This story is set in the guard universe. For an introduction into the world the guardsman live in see

This story happens a couple of weeks after Training a new Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033

It is a collaboration of me and

Principle characters:

  • Eugene (Gene) Winters – Not very big, not muscular, rather thin, interested in music, art, “trophy husband”
  • Selena Winters – Gene’s wife, Regional Security Director
  • Chloe Cross – Selena’s public wife
  • Base Commander – G-5050-022-400
  • Guardsman B-6550-368-088 – Gene’s guide in Base Le Blanc – see: is the Guide to the Guard Facility. A muscular guardsman, with a swimmers build, well defined checkbone



It was a nightmare in reality. The scariest moments in his life!
During the graduation ceremony, Base Commander G-0500-878-605 had announced that he is one of five least Materials in base.
A-8007-399-030 had failed his education and won’t graduate today. A hundred days of learning, training, conditioning, exercising, sweat, tears and he showed bad results. If he would be better, Material would become a Guardsman.
With fear A-8007-399-030, the guy who named Hoki when he was a civilian, heard Commander’s loud voice from the lectern:
“Before we proceed to the promotions and citations for good behavior and success, we have to do the sad part. 8007-A-399-009, 8007-A-399-023, A-8007-399-030, A-8007-399-049, A-38007-399-051, step forward!”
The five stepped forward. “You’re the worst performing Material we got, you’re not deserving to become Guardsmen.” Two instructors in tank suits stepped in from the side, pain sticks ready in their hands. “Follow the instructors for further processing!”. Resigned to their fate, Hoki with his four colleagues in misfortune were marched away with their instructors in lock step.
What would become of those?
Silence endured.
Hoki saw, how every Guardsman lowered his face to the ground, in shock but also in disgust.
When he and his mates followed the instructors, he felt how silence on parade ground around him. The only thing he could hear were the fall of his boots on the ground, echoing from the wall. It pressured him. The young man didn’t know what “further processing” meant, but certainly it won’t be good.
He heard pulses in his ears,  the harbinger of something bad.
They walked through a long tunnel. Seven men, five losers and two Instructors entered into a large grey room in which was nothing but 5 cubic cages with the metal bars.
Cages were about 2x2x2 meters in size. Inside them, there were many unknown devices.
A-8007-399-030 felt trembling.
They were ordered to take off all uniform they had been made proud to wear. It was unsealed including underwear, codpiece and butt-plug. It felt strange to be unplugged.
Now, all five guys were naked.
One of instructor shouted: “Materials, attention!”
The five losers stood ramrod straight.
– You five, now will proceed into these cages. For Guardsmen, we’re not using incarceration. But, all of you are not Guardsmen, and do not deserve it. So, for you, losers, we’ve made an exception!” The instructor laughed, “I promise, you won’t be there too long, a week or less. In two or three days, all of you will be transported to the Neural Reprogramming Facility. You will become real Guardsmen. Let’s move into these cages!”
Ex-Materials stepped into cages, A-8007-399-030 slowed his step and suddenly his ass was shocked by instructor’s pain stick: “Quick, 030!”. He collapsed to the floor and shit himself.

Thirty minutes later, all Material was in full rubber suits, including their heads. Their bodies were completely rubbered.

Hoki panicked. His body was locked in a tight full body rubber suit, like his four mates in other cages. His mouth was gagged with a dildo. He couldn’t move because his body was fixed and locked at cage’s metal bars. He saw how instructors smiled. And their smiles weren’t friendly.

The losers in their cages still could see but couldn’t move and speak. Two instructors, D-8007-390-152 and D-5050-040-365 were still there.
“152, are you ready?”
“Yes, this instructor is ready.”
“Ok, let’s go.”
D-8007-390-152 pressed button on a console and five lads moaned in agony. A large dildo was pushed into their asses. 030 felt how painfully his buttocks spread apart. Dildo moved in and out, in and out…
“Dildos are working.”
“How about butt-plugs?”
The dildos entered their holes and then stayed, the front tip slowly expanding into a butt-plug.
Plug’s begun pulsating, 030 moaned in pleasure.
“Award system is working.”
“Ok. Pain system?”
All guys screamed through mouth dildos.
“I heard, all five are working fine.”
“Indeed, 365.”
“Ha-ha-ha. 152, nutrition mode?”
Hoki felt how through dildo flow nutrition in his mouth.
“365, nutrition system is fine.”
“Ok, it’s time to close their faces.”

Fifteen minutes later. Not a single square centimeter of skin was seen as the bound and gagged figures were encased in their full body rubber suits. A breathing apparatus was connected to their mouths, pushing itself through them into the windpipe, a feeding hose attached to one of the nostrils ending directly in the stomach. Their hands and feet bout the cage. A plastic line leaving their penis. The breasts were inflating regularly, controlled by  the breathing apparatus.
365 took the googles with a grin and hid Hoki’s eyes beneath them.
When Hoki noticed he could not hear, speak and saw the googles, he felt in total panic.
It’s total sensory deprivation. It’s dark. Before fear could fully fill his soul, GUMS switched off his consciousness.

He didn’t know how long he was in the dark. From time to time, his consciousness was awake and his sight was burst with audio-visual images combined with itchings, pleasure or pain sent through the butt-plug.
Then, again, it was long silence and darkness. When he could open his eyes, he saw two men, Base Commander G-5050-022-400 and 030’s friend Sam, A-8007-399-033…oh, he saw his tag number … 033 is now B-8007-399-033! He had been promoted to the next rank.
033 saw at him and said: “Don’t be afraid, all will be good, the Guard will take care of you!”.
Unable to answer, the only thing 030 could do in his cage and rubber confines was to moan. He was deprived of all human form of interaction. A butt-plug sticking in his ass and another plug in his mouth. 030 moaned and cried bitter tears.

Commander laughed and answer to 033: “Yes, we will!”
“Why do you laugh?”
“Well, it will be cruel. First, this Material is kept here in cage, to be shipped to the Neural Reprogramming Facility, there he will undergo basically a personality wipe. It used to be quite physical cruel but its all mind-fuck these days. But if you will met him, he will be perfect, no more soul, but the perfect Guardsman.”
033 was shocked to hear that from Base Commander.
“But aren’t we mind all controlled as well? This one didn’t like rubber and was not really gay before this entered?”
“They just condition and program you. What  they have done to you is only a scratch compared to what they do there. Always keep that in mind. You don’t escape from the Guard. Once you are in you are in.”
“…simply enjoy it!”
“But, you always told that jolly stories when you were home.”
Hoki was surprised. Base Commander and 033 knew each other before Guard! And only in that moment, he noticed their resemblance.  Who are they? Dad and Son? Uncle and nephew? It doesn’t matter, most likely this discovery will be wiped too from his memory, soon.
“When you get children, they mostly let you off for some time. But, didn’t you think I was conditioned to do that? You will notice when you go back home and hear yourself talk. You won’t even consciously remember parts of the training and some parts you don’t like. Better to keep the mind clean.”
033 was flabbergasted.
“Now, step back to your group of the ant pile, Guardsman!”
The Commander emphasized “Guardsman”. 033 was not sure what to think of the turn that conversation had taken.
“Yes, Sir!”
He tried to show his eagerness and sharpness by saying it loud and marched back in parade step to his family unit.
Commander looked after 033 and sighed. He sadly whispered to himself: “See you, son!” and deeply sighed. After that he pressed button on cage’s console and Hoki’s sight felt in darkness again.



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