Chapter 13

Chapter 13

034 woke from a slight buzzing as every morning for the past years of his service in the Guard. The voice of GUMS told him “And with this you will be awake and start refreshed into the day.” When 033 was still with them he would have woken up half on top, half below 033, cuddled to each other. Deeply intertwined. But now with his new bunkmate it was different. They had received a new Guardy fresh from the training cave: A-8023-445-511 had then been bunked with him. Of course it was not the same as with 033, his husband. But every Guardy had to be able to bunk with every Guardy, that was the fraternal rule. And rules in the Guard were there to be followed.
Now it was also up to them to train their new chicken to be a proper guardsman. That was something 034 really enjoyed. But yes he missed 034 but it got better every day.
034 removed the day earpiece from its charging cradle and exchanged it for the night earpiece. A slight beep told him when his day earpiece was securely attached to his ear as he felt its clamps fit tightly to the ear canal. It could not be removed easily. He placed the night earpiece in its charging and cleaning cradle.
„Get up, my little brother! “, 034 said.
A-8023-445-511 open his brown eyes. The large brown eyes and brown eyebrows looked impressive under the smooth dome. 511 did the same with his earpiece and then swung himself out of the bunk bed and energetically climbed down the ladder. He was eager to be the first on the sanitary saddle in the morning. Most of the Guardies in this family unit were in their mid-twenties, except the big brother who was going towards 30. You could clearly see how young and fresh he was from induction.
Unlike the other Guardsman who kept short buzzcuts 511 kept his head blank and it was shaved wet by a brother every day.
As the youngest and lowest he was sorts of a bottom to them all. A fresh face just from the training cave to be molded into the perfect Guardsman he was made aspire to be. 034 started putting his bed into shape and then climbed down as well.
The water of the sanitary saddle had turned clean and the lights showed green. 511 was finished and now eager to help his brothers with building their beds. 034 thought the chick was really so much into pleasing and helping and serving. When they had the group bonding session he let everyone fuck him. 034 wondered if he was just a total sub, fine for him, or if that was an effect of the drill at the training centre.
The morning rituals went without a lot of talking. Just silently doing their work.
The beds were made and the Guard unit had stacked itself up behind each other. 605 was first and behind them stacked according to rank and number.
Stacking was a technique used to walking around the guard station. Actually it was done mostly as part of the morning ritual and in the training. They walked so close to each other that their noses were nearly touching the back of the head of the Guardsman next in line. Their right hand held the belt of the underwear of the guardsman in front of them. It didn’t feel strange to be so close to another person. In a way this kind of moving around was relaxing. No need to pay any attention, just close your eyes and lose yourself in the orders of the big brother. 511’s hand was nearly touching Zero-Three-Two’s ass crack. It was one way of feeling the closeness of their brothers. So stacked they were reminded of the need of cooperation and having overcome civilian habits. They marched off to the gym. Every guardsman’s day would start with at least one hour in the gym.

At the entrance they put their feet into gym shoes and their hands into gloves. Other then that the Guardsman exercised like the ancient Athens and Spartans: nude. But these gloves and gym boots were not only to protect these parts of the body but also to monitor their movements. GUMS could check if every move was executed well and how the body reacted to it. With this the optimal exercises could be determined and the trainer could give improvement stuff. Five more family units started their exercise regime with them.
At the beginning it was always cardio: Cycling on the stationary bikes, running in treadmills or rowing. These machines were connected to generators and thus also supplied part of the energy to the Guard station.
“Treadmill three”, GUMS told them and the unit stepped in. They held the bar in front of them and started running. At times GUMS commanded: “increase speed” or “decrease speed” in order attain a better training effect. After an undisclosed time they heard the voice of GUMS again:“Cardio is over.”
The treadmill slowed down and they stepped off and the next family unit stepped in. The treadmills were kept running as to generate power.
Then the stretching routine started. A computer monitor showed what to do. Many movements were familiar but of not 032 managed a glimpse on the monitor. He still sometimes felt not as fit as he was before but he was well on track for gaining his old strength. Also the special sessions with a personal trainer helped him.
“Oh look, the chick is pretty mobile.”
“That’s just an age thing.”
“He has not so many muscles you know.”
“Compared to training, this is pussy.”
“We should see to step this all up a level or two.”
“Your big brother will take care of that and discuss it with the trainers”
Then their stretching routine ended.
A trainer came over to them. He was well built and tall.
“Today fighting with knives is on our skills part. I see you are warm and stretched.” Then the trainer, handed them the practice knifes. The family unit formed a circle.
034 was the first to start fighting. He soon swung the knife down in a stabbing motion towards 034’s shoulder.
034 ducked out of the way and shoved him aside.
But the trainer didn’t lose his footing, and this time attempted to slash at 034’s belly.
With force, 034 swung his knife and paired that of the trainer.
The trainer tried to grab the knife arm and prevent 034 from slashing his shoulder, but he used his free hand to punch his opponents stomach.
Then the trainer tried to stab him, but he dodged to the side and swung around his back.
034 managed to hold his knife to the neck oft the trainer, and he relents.
The fighting stops and 605 took the position of 034 and the fight started again.
The other guardsman started practicing the throwing their knifes until it the target mark three times in a row and everyone was finished doing the knife fights with the trainer.

