Citizens Compliance Controller

Citizens Compliance Controller

We are, then, in a power that has taken control of both the body and life or that has, if you like, taken control of life in general – with the body as one pole and the population as the other.” ~ M. Foucault

“Murph in 56min and 35 seconds, well done Corporal.”

Hank set down for a minute. Every monday morning the same, to start the week and check for the fitness of their troops.

The Sargeant’s whistle blew and they all went to the showers.

Sarge handed Hank the key and made him sign for it on the electronic form.

Some time later they had trimmed their beards, or shaved, some had shaved off their skulls as well. As every Monday Hank buzzed his hair down to 3 mm and most others did the same. He had come back to the barracks from his wife yesterday. As every morning before going out on mission they put on their diapers and underwear, jumped into their blue jumpsuits, protective vests, shin and arm guards, boots, gloves and helmets.


Outside the lockers their commander was already busy locking the steel groin protectors to his troops. Hank was okay with wearing a chastity belt that locked away access to his penis. He had grown up doing so and remembered his first locking when he was 15. The formal ceremony with his family, where the elegant and comfortable silicon cage had first been placed around his dick. He had also liked the many presents he got and that everyone considered him to be more an adults now.

So when he had to choose where to serve the community, he had decided to serve as a Citizens Compliance Controller.

But his Citizens Compliance Controller uniform had a very elaborate twist. They wore the chastity cage outside, so for all citizens to see that they had given control of their male reproductive organs over to the state.

“Morning Hank.”

“Mornin Sarge.”

“All ready with your cage.”

“Yes, set and pre locked.”

Sarge held a small gadget to the cage and on it’s display appeard a small key.

“Good, you are locked.”

“Thanks, Sarge”

“But if you have time, make sure to polish it a little bit, we want the citizen’s to see that we care for our equipment.”

Hank went of to get some polishing stuff for his belt, cage and boots and started cleaning and spit shining them.

As he did and waited for his company to get ready, he remembered his wedding.

He saw himself in his parade uniform, wearing the tightly cut Eisenhower jacket and pants decorated with the key. His mates were all dressed up in their finest parade uniforms. All of them spotting polished their silver chastity cages.

He walked forward towards the altar and the wedding commenced. Then his commander walked forward towards his wife, a silver key on a chain on a red satin pillow. The commander went to his knees and offered the key to his wife. Handing over the symbolic control of his virility from to her.

Now whenever he was home, she allowed him time off the cage in the house, especially when he did his household chores, often nude. For times out they had jointly selected a very comfy and lightweight silicone modell. That was quite handy, especially when doing sports.

“Hank, stop thinking and come along, we are all ready.” His barracks room mate reminded him.


So, they had driven off in the van to one of the train stations at the commuter line. Today it was their duty to set up a checkpoint.

They turned on the cameras on their vests, from no on everything would be recorded.


As they approached their commander yelled into the van:

„Put on the headsets. “

Hank dreaded the moment. Gone would be his self-determination and the zombie boy scout would be there.

He put the headset on, checked that it was on the right place. The earpiece went in and the cable connected to the radio / computer on his belt. His finger went to the on button, Hank closed his eyes and pressed the switch.

A short shudder went through his entire body. His heart rate went up and down, he coughed. As did everyone else in the van.

Sam opened his eyes. Everyone was slightly smiling, the shoulders pushed out and nobody was talking anymore. The system had taken over.

He put the balaclava on and attached the helmet to his belt and the gloves to his fingers.

The headset would monitor his vitals, state of awareness. He felt how all his thinking contracted and the only important thing was his mission. Nothing else was important.


They jumped out of the vehicle and established the checkpoint. The train would stop. Everyone would have to leave the carriages. People would be herded through the checkpoints, their IDs checked, bags searched, underwear checked and then the platform was long enough they could reenter the train.


Hank and his buddy would be at the actual checkpoint while the rookies fresh from the academy would herd the people towards lines.


Sam and Patrick were on their way to their part time job in the nursery. It was great to get out of the house and back to work. The nursery had offered them something part time. So, they would be home in time for kids. Sam and Patrick had cuddled to each other in the train.


The train stopped and there was an announcement via the intercom: „Dear Riders, the Citizens Compliance Patrol has set up a checkpoint for all commuters, we respectfully ask you to leave this train through the door at the end of the carriage. We will continue this journey after this checkup. Please remember this checks are for the security of all citizens. Thank you for your cooperation. “

Sam looked around the train. There was nothing unusual for that time of the day. Some students in their uniforms going to one of these new academy style schools. It seemed those were going to some kind of technical school, as they wore boiler suits, even though they were pressed and crisply made up. They wore their I.D.s visible and on the belt he could spot the children’s tracker. Most parents fitted their children out with one, to see where they were at every time.

