Canadian Guardsman – Chapter 12

Simon awoke when the APC came to a halt. Where was he?
“Dismount vehicle, –form line –at attention”
When he woke up there were five other lads in the APC who looked as disoriented as him.
He went out and instantly stood at attention.
“At attention!” a rubber-clad figure, holding a black stick in his hand stood in front of them.
“I’m senior instructor G-0504-400-989 or master to you, you will obey all my orders, or this will happen.” The figure turned and poked the stick at a boy near Simon and the guy screamed in agony.
“This is setting one. I guess no one wants to experience setting two… clear material?”
“I missed the master”
“Clear, master!”
“Now, material, you will proceed through this door where you will find desks.
You are to file your ID and your papers with the Guardsman behind them, then proceed to the next station.”
Five at a time moved into the registration, getting their fingerprints recorded, their identity checked, biometric pictures taken, civilian ID and exams electronically filed and a little armband fitted on their left arm. Each received a piece of adhesive paper in their hand.
“That’s it. You’re registered and you are 5450-522-977 from now on… Move on to the next door.”
Simon thought he knew the Guardsman who was always a little bit out of sight when he was there. The face and number were familiar. Especially, when he unlike the others didn’t bring any exam papers or had a different looking ID.
“Remove your clothing and personal belongings.”
Some of the Guardsmen wondered, why the guy in front of them already wore a rubber suit.
“These civilians are getting stranger by the day”
“Next room”
“Now you get the look, besides that it is just so much cleaner and easier to maintain”
With each clip of his  hair falling some parts of his previous life fell away. His head soon became as bare as his naked body.
Still nude, he was poked by an instructor with his stick and pushed to the next room with a shower cubicle. The hot shower and the lube he was given dissolved all the remaining body hair.
When it was finished, he was sent to the next room.
“This one is going to tattoo your Guards Identification Number and then put the ID Chip into your left hands palm. This will hurt, but not as much as a pain stick, so lay still and don’t complain.” Simon was given a ball gag and strapped into the chair his left arm attached to an extension. It was only a small stick with a needle and some 4 min of buzzing on his smooth left shoulder.
“Get up!”
In the next room he was given his uniform.
“Place your hands to the counter and relax.” A burly Guardsman said as he pushed the dildo into Simon’s, until then virginal, hole and aligned the codpiece with his balls and penis, then buckled the belt to which both were attached.
Simon was still shocked but did as he was told and heard a clicking sound.
„”Your underwear is sealed,– go to the next counter.”

Another rubber-clad Guardsman stood there and introduced them to their new outer garments:
„”This is your Class R Suit, it’s made from a special nano-material that emits water, regulates your temperature, and is a mixture between neoprene and rubber. This is what you will wear when you’re not it the tank suit and you will love to wear it,” the instructor smirked.
„”It’s one piece from sole to neck, there are optional boots for duty, gloves and headgear.
This will be your uniform. It will fit snuggly and was produced for your body, so, no sharing.” It felt smooth and gentle. Simon was given his uniform, including his silver tag A-5450-522-977 on the chest.
“Put it on … If you have trouble you can use some of the oil.” Simon did not have trouble to enter his suit. He quickly closed the zipper at the back of it.
“Have you worn this clothing before?” another recruit asked him innocently, but immediately the instructed snapped at them: “No talking!”.
There, he stood looking at his new brothers, all of them, now in their respective black suits, rubbered and somehow feeling strangely good. Five rubber-clad young men standing there unsure what to do. Waiting for instructions.

They arrived in their classroom. 40 comfortable seats with rubber cushions and arm and headrests, placed neatly, in front of them a computer terminal and below them pedals. The seats had built-in harnesses. Simon sat down at the station with his tag blinking A-5450-522-977. Waiting for the others to settle in. He noticed the pedals below the desk but didn’t do anything with them. After everyone had settled the chief instructor entered the room, the lights dimmed and he was illuminated by a spot near the front.

