The INSPECTOR – Chapter 8: Training Guard

Chapter 8: Training Guard

088 was called to the office of his Commander. As his personal orderly that was nothing special. But the Commander looked sad.

“088, have a seat.”

“It is good that we had this conversation two days ago. This one was not aware of your love and this one had not treated you correctly. However, us being together will be put on another trial.”

088 looked at the Commander with questioning eyes.

“This one has received signal that you are to be commanded for Bodyguard training.”


“Apparently our last Citizen Inspector Eugene Walters has been targeted by a bomb while he drove home from the Inspection. The news has been kept under cover and censored so far. But it is unclear who is responsible and what is the background. So the Regional Security Director and the Regional Commander have decided that he is a person meriting some more protection. He will be given Bodyguard for the foreseeable future and he has requested you.”

“But, Sir, speaking freely, this one is only an orderly and not trained for being Bodyguard?”

“Well, when you became orderly you had basic Bodyguard training, you will be put on an accelerated course.”

088 gulped.

“And what will become of us?”

“As your Commander, I’m not sure.”

“Will I have to move out of my present family unit? Where will I be stationed?”

“For the duration of your training, you will be billeted at the Regional HQ where the training takes place, later you might be billeted with the Winters. It is a great sign of trust that  the Guard allows you to stay overnight outside Guard facilities, very few Guardsmen are given such an opportunity. You will met many temptations and the seductions of civilian life will be there. You should not succumb to them and stay true to our vow of obedience and poverty.”

“You are talking as if we will never met again.”

“I thought you might be happy to get out of the cave and to some real Guardsmen work? You indicated that.”

“Yes I did, but I also remember that you warned me, be careful what you wish for.”


“I did…. But what can we do to see us again? Last night, in your arms in the family unit I felt so good.”

“I felt so good as well, but I have a wife and a son.”

“Your son is a Guardsman now, you trained him well. B Rank straight out of the Cavern, that are only a few. He will make a good Grunt.”

“Sometimes I ask if this is a good thing.”

“Nevertheless, what can we do?”

“I have thought about it, you remember you talked about me taking you in a my concubinus? We should accelerate that. Your orders are cut for you to leave in two days. So we can have the ceremony tomorrow. I talked to the priest.”

088 smiled over all his face. This way their bond would be difficult to break and he could hope to return to his husband from time to time.


He kissed his Commander on the mouth.

“Back to your duties, Guardsman!”

“Yes, Sir!”


088 packed his things and stood in the large cavern. As he was the only Guardsman going to the Regional HQ this morning, he would march. It was only 35 km, his backpack weighed only 25 kg. His second R-Class uniform, boots, berets, his parade uniform, his pad, some meager personal possessions. Everything else he would be given there. As he had never been trained in a tank suit he had none to carry. So he had put all the stuff in his backpack, holstered the standard self defense items, like needler gun, painstick and handcuffs and was ready to go.

The Commander had come down and hugged him for the last time and off he walked. His backpack contained enough water and nourishment formula for the trip. GUMS would guide him and he had time to get his head free. Also, the exercise would be added to his reward points.


Eugene enjoyed his new rank as citizen inspector. A lady from the security directorate had given him a special pad that he could use to access the Guard network. The device was very rugged. He had been warned not to use it but he was told he could access the camera feeds and information of all the Guardsman he was supposed to control and inspect. Eugene entered the System and searched for 088.

GUMS highlighted the next cameras to 088. He clicked on one of them

There seemed to be a class of 12 new Bodyguards starting with them. As they had been assigned to their quarters, they were assembled in a room.

“You may have been through material training, you may have had other training, but this course will be hard, it will be tough and it will make you tough and harder to protect your package. Make no mistake, we will also take care of your looks to make you pleasurable, but we will also make you hard.”

Their instructor told them.


Eugene smiled. It was strange to think, what would he be if he had become a Guardsman. Eugene dismissed the thought and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for his wife. They had to discuss details about the concubinage contract.

Their lawyer was coming soon.


Selena and Eugene waited in the study of their house to discuss with the lawyer. She was a well aged elderly lady who carried a small elegant attache case.

“Ms. Winters, Mr. Winter, I have prepared the papers.”

“Let us sit down and discuss.”

