Guardsman on Duty: chapter 7

“In the area of the enemy”

„At attention“, the strong voice of the commander echoed on the parade grund at the Guardstation.

A-8007-399-034 pushed out his chest, faced forward and put his feet to a 45° angle and kept his gloved hands clenched, as a sign of his readiness to fight. He stood at the edge between the Guardies in their tank suits, the helmets on belts and their heads covered by berets. Unknown to anyone 034 had started wearing the beret of his husband as a way of keeping 033 close to him.

Left of him stood all the Guardies who didn’t wear any tanks suits: Logistics, medics, technicians, interrogation specialist, command staff. They wore their dark rubber matte suits, their toned and trained bodies were proudly displayed.

Sometimes 034 envied his brothers who didn’t leave the station and had a relaxed live on the Guardstation. No dirt, normal working hours, no heavy tank suits. But when he had talked to one of them in his free hour about it, they had told him that they often had a monotonous service. One told him he had moved so often from Guard station to Guard station and had always just seen the grey concrete walls. Never really the city or anything from the countryside. The only time he had left the station was for a group run. So their days were simply work, sports, family unit room and pretty bland.

Right of him were one of the newly defrosted reservists. Most of them had defrosted in a dual sense. They got color in their faces and they had started talking. In the beginning they were really like robots and more or less only responded to commands or GUMS. But now some of them had become really lively. Most had been frozen after the Ukraine situation had calmed down and the full integration and pacification had beens successful. C-8560-897-221 had told him many stories about the service back then and how his police unit had been integrated into the Guard and he had come to enjoy this lifestyle. 034 had also started to share his bed whit 221. Not only for sleeping but also for cuddling together and other brotherly duties.

The commander took to the stage. He himself wore his tank suit. Not all commanders wore tank suita, many who came directly from the Guard academy hadn’t been fitted out whit those. But their commander had risen through the Guard from normal A rank and so had a tank suit. He wore it proudly. And whenever 034 saw him he felt a deep respect and affection. His face looked even more determined then usual.

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„Guardsmen, Brothers.
Let me give you an update on the situation: Unfortunately we haven’t found our brother 8007-399-033 yet. But our efforts continue! We are searching the houses in the mountain quarter and we have found his beret. This gives us hope. We also found a tunnel. We must assume 8007-399-033 has been kidnapped and taken away. This is not a good situation. We must fear he is being tortured and mistreated.
This one vows to you that we will not rest until our brother has returned into the fold of our family and is being returned to his husband.… (The commander made a dramatic pause)
Unity. Brotherhood. Obedience.“

All the guardsman replied: „We exist for the Guard“

The commander continued: „But there is not only bad news. We have found 8007-399-032 he is unconscious but on the road to recovery. Guardsman are strong and tough. As soon as we can interview him, we will do so and try to find out what he knows.
But let me draw some conclusions: What looked like an accident, is now an event we have to assume was being conducted by a terror group. A terror group that has turned against the Guard and thus the entire Union state. But we will not fall for the trap they have provided for us, we will find our brother.
But I have to tell you: We must assume that the population in the mountain quarters collaborates with the kidnappers. We will not give in to this. we will step up our patrols in the neighborhood. We will continue to wear armored suits and closed visors. We must be vigilante from now on. That means if someone leaves the guard station, than only in groups of three, all leave and rest is canceled until further notice. (another dramatic pause)
We have the law on our side.
Thank you for your service and your good work so far.”
All the guardsman replied: “Unity. Brotherhood. Obedience. We exist for the Guard.”
The Commander replied: „Dismissed.”

Family unit by family unit the Guardsman left the parade grounds.


033 woke up in his room. So far the kidnappers had been kind to him. There was no sign of torture so far. It was strange to wake up and go to sleep without the help of his GUMS earpiece. No gentle buzz that lulled him gently to sleep and no gently waking up in the morning next to a husband or other Guardsman that was usually snuggled up to you. Just a lonely bed. And then there were the sheets. No rubbery material that hugged your skin and was hygienic and self cleaning. Just this strange linen. He hadn’t slept in normal cotton bed linen since he had joined up. The first two days it had been really hard. Luckily this night he hadn’t peed in bed during his sleep as the first nights. He was not sure if it had been from his weakness. In the Guard his underwear and GUMS had controlled this functions. That had made it so much easier.

Without his brothers and GUMS he felt so lonely. There was no soothing voice that told him what to do, that encouraged him, that he could turn to if he had questions and that gave answers. Just silence. He tried to push the silence away and started to recite a mantra: “service – silence – obedience – duty – politeness – poverty – duty – politeness – poverty – structure – service – silence, obedience – duty – politeness – poverty – structure- service -silence – obedience – duty – politeness – poverty, structure,…”

His repetition must have made his nurse pay attention to him. The door to his room opened and she entered with a tray. The door was locked from the outside.

She put the try on a little table next to his bed.

„How are you doing?“, she asked with a kind smile.

„This Guardsman is doing ok. This one feels week.“

„How did you sleep?“

„Thank you, This one slept well. This one didn’t wake up. You should really bring me back to the Guardstation. This one would make sure that you are not punished.“

„I don’t think so. But let us now have some breakfast: I made you a nice muesli and some tea. You have to eat. Otherwise you will never recovery. Did you have these cramps again?“

„No they did not occur.“

She gently touched the skin. „And the fever is also gone…Let me help you sit up.“ She helped him sit to the side of the bed.“ and placed the bowl with muesli and tea on the bed stand.

