THE INSPECTOR: Chapter 7: A New Beginning

Selena and Chloe were standing in the kitchen and cooking a delicious vegan stew. These days most Europeans were vegetarians and serving meat in certain circles was taboo.
Selena’s phone rang on the emergency line from the Regional Command Center.
“Yes, Yes, I see…. I wish to go to the hospital immediately. … Yes, send a car. And improve security… Of course, you have to!”
Selena’s became pale.
Chloe looked at her in despair.
“There has been a bomb attack. On the limousine carrying Eugene. Possibly by the Free  Europeans. He has been taken to hospital. I will visit him… You stay here.”
“Oh, no!”
“Meanwhile, you should be careful. We lock down the house and you get additional security. One never knows.”
Selena and Chloe decided to go to the panic room in the house and lock themselves in, waiting for an escort to arrive and some personal protection.
After an agonizing 15 minutes, a full platoon of Guardsmen in two armored vehicles arrived. Selena went with 5 of them towards the hospital and left 10 others back to protect their home.

“Are you the family of Mr. Winters?”, the handsome male nurse asked.
“Yes, we come to collect him.” Selena said. As she entered the ward with Chloe and her two bodyguards in trail.
There were still two Guardsmen stationed in front of Eugene’s hospital room. They recognized the Regional Security Director and saluted crisply, then ushered her in.
Inside, Eugene was already ready to leave. He wore very stylish slim fit track pants, a floral shirt and matching cardigan.
Selena kissed him.
Eugene looked at her, and Selena understood everything. He saw the logs.
Without any emotions, Gene said: “You lied to me. You used the Commander as doggy slave…Twice.”
“I hoped that you wouldn’t decide to see logs.”
“What a ridiculous hope, Selena!”
“Let’s discuss it later, Gene! Come home with me. Home is a better place for serious talking.”
“Yes, you are right”.
Eugene didn’t speak all way from hospital to home.
They went home in their limousine. Eugene looked out through the window. Selena looked at him and decided to not bother Gene in his deep and moody thoughts.
When they finally arrived home, Eugene saw the upgraded security, there were Guardsmen standing at the gate to their house and a new fast fence had been erected around their property. An armored personal carrier was trailing them, with their security detail.

They went to the sitting room.
“Chloe, please leave us alone”, Selena said.
Chloe nodded and went out from the sitting room.
“I saw the logs. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I told you I had to do it. All the Regional Security Commanders make the Commander fuck them. It’s to humiliate them and show who is in charge. Keeps the troops loyal.”
“You lied to me. And you swore to me. Or did you forgot, Selena?”
“Nope. I swore you that there are no Guardsmen who shoved their penis in my … well, formally, I didn’t lie you. Commander didn’t shove his cock on me. I stuck my pussy on his penis.”
“Oh, typical politician playing words!”
Selena was desperate, this was the first serious conflict between them.
Gene’s face was red. Selena never had seen him in such anger.
“It looks more as if you enjoyed it, Selena.”
“Well, with G-5050-022-400 it was more then just a duty. I enjoyed it and I didn’t tell you. That was wrong.”
Selena started to cry.
“I didn’t want to hurt you. I want to keep you as my husband.”
Gene deeply sighed. He began to calm down.
“I know.”
“Can you ever forgive me? I did it for you. You know our status, our house all that depends on what I do.”
“I know.” Eugene saw that he had the upper hand right now.
“For us, to continue, we have to make some rules.”
“Yes.” Selena was nearly crying.
“I accept that it is necessary for you to marry Chloe. I will also accept to become your male Concubine. However: There will be no sex between you and Chloe. Before you go to a Guardbase and fuck a Guardsman, you will have to tell me in advance. No more then once per week.
Secondly: We talked about children. You know I wish to have children, for now I accepted that we couldn’t get them, as you were busy. But now that you have a concubine we can arrange.”
“What do you mean?”
“Either you take some time off your work or we have Chloe to carry the child for us. See having children is still considered a women’s duty. We won’t have to pay our annual childlessness tax and it will be even beneficial to our status.”
