The INSPECTION: Chapter 4 – Room inspection


Chapter 4: Room inspection

Finally, 088 and Eugene were able to inspect one of the rooms of family unit in end stage of their guard training.

They first walked up to the warehouse style facility. It remember Tim on one of the large warehouses in which the remote shopping companies store the stuff you buy online.

“So which do we inspect?”

“You can choose any.”

“I know but which?”

“Maybe by chance?”

“Why not.”

“There is a random numbers generator on the pad.” 088 opened the application and some random number appeared.

“So this would be the third row, Family unit room 32.0.8”

“Good for me.” Eugene laughed.

They climed up some metal stairs and walked through a corridor, then stopped at the door. The door unlocked and opened.

Inside were six Guardies undressed, standing in parade rest, only wearing their butt plugs and penile sheaths.

“Attention – Inspection!”

The nude Guardies put out their chests, choose and unfocused 100 yard stare, interviewed their thumbs behind the head and waited. They also slightly clenched and tensed all the muscles in their bodies as to make them look bigger.

“This one and this one”, Eugene singled two Material out.

“A-8007-399-130 and A-8007-399-132 step out to be inspected by citizens inspector”

Both were impressive specimen, as they were closing to the end of their 100 day cycle their chest filled out nicely, both of them spotted a four pack and the lines form the tops of their hips down to their groins were clearly defined. Their abdomen was flat. Eugene could feel the muscles cording under their light brown skin nicely. He looked at the picture from the induction photo and skin.


“Do you want to inspect the penile and anal areas as well?”


“GUMS open the underwear for special inspection”

The seams on the material underwear opened and Big Brother of the family unit took out the butt plug and removed the penile sheath.


A-8007-399-130 bent down and Eugene started to feel the muscles in the groin area. He also rolled back the foreskin and checked the glans and tidiness.

“Has the anal opening been expanded?”

“Yes and we adjusted the size of the penis to Guard standard.”


088 had called up the stats and pictures of A-8007-399-130’s induction exam. There was impressive growth.

“Despite the intensive hormone therapy we achieve an increase in size of the penis and of course wide the anal whole to comply with guard standard equipment.”

For a moment Eugene thought how it would be to have his anus widened and the size of his penis improved. Now he understood why former Guardsmen were often sought after on the marriage market.

“We can finish this inspection here”

Some of the material were already shivering slightly.

“Thank you for the inspection and the guidance you provide to us, Master”

“It is a sacred duty, resume your work, well done.”

Eugene and 088 left the family unit room. The Material was delighted to have received such encouragement by an inspector.


They both moved from rooms’ section and Gene saw big steel door with a yellow stripe.

“What’s behind that door?”

“This is Technical Support Facility. Here, Technician Guardsmen are fixing tank suits, APCs, vehicles, and even electronic locks on our underwear.”

“I want to see it”

“Aye, Master!”

Double-Eight and Gene entered in Tech-building. Gene saw how a coffee skinned Guardsman sucked the cocks of a rather large Guardsman, whose upper body was in a tank suit.

“Double-Eight, is cocksucking part of fixing, too?”

“Maybe, yes, Master. Actually, it’s more a tradition then someone’s order. When Technicians have free time, they suck cocks while their clients-Guardsmen are waiting for their equipment to be fixed. These days such equpiment is fixed by automated machines so they have time.”

“I see”

“When the very first Technicians in Guard used their free moments for cocksucking, they even weren’t punished for that. So, Technicians are the best cocksuckers in Guard.”

“Why did their Commanders not punish them?”

“Well, Sir, GUMS calculated that cocksucking gies something like psychological relaxing and at the same time, increasing the efficiency of Technician’s working and Guardmen’s further service.”


Gene watched silently how the bald coffe coloured head popped up and down between the tall Guardsman’s legs, and he felt how is own dick comming to half mast. Gene hesitated.

“Do you want to talk to B-2727-788-011, he is the technician?”

“Ehm, let’s go from there. I don’t want interrupt them.”

“Yes, Master!”

This story is set in the Guard universe.

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