INSPECTOR: chapter 1. The Task

This story is set in the Guard universe.
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Eugene Winters saw at window. It was morning frosts. Thin layer of hoar covered the trees and grass. Forest was silent. It was morning, 6 a.m.
Eugene frowned and scowled. Yesterday, he and his wife, Selena had tough conversation. She was a powerful lady and in charge of many people. She was a successful woman with huge staff in her company. And she was on the way to having success in politics as well.

Gene and Selena lived in that house, among vast space of fir-trees and birches, for almost 10 years. And now, he was forced to share her with another person! No, it was not another man…it was a woman! Every successful woman in our society must be lesbian, Eugene thought sarcastically.

Selena woke up and came to Eugene.
“Gene, don’t be so upset! Go with me to bed.”
“Eugene, both of us are living for ten years here. And for almost three years, we are with Chloe.”
“Chloe! Ahhh… I begin to hate her! Selena, it was like everything is good. But, why now?! A wedding?”
“Don’t be so rude. It’s necessary for my reputation. Everyone sees that Chloe and me are in love each other.  As I’m in love with you. A strong women can have more then one partner.”
“I know. But, before, we talked about something different.”
“Gene, I understand your feelings. Believe me, I love you. But, our fiction (is the love real?) love between me and Chloe must be transformed into further stage of relationship.”
“We didn’t talk about wedding, Selena!”
“Circumstances have changed. My enemies and rivals are at my back… and my subordinates too. It’s only a political marriage, that’s all!”
Gene loudly sighed.
“Honey, I love only you. By the way, I didn’t know that you are so jealous! It’s so…cute! Hahaha…”
“Cute. It’s cute because your jealousy shows me how you are loving me.”
“And that’s true, Selena. But, I don’t like the thought that I would be just your concubine, not husband!”
“Gene, I would be feeling lonely without you. You’re much better than all these asslickers and sycophants. Only you are not afraid to criticize me. If you weren’t like something that did in my job, you ever fearlessly vented your unpleasant opinion. Often, I am angry when you do it, but I appreciate it. I need you, Gene, now, and will in future.”
Gene’s face became soft.
“Ok, ok, you convinced me. Let’s go to bed. How much time do we have?”
“I think, an hour or less.”
“So, we must be quick!”
Gene kissed his wife. And they with loud laughter returned to bed. Morning silence was broken by sounds of lust.

At 7 o’clock, less than hour later, soft and polite knocking at the door sounded in bedroom.
“Selena, it seems your assistant is already there. Wake up.”

A couple of minutes later, Selena opened the door and saw her assistant.
“Lady Director, Bodyguards are ready now and waiting for you.”
“Thanks, Sasha, I will be with you in 15 minutes.”
“Yes, my Lady.”

It was late September. Some trees in the forest has changed their color from green to yellow. Soon, Autumn will come there. Selena always liked September, her favorite month of the year. She stood in the yard for awhile and walked to the limousine. Her Bodyguards first knelt and then raised as she walked by.
Eugene knew them. Two large guys from the personal protection division of the Guard. One had short blond carefully styled hair the other south Asian features. Always polite, smiling, deferential, but with stunning looks, as if they had been selected for it. It seemed they were on a normal working day as one wore a parade uniform and the other his tank suit but without helmet.

When Selena stepped inside the car, Gene watched her from the window. Limousine went through the road among green-yellow birches and always green fir-trees. He deeply sighed, she will return only in the late evening. He went down to the kitchen which was in the North wing of the first floor.
In the kitchen, Chloe made a coffee.
“Good morning, Eugene!”
“Morning, Chloe! I thought you will accompany Selena.”
“Oh, no! Guardsmen and other military stuff is so boring! Today, she will be at graduation of new Guardsmen. Ceremony in their cave.”
“I see. It means, she will return not soon.
“Yes, exactly!”
Chloe and Gene silently drunk morning coffee. After some quiet minutes, Chloe decided to break calmness.
“Listen, Gene! I know you ain’t like me, maybe even hate me.  But, between both of us, Selena and me, is no love at all. We signed a contract.”
“Yes, I know. Selena told me.”
“I promise, if I will be in love, then I will tell you honestly about that. I don’t want to hurt you. I know how do you love Selena. So, I won’t interrupt your relationships. And if it will be sex, just remember, it’s only politics and nothing more. Deal?”
Gene was silent. And then, he nodded without any words. He went up to his room where neither Selena nor Chloe would enter. His room where he could think about last events alone.

