Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty: Chapter 6


Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty: Chapter 6
Despite their heavy amour suits A-8007-399-034 and his brothers diligently carried the debris away. With their helmets and their dark matte suits they looked like ants. Ants that took away pieces of rubble, mechanized and without any kind of non necessary movement. The Guardies felt pride to be part of such an effective machine.

Some time ago, one of the probes had discovered a body under the building. Their commander had told them and inspired them to be even more determined in their digging. Between the digging Guardies a logistics Guardsman moved with a large tank mounted on the back of his armor suit and pumped fresh water and nutrient fluid into the tanks of the armored suits of his brothers. They in turn could suck on a little straw that was imbed in the helmet. The fluid supplied them with nutrients and kept them alert and strong.
At the road Guardmedics stood with an armored ambulance on the edge of the debris field and were ready to help anyone, once the debris had been removed.
“It’s 032”

“Try to activate the GUMS earpiece!”

“No answer, the battery is probably empty”

“At least, the identification chip in the hand responds.

Now there were only a few pieces of debris.

“Careful, now is the most instabel time.”

“What’s this?”

“Looks like one of our berets.”

Through GUMS the digger made a report to he incident commander. With his hand he stroked the dust away from the inside. The label with an QR Code, an inventory number and the mark of 033 became visible.

“Now we have A-8007-399-032”

The medics carefully transferred A-8007-399-032 on a stretcher and checked his body. Several monitors were attached to him, so that they could monitors his vitals. 032s uniform what dirty at various points, but the material had remained strong.

032 could only moan and whimper in pain.

With a special set the medics broke through the uniform and gave him medication.

Then they put him to sleep so that he did not feel any more pain.

The tanked ambulance car speed off to the next hospital.
A-8007-399-034 continued digging. He felt much more encouraged now. If there was his husband’s beret his husband had to be somewhere down here as well.
A short burst from GUMS interrupted the digging Guardies: “We have found our Guardbrother A-8007-399-032 he is taken to hospital right now.” 034 could feel how the anal plug pulsated and saw how all of his brothers enjoyed the feeling of stimulation given to them as a reward. After a short break enjyoing their reward everyone took to digging again with new found energy.



“Open the door, this is the Guard.” The black tank suit clad guardsman nocked at the door. Left and right of him stood two more guardsman with their needler weapons drawn.

There was no reaction from the inside.

“Requesting permission for a warrantless intrusion into private property and search according to European Criminal Procedure Law §103b in connection with application number 2045/456789”, the squad leader dictated via radio into his GUMS headset. Without delay, the deep and comforting voice of GUMS responded. “Approval granted.”


Two more tank suited muscle packages opened the door more or less effortlessly. They had a routine and executed it flawlessly, well trained automatons they were. Under their helmets very little individual features could be made out. Sometimes one saw the color of the skin of the face or the eyes but nothing more. And despite that most guardsmen were well built mountains of muscle.

The squad stormed into the apartment.

“On the floor, on the floor”, the squad leader yelled through the vocoder. But there was no one in the empty apartment to lie on the floor. Never the less the squad looked into every room and searched the apartment. Like most buildings in these parts of the mountain quarters.

“Ok, next apartment, same game there. But we leave a sensor box back here, just to see what is going on.”

The squad left the apartment, put a seal on the door and a new lock and a sticker informing the possible owners of what had happened.


Another building somewhere in the Mountain quarter. “Open the door, this is the Guard.” The black tank suit black guardsman nocked at the door. Left and right of him stood two more guardsman with their needler weapons drawn.

The door was opened. The guardsman standing in front pushed his boot into the door, kicked it opened and the rushed in.

“Down, downs, on the floor, on the floor… Hands where we can see them.”

There was an elderly couple inside a dated but clean and orderly flat. When they had stormed into the building a side table had fallen over and some vase that lay there had broken.

“Please don’t do anything. We have nothing to hide.”

“911 and 912 check other rooms.”

“What do you want?”

“where are your I.D cards?”

“On side board, in our wallets.”

