The INSPECTOR: Chapter 5 GUMS logs


Chapter 5 GUMS logs

“Last some months, my wife visited your base twice, didn’t she?”

“Yes, Master”

“It’s strange, one base from hundreds she visits often”

088 didn’t know what could he answer.

“Double-Eight, I want to see the GUMS logs on my wife’s last visit.”

“We may best watch them in the inspection office, near the command center” 088 replied.

The Guardy led Eugene to a row of small rooms with many screens. Two comfortable office chairs with head rests and arm rests were in the room.

“This one can show you how the system works”

“Very good, but why do these chairs have these straps and restraints?”

“Guardsman just have this thing with strapping in” 088 laughed. “See the hose going from the chairs into the wall?”


“This one can strap in,” 088 said cheerfully as he began putting restraints on his lap, chest and head. “And then the chair connects to the anal plug and penile sheath this way GUMS can evacuate the bowls and control the body functions without any need for breaks.”

Eugene was slightly shocked.

“But this one guesses there is no need for that now…. So what do you want to see?”

“The last inspection, visit of my wife”

088 opened a menu and went over the inspection visit.

“Regional Security Directors Winters… here we have it”

“Show me from the beginning.”


The screen showed a log of the places where Selena had been, including video footage, sometimes automated transcripts of the conversations had with the Guardsmen.

“Is all you say on record?”

“Yes, GUMS keeps an evidence recording of all our utterances for review and performance issues but also if the courts need it from a mission. You can search it is full text and searchable.”

“So all your life is under surveillance?”

“Yes, in a sense. The Guard watches out for its members, we are snug in her arms.” 088 said with a content smile.

“Ok, here she arrives, this is the greeting, here she gets a presentation of the performance targets, no, no, there she gets a tour of the facility…. here what is this room?”

“Well.” 088 gulped “This is our VIP room.”

“And she and the commander enter it.”

“Are there any videos?”

“No there is no surveillance in the VIP room.”

“But are there recording from the Commanders GUMS earpiece?”

“Yes, there should be.”
The images from the little camera on the Earpiece were not great. But with the sound recording it was clear what had been going on:

Both could her the commander say: “GUMS unseal my R-Class-Uniform and buttplug; the Mistress has requested I serve her.“

“Mistress, you know the formalities“

“I request G-5050-022-400 to pleasure me“

Now a buzzing could be heard on the recording.

“What is this?”

“The buzzing? It’s from one’s earpiece when an intensive mind direction by GUMS occurs.”

The recording showed the Instructor getting nude, hanging away his uniform, opening his underwear and then getting a condom on.

“GUMS, make me horny!“

“Close the door, slave, and crawl to me”

He did exactly as he was told and was right in front of her on all fours. “You look so comfortable on all fours. Isn’t that right, puppy?”

The Mistress said as she scratched behind his right ear.

“Arf, Arf, Arf!”

The mighty body of the Commander was moving towards the mistress.

088 giggled.


“He is never doing that when we have rewards or fun our in the family unit.”

“Oh with the bald shiny dome you are so much more doggy like, hahhaa.”

The Mistress said as she was crawling and stroking with her fingers on his head.

“Was the puppy a good one?”

“Woof, Woof”

“Pussy slave mode”

He started licking her legs.

“Has the puppy done what the Mistress told him?”

“Arf, Arf.”

“Come to the mistress, be a good puppy”

She started squeezing his nipples.

“She seems to have quite some command of knowledge and not only using him, they booth seem to enjoy it.” Eugene remarked.

“Come to the bed, my puppy”

With an eager jump he entered the bed to lie next to his Mistress.

On a smaller window there wer some readings. Apperently, GUMS could give an estimate on peoples sexual pleasure and horniness. All of it was way in the green part of the dials.

Then there was silence in the recording.

“Aha, now they are discussing policy…”

“You are right, we have to achieve more resources by training more Guardsman, not by extending their service duration.”

“And postponing retirement has already been of use.”

“But half of the Ukrainian security forces we wanted to induct got that Russian anti-hypno training, they are of no use to anyone right now. We might have to cull them.”

“That would be such a waste of labor and potential.”

Eugene put the recording on double speed.

“Ok, this part 088 remembers here he had to help Commander to dress up.”

There was also the evaluation form, that clearly stated what had happend. The Commander had gotten a got review.
Eugene was getting angry when he watched it. He abruptly slammed his fist on the table. Eugene’s face was red in rage.

Selena lied to him! Desperation and anger were filling his mind.

Shaking in fear, 088 stopped the replay.

“Why?! I want to continue watching this!”

“Sorry, Master, this one is very sorry. Double-Eight is a shocked as you are, Master.”


“This one didn’t know…”

Gene looked at Double-Eight sternly.

“What did you not know?”

“088 is a part of the Commanders family unit. In the beginnig, this one tought it was just the normal affection we are being programmed with for our superios and Commander, but this one really enjoys the presence and intimacy with G-5050-022-400. The Commander even hinted that he would make 088 his consort.”

“Double-Eight, leave me alone, please.”

“But, Sir…”

“Leave me alone!”

“Yes, Master!”

Double-Eight left the room, trying to hide possible tears.

