rocks rained down on them. The huge blast caused a ringing in their ears: An explosion.
Even before he was back on his feet, 605 radioed to headquarters: “GUMS: Emergency.  Can not contact Guardsman 8007-399-033 and 8007-399 – 032. Explosion at the investigated object. Probably two Guardsmen  injured . Patrol is in danger we need immediate support. ”
034 looked up. Through the cloud of dust he could see the neighboring street. Where there was just a house , now there is a gaping hole. The building was gone, like a professional demolition had it simply folded into itself, while both neighboring houses were standing virtually unscathed. Instinctively034 wanted tp run to the pile of rubble, start digging and liberate his husband from the rubble – it would not have appeared to him at the same moment as completely pointless.
“System has sent emergency”, came the familiar voice to him in his ear, “Centre has received,go into Tactical mode.”

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