Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty: 2nd chapter

2nd chapter


“Immediately open the door, here is the Guard.” The lean muscled man in his matte black, tight rubber uniform pounded on the front door of the apartment. Left and right of him were Guardies with their needler weapons directed at the door.
There was no response from the inside.
“Requesting permission for a warrantless intrusion into private property and search according to European Criminal Procedure Law §103b in connection with application number 2045/456789”, the squad leader dictated the via radio into his GUMS headset. Without delay, the voice of GUMS responded. “Approval granted.”
“Entry.” barked the squad leader .
Two other black uniformed muscle packages came from behind. They looked almost identical from their dark skin and to their narrow faces. Routinely they broke open the door and the squad stormed into the apartment: “On the ground, on the ground” The leader yelled.
Systematically the squad searched the apartment room to room. Another empty apartment, as most of the buildings in this street.
“Okay, retreat, the same game in the next apartment. 066, install a sensor box, . Move, move, move. ” The leader yelled again.
The explosion had triggered a large-scale operation in the mountain quarter. After two Guardsmen had disappeared, perhaps even killed, the guardsman had come out in force. Now it was necessary to find witnesses, to detain suspects and collect traces. They went to the next apartment. At least there was a name stuck to the to the bell. The head of the troop rang and knocked at the door. A woman opend, glaring at upset. “What do you want?”
“We have a some questions, can we come in?”
The woman turned around and went back into the hallway. “As if I have a choice.”
Two Guardsmen remained outside standing guard the remaining three drew their guns and entered the apartment.
“Can I have your I.D.card?”
The woman grabbed a purse from a he dresser and pulled out a small plastic card. The squad leader gave ID for inspection to one of his guard brother. They all followed the woman into the kitchen.
“May I offer you something to drink,” said the woman only as a courtesy; as she knew that the men of the Guard were not allowed to take anything. “No, the Guard provides four our needs with plenty” Replied the squad leader slightly ironic.
Later the squad head in their earplug a report by GUMS: : “ID is correct, no criminal or police recordings: i. Name: Freimann, Hildegard. Age: 63. Do you wish to receive any information from other databases?”
“No,” replied the squad leader and turned to the women: “So, Mrs. Freimann,”what do you know about the explosion?”
“There was a bang. Only a very small and then another, but much louder. The whole house collapsed. Then the sirens. ”
“Do you know who used the house ?”
“Only rumors. I was there once for this book club, but they didn’t swap anything interesting. That’s all I know. I am a simple citizen and try to live my life here. Its nor right that you simply storm my house and mess everything up. ”
There was not much more was to learn from the woman. The squad still looked around the apartment and opened a couple of drawers. Just to see if there was anything interesting. The books in the living room shelf however all seemed to be licensed.
“Thanks again for your cooperation, citizen Freimann,” the squad leader said his goodbye at the door and pushed a business card into the hand of the women. “If you hear something about the incident, call us at this number. There is also my tag on the card so you can refer to me and even evaluate our visit. ”
Wordlessly the women closed the door.


