D-8007-399-033 on duty: chapter 3

3rd chapter

Before getting into the armored suits 034 and 605 went to a food distribution station. Both Guardies took the dildo shaped pacifier in her mouth, clung with their hands to the handles and GUMS registered their identity from the chip implanted in the back of their hands.. Both wanted fill their stomachs before they would continue the search. GUMS registered the sucking of the Guardies and pumped a predefined amount of food in the stomachs of the two men. The food dispensers contained a nutriocous and balanced food pulp. GUMS calculated the calories needed and pumped a pre-defined amount. It helped to keep the men muscular but thin.
After their meal took two a napkin, wiped the food dildo, stepped back, looked at each other and said solemnly: “We thank the GUARD for our sustenance.” A similar procedure took place at the medication distribution. 034 held his hand next to a scanner and three different pills fell out. He gulped them down. For 605 only one pill dropped out and was swallowed by him. Now their evening dose of medication was taken as well

“We thank the mother Guard for it’s welfare”
Then 605 sat on the sanitary saddle, then 034 both got their rectum emptied and relieved like this they they went to their alcove. There were hardly any other Guardsmen in the station most of them were in use outside.
“I’ll be right with you, start preparing”, cried the suit technician from another module. “I’m only readying this family unit.”
The seal of their R-class uniforms opened. 034 and 605 stowed their gloves, beret, body suit, underwear and boots in a basket next to their alcove. Naked, they took some skin oil from the dispenser and spread it all over their muscular bodies.
First, they climbed into the pants of the armored suit. The anal plugs in their suits pushed themselves into their butts. Carefully 034 put the penis clip around his genitals. Bothe the anal plug and penis clip were not only made to to evacuate the bladder and the rectum but were also able to stimulate both, when GUMS or the commanding officer considered it appropriate.
In this moment, the suit technician came around the corner wearing his black rubber suit and helped both of them into the upper body shell. He joined the GUMS earplugs with a cable to the collar and shoved the mouth-control units over the teeth. This mouth control unit enabled the Guardy to control different functions of the suit and access data in the head-up display. This devices already helped many disabled people to move their lives forward, another example of the humanity of the Union State..
The technician closed the armored suits and asked GUMS to check
The system checked the perfect fit of the armor and controlled if all all connections were working. Everything seemed to be fine, the GUMS reported: “The suit is loaded and filled with all consumables and lubricants, it is ready for use.”
The connection dock of the suit the suit at the anus and back opened and both Guardies stepped out of the alcove, took the helmets and attached them to their belts.
“Are you staying here alone at headquarters?” Asked 605 the technician, before they left.
“Let’s see, this one will help to wake the reservists. Then it will be used either in the infirmary or GUMS will put me to sleep , so I’m fit when you folks come back in again ”
It was ironic: The technicians who were the most familiar with the armored suits, mostly only worked in logistics and support. Therefore, they did not have an armored suit, but repaired and serviced theirs only. They rarely made it out of the Guard stations. However, some had an intimate relationship with their troops and were happy to perform a blow job before the Guardies suited up – if time allowed.
“You’ll see, he’s tough your guy,” encouraged the technician 034.
“I hope so,” replied 034, “but you don’t need to stroke over the my head, enough of our bosses have made this. .”
The technician smiled.