The squad leader made a gesture for another Guardy in his armor suit to search the rubble of the side board for the ID cards and check them.

“So tell us what do you know about the explosion?”, the squad leader said.

Meanwhile he made his armor suit retract the face plate so that his face could be seen. Something that he had noticed gave people more trusting outlook. He turned on his concerned but friendly face.

“I don’t know anything. We only heard about it in the news.”

The questioning continued. His brothers looked for contraband or illegal material.

“What is this book? The European police state? Do you have license for such literature?”

“No we don’t.”

“Citizen that is an offense, you know that…. But we will close an eye if you promise to cooperate with us… 911 destroy this book.”

“Yes, yes we will cooperate. We didn’t even read it, I just found it on the street.”

“Well, let me just tell you, we will record this.”

“If I hear anything I’ll tell you.”

The book was taken along and would be burnt on the street.

“Thanks again for your cooperation, citizens,” the squad leader said his goodbye at the door with a mock salute and pushed a business card into the hand of the women.

“If you hear something about the incident, call us at this number. There is also my tag on the card so you can refer to me and even evaluate our visit. Sorry that your TV broke and for your furniture. If you wish we can send someone around to repair your door. Just give us a signal, citizen. ”

Wordlessly and still under shock the women closed the door.


G-7555-277-760 stood in the command center and watched on video screens how the operations in the mountain quarters ensured. On several screens he could see feed from drones on others helmet cams and telemetry from troops searching houses. Meanwhile they had unfrozen a number of reservists and also got drone support. He watched over the shoulder of a rubber clad operator sitting in a chair, directing operations. Gently he stroked this guardsman’s shoulders and slightly massaged the neck. Every good guard commander was supposed to show physical affection to his inferiors. Despite the fact that operations center Guardies were not as muscled up as their brothers for street duty, they were lean and strong. This one spotted a short fuzz of red hair. 760 allowed his inferiors hair if he like how it looked, often as some kind of reward.

His wheat blond adjutant C-7555-277-761 approached him. And stood silently next to him. From he beginning 761 had been his partner and they had progressed together. He 760 had been more successful in his career, but behind every successful guardsman there was a partner that supported him. This partner was also his adjutant.

“What do you think?”

“761 thinks”, he always used the formal way of address when others were around, “that we have to make sure there is not excess in dealing with the situation. Everyone should calm down and remain professional.” 761 pointed to the telemetry of some of the Guardsman displayed on the screens. Some showed quite heavy emotional involvement.

“That is very good thought. What do you suggest?”

“Well even with us, there are feelings, but we know how to keep them under control and how to help our brothers to keep them in check.”

“A dose of cool down for the troops?”


G-7555-277-760 approached one of the operators in the ops center. And tapped him on the shoulder. The ebony skinned guardsman turned his attention to him. He wore a red cross bandana on his left upper arm. “We need to clam down the troops. See that everyone in the field gets a dose of cool down”

“Aye, sir”

“You know that I don’t like using it?” he turned again tot 761.

“Well, yes, this one knows it can turn you into a zombie and has side effects. But it is a wise decision”.

“Yeah… How do you like our newest operator?”

“The red haired kid?,” 761 looked at him.

“Quite an ass, he has. If he does well, we should invite him to threesome.”

The commander laughed. It was important to bond with his men and have some fun.



The troop had proceeded to a more populated part of the mountain quarters. The houses were clearly in better conditions and well kept. As in most streets these days in Europe there were few private cars, driving was simply expensive and in the economically depressed mountain quarters very few people could afford a car. So the sight of a tank Guard Troop transporter was nothing really new for the citizen but also not a sight you wanted to see, necessarily.

C-0500-878-605 communicated with the section commander. Two more troops had arrived in front of the building as well. GUMS informed the Guardsmen via their Helmet displays about the plan for storming the building. Tactical information was displayed and a schematic. The commander talked to them about the plan. As GUMS had set them into a special state of mind, they were receptive. A-8007-399-034 woke up. He knew it was the best to instinctively do what he felt right.