The blast site was now cordoned off a widely: A drone was flying over the rubble and filmed every detail. Through the drone’s cameras you could see the chain of black uniformed men like ants that stood there trying to remove the rubble. . At the end of the line each piece of the debris was individually photographed and captured in 3D scanners before it landed on a rubbish truck.
Guard pioneers climbed over the rubble. With their sensor sticks which they pushed deep into the debris they were searching for bodies and explosives.
A-8007-399-034 was in the chain. The faster they ate away the debris, the more likely they would find his husband 8007-399-033. Hopefully even alive. His husband had indeed survived an attack on his patrol back in Ukraine. – Such a small explosion would not bring him off track. They would free him from the wreckage.
605 was in the queue as well and helped to clean up. From time to time he cast a worried glance at 034, who almost mechanically worked to himself. As big brother it was his job to take care of the welfare of his little brothers. After all, he knew most since training.
More and more new troops arrived in armored suits to ground zero , forming new chains.
Eventually the site commander came to 605 and 034. As they noticed both came to attention.
“Back to the station, the commander wants to talk to you,” ordered the fresh faced Guardy in black suit of armor wearing a helmet. His tag number started with an E, signaling that he was high up in the hirachy .
Before the site commander dismissed two guardsmen, he stroked 034 head and reassured him: “We find 033, do not worry.” Stroking had a conditioned effect and 034 immediately felt a little better. He knew it was a programmed reflex, yet touching him made him feel safe and cared for.
034 walked behind 605 to the armored personnel carrier, entered and strapped himself in. A strap fixed legs, another covered the chest and abdomen. Then the head holder went down, the straps for the left and right arm closed. Both were tied up like a good package. Strapped in like this nothing could harm you even when the armed personal carry would turn over.
It felt good to be fixed and strapped in,034 started to relax. At this moment he noticed the strain of the last hours and began to shake. He tried to use self control techniques to breathe calmly. As the van drove off, 034 realized how exhausted he actually was. Even without getting a subliminal command to sleep he nodded off. It was only when the heavy steel doors of the armored personal carrier opened at the Guard Station 034 woke up.
The troop carrier had collected more Guardies which had still been going around in their R-class uniform. Those set out immediately in the direction of their alcoves to get into the armor suits. Meanwhile, a new troop climbed into the van. This Guardies already wore their heavy armored suits. One of them recognized 034 and gave him a gentle rub over his skull . His superior looked at him sternly. “Hurry, hurry. We need all available resources now.”
Once 034 and 605 entered the building, they put their berets under the belt. They were instructed to wait in an adjoining room of the command center. Since it took some time for the the commander to show, they use the time to find peace in one of their mantras: “The Guard is what my mother – I love my uniform – I’m proud of my service – I obey my orders …”

How much time had passed, they could not say exactly . Eventually, , the door to the command center opened and G-7555-277-760 entered. He had short, stylish cut e red hair, green eyes and a powerful torso which like that of all guardsman was covered by its matt black full-body uniform. Although he worked most of the time in the office, he had retained his athletic appearance. From his friendly handling one noticed that he had risen through the ranks and started out as a normal guardsman.
Behind him followed his wheat blond adjutant C-7555-277-761. He was a bit smaller and less muscular. The silver cord aide on chest and shoulder was the only thing that distinguished him outwardly as Adjutant.
034 and 605 came back from heir trance and opened their eyes. They saluted and 605 reported: “. A-8007-399-034 and 0500-878-605 C as ordered, sir ”
The commander nodded. “Brothers, at easer. You may sit down. ”
034 and 605 took the two chairs in front of the table, the commander sat down opposite them. The adjutant remained standing behind his commander, watching the scene. He had often been in such hearings and knew what was happening now.
The commander ordered GUMS to put 034 to sleep GUMS. Then he said the code word for the report mode for 605. As soon as he had uttered it, the face of Guardies took on a blank expression. He stared with vague look in front of him and would not remember this part of the conversation later.
Report mode was as if you tap into the brain of a Guardsman directly and read out the information. As long as the Guardsman was in this state, his commanders had access to all the thoughts, memories and feelings. He only needed to ask and the reporting Guardsman would reveal to him everything he knew – even things he himself had no conscious knowledge off. It was a kind of full control, in which the Guardsman itself was not aware what he says. In reporting mode it was impossible to lie, gloss over or conceal.
After the commander had found out everything he wanted to know about the incident,, he woke the two Guardies up with an opposite command. He waited for a moment until they had come back to full consciousness, then he turned to 034: “Your commander knows that the disappearance of your husband weighs heavy on you.. If you want you can rest or recover at the station. Of course you can continue to participate in the search, but all standards apply. ”
034 nodded. “Do we have a guess what triggered the explosion?”
The Commander looked to 034: “So far, nothing definite, but houses do not explode and the mountain quarter was suspiciously quiet in recent weeks. Analysts suspect it was terrorists, we are just waking up the reservists. We will find the perpetrators….”
“This one will help with the search, it gives this one power.”
“Very good,” praised the commander, he looked deep into the eyes and stroked with his black gloved hand tenderly over 034s bald head. A woolly feeling of security flooded him and he felt more comfortable .

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