Chapter 11 – life in the Guard


Chapter 11 – life in the Guard
So this was the work for today. Another 15 hours spend awake and fulfilling in serving the citizens of Europe, the Commander thought to himself, when he signed out of his office and handed over the operations to the next shift. He stood up and walked out of his office to one of the food dispensaries. Then he queued in line and when it was his time, knelt, the machine registered his identity from the chip in the hand and pumped his evening meal through the food dildo straight into his stomach. Then he wiped the dildo clean.

Spoke the words of thanks to Mother Guard, went to the medication dispenser, got hisi two pills and took them in front of the Guardsman who supervised the entire station.

No matter what rank, certain things were the same, discipline applied to all.

He entered the quarters of the senior Guardsman. These were a little less spartan then those of the normal grunts but still there was no luxury wasted. His partner and adjutant waited for him.

“I have taken the liberty to invite someone over for our free hour. Someone we can have fun with.”

“Uiii. That is a surprise.”

“I thought after the recent events it would be good to have something to take our mind off and relax a little, besides you know we should bond with the troops.”

The door to their family unit quarter opened. Kneeling in front of the  bed was a chiseled youngish looking Guardsman with a short fuzz of red hair. D-7006-142-187 looked down on the floor.”


„Ah the one we talked about, our new ops center guardy.“

„Yes you expressed some interest and isn’t it good to know to get our troops to know more personally.

The Commander and the adjutant opened their rubber uniforms, orderly hung it to the metal locker, undressed and stowed away their duty kits.

Then the Commander stood in front of his new underling.

“Lift your chin, I want to see your face.”

“Aye, sir”

“oh a Scotsman?”

“This one comes from the region known as Scotland in the union state.”

“The union is one”

“Yes, Europe is one, we serve no matter where we come from, uniformity in looks and mind”

D-7006-142-187 was still unsure with his new Commander. What did he want? How would he treat him?

The Commander lowered his hands on the shoulders of the kneeling 187 and started to massage them. The Commander had strong hands. And once he knelt as well, his adjutant started massaging him as well.

His hands traveled downwards, softly massaging the manpubes and the arms. While the adjutant was gently stroking the skull and at intervals ( massaging the feet of 187.

Unbeknown to 187 the adjutant had arranged for the evening pills to contain some sexual stimulant. Well of course the Commander knew and the adjutant knew, but not their knight bunny.

“GUMS open the underwear of 7006-142-187, 7555-277-760 and  7555-277-761.”

With a slight plop the seals of their underwear opened. Gently the adjutant removed the butt plug from 187’s ass, then took the penile sheath away. He then did the same with the Commander’s and his own. The Commander gently guided 187 lean and freckled body to the bed. While a 761 took care of more practical matters and first put a condom on his penis, and then helped the other two with suiting up. Even though Guardsman were regularly tested for disease, it was still not permissible to fuck without protection. The punishment would be severe.


187 turned around on his belly. Now the Commander’s large and swollen penis could enter  his ass. And so did he. The wearing of butt plugs proved beneficial, as it widened the rear end so to speak and sensitized the area. The Commander entered 187 several times.

“I’m coming, sir.”

Sex was short. Usually the Guardys had their genitals locked away without and possiblity of touching them. So when they were released a lot of sexual energy was unleashed. And then both shot their load. Now it was time for the adjutant who blew 187 into heaven. 187 shot again.


“Now you have arrived here completely.”

All three lay exhausted on the bed and had cuddled under the rubber like linen to each other for some time.

“So how do you like your work here at the operations center?”

“Very well, sir”

“That is very good. But you have to tell your Commander everything.”

“May I speak freely, sir?”

“Sure, and when we are among us three you do not have to finish every sentence with sir, I know they make you do that at the cadre courses but here you can be more relaxed. You know as a D you are not only here for executing orders and obeying, you have to think and anticipate…”

“Well may I offer my thinking. I have been thinking why we have not found our lost brother D-8007-399-033? And then a very dark thought has come to me. It might be possible that he has turned? I know its remote but there have been cases before that Guardsman wanted to leave or where not content with their work or situation to turn away.  D-8007-399-033 was used as a contact to the people in the quarter so he might have arranged for his kidnapping or for himself to get lost.”

“Mhhh.” The Commander thought and gently stroked 187 who lay in the middle between him and his adjutant.

761 the adjutant answered: “that is difficult to believe  8007-399-033 was always performing well and we never had trouble.”

“Maybe we should go through the logs and see if there has been anything suspicious. I mean there is a reason GUMS records everything we say and from the tank suits also what we see.”

“Should we send the entire family unit for some reconditioning? Just make sure they are on line and loyal? Or keep them on this station for duties here…”

“Better to maybe to watch them and use them as bait.”


They cuddled a little bit more.

The commander stroke 187 body a little bit. “You should grow your head hair a little bit longer, you know with your rank its acceptable to have it longer a little bit styled.”


Then the door to the opened and the big brother of the senior Guardsman family unit entered. Although he was lower in rank then most of his little brothers be was still their brotherly figure and guide.

“I see you had some fun.” Their daily free hour, where every guardsman was allowed to do what he liked was nearly over. It would be bed time soon. GUMS took care for every guardsman to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

The Commander smiled. “Yes,.. our guest will stay for the night.”