“Well, your divorce so to say will be easy to handle as your husband will not separate from you but become your concubine. So we have written this into the divorce application to the registrar office. And as you do not have contested the divorce but filed through it together we expect that you go through it smoothly. There is also no need for a maintenance agreement as you Eugene will stay in the household of Selena…. So the divorce is more or less a formality.”

Selena and Chloe nodded.

“As you will become the Concubine of Selena, we will have to make a concubinage agreement. These are fairly standard, we just have to clear some things.

So, concerning your legal status: Which rights do you Selena want you, should Eugene surrender?”

Eugene interrupted them. “I think we can draw the agreement from the nuptial we have. We have agreed that I want to remain as free as possible.”

“Yes, indeed. I have to say your nuptial agreement is very favorable for you Eugene, you are almost equal partners.”

“We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“It is normal for the concubines to be marked in a certain way, have you thought about that? A visible tattoo, a piercing, collar or something?”

“We have discussed and we think a traditional hand harness would be sufficient.”

“Yes, very well. Maybe a chastity cage? You know I have Herman caged, we agreed and he really enjoys that.”

“No, that won’t be necessary. And I prefer that Gene is so independent.”

The discussion went on for some formalities and they agreed that the lawyer would hand the contract to them next week. Eugene was glad that Selena had not gotten some stupid ideas. Some of his friends had been permanently tattooed or even the dicks caged by their wives.


After the lawyer was gone, Eugene went to GuardNet Terminal and again tuned into his favorite Guardsman. He didn’t know why he was so fond of 088, not that he was gay but it was just so interesting to watch all of it and understand the workings of Guard much better.

It seemed 088 was in some kind of lecture.

The trainer C-5021-363-345 stood in front of the class and pointed out things up what looked like a model of the male anatomy, or rather very intimate parts of the male anatomy. Indeed this did not seem to be a model or puppet, this was a living guy who had just been undressed on his private parts.

“So all of you are trained in male to male sex. We are all gay and its our duty to satisfy our brothers and help them in need. As Bodyguard, you are part of a rare species: You interact with the public. You know not many Guardsmen are allowed to talk to the public, many of you remember this rule when they were doing patrols. Now you will not only be allowed to talk to the public but you will also be allowed to be alone with members of the public, with your VIP, your package. But you will also be trained in pleasuring your package no matter what sex he or she is.

But there is something more to that. We are here not only to protect our VIPs but also to make their lives pleasurable. As you have been trained and know that pleasuring always has a sexual component and you will mostly be protecting high value female leadership, you are getting some female pleasuring training here.”

Eugene fast forwarded, maybe he could learn something here for pleasuring Selena? It seemed the curriculum was quite extensive. Including female anatomy and typical female behavior.

Well some parts of this training didn’t seem to be that interesting to him. Eugene’s thoughts drifted away for some time.

“So always remember to put on one of the condoms. These are specially coated and will ensure your member stays erect even inside a female vagina and of course there is no change of getting Mistress pregnant – its up to us to ensure that.”

“But we all went through the vasectomies in Material training.”

“Yes, but the Guard wants to be 100% sure. If a female VIP wants to get pregnant from you, there are procedures… So make always sure to get explicit verbal assent to your actions. And, of course, you should get yourself rated afterwards because you will get reward points for that.”

“But this one does not have any interest in sex with women?”

“No problem. Your programming will be adjusted so that you can think of a women as pleasurable.”

652 who sat next to 088 gulped.

“How often do the VIPs want to be pleasured by us?

” I had one that always wanted recently, but I also had some others were our interaction was strictly non-sexual.”

“Do we have to eat normal food?”

“Can’t imagine how that is, I think that’s disgusting, its so much cleaner to get it pumped to your stomach.”

“No worries, you will be getting an adjustment to your programming and medication so that normal food does not make vomit. You will also be trained in proper eating etiquette and we will monitor the calorie intake for you, so you don’t get fat.”

088 exhaled. He always feared getting to fat. Most Guardsman strictly emphasized their lean physique and a muscled body was important to them. Being fat was scorned in the Guard and often Guardsman even harassed fat males on the street and demanded IDs from them.


Gene thought that surveilling is something like the usual reality-shows. But, in that case, the show was exclusively for him. His Terminal could show him every small detail of 088’s education, and Gene even could switch camera angles. But the pad had more functions, it gave him control on his personal bodyguard as well.


