Canadian Guardsman – Chapter 9

308 stepped out of the room. “GUMS transmits the screen pictures to F-3374-205-680, priority message”
680 had just finished another workout, when GUMS interrupted him and directed him to the nearest screen. With growing shock he read the Canadian’s report. This was not supposed to be sent out.
“GUMS, this one requests priority meeting with Base Commander and B-4650-609-308”.
680 raced out of the gym and into one of the sanitary booths. He had to clean himself and step back into the duty uniform. Appearing at the Base Commander like this was out of the question.
GUMS chirped: “Your request has been granted, proceed immediately to the Commanders office”

308 and 680 stood at attention while the commander read the files from the Canadian’s report. The Base Commander was thinking.
“Our approach with Canada should not be endangered with such a small incident. We allowed them in, in the hope they understand our system.”
“We thought we had built a relationship with him, if you look at the surveillance data he is clearly suggestible.”
“Never the less, this is dangerous.”
“We request your instructions, master.”
The commander thought.
“Make sure that Canadian officer fully understands the Guardsmen’s ethos and mission and does not leave the Union State with a bad understanding of our institution by getting the wrong picture of how things are done… Am I clear?”
“Yes, master”
“Your master will have to mention this in the report with the Security Controller. If this fails there will be punishment. Not only for you but for all the units and maybe even the whole base.”
“Yes, master”
Both Guardsmen left the room. In the antechamber they looked at each other.
“What do we do now?”
“Fully understanding means also experiencing the positive ways.”
They rushed off to the recruitment office, hoping to find the recruiter on duty to open to their plan.

C-4650-609-333 had the stunning good looks and winning smile of a recruiter. Trained in the art of winning hearts and minds and the latest psycho-manipulation techniques. Of course, recruiting another guy, more or less, out of the blue without any prior work would get up the numbers. He could already feel the dildo in his ass twitch.
Never the less, he took all of the recruitment kit with him. Including the stuff, that might be able to convince more open minded people.

All of them arrived at the room of the Canadian, rather out of breath. They collected themselves and went in.
Without knocking they entered.
The Guardsmen found Simon sitting in his room reading some papers from the conference.
Simon stood up, sensing something was not at ease. “What’s up fellas?”
680 sat down next to Simon.
“Captain Martin, have you been enjoying your stay with us so far?”
Simon: “Why, yes, I have. You’ve been very hospitable.”
680: “That is good. We have enjoyed having you here with us. I overheard the officers say that your CIMIC discussion the other day was highly informative. We will benefit greatly from your input.”
Simon: “That’s excellent, so glad to hear. I’m hoping that the Canadian Army will benefit from what I’ve learned here too. I can’t wait to tell everyone about this place when I get back.”
680: “Yes… going back… have you given any thought to staying?”
Simon frowned, noticing the rather uncomfortably close distance that the two Guardsmen had taken sitting with him. “Uh no, I’m leaving in a few days. Back to Canada.”
680 leaned in and put a hand on Simons lap, feeling the smooth rubber on his body. “Sir, it is obvious that you need to stay. Ever since you arrived, you have indicated that you are excellent Guardsman material, and I think even you are beginning to see that. I had suspected it myself for some time, but now, that we have you sealed up in your uniform and looking like a proper soldier this one is convinced. You need our training to complete your transformation and  – ”
Simon tried to stand up. “This is ridiculous…”
The two Guardsmen pulled him back down and held him in the chair.
“We have read your report. This type of report could be damaging to the Guards. It is clear that you do not understand us yet. If you properly understood you would not be eager to publish this paper to your superiors.
Simon started to sweat and become very nervous, unsure what was happening. “You read my report? I’ll make changes if necessary. I swear…”
680 shook his head. “No, that won’t do at all. You must become one of us. Once your training is complete, and you have joined us as Guardsman, you will understand.”
308 slapped a piece of paper on the table and a pen.
“This is a recruiting form. We have already filled in all the information that we need. We just need your consent to finish your processing and send you to the warehouse with the rest of the recruits. It’s not a big deal, all you have to do is write your name.”
Simon shook his head. “This is pressganging! I’m not going to tolerate this. My HQ is going to be furious when they find out that you tried to press me into service. I’m a member of an allied nation – you have absolutely no right whatsoever to do this. Now, let me go!”
308 shook his head and looked to 680. “This one told you this would happen. This recruit… ”
“I’m not a damn recruit!” Simon shouted.
308 waited. “This recruit has not been subject to the Guards messaging through his key school years. He clearly desires to be a Guardsman but is incapable of admitting it.”
680: “What are we going to do?”
The recruiter interjected: “We will take him back and try some of the early methods. This one has read about them, this way we can make him see reason.”
Simon broke free and tried to run for the door, but 308 leapt across the room, tackling him. Their rubbered bodies fell to the floor and 308 quickly put Simon in an aggressive submission hold. “It will be easier, if you don’t resist.”
680 approached holding a rubber contraption with many straps. They manhandled Simon putting his arms into it, and crossing his arms in front of him. Simon quickly realized that he had just been strapped into a rubber straitjacket. 680 applied a few simple locks and Simon realized that there was absolutely no way out of the restraints.
“This is criminal! I demand to see a representative from Canadian embassy!”
680 shook his head sadly and pulled a tight rubber muzzle over Simons face, strapping it on and silencing him. 680 held him down and gently stroked Simon’s bulge, shushing him.
“There, there… this one knows you are frightened now but you will see. Already in your heart, you are a Guardsman but are incapable of realizing it. You belong to the brotherhood now.”

Simon woke up nude. He was unable to move. Even his head was locked down with powerful clamps. On his right arm was IV line. There were sensors attached to his skull and chest. He felt a strange presence in his ass.

“It seems he is waking up”
“Why does the standard pick up rountine not work with him?”
680 looked at the recruiter.
“Well the conditioning has to use certain achetypes, like stories and symbols. When you met the average male union citizen he has been exposed to them from birth. But his one. He is from abroad. That will be the same as with the Ukrainians.”
“How did you solve that?”
“Recruiting command developed a unique set of messages and programming for them. It took them about 6 months before it was really usable. They are still refining that. ”
“We don’t have so much time.”
“Tell me about his background, it might work if we adjust it individually.”

Simon felt that his cock was in a rubber hose, that from time to time pulsed rhythmically and kept his member erect. Then again, an assault on his senses started again: First pictures of gay men holding hands, kissing, the rubber bodies and what could only be military propaganda. The assault on his mind was getting stronger.
I have to resist…


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