Guardsman on duty: chapter 4

For an untrained observer, it might look as if the four residents were cowering down huddled in fear. C-0500-878-605 knew from his long experience in the Guard that precisely these subjects were the most dangerous. They gather themselves together in fear, and then suddenly try to attack one of the Guard; But as a good squad leader, he was prepared.


And as he had foreseen, suddenly one of them broke from the group, jumped up, waving, screaming and made threatening hand gestures .Well, he did not come very far, as drilled 031 fired his needler weapon and the young man collapsed. Two needle projectiles had hit him and paralyzed all voluntary muscle groups. Respiration, circulation and protective reflexes were not affected. The knock out agent used was a great success of the European pharmaceutical industry. A very humane method to eliminate threats to the Guard and its men. So the needler had become the standard weapon issued to them. Even though their tank suit also carried other armaments.
The boy, who as about 15 years old lay there, as if he were asleep. However, he was fully aware but unable to move.
“Typical teenagers”, thought 605 to himself. “Most of them would be served well by a couple of years service in the Guard or the Eurocorps.”
At least the rest of the inhabitants of the apartment rendered no opposition to the Guardsmen, who had broken the front door just a moment ago and surrounded them with guns drawn. Only the old lady gave a little chatty sound of resistance. Because the father protested 605 used one needle to knock him off as well. They would take him anyway, so they might as well switch off for a while. The only annoying thing was, they had to carry him down and into the transporter. But well, guardsman adhered to a strict fitness regime and could easily do that.
The young mother was sobbing to herself, holding her daughter clutching while two Guardsman examined the kitchen and the nursery. They found nothing unusual or prohibited.
At the end of the search 605 opened the visor of his helmet and spoke again. He tried to reassure the mother: “If you simply had opened the door you would have saved yourself, your son and your husband a lot of trouble and stress. We don’t like to be harsh… Well, if you know something, here is our contact. You can also file for compensation for your front door. Remember, who cooperates with us will be rewarded. ”
The mother started at him angry when he handed her the business card.

605 paid no attention to it and ordered the two new brothers to carry both of them out..The new ones were still very zombie like and not so usable, but they did as they were told. And with time the effects of the coolant drugs would wear out and then they would be fully usable. For now they did the heavy lifting. 605 like to be back in his role as troop leader, something he had done not that often anymore since 033 had been promoted to D.
In the armored transporter they strapped the father to the seat, put two earplugs into his ears, a gag into his mouth and tied his hands and feet. All done in accordance with the regulations. A monitoring device was put on him to see when he would wake up and take care of his vitals.
Thier little excursion had only this one target so the Guardies buckled in themselves, they drove back to the station. The drive was uneventful. When they reached the guard station the big metal doors opend and they parked close to the interrogation center. The two new ones C-8560-897-221 and B-8560-897-223 carried the guy into one of the interrogation chambers and set him up with the chair. Methodoly they first removed all of his clothes, folded them and put them into container with the informants name. They also checked his identity with the System. Finally they left the room and stood waiting outside, watching in silence through a window.
“ C-8560-897-221, status?”
“We have secured the subjects and waiting for them to wake up.”, answeredanswerd their newly defrosted brother. “Well done.” replied 605.
“How are you feeling?”
“That is difficult to say. This one feels not cold anymore but it does not feel so much either. It is always the same when one is beingbeeing woken up. Slowly this one feels more aware. But it hopes to stay unfrozenunforzend for some time.”
“We shall see. It all depends on the situation”, 605 the always smooth troop leader smiled. He really didn’t want to be in the boots of the surplus Guardies. Some had been put to cryosleep after the Ukraine incident, some were fueling the labour pool for guard pioneer construction projects.
Slowly, the father became aware again. himself. He noticed, that he could move slowly. He was alone in a dark room, naked and tied to a chair, A lamp was shining into his face. His mouth felt dry.
On his forehead and on his chest he felt electrodes.

605 and 034 entered the room. 605 had removed his helmet. 034 kept it on . He did not want this subject to show his face and besides the distorted voice from the vocoder was also good to intimidate people.