As he and Stamm moved in van to his music studio. Gene opened the control console on Terminal and pressed the “Short Reward” button. He didn’t know what would happen, but, suddenly Stamm moaned in pleasure. The plug inside his Bodyguard’s ass twitched for 30 seconds.

It was so sudden and unpredictable, and after a couple of seconds of shock, Gene nervously laughed.

Stamm’s face became red with embarrassment.

“Thank you, Sir. Why did you activate the reward routine?”

“I was curious what that button means”

“It gives us a short anal stimulation. But Sir. Please learn what the buttons do, it is not helpful if you press the wrong button at the wrong time, as there is also a punishment menu available. And you shouldn’t start a reward routine during a dangerous situation.”

“OK, Stamm. Sorry.”

Next minute after laughing, Gene became serious.


“Yes, Sir?”

“I think, you know that after Double-Eight will finish his education you must return to the Bodyguards’ Center.”

“Yes, Sir, Stamm knows that”

“Well…hmm…Actually, I don’t want you leaving…I prefer that Double-Eight will be my Bodyguard…but and I can’t be indifferent to you. You have become a real friend, Stamm.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

“Well, you have one mission. If you will complete it, you will can to stay with us.”

“Stamm is ready, Sir!”

“You must wear your parade uniform tomorrow”

“Why, Sir? This one does not put on the formal uniform for missions”

“Don’t interrupt me, Stamm!”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“Well, your mission is to charm Chloe.”

Stamm was surprised but didn’t say any word.

“I talked with my wife, she is still your Mistress as you know”, Gene smiled. “If Chloe will agree to marry  you, then you can stay with us. Selena wants you to be fun and you will be funny, I guess.”

“Stamm doesn’t understand, Sir!”

“Selena organized dinner for you both. Only for you and Chloe. Wear your parade uniform…girls like soldiers in parade uniforms, right? Anyway, make a good impressions for Chloe during the dinner. And we will wait for her verdict.”

“Sir, Lady Chloe is married already”

“Yes, officially she is Selena’s wife, but they were never in love or had sex”

“So their mariage is just for social standing? Stamm understands now”

“Good. You will become concubine but with minimum of rights because you are Guardsman… If Chloe will accept to be your Mistress-Wife.”

“Thank you, Sir. This one will make maximum effort to become member of your family!”

Gene nodded and switched on the terminal to see 088.

After some time, Stamm looked at Gene again:

“Sir, Stamm is not a very funny person. Stamm knows there are other Guardsmen who score higher on extroversion. Stamm does not. It has always been noted as deficiency on his assessment. How can this one be more funny?”

“Stamm, I don’t understand. Why do you think that you have to be funny?”

“Stamm, thinks it helps with making connection. His previous VIP exchanged him for a more funny and extrovert Bodyguard. Even though Stamm served her perfectly.”

“Are you sad about that?”

For a moment Stamm hesitated. Then there were some tears flowing down his face. “Sorry, Sir. You are the first civilian who has asked Stamm about his feelings. Yes. This one feels sad about it.”

Eugene touched Stamm gently at the face. The only place that was not covered by tank suit and gently stroked him.

“Don’t cry, Stamm. Tears are not for real Bodyguard.”

“Sorry, Sir. This one won’t cry anymore…. If you want Stamm can take medication to subdue his emotions”

“In other hand, I finally see that Stamm is not a robot. I’ve never seen your emotions before.”

“Sir, you have been so nice to me, my last VIP was not so nice.”

“Was your last Owner a woman?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did she abuse you?”

“She was unstable and very often had bad moods, Sir”

“Stamm…you are again calling me as ‘Sir’. We are alone, you don’t need that.”

“Sorry, Sir…oh, Mister Winters.”

Eugene smiled, the plan seemed to work.


They continued to ride in the van. Eugene decided to check out the training of his new bodyguard and have a look at the pad again.

They were again in the Briefing room. 345 explained to the trainees about the course and himself. “088 come to the front”

“Aye, Sir.”

345 showed 088 his pain stick:

“Let me introduce the my pain stick. This one has special modification for Bodyguards in training.”

“It looks like a normal Instructor’s stick. This one got strikes with that from my Master Instructor when this was Material”

“Of course, you are. But if you will look more closely, then you will see some differences”

Double-Eight took stick and inspected it thoroughly.

“Sir, it’s truly different! I remember that usual pain stick has only one relay. But there are three!”