“Mhhh…” Selena was thinking, finally she answered: “Yes. But we must talk to Chloe first about this. And then we will have to update out marriage and concubinage contracts.”
“And then we should get rid off this security theater outside.” Eugene looked at Guardsman in his tank suit patrolling their garden.
“I promise to you we will look into this.”

Later the day, they had talked over a good home cooked meal of Chloe. Eugene had to acknowledge she was a good cook.
“We talked to the Regional Commander and the Security Office. They think they can reduce security soon, but there is one issue: They want you to have a Bodyguard to protect you. There have not been any incidents but we want to make sure.”
Eugene was not sure if this was a true concern of them or just also a ploy to control him.
“I don’t want to have Bodyguard, that is ridiculous.” Eugene said.
“But, Eugene, you have to be reasonable. It’s not forever. Just until we can sure.”
“I didn’t like having two gorillas outside my door when I was in hospital.”
“It was two loyal Guardsmen. And besides the Regional Commander recommends it. We don’t know who is responsible for the bomb. It’s only because the limousine was tanked that you have survived.”
“The bomb was weak. It could have hit anyone. If they wanted to destroy a tanked vehicle they would have used a stronger bomb.”
“One does not know. Please, we are just concerned. And I don’t want our possibly baby to suffer, because I’m always concerned for your.”
“Mhhhh…. But, I want to choose my Bodyguard.”
“Sure, we can go tomorrow to the personal protection command and you can choose one. They have plenty an offer.” Selena’s Eyes were filled with lust.
“Not what you want.” Eugene laughed.
“I know which I want!”

Eugene was sent to the Regional Command of Guard. It was in large brutalist concrete building outside the main city of the District. A Guardsman led him to some offices.
“We have selected some fine specimen for you. These Guardsmen are all trained as personal bodyguards. We were not sure which to present to you because you didn’t submit any requests. Usually, we are being told how they should look like or what character traits they should have.”
Eugene was taken to a room. There was a large one way mirror. He sat down on a comfortable chair.
A light on the very left went on and illuminated a Guardsman in his parade uniform.
“This is B-6533-695-924 he comes from the the Region of Wales. Note, his cute freckles and the ginger hair. He has a sunny joyful demeanor and is good buddy. He graduated from the Close Protection course with very good marks and is proficient in advanced marksmanship, tactical convoy driving, unarmed combat, reconnaissance and counter and anti-surveillance techniques. He is also looking for someone to serve with his full capacity. He also got some training as personal assistant.”
Eugene nodded the guys defined cheekbones, green eyes and serious face, apparently he was standing at the attention position.
The light went dark and the next possibly candidate was illuminated:
“This is B-6533-695-921, he was on the same course as the former candidate and got very good grades. He has Caribbean immigrants background. Look at the nice curly black hair. His demeanor is more serious and is more the strong and silent type. That fits well to his well trained body, just look at the biceps and upper arms.” The guy just wearing the standard rubber uniform flexed.
“This is C-5021-363-345 he has been working in the Close Protection division for 6 years, is well experienced. He used to be assigned for short duty protection missions but is now looking for a more permanent VIP to serve on a full time base.” This Guardsman was again in his parade uniform. He looked older, more wrinkled with short brown hair with some light graying temples. “He is great in keeping company and can also play the guitar.”
Eugene thought, well this might be good for the band.
Finally the last one was illuminated.
He was quite a sight. It stood in his full tank suit, without helmet, just a short fuzz of blond hair.
“This is B-6311-129-250. He is very physical. Knows martial arts, likes to exercise has had his Personal Protection course 2 years ago but his current owner has set him free. He is someone you could mold for you and make him fit.”
“No. I’m not sure.”
“You can have them in smaller then you, not so toned, muscled up, silent, talkative, funny, serious, good with children or if you want one you can talk about politics or art we will also find one. Even one that has the same musical tastes as you.”
“I know which I want.”
“Please, we can also modify the personality of one those bodies that pleases you or we can put them on rapid training to change their body in a way you want. These guys are really looking for someone to serve!”