Gene saw the replay again and again.

With a fool mood, he switch off screen. Suddenly, one thought came in his mind.

He opened menu again and choosed “search…”.

On screen search console has appeared. Inside it, he typed “Director’s visits”.

Computer showed him search results.

“1. Director Selena Winters – visited 8 days ago”

“2. Director Selena Winters – visited 106 days ago”

He pressed second line. and rewinded log to moment of wife’s pleasure.

It was the same room like in previous the record. Selena used the same procedure. Again, Commander became the dog in a puppy play.

“Arf, arf”, murmured Gene sarcastically.

He gloomily saw how Selena played with his “puppy” on the second day of the new batch’s education. It was 106 days ago. She lied to him, and her lie was doubled because she was there twice.

Meanwhile, Selena on the screen began fucking Base Commander. The commander was without any emotion. He just limply laid on the bed. In fact, she raped him. Now, when Commander’s dick was in her vagina, G-5050-022-400 became a rubber toy, no more than like a dildo or air sex doll.

After that, he saw how they both laughed in post-orgasmic pleasure.

“It seems, it wasn’t just rape”, Gene thought.

He saw how gently Selena kept stroking over his sensitive breasts.

“I see you have kept your body in shape“

“That is my duty, Mistress!“

“As I like you four-zero-zero, always the dutiful Senior Guardsman…”

“… ready to serve”

Both laughed.

Gene turned off the screen finally, and he sat there in deep silence and thoughts.

His thought were interrupted by gentle knock at the door.

“Come in!”

It was 088 with fear in his face. He hesitantly moved to Eugene.

“S….S….S….Sir? Are you all right?”

“Of course, not!”

He saw at Double-Eight, his face still kept marks from tears.

“But you seem to not be all right as well, 088.”

Eugene felt very sorry for the young Guardsmen.

“It’s OK, Double-Eight! I think, I will have a serious conversation with the Commander.”

“088, tell me, for how long Director knew your Commander?”

“They met before I became his orderly, Master, so it’s longer than two years, I guess.”

“Two years…”

“Yes, Sir. He was in love with her”

“I thought all Guardies are gay”

“Yes, Master, but that’s not a barrier to love woman, especially, if that woman is The Mistress”.

088 stood at parade rest and was visibly shaking of fear. Gene felt compassion to him.

He hugged 088. He could fell the rubber suit on his hands. What a strange but pleasent feeling.

“Sorry, Master, 088 should not cry in front of you. We have to keep up composure. You should punish me for this”

Eugene had an idea.

“Double-Eight, you have to be honest!”

“Guardsman are conditioned not to lie. But if you want to be sure, you can put 088 into a special status of consciousness where this one is unable to lie.”

“No, I trust you.”

Eugene was not sure if he trusted him, but this might work better and anyways he could find out about this later.

“How do you feel about G-5050-022-400 fucking my wife?”

“This one is angry and upset and this want to have G-5050-022-400 for himself. I ….mhhhhh… this one,…”

“…That’s OK…”

“…This one knows that having him for himself is not possible because in the Guard we have to share, but with a women?”

“I’m as upset as you and trust me, I don’t want this either. Is there a place where we can talk without recording?”

“Well you are the Inspector, your security clearance should allow you to turn off all recording devices in this room including my earpiece for 10 min. If you want you can also place a muffler on the ear with my earpiece and, thus, physically stop all recording, but there is a special room for this.”

“Let’s go there.”

They left the GUMS log office and walked over to a non-descript sound proof door.

088 opened it.

There were chairs with restraints in an otherwise empty room.

“Why these restraints, you Guardsmen seem to be fond of them.”

“Haha, right. But once you cut off the earpiece there is no connection to GUMS, some Guardsmen have been known to flip out, just a safety precaution.”

“OK, if you say so.”

088 sat on the chair and instructed Eugene how to lock the restraints. Then he told him to open a special metal case.

“This is the ear piece cover. First you tell GUMS to shut off my earpiece and severe the connection to the central computer. It will then retract and you put it into the case. You find the menu on the tablet.”

Eugene followed the instructions on the tablet.

GUMS voice said: “Connection severed, ear piece shutting down, 10 min time.”

The earpiece retracted the claws that kept it firmly attached to the ear. Eugene took it and put it into the case, together with the pad.

088 gulped.


“This is the first time 088 is without connection to GUMS, since, since this one was inducted, four years ago. That is a strange feeling. Somehow lost.”

“Well, you will survive.” Eugene gently stroked 088’s shoulder.

“So what do you want to tell me?”

Eugene told him about his plan.

“This sounds good. You know when 088 joined up he thought he could fight criminals or kill terrorists, instead he has become an orderly. That is not bad but there has to be more. You know, this one is sad he can’t have the Commander for himself, he is just such a bull of a man.”

“I see”

The pad chimed, the time without recording was over.

Eugene put the earpiece back into 088 ear. When it attached 088 smiled.

“Good feeling, being connected to GUMS and my brothers.”

“Aren’t you trained to live without it? What happens if the connection goes down?”

“Where Guardsmen are is GUMS and the earpiece contains a little bit of GUMS itself.”


This story is set in the Guard universe.

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