„Do you need help?“ The other days she had to feed him with the spoon and give him tea. But today it seemed 033 was able to hold the spoon himself. He dug into the bowl of muesli.

„What is it?“


033 remembered muesli. One of the support Guardies had shown him what they had put into the food paste blenders for the nourishment dildos. Sometimes for the mornings it was a protein based muesli like substance. Sometimes during midday it had tasted after vegetables and on very rare occasions even after eggs or fish.

How should he eat that. Food from plates was only very rarely served at Guardstations. Only at important events. And then it was mostly stew or soup.

„What are you waiting for? Aren’t you hungry?“

„This one is just thinking on how to eat it.“

The nurse laughed. „With the spoon, maybe?“

033 carefully moved the spoon to his mouth. Sometimes he still felt week and stupid.

„Drink of the tea.“

„Usually in the Guard we just get our nourishment pumped into our stomached. That is faster and not such a hassle.“

The nurse laughed.

„You are so nice to me, I have never met a women that is so nice.“


„Well in the Guard…“ he stopped. Should he really say that the superior women that ultimately controlled the Guard were never so nice and helped and cared. The nurse had even gently stroked his cheek. 033 had finished his food. And the nurse had left the room.

She came back with some clothing, jogging pants and a Tshirt and a big bowl filled with water. And a washcloth.

„Here wash yourself.“

Washing himself was a strange feeling for 033. In the Guard you always washed your Guardbrother. Your body was not yours but that of the Guard and you took care of each other and of each others bodies. So it felt somehow unnatural to clean yourself. He took the washcloth and dipped it into the bowl. The water was hand warm. He washed his face. Somehow he noticed that he had a stubble of hair on it. If felt scratchy and not as nice and smooth as he was used to be.

„Do you want me to help you?“

„This one can wash itself.“

The nurse handed him a dry towel.

„Put this on.“

„This one wants to have his uniform back.“

„That is not possible I fear. It was destroyed.“ For a moment 033 was out of breath. How was that possible. The rubber clothing was flame, stabbing and bullet resistant. How could it be destroyed and he be alive. It was also the best feeling fabric he had ever worn in his life. It regulated temperature, sweat and was so soft and strong at the same time. You never froze when you wore it.

„Do you need help?“

033 took the pants and the T-shirt. They felt itchy and smelled strangely. Civilian clothes. He hand’t worn civilians clothes since his induction. Even the parade uniforms which were from cloth very worn above the R-Class uniforms. He put on the T-shirt and then reluctantly stepped into the pants.

„Is there anything?“

„It just feels strange. I don’t like the feeling of it on my skin. Its itchy and uncomfortable.“ Never the less it was better to wear some clothing, as he was feeling a little bit cold in this basement.

„I guess you are just not used to it anymore.“

„Yes, indeed. Thank you for the help and the food, but you should really let this one go the Guard will find me, they are looking after their members.“

The nurse drew a sad smile. „Yes they are looking for you, But they are not really caring. They just want you back to be heir mindless drone.“

„This one is not a drone. This one is proud to be a Guardsman and to serve the Union State. Are you proud of anything? Or are you just sitting at home living from your citizen’s income and committing crime?“

The nurse laughed. „Just look at what they did to you? You can’t even eat yourself, you got tattooed and don’t even know how to wear normal clothes.“

„”Civilian codes of living are inferior.“ Although 033 had to admit himself he was a little bit helpless. But maybe this was from the explosion.

„Look at me doesn’t this one look good? Lean, muscled, strong?“

„Well yes, you are well muscled but certainly you need some more time to recover.“

The door to the underground room opened and a tall man in about his 30s came in. He turned to the nurse: „I told you not to talk to him so much.“ He had dark brown hair, cut in a fashionable way and was dressed in unassuming clothing. 033 looked at the man bewildered.

„So you are Guardsman D-8007-399-033?“ The man used his full designation.

„Yes. And this one requests to be taken to the Guard.“

„Not so soon my friend.“

„This one sees not reason why he is kept here. This actions could amount to kidnapping a government officer and there would be harsh punishment for this.“

„Indeed, I see. But well don’t you want to know who has kidnapped you?… My name is Paul Herder.“


„You may have noticed in the past days that you felt bad, that you had fever and were sick and unable to do a lot?“

„Yes, this one must have been sick.“

„Well, not sick. These are withdrawal symptoms from the medication you are being given in the Guard. And you have withdrawal symptoms from the little earbuds they make you wear all the time.“

„That is not true. GUMS helps and guides us, its our friend.“ 033 thought, yes. He must have been without his normal medication now for a couple of days.

„It also mind controls you, but you will recognize this, trust me.“

„Our lifestyle in the Guard is superior to that of civilans. We give our service to the Union State and security of its citizen. It is very efficient, yes indeed we are freed tfromt many many things and don’t have to worry and we keep our minds and bodies sharp.

„Indeed they make you do that. Just think a little bit back, well I know you are not used to thinking and to contemplating because you are either told what to do and if you are not you start repeating these mantras. Its to make you stop thinking because that is what they fear most.“

033 tried not to react and simply let the kidnapper talk. Maybe he could find out who they were. „And why do you think they control all your bodily functions: shitting, pissing, why do they put a plug into your ass? Why do they take away your name? Why do they take away your identity? I mean you had a name.“

„Well this one likes the lifestyle and this one likes his guard brothers.“

„In some ways you have made to be babies again. Babies with guns and weapons that are used to suppress the population. Just try to life a normal life. We will help you.“

The leader smirked and left the room. The nurse followed him.

033 was astonished and felt good to be alone.


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