“Go” yelled the commander. Another troop stormed into the pub first and yelled “down, downd”. The hatch of the armored personal carrier opened and they stormed into building. There was a pub. Most patrons had thrown themselves to the ground. Another troop stormed down into the basement to search it. 034 and 605 very busy handcuffing everyone with zip ties. Step by step the tied up bundles were carried outside. All was over in less then 10 minutes.

GUMS ordered 605 and 034 back into their personal carrier. They both were tired and sat down. GUMS rewarded their successful mission with a delightful swelling and stimulating of their buttplug. They drove off to the next site.



In front of the house stood a tanked ambulance. Two guard medic in their rubber suits waited and a third Guardsman secured the scene with a needler rifle. Well the the two medics carried a needler as well on heir hip. Guard medics were able to fight as well. Even through they were more the lean fit type then the massively muscular. Both had similar faces and clear shaven skulls.

The only difference their uniform made, was the red cross armband.

The troop just came back from searching another house.

“What are you doing here?”, asked C-0500-878-605. Under his mirrored visor his brothers couldn’t see his smile and the vocoder distorted his voice into a neutral standard obedience inducing Guardsman voice.

“We have come to help you. You will get Cooldown”, replied the medic with his blue barett and the red cross bandana on his defined upper arm.

Meanwhile the entire troop had arrived and opened their helmet visors. “What’s going on?”

“We are getting a dose of cool down,” said 605. “Ok just give me my dose first, not that I’m a big fan but if our superior consider it necessary then.”

“You don’t even have to open the helmets, we can give it directly to your butt plug into the anus. The mucosa there will much faster process it.


“Is that really necessary? I don’t like that stuff. One feels like put into wadding. I usually feel sick when I get it.”

“It’s total zombification. Just look at the guys from the control center, they take it every day I heard and they are totally GUMS dependent. No single thought of their own.”

“Squad stop the backtalk we are in the Guard not in some kind of hippie discussion circle. We are tools for the Guard.  Service without autonomy is true freedom”, barked the 605 slightly nerved a popular line.

“Obedience is pleasure” the troop answered as one.

“Attention Squad”. The troop reacted like one. They pushed their arms down behind their back and locked the shoulders into place. They braced and pushed their chest out and held the heads up high. Not all of that was clearly visible under the heavy armor.

“Step forward” the medic said.

One guards after the other stepped forward, turned around. Then the injectors was connected to the access hatch to the butt plug and the medication given.

605 noticed how everything got grayer, his heartbeat was slower, he relaxed.

It was advisable to leave the troop a little bit in the attention position to see what happened. B-8560-897-223 faced turned ashen and he vomited the content of his stomach onto the street. C-8560-897-221 face seemed equally bad but he manage to suppress the urge to vomit. Usually GUMS should suppress such malfunctions of the body.

“Are you reservists?” the medic asked.

“Yes, we both are, just unfrozen yesterday.”

“Mhh, the cool down can make this, it does not go well with the after effects. Do you want something against the nauseous feeling?”


“The medic pushed another fluid through the butt plug into the both reservist guardsman.”

Both of their faces looked better.

“Have a safe and calm rest of shift.” the medic grinned. They would feel calm now.

The medic touched B-8007-399-034 gently onto his helmet, a warm feeling streamed through him.

“Does anyone of you want to drink some nourishment fluid?”

All Guardies went to the nourishment dildos mounted on the side of the ambulance and sucked a little bit.

The squad thanked the medic: “Thank you. Unity. Brotherhood. Obedience. We exist for the Guard.”

The medic replied: “Our service brings true freedom.”

The troop left in lock step to the next building.

Both medics stood by the ambulance for a second: “The Cooldown is really strict”,

“Well, I usually have no trouble with it, but this is the results if you first let the grunts loose and now you have to catch them.”

They mounted back into the ambulance and drove to the next troop.


At the site of rubble, not so many more guardsman were digging. Mostly a couple of reservists had taken over the very mechanical task. But the news reachded the command center fastly that something was found.

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