“Now, strap yourself into the seats. First, the belt buckle, then the shoulder straps. Then the headrest”
The boys strapped themselves in, until their upper body were barely moveable and their head attached to its rest as well.
„”On the screen, you will find a menu, you can note down stuff and access files and info we designated for you. As you get deeper into the training you will have more access. At the end of the day there will be a test, on what you learned..
Be prepared to take punishment if you fail, and rewards if you succeed. The pain inducers are only one form of the punishment we offer. Now as we want fit and exercised material and of course contribute to the power consumption of this facility – the Guard is a green organization, – you will start pushing the pedals below your desks, constantly when you’re in the seats. The screen will show a green light if you’re maintaining an adequate rate of pedaling and learning. ”

Eagerly, the recruits started pedaling.
„”There are several classes of people here: Material, Guardsmen and senior Guardsmen, you’re the lowest of them fresh material, and we will take the worthless material you are and make you into worthy Guardsman. Guardsman who are clad and proud to wear the uniform.”
The instructor held up a silver colored hearing aide device up. “Many of you have noticed that all of us are wearing this: a GUMS Earpiece. GUMS is for GUardsman Management System and this is your little friend, you will wear them and it will help you. Now, pick yours up!”
Simon took the cool silver device, it doesn’t weigh more then 100 grams.
“That little fellow will go into your ear. Actually, you will have got two, one for the night and one for the day.
This will be your best friend while you are in the Guard. Loss will result in severe punishment, wear it at all times. It’s your connection to the system, giving you orders and advices, monitoring your activities. As the Guard believes in the evaluation, transparency and accountability of its members. We register your positions and store what the microphone and the camera record. To talk to the computer, just say GUMS and you will hear a response. Now, put it into your ear.”
Simon put the device into his left ear, it started to buzz. On the screen in front of him appeared a little configuration menu, asking him about the sounds he could hear and showing him some pictures.

The instructor looked at his instructor’s console and saw the material or the boys, as he lovingly called them, are going through the testing: hearing, sound absorption, tracking, camera, microphone, brain wave test, suggestibility, after 20 min all showed green. Except the one of 5450-522-977.
There seemed to be some blocks. The instructor pressed a button.

Two Guardsmen in rubber-clad came to Simon and ordered him to follow him. He was led to a room with a stretcher and made to lie down. Then, both started to restrain him.

From the outside, behind a darkened window 680 watched.
“So, this one hears you have trouble with the recruitment.”
“No wonder, it’s the cultural differences. But let’s be assured, we have broken them all .” The second Guardsman smiled.

They could see a Guardsman in white rubber approaching and glueing electrodes to the skull of Simon. Later, a complete audio-visual input suit was attached. The visor also had a devilish function. Once it was attached the subject below it could not close the eyes. These were watered with eye fluid. Sensors in the visor measured the dilation. These could be referenced with the brain scans and the stimulation and sensors in the subject’s penis and ass.
“You know, this one really enjoys getting a difficult nut to crack. These days, we only get the occasional outlier or over eager recruiter, who signs up people who are not up to it. But, developing and induction suite for another culture, the last time we did this was when we included Ukraine.  Besides that, for years, we had people who come here to join us because they like the uniform, we usually manage to induct them as well.”
680 smirked. He hoped it would work and the threatened punishment to him and his entire base would be dropped. Maybe, he would even receive some reward.

