Guardsman on duty: chapter 8


6010409443_05c234fca8_b033 woke up from the sunlight streaming into his room. Most Guard family unit rooms in the barracks had windows that went dark when the guardsman didn’t need to wake up and the rooms got light only when GUMS woke them up. He stood up. He felt so much better today then the previous days. Getting out of bed was not possible without any help. But the feeling was different. When GUMS woke you up you always felt refreshed and awake, here it was more a slow process. At least the pain and fever he had had in the first days were gone. Was this really a withdrawal syndrome from the Guard medication? 033 remembered, yes he took pills every morning like any other guardsman. But this was also to get the muscles grow and increase his productivity and service capability. It also made you more focused. Here he had noticed that his thoughts were often wandering. Wandering to his husband. How was he? He missed going to bed with him, cuddling and waking up in the morning with him. He also missed when he cleaned him and fondeld his body and touched him gently. Always so caring and always so interested in his husband looking good and strong.

Now there was this strange feeling of emptiness. The butt plug had been taken away from him and thus the only connection he had to his husband. Worse was that without the control of GUMS he had started touching and feeling around his penis and asshole. He felt so sinful. Nearly had he cummed yesterday night and that without an order from a superior officer. Luckily he had caught himself and some mantras had helped to calm him down.

But then there were these worse feelings. In the Guard there was always this companionship of GUMS the gentle system watching you speaking words of wisdom and encouragement. Now this voice was gone. He felt alone and at times he was afraid he would die, either thrugh the fever or that the rebels would kill him. In the Guard he had never had these thoughts, but then he had barely time to think. You did your work, your exercised, you passed your free hour every day with your brothers and then you went to sleep.

There was a nocking on the door. And he could here how the lock was opened. The nurse came in and carried a tray with his breakfast.

“Oh you are already awake and sitting on the bed. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes.” The other days 033 had not been able to leave the bed alone. Today he had gone up alone and sat next on the bed. It felt strange to have his body covered in these clothes, but they didn’t feel as itchy anymore as they used to.

In his room there was a little table with to chairs and the nurse put the breakfast there. She walked over to him and offered her hand. 033 was afraid to touch and tried to walk on his own. Some very slow steeps he made it to the chair and sat down. In front of him was a bowl of muesli, some tea and a fruit.

“I was not sure what you liked.”

“Guardsman do not care about their food. We eat to be healthy and strong, not to lust for pleasures.”

The nurse laughed. “Ok then you will like whatever we give you.”

033 took the spoon and started eating the muesli.

“I put some berries into it today, do you taste them?” The nurse asked.

“Yes, this one thinks that this tastes differently from yesterday.” He tried not to get distracted from the taste but concentrate on eating. Eating with a spoon, he had not done so in the Guard. Was it that the kidnappers tried to make him a civilian again? With all these lazy habits?

“Drink some of the tea!” The nurses instructed him. “Its not to hot, I checked.”

Yesterday he had tried to drink some tea, but it was way to hot and he had burnt his mouth. This time he tested first with his finger.

“Yes, 033 can drink this.” 033 took the coup and carefully drank from it.

He finished eating his breakfast.

“I see you are strong enough, so I will help you with washing today.”

The little room he had kept also had a toilet and a shower. Both went in and the nurse turned on the light. 033 twitted.

“What is it?” 033 pointed to the mirror.

“That is a mirror?”.


“This is 033, this is me.” 033 looked at the mirror and was amazed. There were no mirrors in Guard washrooms. You always went in with another Guardsman and he looked at you and checked that you looked properly. This was strange. He had remembered how he looked when he had joined but now he saw himself. He starred. His head and checks had now a scruff of dark blonde brownish hair. He was slim and well muscled. On his right chest was his tag number tattooed in. The first time he saw it really. So when he had seen himself maybe reflected in a window or in a car mirror he had always seen himself in a dark black rubber suit, encased but exposed. Now he saw himself nude.

“In the Guard, we don’t have these mirrors.”

The nurse was as amazed as him, but didn’t say anything. After some time. She suggested he take the toothbrush. “But toothbrushes do you have?” “Yes, of course. But we do not brush out teeth ourselves, our brother does that for us and I brush those of my brother.” “Well, I can brush your teeth but better you do it yourself…. Let’s see.” 033 started using the toothbrush, of course he remembered doing it himself. Strange, these rules. He remembered in the beginning that he had found it strange to wash someone else and get washed but during his training he had accepted that this was just the way it was done. Why? He had never asked himself. It occurred to him: maybe to show how you were dependent on each other and to emphasis brotherhood.

He stroked over his cheeks and felt a stubble.

“Can this one have?”

“Better not, you could hurt yourself… But go under the shower and wash yourself.”

033 stepped under the shower. There didn’t seem to be a sensor, so he had turn the water on himself, it was difficult to find a good temperature. He feared he would not get enough water, as in the guard it was strictly limited. He turned of the water and looked for soap. There didn’t seem to be a liquid soap, only a bar. It was unusual to use that to soap him but he managed. Then he turned the water back on. There didn’t seem to be a time limit. On the water.

“Are you finished?” The nurse asked.

“This one is finished.”

“Do you have to go onto the toilet?”