605 remained behind 034 and watched the reactions of the detained subject on a pad.
Meanwhile entered 034 in the light and began the investigation:
“So Mr. Schneider, that was quite a nice show you put up. Really good and impressive for your t her son and your family. Unfortunately, not entirely credible in our eyes.”
“I don’t know anything”
“Sure. But unfortunately that would be failure. Your job is to know, remember?… Who is behind the explosion?”
“I don’t know.”
“Who was it?”
“I do not know.”
605 stepped into the light and held a cup with water to the mouth of Mr. Schneider. He drank. Then 605 asked: “You know everything going on in the district. Remember, you have given us full cooperation , so that we forget your little problems and those of your son.”
“Why have you stormed my house then and scared my family?”
“Well, not everyone has to know that you are our buddy? Your story is so much more credible this way, isn’t it?.” 034 replied. If there had been no vocoder one could have heard a sarcastic tone to his voice.
“So what do you know?”, 605 interjected into the conversation, playing along with beeing the more friendly one.
“Well, some time ago these new people moved to the old house in the Alice Schwarzer- Ally, first we thought they there Neohippies. But those were weird. They had far too much money. At first we thought they would renovate the house, because they bought building material and I saw them coming home with lots of food, but then nothing really happened with the building . They also celebrate no parties, that is not normal for Neohippies.”
“Since when are they around?”
“Approximately two months ago.”
“How many?”
“So it can not be more than four or five”.

605 looked on the pad, there was no indication that their informer was telling lies.

“So you’ will telling us every day what you can find out . You know our number . And you know what happens when you try to betray us.”
The Informant swallowed. His neighbor had been spying for the Guard. Then he wanted to get out, at least that was what he told him. The Guardies were not so enthusiastic. One day they came by and picked up his son. For months there was no news on the sun, he only answer they go were, that he was safe.. Later, his neighbor had told him that the son would now do his A-levels at a Guard Academy. That was two years ago. They all hoped he would come back soon.
“Yes I do”
605 and 034 left the room. The lights went out and after some time a Guardy came in and put the father in cuffs around the hands and the neck. He was led into another cell Which was already full of nude men waiting.

605 and 034 walked in lockstep to their next assignment. They had found out what they wanted to know and now the prison guards could release their informer. On their way they came by a group of residents from the mountain quarter. Several guardsman stood around them in their dark armour, helemts mounted, visors polarized and had the pain sticks extend. .
“OK, you can have it the easy way and cooperate or you can have it the painful way.” Said the leader of the troop. He and several others had pain sticks in their extended from their tank suits. “Undress and put your clothing into the boxes in front of you”. One resident objected and was hit by a pain stick. He yelled. Then he fell to the ground. A foul odor came from him. Now people noticed that he shit into his pants. The others started to undress. “Once you are finished line up”. Each of them was taken to another Guardy, this one without a tank suit just in his normal black rubber uniform. He carefully searched every persons cavities for anything hidden. “Next” while another one noted down things on a pad. All this procedure went on without any of the Guardies showing any kind of emotion. They were professional in handling their prisoners as they were coldly executing a program.
“We are putting in every effort to find your husband.” Said 605 via the direct helmet to helmet communication. He had put on his helmet again after they had left the interview room. It just felt better and safer to be encased in kevlar and armor. They both wen to join their family unit to continue the search.


The lights went back on in the cell with the informant and after some time a Guardy came in and put the father in cuffs around the hands and the neck. He was led into another cell Which was already full of nude men waiting.
“How long have you been in here?”
“Not sure, they took me from one of the neibouring houses. We were taken to the station. I didn’t know their station was so big. When we arrived they made us undress and we had do put our clothes into a container. They even searched our cavities.. One put a thing long thing into my back. Another one checked my mouth. I feel really bad” Since then we are waiting
In that moment the door opened. A bulky guardsman yelled: “Schneider, come with us.”
The informant went to leave the the group cell.
Someone yelled from the back: “When will we be allowed to leave? Why are we nude?”
The bulky guardsman yelled back: “Silence, or else.”
The guardsman took him by his cuffs and chains and let him through the long corridors, up some stairs into another room.
“Here are your clothes, put them back on”. He unfastened the chains and cuffs and put a container with the informants name onto a metal table and watched him dress up. Then he resnapped handcuffs to him. “Sorry, these are the rules” The bulky guy then escorted him out of the building through a courtyard to the concrete wall. Both went into a air lock. First the doors to the guard compoundcompund closed. Then the Guardy released the handcuffs and then Schneider was allowed to leave. He feltfeld glad to be out again.

033 slowly woke up. His head hurt. He felt unable to move. The last thing he rememberd there was a big explosion. It was dark.
“GUMS: sitrep”. There was no response from his GUMS earpiece. He wasn’t even sure if it was still in his ear. 033 felt pain. Where was he? What had happened? He fell asleep again.

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