They had somehow manage to militarize these schools as well and give students ranks and stuff. Really strange and so different from his youth in the waldorf school.


There was also several guys in tight leather pieces. Some seemed to be one pieces with locks at the ankles and collars, others imple leather pants and jackets. Sam was always wondering who was putting their husbands or even adult children into this.

In winter these leather clothes, often onsies were quite warm and comfy, but wearing them all year round. Didn’t these people sweat? Sam didn’t get. But then of course the stuff was quite sexy and some women ball gagged their husbands when they were going around with them, often when they took them for carrying the shopping.

Next to the onsie guy sat one young lad with leather pants and nothing but a chest harness with golden rings. It seemed he was looking out for a date. Sam guessed he would get one if the exercised a little more and defined his chest better.


Sam and Patrick stood up and looked at each other.

„Let’s hope we won’t be too late for work. “

„Hmm… yes. “


They queued.

Outside Compliance Controllers in their heavy uniforms and helmets herded the people into lines.

„Form lines – if you comply this checkpoint will be over soon – a good citizen is a compliant citizen – get in line – if you comply this checkpoint will be over soon – a good citizen is a compliant citizen – get in line…”


Sam and Patrick stood in line after each other.

“Always these checkpoints. It’s such a mess. As if anyone would dare to be non-compliant.”

One of the Compliance Controllers, he couldn’t be older than 25, looked at Sam with a stern face.

“Silence in the line. Comply with the rules.”

As they stood in line Sam could hear a scream coming out of the tent.

„Here your cage is not locked. Anybody could just open that.“

„But Officer, my wife does not require me to lock it.“

„Do you have papers on that?“


„This is invalid. Your chastity cage has to be locked, that is the law.”

Another scream could be heard. Two citizen controllers their faces hidden behind the balaclavas dragged the guy away.  


They arrived at the front of the que.


By law every citizen was required to carry his identity at all times. The cards were quite handy as the public section of the chip could also be used to sign your emails, use as a credit card or key. There were proposals to allow people to get them implanted.

Sam’s ID was put through a scanner.

“Place your middle finger there… Now look into the iris scanner”

“You can pass”

“Bag pack

Sam knew he had been singled out, due to his comments on the line.

“Remove your shoes”

“Put your jacket and the content of your pockets onto the tray.”

“Remove your belt and untuck your shirt”

“Do you have any objects hidden in your orifices?”



“Spread your legs, put your arms out.”

A Compliance Controller started touching him down.

One Controller started to illuminate into Sam’s nostrils, ears, mouth, navel.

Another Controller dutifully checked Sam’s backpack and examined the content.

“Clear … proceed to the tent.”

Now that was what Sam was dreading most. The underwear check.


Sam entered the tent. Once Compliance Controller stood with a taser, the other talked to him.


Sam handed him his underwear documentation.

“You are still using a conventional lock?”


“Who has the key?”

“My wife”

“Lower your pants.”

The second Compliance Controller put on a pair of disposable gloves and started fingering around the chastity cage.

“A classical one… stainless steel…”

Sam didn’t get red at these checks anymore. Working in the nursery they had been required to wear chastity cages like one year after he ended his training… Now it had become mandatory for all male citizen. Well not really mandatory but the Compliance Controller would take you in, question you, it was generally very suspicious thing to not do. And no way that you would get to work with children without one. Almost all public jobs for men required you to be caged.

“Ok, I have checked all the possible openings. Everything is set and fixed. Nothing loose… you can dress up again citizen.”

“Thank you.”

“Sorry for any inconvenience… This one is cleared.”


Sam waited for Patrick.

“So how has you check in?”

“You know Larissa, makes me wear this electronic lock. The Compliance Controllers really like it, they can access the log file of it. See when it’s opened and locked. And it’s more convenient than the steel one. Not so heavy.”

“Yeah. Let’s go to the train.”


They sat down again and waited for the rest of the passengers to be cleared. The doors closed and the train started again.

“Thank you for your cooperation at this checkpoint, citizens. Keep in mind it is those checkpoints and the work of the Compliance Controllers that keep our women and children safe from rape and any gender crime. Your employers will be noticed of the reason for us being late.

We excuse us for any inconvenience.”


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