It was true, when Selena returned home it was almost midnight. She was Regional Security Director, and had responsibility with many important things spending most part of all Selena’s time. Five Directors, five women, were in Directorate including Selena.
The Security Region was not the biggest in Europe but one of the most problematic outside the accession territories.  The “Free Europeans” leader, Euklidis Venutstasis, or E.V., was apparently living there. And it was a major headache for Selena.
The region stretched from the North of the Capital of Europe Brussels, to what had been the south of the Netherlands and the very west of Germany. About 8 million people would like in this Security Region. When the security regions were designed it was made on purpose that they did not overlap with the old nation states borders.
So, for Eugene, it was understandable, why Selena returned to home, when he was in their bed already. In 32 days, Selena and Chloe will be married.

Eight days passed by the same way. The second day of October became warm. The nature gave Gene a present, unusual warm summer weather for October. It was almost plus 25° Celsius. Nice weather for his 39th Birthday. But Gene’s mood was still gloomy.
It was 10 o’clock. Gene watched morning news. Selena sat down on the sofa, nearby her husband.
“Why are you not at work?”
“Because I want be with you all this day. Did you forget about your Birthday?”
“Happy Birthday, my dear.”
She kissed him.
“I ain’t celebrating my Birthdays, and you know that.”
“I know, but today I have present for you.”
She gave him small envelope.
“What’s that?”
“Open it.”

He unsealed the enveloped and found inside plastic card with chip. It was black with red stripes. There were golden letters like on bank card.:

Number 9562
Level 3 Authorized
Eugene Winters
Status: Citizens Inspector.

Gene was shocked.
Gene’s astonishment was so obvious that Selena burst out laughing.
“Yes, Gene, you are now inspector if you want. This card is the pass for almost full access in Guard Base. You can inspect everything but some areas with top secret status. For example, you can’t inspect areas with nuclear weapon.”
“I don’t know what can I say.”
“You can say “thank you” to me and Chloe.”
“Yes, Chloe. She’s better than you would think about her. She’s a wise woman. And she advised me to give you this as a present.”
“Firstly,  I guess, you always wanted to see what I was doing at the Base. Second, I know, you want to be sure that I was a good girl…well, almost good…”
“I swear, there are no Guardsmen who shoved their penis in my… you know what I mean.”
“Yes, it’s very funny.”, Gene said moodily
“You’re inspector now, and you even can check GUMS’s logs. Yes, they will show you that Guardsmen gave me sexual pleasure but not using their cocks.”
“Let me guess, that’s all was politics.”
“Yes. I always knew that you are clever boy.”, Selena mumbled innocently.
Suddenly, Eugene laughed.
“I must to do it, my dear, because these logs could read any high-rank person. I have to show my authority constantly. Anyway, I promise, this inspection…or just excursion, if you want…won’t be boring. Guardsmen are not stupid rubber toys or something like robots and automatons. Many of them are very intelligent.”
“I talk with your Bodyguards occasionally, so I am without these prejudices. 390, for example, is a very smart guy. Just his perspective is very limited.”, Eugene laughed.
”Glad to hear that. Actually, there is third reason, you won’t be just concubine. Your status will be equal with Chloe’s. You will have authority, you will be first concubine who has important post in modern Europe. Your reduction of status, after I will marry Chloe, will be compensated by that black card and new role as inspector.”
“But, I see on TV many males who have high rank in Government.
“They are not concubines yet. But, if they will be married they will lose their post. Better perspective for them if they will marry their female bosses. Hahaha.”
“I see. And what I can do with that card?”
“You can inspect any Guard Base. You can punish any Guardy if he failed inspection. You will have access to most areas. You can go anywhere and see how it works. So, when I will be busy, you can inspect somewhere instead going to music club with your friends. Is your rock-band still existing?”
“Yes, we are preparing new album  with my “Selena’s world” ,-  Gene said ironically.
“Good. I hope, you guys will impress me with your music again.”
“Yes, yes,…”
“By the way, you can begin inspection today.”
“You can get my chauffeur and tell him what Base you want to inspect. And our limousine will transport you there.”
“Right now?”
“Yes, why not?”
“And where was the last Base where you’ve took a pleasure from Guardsman?”
“Base is named Le Blanc Facility.”
“Base with French name.”
“Yes, actually, it is Base Number 8007, or Base Le Blanc. Area, where base was placed, was owned by baron Le Blanc. 40 years ago he’s died. And he hadn’t heirs. So the government transferred Le Blanc mansion to Guard’s hands.”
“I see. By the way, I heard rumors from your colleagues about seal uniforms.”
“It’s not rumors, it’s true. You will see and don’t be shy to ask questions. Guardies will answer without hesitation. They like inspections.”
“Why do they like them?”
“Ask them, and you will know.”
“Well, I hope it will be sudden inspection.”
“All inspections in Guard are sudden.”
“So, see you, I will be at home in the evening.”
“Enjoy your Birthday, sweetie.”
Selena kissed him.
“While you will inspect them, Chloe and I will prepare Birthday dinner for you.”
“Thank you, my dear.”



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