“For God sake! You are the most annoying Guardsman ever seen by myself!”
“Sorry, Sir! This one apologizes for his insistence. But, if you won’t get any Guardy as your Bodyguard, this one will be severely punished. Mistress has made that clear to me. Master, this one begs you for mercy!”
Eugene thought some seconds, sighed, and said:
“Senior Bodyguard, could your Bodyguards be Instructors in their craft for someone else?”
“Sure, Master. If Guardsman has experience in Bodyguard’s service more than five years, then he can be Instructor. He has right to teach new Bodyguards”.
“I want to hire one of your Bodyguards to train B-6550-368-088 for me, he is currently the assistant and Orderly of G-5050-022-400.”
“This one does not know if this is possibly, this is an unusual request. You are very independent, Sir. Usually the women come along to choose their husbands bodyguard.”
“I insist on having 088, call my wife if necessary.”
“Of course, Sir! Would you select Instructor for your Guardsman?”
“How about Guardsman who can playing guitar?”
“Yes, yes!… Is he in Bodyguard service for 6 years?”
“That’s right, Master! Six years’ experience is enough to train a new Bodyguard. Can this one bring C-5021-363-345 here?”
“Just a few minutes. This one will be back soon, make yourself comfortable, take some refreshments”.
After a short time both Guardsmen entered.
C-5021-363-345 saluted and then offered his hand to Eugene.
“So, you want this one to train B-6550-368-088?”
“Yes, do you know him?”
“Unfortunately no, Sir. But I heard he is an orderly. That will make it easier.”
“Can you also teach him to play on the guitar?”
“Sure, of course, Sir.”
“C-5021-363-345, you are my man!”
C-5021-363-345 butt plug twitched and send a short burst of pleasure through the ass of the toned Guardsman. C-5021-363-345 smiled.
“How long will Bodyguard’s training need?”
“At least, 40 days. Maybe even longer, depending on the performance of B-6550-368-088.”
“You better start now.”
“Senior Bodyguard, when 088 will be arriving?”
“GUMS informs me that he will be there tomorrow”.
“OK. Will I have an opportunity to see how 088 will be during training course?”
“Of course, Sir. Because you are Citizen Inspector with level 1 authorization, you have access to see all 088’s training from computer. Cameras will broadcast all process 24 hours per day. And you can see your Guardsman Bodyguard from your home using our GuardNet or you even could visit him there whenever you want.”
“It’s pleasure for me to serve you, Master!”
The Senior Bodyguard grabbed a folder from his table and gave it to Gene.
“Master, you must sign the papers and fill that blank.”
“What’s that?”
“There are check boxes of a list what components would be added to his training. The more you select the longer will be his training period. The basic course is approximately 40 days. But every module for additional course may increase that time.”.
“I see”
“Usually Guardsman are conditioned to loose a lot of their individuality. We call this deindividualization . But Bodyguards are allowed to have more personality.”
Eugene had a look on the list, the basic training included: specialist weapons and tactics, advanced marksmanship, unarmed combat, reconnaissance, advanced driving and body-guarding tactics, counter and anti-surveillance techniques. That seemed to be OK.
Then came the additional list.
“I recommend you put him in for: excellent communication skills, thinking under pressure, civilian etiquette training and some grooming tips. I guess, we can refrain from further personality modification, tactical convoy driving or special sexual pleasuring skills, personal assistant training should be covered by the orderly course.”
Eugene ticked that.
“How many extra days will added to basic course with that ticked modules?”
“30 days or so, Master!”
“70 days, in total. It’s longer than I thought. Can’t you speed it up?”
“Well we could of course increase the pressure and user our advanced teaching methods, that won’t be nice for him and he might be a little bit lacking his own initiative for a couple of weeks.”
“OK. Don’t change anything. 70 days is a long time. But it would be good for learning the details. Quick way is not always better, I know.”
“Very considerate, also to the personality of your Bodyguard. Which one will you take in the meantime?”
Eugene reviewed the specs for B-6311-129-250. He seemed not to be brightest kid in town but very loyal.
