THE INSPECTOR: Chapter 6: Commander’s Family unit


Chapter 6: Commander’s Family unit

“Where is the Commander now?”

088 consulted GUMS.

“In his family unit, his shift has ended they are enjoying their free time.”

“Take me there”

088 smirked.

They walked thorough the maze like structures of the cavern and came to the family unit rooms of the personnel that lived here permanently.

“Here, our home”

The door opened and they entered the family unit room of the Commander.

The room was less spartan and less brutalist then the room of the material. There was a little bit more space. But despite this seemed to be a standard room. 3 bunk beds covered with the same rubber sheets. A table with simple chairs, a monitor above the door, a sinki, metal lockers one side of the room decorated with European flag and some Guard memorabilia like medals and diplomas.

H-5476-376-272 and G-5050-022-400, D-5050-040-365, instructor  E-5050-210-617, B-6550-368-086 were in the family unit and apparently in the process of preparing for going to sleep.

As soon as Eugene entered E-5050-210-617 yelled: “Inspector in room”

All the Guardsmen snapped to attention.

“G-5050-022-400 I need to talk to you.”

“Yes, Master.” replied the already semi nude Commander.

“Maybe on the couch in the lounge?”

“That would be more comfortable than this spartan accommodation. Have you lived like this for all the years in the Guard?”

“Yes,” replied 088, “we have a grade of simplicity and poverty”

The Commander and Eugene stepped out and sat on the couch.
“I have seen the recordings. What you and my wife did. So you have been instrumental in having sexual intercourse with a person other than someone’s spouse? Isn’t this against the good code of conduct for moral citizens? How can this be agreed with your vow of obedience and moral behavior you took when you became a Guardsmen?”

G-5050-022-400 looked at Eugene flabbergasted.

“Yes. Master. Yes.”

“I’m very angry.”

“This one understands. But Master. This one was commanded by your wife to do so and GUMS compelled him.”

“You seem to be more then compelled.”

“Yes Master. Your wife and this one have had an affair. But many female inspectors use there power and make us to satisfy them. It’s a game of domination and they brag about it to their friends. Sometimes they show the recordings to others.”

“It’s disgusting!”

“Please, Master. This one is a loyal Guardsman. Deep inside, this one is married to a women and longs to see her.”

“Are you married to a W-O-M-E-N-?”

“Yes. This one retired after his period of twelve years serving. Then got off and married. He was recalled due to the situation in Ukraine and now serves here. His son has also become a standard infantry Guard grunt, deployed to Ukraine for the pacification operations.”

“I see”

“Nevertheless, you both were complicit. I can not punish my wife, but I will punish you.”

“Yes, this one deserves punishment.”

“You will go to Punishment Park. You will assume the attention position facing B-6550-368-088 for 24 hours. You may not sit, rest or eat during this period. You may drink, provided another Guardsmen brings you something to suck… Execute”

“Thank you, Master”

Eugene went back in and addressed B-6550-368-088: “We agreed you need some punishment. You will go to Punishment Park, there you will stand at the attention position for the next 24 hours. You should use this time to contemplate about your relationship with G-5050-022-400. You have to pay for loosing your composure” 088 smirked for a short moment “… Execute”

088 left the room and headed towards Punishment park, while G-5050-022-400 stepped back into his rubber uniform and did likewise.

“So H-5476-376-272 you will be in charge of this Guardstation for the next 24 hours, enjoy it.”


Eugene has seen enough for the day. He went down to the cavern and called for his comfortable limousine, it had been a long day and he was hungry for the dinner Selena and Chloe had promised him. Even though the would have to discuss a lot with them.

The heavy limousine left the gates to the Guard compound and slie smoothly along the lonely countryside road. Private car travel was something only the rich could afford these days in the Union State.

Suddenly an explosion rocked his limousine. Eugene lost his consciousness.


This story is set in the Guard universe.

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