033 had nearly forgotten. Usually GUMS would tell him to visit a sanitary saddle and that would open his penis clamp and the analplug would retract and clean out his colon. Now there was no such thing. He remembered to keep his ass closed now.

He sat on the toilet and tried to empty his bowls and bladder. He had to concentrate. He had to press.

Some time passed.

The nurse entered the bathroom. “Don’t forget to clean your ass and wash your hands afterwards.”

033 stood up and cleaned himself thoroughly. Then he washed his hands again. What an inefficient way.

She handed him new clothes. Jogging pants and a tracksuit jumper. And some cotton underwear. That was strange. At least the cotton didn’t itch.

The nurse watched him getting dressed.

That moment the door to room was pushed open violently. The leader stepped in. “What are you doing with him?”, he yelled at the nurse.

“Just helping to get dressed.”

“Hurry, we have to move, they will search the quarter, we have to move.”, the leader motioned to the nurse to come closer. “I don’t want you to talk to him so closely, he is our prisoner. Don’t forget that.”

B-8007-399-034, C-0500-878-605, C-8560-897-221 and B-8560-897-223 waited dressed up in their tank suits in the back of an Armored Personal Carrier. They had been sitting there for quite some time now. Outside it was pitch dark and they only knew that they had awoken earlier then usual and told to dress up in their tank suits. Then they and heaps of over family units had boarded an APC and nothing had happened.

„Any idea why we are here and not outside, searching houses?“, 034 asked.

„Our superiors have their reasons. Trust and obedience.“, 605 answered and smiled.

221 and 223 replied like one: „Duty brings pleasure“. Yes the old mantras from the basic training were always good to remember.

That moment a slight buzz in their earpieces brought them to full attention level. The voice of their commander spoke to them. Sincere, trustworthy, inspiring, as the voice of a good commander you instinctively wanted to follow: „Brothers. Tonight we start operation Derbent. Guard pioneers and you will put a wall and a fence around the mountain quarters. People will still be able to enter and exit the area, but we will control who and when. We will also control what people take in and out. We have clear intelligence that D-8007-399-033 is still in the mountain quarter. Once we have control over the access to it, it is only a matter of time. GUMS will assign your specific tasks.“ 034 was feeling much better. With this they would find his husband and then both to them would be united again.

The vehicle started to drive and was joined by a truck with metal prefab wall segments on it. Both raced to their designation points. Once arrived, 605 yelled: „Out“. The clamps in the APC that connected their bodies and armor suits to the vehicle seats opened and all of them sprang out.

The truck unloaded two crates of metal barriers and immediately the Guardies starting putting them up, closing a road. It was late in the night and so no people were out on the streets.

Once the Guardies were finished at one place they hurried to the next.

„Quick, Quick. We need to have this finished by dawn.“ 605, who had taken control of the family unit in absence of 033 was making them go faster. Whenever one piece of road had been closed or one task finished GUMS rewarded them with a swelling and pulsing of their anal plugs.

At other points all around the perimeter the same scenes happened. Guardsman sprang out of Personal Carriers, put up the metal barriers with barbed wire on top, put control sensor to it. The wall was quick to put up more then 3 meters in height. Usually a couple of guardsmen would be stationed to protect it. The wall had the same grey color then Guard vehicles with the a shield and 12 stars printed to it and a warning in yellow: Safety wall, stay away, trespassing is prohibited and will be punished.

When one section of the wall was finished, some guardsmen were left back to guard it and others ran to the next road, filed or whatever free space that needed to be blocked.

Meanwhile in the control room G-7555-277-760 watched while 761 read out and noted on an electronic board which roads had been closed.

“The intersection at Alice-Schwarzer-street and Elfride-Jelinek road have been closed, that means we have closed 85% of the roads going in and out?”

“How are the the smaller roads?”

“All shut and there are guards stationed there.”

“How are checkpoints coming along?”

“We are having a vehicle checkpoint and the northern end of Alice-Schwarzer-Street, that will be the only place where civilian vehicles will be allowed to go in an out, after screening of course. We have ordered for vehicle scanners but they will only arrive next week.

Besides that we we have personal gate next to the tram and bus stops. These have been finished and manned with Guards since 5:30. We also expect to get full-height turnstiles for these tomorrow afternoon, so that the controlling can be more safe.”

“Good. That leave only the sewage system, but we should get sensors and stuff for that tonight, position Guardies in there.”

G-7555-277-760 approached a black skinned guardsman with a red cross bandana and tipped him on the shoulder. “Report”

“Sir Guards deployed start to show signs of fatigue.” He pointed out to some statistics on the screen.

760 turned to his adjutant: “Withdraw the troops not buss right now either with putting up the fences or guarding them. Let them get some rest back at the station.”

Then he turned again to the operator: “Authorize the use of stay awake”

“Aye, sir.”

“This one better prepares for the announcement.”



Dawn had broken. Few people were up. And there was already a queue at the control station leading towards the tram stops.

“Citizen, stay calm, show your ID, open your bags.” A deep male voice said through a loudspeaker.

“ID…. Look into to biometric scanner.” The guardsman held the ID to a hip mounted scanner and looked at the stats through the HUD in his helmet. A quick glance through the citizens bag pack.


The guardsman motioned with his finger for the citizen to move through the gate.



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