“You are right, son. Bodyguard’s service is more responsible than service of a normal Guardsman. You are special now. More responsible, more and harder punishments for you.” 345 laughed.

The trainees gulped.

“See, son, it’s a RRB – Reverse Recoil Baton. You get hit and you get struck…twice…again by the recoil”

345 laughed louder when he saw fear in 088’s eyes.

“Actually, our Engineers took the best things from the pain stick for Materials and the pain stick for Guard Cadets and the normal batons used against civilians. Normal pain stick for Material, or MB-1, has three phases of punishment, as you maybe know. But phase 2 is used rarely for Materials and almost never phase 3. But here, minimum is phase 2. And soon, you will know what is that.”

“Yes, Sir, This one has never been punished with Phase 2”

“I know, GUMS keeps all information about every punishment. I saw it.”

“But, why are there three relays, Sir?”

“Well, second relay is adjusting mode for your punishment. Do your see there 3 marks on relay.”

“Yes, Sir”

“First mark ‘BM’ is meaning Baby Mode. Mode is usually using for first-year Guard Cadets.  Stick simulates a spanking. Actually, it’s not the spanking. In that stick, there is using special technology of painful stimulating ass skin’s cells. The skin even becomes red.”

“But, Sir…In Guard, spanking isn’t used, Sir…!”

“In fact, it’s not. One weak touch with your buttocks by baton is not a spanking. Touch is weak, but you could feeling like a belt spanked you 10 times, if you are Cadet, and 50 times, if you’re Bodyguard.”

“I see, Sir.”

“Anyway, second mode is ‘GM’, Guardsman Mode. It is normal mode for every Guardsman with one exception, there is not Phase 1. By the way, in Academies, Instructors are using two-relay sticks, Baby Mode and simplified Guardsman Mode”

“Sir, third mode is ‘RR’. Is it meaning Reverse Recoil?”

“Yes, Double-Eight, you’re absolutely right! You see, there only two positions – “on” and “off””.

“Yes, Sir”

“In Bodyguard Courses we are using only “on” position”.

Double-Eight gulped more loudly.

“Give me my baton, son”

“Yes, Sir”

345 switch third relay for position “on” and smiled.

“Should we begin your first punishment of this training?”, 345 smirked.

“Ye..Ye..Yes, Sir!”

After some seconds, Double-Eight screamed in agony which he had never felt before. The other trainees were in shock.


When Gene saw this, he winced and shut down Terminal.

“Holy shit! Stamm, your work is more responsible than I thought before!”

“Indeed, Mr. Winters. Stamm didn’t see what you watched on your Terminal. But this one recognized that familiar scream. Is your Trainee on Punishment Lectures?”

“Yes. Is it normal education?”

“Yes, Mr. Winters. It was educational punishment. Usually, Instructor chooses someone from new Trainees to demonstrate punishment’s opportunities. This one guesses, 345 chose your Trainee for demonstration, because 345 was hired by yourself for Double-Eight’s education.”

“Damn, Stamm, I am feeling guilt now. I didn’t know that my actions could be follow to that consequence!”

“It OK, Sir, and never mind. Punishment is not pleasure for Guardsmen, but it’s honor from any Guardie because it’s making us better and stronger. Especially it’s honor to receive punishment from 345. 345 is legendary Bodyguard.”

“Really? I didn’t know that. Commander of Boduguard’s Center didn’t tell me about that.”

“Sir, 345 is one of the best Bodyguards. He saved his very first VIP four times. It was almost six years ago. Four times killers tried to kill his Owner, but she died from natural reasons because she was not a young lady,”

“Wow! But, why they told me that 345 is fit for short missions?”

“I don’t know, Sir. No one from Guard doesn’t know. It’s secret information. You could ask your wife, Sir. She has required status for access to that information, Stamm thinks.”

“Ok, maybe, some time, I will ask her.”

“Of course, Mr. Winters. Stamm doesn’t know much about 345, but every Guardy know that he has right to leave the Guard. But he strictly refused to leave…He was offered from Commandership and Directorate to leave Guard and become Veteran three times. He refused again and again… Finally, one of his previous Owners bought for him a license to leave anytime when 345 wants.”

“I didn’t know that it’s possible.”

“It’s possible, Sir, but very expensive. The more experienced Guardsman the more expensive license. Usually, license for Bodyguard’s freeing is more expensive than license for standard Guardsmen.”

“I see.”   



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