“Good… let me just arrange that.”

After some time, the big brother came back and had the night earpieces of all three with them. He gave each of his little brother their respective good night kiss. Then he removed the day earpieces, placed them in their charging and cleaning cradle and put the night earpieces in.

“Good night.”

“Good night”

The slight buzzing of GUMS carried the three men to sleep.


The family unit marched in lock step towards the punishment park. Punishment park was a place every Guardstation had. Sometimes it was larger, sometimes smaller. The area was actually also the nicest place on the guard station. Where most buildings and places were grey and just utilitarian, the punishment park was a semi open place with spruce trees, ivy, and green space.

Now due to the many Guardies and the reservists out of their cold sleep it was rather crowded. Around the park were seating abilities for those off duty to watch and sit and chat with their Guard brothers. Then there was the central area where the punishment took place. It was also a popular hangoutplace and a cat walk lead overhead for those walking between the two main buildings of the guard station. It could be watched through mirrored windows from the ops center. On the sides there were Guardies sitting in their rubber uniforms, some in couples and holding hands, some actually kissing and making out, those were mostly the lower and younger Guardies, some sitting in groups and chatting or playing a game. Others were playing soccer or trying certain calisthenics things. In general this wast the area were most Guardies were when not on duty. Other were just sitting there and looking what was going on, others were cheering to some of the punished. As getting punished was part of the life of any Guardsman, often it was not big deal. If a guardsman really failed and was punished there were much harsher methods available. But also Punishment park was for certain rewards but also for fostering cohesion and meeting Guardsman outside the family unit and work.

“Attention”, 650 yelled. “prepare for execution of punishment”

GUMS opened the seals of their R-Class uniforms. They stepped out of them, hung them to orderly to lockers. Removed the boots, put them below and stowed it away. Now they were wearing nothing but their underwear. A configuration called the A-class uniform. In the guard being nude was just another uniform, that had its own regulations. Or as they said, “Your body belongs to the Guard, like you uniform, your mind and your destiny”.

In the area there were several teams of Guardies doing incentive training. Somewhere doing pushups, others burpees, another set was in a large treadmill. Some were planking. But all of them were nude, all had the sensory deprivation cups over their ears and eyes. Around the park other Guardies were sitting, watching, chatting and often bantering about their mates in punishment. Some were watching a screen that showed who was punished with what punishment how far they had been through, what time remained and their general score.

B-8560-897-223 came to 605 and handed him the sensory deprivation cups. Then they went to their place on the punishment park and attached a foot shackle to 605. Then the cup. First the one going over the ears, then a band that held the eyes cups, that would deprive them of any vision. Then a gag device into their mouth. 233 locked all in place.


Through the ear piece came the command: “Drop”. Then “Start”. 605 started. He didn’t bother counting as the earpiece would instruct him when to stop or offer friendly reminders to continue.

After some time, he heard “break” and stopped pushing. Again there was the command “start” and he started pushing again. He felt like meat, but being in the guard was about being good meat. Trained meat.

He noticed how sweat was pouring out of him. At some point again the command “break” came. This time he noticed that a funnel like pipe was pushed into his gag and water came. He drank. The water stopped.


605 started to push again. Even though Guardsman were trained well and fit. Doing 1000 push-ups was a challenge. But he dreaded what other kind of punishment there would be if he failed. So he pushed through.

Another try. Another try. Another try. 605 muscles failed.

A countdown started in front of his eyes. He knew he would get punished if he didn’t start again. He tried again. It worked.

Finally, a break.


He started again. It was difficult. Would he make it through this repetition?

Another try. Another try. Another try. 605 muscles failed. He was unable to do it. He didn’t get up anymore. A countdown appeared in his googles. He tried but he failed. He needed to rest more. A jolt of pain. Another jolt of pain. They came rhythmic. He tried again and pushed.

At some point again a the command “break” came. Then “Start”. He pushed and tried again.

Suddenly the monitor lenses in his sensory deprivation cups showed an image. There was a group of Guardsmen standing cheering. Yelling “up, up, up.” Whenever he did a push-up. This lifted his spirits.

He continued.

The voice in his head spoke: “End, your incentive training has been fulfilled”.

650 lay on the earth of the punishment park. He breathed heavily and sweat flowed down his body. Hands came around and removed the sensory deprivation cups, he was allowed to suck some fluid from a nutrition dildo. Other guardsman came and high-fived or fist bumped them.

650 turned around and saw that his brothers were finished as well. Around them was a crowed of Guardies cheering to them. 223 helped him up and sit at one of the benches on the edge. Other Guardies hugged them and congratulated.

B-8560-897-223 came around with their rubber uniforms and boots.

“Time for the evening shower and bed.”

They stacked up and marched in lockstep towards their family unit room. All of them were relieved when they got their evening 60 seconds of shower, hung their R-Class Uniforms up into the lockers, relieved themselves on the sanitary saddle and finally snuggled in for the night. Placing his husbands beret next to his head.

034 snuggled in with his night partner C-8560-897-221 in their bunk bed. 221 gently massaged him.

605 came around. He looked really exhausted. He didn’t say anything and both of them knew what to do. And changed their ear pieces. Then 605 gave them their good night kiss and both slumbered away.



This story is set in the guard universe. For an introduction into the world the guardsman live in see: The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882

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