After skill practicing time was done, they started with the day’s workout. Today, it was designed to show off their disco muscle and prepare them for the parade.
So they started out with 50 push-ups, 50 double-unders, 50 bench presses, 50 wall climbs, 50 double-unders followed by 50 pull-ups and 50 double-kettlebell swings. The whole thing was done for time. As faster as the Guardsman did it as more points they would get. Starting the day with a good workout felt really good.
“Our newbie performs well.”
“Thank you”
Next to the gym were the cleaning booths. When they arrived the seals of their underwear opened and they put it into the cleaning tray. Inside the butt plug would be cleaned, recharged and maintained.
034 and 511 stepped into their cleaning booth. Hot water fell on them for 60 seconds, then the water stopped. Then they soaped each other in thoroughly. Both paid attention to difficult spots like the ass crack and the foreskin. Today was parade day and they should look properly, so they made extra sure. After 60 more seconds, again water fell on them. Then the water temperature dropped and the cold water sprayed them. This way you ensured that even if your guard brother handled your penis and you his when cleaning you would not have boner when stepping out. The measure had been introduced a couple of years ago, also because there were health benefits. No one had liked it, but what should they do. They were cleaned and felt fresh.

Then hot air dried them and they stepped out of the booth. Unlike most parts of the Guardstation the hygiene area was well heated. Afterwards they took a towel and dried themselves clean. Usually Guardies wore their rubber suits that protected them against cold in the winter and even cooled them in the summer, so neither air conditioning nor a lot of heating was necessary for them to be comfy. And even if it was uncomfy, they were Guardsman and not sissies.
Next thing was the shaving down of all body hair. Although the depilatory in the soap already took care of most of the body hair, no guardsman wanted to be caught with hair in unhealthy places or an infected follicle.

511 had the shaver in his hand, and started to treat the difficult spots on 034s body: The shoulder pits, the balls, the cracks between the legs and then all the rest of the body and face. Before he shaved off the gently rubbed the shaving foam onto the place and then twice went with the shaver of the spot. In the short time he had been with his new family unit he had learned all the difficult spots of his fellow guardsman and could shave all of them flawlessly and without any injuries.
Just below the hairline he stopped. 034 had permission to carry hair on his skull. Of course the hair of a guardsman had to look neatly groomed and short all the time. So 511 changed the settings on the shaver to allow for more length and swiftly did a little bit of touching up on the sides of 034’s head. The short buzz cuts had to be redone every week to look properly. He had learned to do that as well.
Normally, their big brother wouldn’t come along to check on their hair, but today was a parade and people would get a medal. So it was not unheard for the commander to invite the honored Guardy for a special reward. 605 came and checked. All the difficult spots where smooth.
511 and 034 changed positions.

There was always a little bit more to do, because 511 was still in the muscling up phase so the medication made him hairier. And of course he hadn’t yet earned the privilege to have hair on his skull. So that had to be kept smooth and shiny as well. At least it was easier with this light brown hair types as you didn’t see every growth so easily. 511 was a little bit like 033 when he was younger, 034 thought to himself. He was now cleaning and shaving out the arm pits. Yeah that one was a hairy fellow.
“Stand up.”
034 knelt down and applied the shaving cream and shaver below at the balls and around the crotch.
“So the difficult places are done, you are smooth like a baby.”
“This one is the families baby brother,” he chuckled.
Nude they stepped out and 034 started to look through the cleaning tray to get his underwear. Usually a Guardy wore a standard penile sheath with a standard butt plug, that regulated these orifices. But married Guardsman had the right to wear a butt plug that was formed similar the penis of their husband.
„You have him inside all the times, you can feel him“.
032 saw 034 going through: „Still using the one we gave you in training?“
„You know maybe its time to let it go.“
When he had fund his butt plug he first pulled the penile sheath over his little man then inserted the anal plug and then closed the straps that connected both. The GUMS earpiece said: „sealed “and now the contraption was sealed and could only be opened by an order of a superior officer or GUMS.
He felt safe and the plug in his ass filled it up nicely.

Both took generous amounts of lube and started treating their legs and lower body. Then they took out their rubber uniforms from the cleaning tray. 034 stepped into it, then moved himself into the right leg, then into the left leg, then he entered the left side and then the right side with the arm. Now he was covered with the full body suit, he made sure the rubber fitted and there were no air bubbles or anything unaesthetic wrinkles. Then 511 closed the zipper. He heard GUMS say: “seal closed”.
Now he was full encased in his rubber duty uniform. From neck to toes, from the right and gloves to left hand gloves all his body was now a matte black tightly form fitting mass. Only his balls and penis were not visible but sheathed behind their protective enclosing.
034 felt safe, he felt good.
He then stepped to 511 to help him suit up. In less than 15 minutes, they were clean, rubbered and shaved.
But today was a special day so they dressed up in their parade uniform. A similarly black piece. Black pants and a high collar tunic. Silver bullets. They covered the rubber gloves with white satin gloves. Booth took out their parade boots and gave them a last shine. The cut emphasized their well-built bodies. All was completed with their berets and a silver belt.
“Hey 511. This one got something for you.”
“What is it?”
605 took some of the glitter and rubbed it onto 511s bare skull. That way it got a nice shine.
“We want our baby to look the best”
605 inspected them. When he was satisfied that his unit would look great, they proceeded to the feeding dildos to get their morning chow. They sucked it out of them and then waited to get their medication.
Nearly all Guardsman assembled on the parade square. Some units were already in their tank suits getting ready for checkpoint duty or whatever they were doing, others had just come back from the outside. And of course there were other Guardies dressed in their normal rubber gear, some of them smaller and more toned then massive. Mostly these were serving in the station, the taller and more massive ones were usually those doing the actual patrolling.
They assembled in rows after rows. Some slightly chatting. The parade was held only once in a month for some important announcements and promotions.

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