680 watched from the outside and could see a large floating pool, for sensory deprivation usage. Guardsmen in white rubber stood around a treatment bed, on which  977 was placed.  He was sedated, so he could not follow the preparations. The Medic Guardsmen were removing his rubber uniform. One of them was shaving 977 on the complete body, then he was be sprayed with a chemical fluid that would make his skin soft and prevent growth of hair for the next six or up to ten weeks. Also, his eyebrows were be shaved off.
Now 977 was complete nude, the Medics put him in lateral position to insert a special butt plug in his arse with two attached tubes. Finished with that they brought a catheter inside his bladder, so peeing was no longer a problem. An elastic snorkel was brought over the penis of 977, it can be did pulsation, so it erects and manipulate his member. Next, two hoses were stuck inside his nostrils, so that breathing was secured. A strong I.V. line was layed in his left and right arm. His eyelids were now secured with a pair of plastic clamps, so 977 could not close them. There was no need to close them for the treatment.  A medic attached a visor in front of his eyes with glue, formed like two single goggles,  This was the first part of the audio-visual stimulation set. Then the goggles were filled with synthetic eye fluid. The second part were tight sealing full stereo headphones with noise reduction, also securely fixed around the ears.

Next, 977 got a hose inside his mouth and the mouth was filled with a synthetic foam. Just like a gag ball, but much more effective, because his tongue was fixed, too. The tube is for ventilating him..
A cap with a fine network of electrodes was attached to his blank head, expect the mouth. Every single electrode was secured with glue. Now his upper body was fitted with electrodes, to control his vital body functions.
The first part of the procedure is now ready, a senior medic in his white rubber suit checked on every installation. When he was sure that everything was secure and proper working. He gave “go ahead” signal.
680 watched with delight.

The next step, was to get the weak recruit in a heavy rubber suit. For this his body and the installations were sprayed with a slippery greenish gel. Two of the medics came with the suit, which was also filled with the gel. The treatment bed was raised on the head section. Four medics held the suit and 977 slipped in it. There were only bowls of rubber where hands and feet were attached. The medics payed attention so that every hose, tube and the i.v. line came correctly outside the suit. Last the head bowl came on. The wires of the electrodes network around 977 body went out at the, below the head bowl. Then,  the artifcial respiration system was attached and checked for twitches.
Now, the suit was filled with the greenish gel. No more air was inside the suit. In the front of the breast level, a clamp was attached.  Now the hard part for the medics is over. A crane carried the rubber figure to the floating pool. One last check for the tubes and hoses. Next was a functional check of the installations. The Butt Plug System and the catheter worked.
The crane lowered 977 to the floating pool. The fluid is thermoneutral, heated to the same temperature as the human body and mixed up with salt, so that the rubber figure swum inside. The clamp is so lowered, that 977 has no barrier and the floating pool seems endless for the subject. Medics have left, only the senior medic will check the vital signs of 977. The sedation will be reduced and some new medications are pumped into the IV of 977. The Guards uses a very special cocktail for reducing the subject’s resistance.

“So, what does this setup?”, 680 asked.
“Well,” the senior medic replied: “basically, it totally deprives the subject of any input. Then, the only input becomes the voice and the images we supply to him. It breaks down the free will and the inhibitions of the subject. We can make them very compliant.”
680 smiled. He hoped to see 977 again, but as part of the brotherhood.

Meanwhile, the first wave of the drug  cocktail made 977 very relaxed. The video input showed him scenes with little children and a family. This was to trigger 977’s own memories. The snorkel made his member thick and sucked lightly on it. Later the pictures were adjusted to a Simon’s or 977’s own background. The Psycho Master turned to 680: “See? Once you supplied us with the passwords to his social media accounts, we were able to retrieve pictures and put them into our system. Now, the recruiting system learns and adapts to the pictures we show.”
Slowly, the memories came and flowed out of 977. His ears where filled with a pulsating sound in the same rhythm as the sucking. Nothing other was more important, only the sucking and pulsating. At times the stimulation in the sensory deprivation chamber stopped and Simon lost himself, there was no feeling of time. He could not feel any border or where was up and down. His mind drove off, only the sucking seems to be important.
Later, the visor showed 977 rotating spirals and other complex patterns in different colors.