In the armor suits, the world felt different. Somehow you felt bigger, stronger, more powerful and more confident. People shied away from you if you wore one. “Do not overrate ,” their instructor had warned them in training. “You are indeed hard to hurt, but not invincible.” – Nevertheless, the suit could survive a lo. But they were not cheap, so only the Guardsman who worked in the patrol service were equipped with them. .
Dressed in these black suits, B-8007-399-034 and C-0500-878-605 went to the cold sleep chambers in one of the deep basements of thebase. The thick security doors opened after a scanner had matched the chip in their hand with their iris and had also checked whether they were alive.
GUMS instructed them to go up in chamber K. The steps of the heavy boots of the the armor suit echoed on the corrugated steel floor . From the hallway every three meters steel vaults went off. The fourth door was opened, in this cold bedroom there was another Guard technician in its matt black R-class uniform standing in front of two sleeping coffins. The chamber was brightly lit and slightly warmer than the hallway. The air smelled strongly of chemical cleaning supplies.
“So, your squad has lost people? This one has already initiated the wakeup. ”
The technician pointed to two glass domed coffins. Inside were two quite handsome muscular men. One was older, the other still looked quite young and had a blond stubble on his head. Both looked Slavic in appearance.
“C-8560-897-221 and B-8560-897-223 come from the former Ukraine. When it was incorporated into the Union, we had a little bit too many Guardies after the transition. The extra units were therefore distributed and frozen at stations in the whole Union. The elder one was a policeman, the young had just reported to his police training. ”
“What’s their last state of knowledge?”
“Well, you know that they were taken and frozen here. After a few years more or less in permanent cold deep sleep they will be as a little bit disoriented, but this goes away after a few hours. ”
“Should this one prepare the t the armor suits r?” asked 605.
“Yes, that would be good. 034 can help our brother waking up. It’s always good to have another hand for that”
605 activated the armored suits from the alcove opposite the cold deep sleep coffin and began with the self-test sequence.
C-8560-897-221 opened the his eyes first “Де я? Мені холодно. ”
The technician touched the bare shoulder of the guardsman in his mid-forties comforting him. “Everything OK. You are in a cold deep sleep chamber in the Guard Station in Mountain quarter. ”
The man looked confused . Then he tried to sit up and said with eastern accent in Standard: “. I want to speak to my wife”
The technician turned to the surprised 034: “The Ukrainians we integrated, some of them did not have the necessary orientations or they were very seak. When the Guard was established there they simply added all appropriate men , mostly from the security agencies. They are well conditioned and will not cause any problems. In part the forced induction also was a penalty, because many of them were corrupt. ”
He took a GUMS earplugs from a small box next to the sleeping coffin and turned gently smiling to 221. “We direct you , do not worry.”
He pushed the ear plug into weak Guardsman lying there. his body twitched briefly, then he was very quiet and got a blank stare from watery eyes.
“Drink this,” said the suit technician, holding a cup with a straw to 221 “This includes the essentials electrolytes and brings you back on your feet.” 221 took the cup with trembling hands and drank.
Using a syringe, the technician meanwhile removed some blood from the implanted port on the leg of 221 and went to a table on the opposite wall. There he put the vial in an analysis machine. “Soon we will know what medications he needs.”
Unconsciously 034 had gripped the hand of C-8560-897-221 and stroked him tenderly – as good as this was possible with the glove of an armored. At least 034s suit gloves and not just manipulators and metallic clwas as many other Guardies.
A moment later the technician came back with a set of syringes, pressing them successively in the implant port at221 leg.
605 looked on with interest. “Do all the frozen have have such an interface?”
“Yes, we use it for the coolant,” said the technician. “And you can give drugs Faster. It would be good , if it were a standard and all Guardsmen had a leg port. ”
“Well, we get enough stuff during the day. This morning there were again three pills I had to ingest … Are they always so confused when they wake up? “Asked 034
“This is completely normal. With GUMS and Medis we’ll get quickly back on track. Many of the Ukrainians were used in only during the integration and were not long in the Guard. But as I said they have gone through a particularly hard programming and work perfectly. – Okay, 221, you’re ready. Just try to get up. ”
The body of 221 already looked not quite so pale, and he had re-color in his face. He stood up carefully and steadied herself on the edge of the glass coffin. “I’m still cold.”
“You’ll feel warmer once your your blood circulation comes back fully. Enter the your suit, which will warm you. ”
The four men walked the few steps to the alcove, where the armor suits were stored . 034 and the technician helped 221, oiling him and climbing into the suit.
Without the slightest resistance the anal plug shoved in 221s butt and the Guardsman seemed to be a little more alert. “Why was this one woken up?” He asked the technician who just docked his penis clamp.
“We have a situation and need staff” answered 605. “Two of us are missing, we need to identify the responsible terrorists.”
221 slipped into his chest armor. “And what is the date today?”
“That does not matter,” rebuked him the technician. “Let us rather wake up your young brother.”

This story is set in the guard universe. For an introduction into the world the guardsman live in see: The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882 http://mcstories.com/MakingOfCF/index.html

If you are intrested in other stories from the guard universe go to: https://theguardsmanblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/the-guardsman-making-of-a-8007-399-033-chapter-1/

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