“In the meantime? I’ll take B-6311-129-250 as my temporary Bodyguard while 088 will be in process of education.”
“Excellent choice, Sir! We will prepare him in 20 minutes.”
“OK. You don’t haste. Take your time, Senior Bodyguard. I can wait longer.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
Gene was in the comfortable waiting room and drunk tea.  He lied on soft sofa and watched TV. News showed the blasted limo where Gene had been. Later, Selena claimed with resoluteness in her voice from TV’s screen claimed that she and Directorate will take control of the accident’s investigation. When news finished, Gene had fallen asleep. A knocking at the door woke him up. It was Senior Bodyguard.
“Sir? We are ready.”
“Good. Where is he?”
“B-6311-129-250 is there. Behind this one’s back.”
“Come in.”
Both Guardsmen entered in the waiting room. Gene switched off TV and saw his new Bodyguard. Now, B-6311-129-250 was in parade uniform and stood at attention.
B-6311-129-250 was smaller than Gene, but had impressive shape of body. He was much stronger than Gene. And that strength gave Gene the feeling of safety and reliability.
Eugene and Bodyguard left the building and went home. Eugene had been given a manual on how to deal with his assigned Bodyguards. He was especially interested in how to control their state of awareness and consciousness. He just wanted his Bodyguard to not know or remember all the things he did.
“I will put you into sleeper mode or passive awareness from time to time. My privacy is important to me.”
B-6311-129-250 answered crisp: “Yes sir… how do you want B-6311-129-250 to address you, Sir?”
“Sir, when we are among other people, in private you can address me with Mr. Winters.”
“How should I address you B-6311-129-250?” Eugene asked.
“My brothers usually address me as Stamm, because this one is originally from the Region of Austria. And there is a saying strong like the trunk of a tree. Some people perceive me as such, Sir.”
“So, is it OK to call you Stamm?”
“Yes, Sir….. Do you have any other orders, concerning B-6311-129-250 dress, attire, grooming, behavior. Please specify them, Sir?”
“Well you could let your hair grow out a little bit, be not so soldierly and smile more.”
B-6311-129-250’s started to smile and looked less sternly.
“Like this, Sir?”
“Better. Now you wear parade uniform. It seems it’s not comfortable for you. Do you always wear your tank suit?”
“Almost always, sir. Before this one became a Bodyguard, he was used for patrols and trained in using the tank suit, not all Guardsman are fitted with one. The suit offers the best protection and intervention possibilities. It would recommend continue to wearing it.”
“What would be the alternative?”
“This one could wear his R-Class uniform, Parade uniform or even put civilian clothes over the R-Class uniform. But it recommends wearing the tank suit for now, especially as it has been informed that the threat to your life has not been fully evaluated, yet.”
“Damn, Stamm, and why are you in Parade uniform now?!”
“Sorry, Sir, Senior Bodyguard followed protocol for new clients. You didn’t say that this one must wear tank suit, so by default it was ordered to wear Parade uniform.”
“I see. Where is your tank suit?”
“It’s in APC going behind your limousine”
Gene ordered to stop the limo and APC. Gene entered with Stamm in APC, and saw how Bodyguard took off Parade uniform and stepped into his tank suit. Stamm didn’t seem to be bothered to be watched while doing this. Despite that he got entirely nude, had to fiddle his penis into some kind of diaper and then closed the leg and upper body part on himself. All the time Eugene watched and saw the massive stomach muscles.
Gene whispered loudly.
“You are looking so massive with it!”
“Sir, this one takes pride in being a massive and muscular Guardsman. That is often used to intimidate people and it prevents any trouble before they arise, this is often considered beneficial.”
Eugene and his new bodyguard moved into the limousine that brought him back home.
“So do you have any hobbies, Stamm?”
“Hmmm, nobody has ever asked this one… maybe lifting weights and going to the gym.”
“I see.”
When they were at home Eugene told B-6311-129-250 that he was not needed for the day, as he did not plan to leave the house.
B-6311-129-250 went to Bodyguards’ rooms in the basement, while Eugene went to have dinner with Selena.


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