The senior medic explained: “In the next 18 hours, we will wash his brain completely. Well, not in the sense that we destroy his personality and memories, as it was done earlier. He is the first subject for the Canadian adjusted programming. We were able to incorporate his own memories and program our stimule in accordance.  Every two hours the processing is paused and we will sedate him again. With the electrodes, we are able to catch a raw digital blueprint of his memories and personality. If we are finished with this phase, 977’s personality and memories will altered. We are especially working to change his motivational system. We are aiming to make him want to be an obedient, loyal Guardsman. We want him to love his service.

Some time later
“How is he?”
“He has received a strong interesting for rubber fetish and gay lifestyle. We have altered some memories and made his time in Canada less nice. There it was great to have access to his past. The military service was good, he has learned to obey and follow orders already, we just increased the compulsion to do so.”
Simon was still stored in the floating pool, controlled by the Guard medics.
“This time, he learns to love uniforms and obedience. The parts about his girlfriend went to garbage bin.”, Psycho Master laughed.
“How does the intake of the new memory works?” 680 asked the Psycho Master at the control room of the floating pool.
“It’s quite a simple process. Some parts of  his brain are empty, but no longer disturbed from outside with white noise of video and audio, so it is thirsty for new information. He is not able to question about what he is served, he is only absorbing it into his mind. So the last phase of the memories are more detailed, the further past  is getting foggy.”
“So is it the same with us? This one always has the impression that the past before him joining up is foggy.”
“Yes, we make it like this with all Guardsmen. So, as not to trouble us, with what was.”
“So what will he remember?”
“He will wake up with a little confusion and inconsistent memories about a little time in a hospital. But with a clear belief what to do next: to join the Guard and to be a good Guardsman!”

680 led Canadian ambassador to a control room, looking down on huge maze. There were Guardsman fighting, resting, running down and doing all sorts of things.
“From here, we can control the entire training of all the new material.”
“Where is our gift?”
680 addressed one of the rubber-clad, bald guys sitting in front of him. “Show us 5450-522-977”
Statistics appeared on a large screen.
“As you can see, all the parameters with any standard material at this point in the induction phase.”
The Ambassador nodded satisfied.
“How have you modified the induction program?”
“Well, for the 25 days we had to change the symbols and archetypes into a specific Canadian way. There are still some symbols that are different. Once we start with the Canadian Forces, we will have to develop a unique Canadian way anyway. But he has been a good prototype.”
“Great – can we talk to him?”
“Sure, the programming is already set enough. At this point, we are merely improve his training skills.”
The recruiter tipped one of the operators and talked to them.
“We have called him here. GUMS gives him directions. We can wait for him the room next door.”
5450-522-977, formerly Captain Simon Martin entered the room.
“How can 5450-522-977 be of service?”
“These people want to talk to you, material.”
The ambassador nodded. The guy in front of her looked changed from when she had seen him last time.   The smile was gone and he had become more serious but also a little bit dull expression was on the face. He was also more massive and his head was bald. But also his body was more straight.
“Who are you?”
“This is Material 5450-522-977 training to be Guardsman”
“Are you also Simon Martin?”
“This was Material’s former designation. This one is Guardsman Material now. It remembers the name.”
“What do you dream of?”
977 hesitated: “Mostly Mantras.”
“What do you remember of the time before the Guard?”
“Material remembers what is necessary. You can ask specific questions and this one will remember.”
“Do you want to return to Canada?”
“Material knows it serves Canada best here. It wants to serve, where, it doesn’t matter.”
“Thank you.”
“Material 5450-522-977 is dismissed”, 680 ordered.
5450-522-977 saluted and left the room to continue with his training. The plug in his ass twitching and rewarding him for good conduct.
680 told them: “He is strict to the protocols and performing in upper 5%. He is scheduled to become part of internal security and assessment. He will wear the red beret with pride.”
“What rank?”
“Nothing above B, he might have a career though. But he is completely on board.”
The ambassador remarked: “It’s almost like Borg from the old Star Trek movies”
The reference was lost on 680.


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