Adalrichs new belt

It was Saturday and Adalrich was off school. Together with his mother he sat at the breakfast table and ate his muesli.

“Hurry up. We want to buy your chastity belt today. You’ll soon be 16 and then you’ll need one.”

Adalrich knew this and did not want it. So far nothing has worked with the girls and the belt would ensure that nothing would work without the control of his parents.

“Does that have to be?”

“Yes that must be. After all, the school rules demand that, and your classmates have one, too.”

The Margarete Stokowski Gymnasium was one of the better schools in the city and paid special attention to the good behaviour of the pupils. Strict discipline, small learning groups, an elegant school uniform and digital monitoring of the students by Smartwatch in their free time. The device not only reported the location, but also whether the students were learning, doing sports and sleeping well.

From the age of 16, a chastity belt was also compulsory for the students.

“Are you finished?”


“Then get dressed, but nothing sloppy.”

Adalrich put on his polo shirt, stroked his rasp-short hair and decided on shorts.

In addition to his wallet, telephone, student cap and shoes.

“Well, that’s how we can go.”

Mother locked the apartment and together they walked to the monorail station. Two young national police officers in armoured suits stood in front of it and watched the passers-by. They had the visors of their helmets open and smiled. Nothing unusual today and probably one of the better jobs one could do as a compulsory servant. Three years service for the state for every young man. Thank you. Adalrich thought. But until then it was still a little bit there. 

On Saturday morning the train was not so full yet. A few buyers. Men taking care of their children, two servants in grey uniforms on their way to work. At the When propaganda posters hung by the government or generous offers from sperm banks “Donate sperm”.

“So there we are. A good men’s outfitter.”

They entered the shop. The salesman, in a tight-fitting salmon-coloured shirt and freshly ironed trousers, smiled at them.

“What can it be?”

“We need a chastity belt for my boy.”

“Yes, of course. Then we go together to the back… Is that the first one?

Shyly Adalrich replied: “Yes”.

“You don’t have to be shy, the first belt and the inclusion are a big step for every young man… and you want someone who sits well and is not uncomfortable.”

The salesman led them into a separate area.

“What is your name?


“Can you make yourself free downstairs? We want to measure your penis.”

Adalrich pulled down his pants and underpants and the salesman began to measure the penis with a ruler and a tape measure and enter the data on a pad.

“The system knows all the right models and sizes and I can get some trial models from stock.”

“Are they clean too”, Adalrich’s mother asked.

“Of course, we disinfect them after each customer… Do you want a model made of plastic, leather or metal?

“What are the differences?”

“The plastic models are a little cheaper and often more comfortable to wear. The metal is very stable and indestructible. Your son is still growing and I would recommend a plastic model.”

“Yes then first plastic”

“And with a noose or just around the penis?”


“I’ll bring them both for once.”

“How are they completed?”

“Either with an electronic lock or old-fashioned with a key”

“What’s safer?”

“Well, that depends. If you take a good titanium lock, both are almost indestructible and the solid locks work without electricity.”

The salesman disappeared in a side room and came back with a row of chastity belts.

“May the young gentleman undress, again.”

Adalrich removed his pants and underpants.

“so this is a lightweight plastic model. It is very skin friendly and you can simply lock it with this little electronic lock, that has already been inserted. Just pull the testicles through this ring and then the penis into the sheaf.”

Adalrich did as he had been told.

“We have it available in white, transparent and black. It’s perfect for sports. If you want to pee you can do that…. Pull up your pants and walk around.”

Adalrich walked a couple of steps in the sales room.

“How does it feel?”


“Does it hopple around?”


“Good… any chafing or to narrow?”

“Well it encloses my penis.”

“Sure but it is not painful?”


“Do you want to restrict penis size in your boy, madam?”

“Oh ho, just to look it safely away… How much is this?”

“About 45”


“So do you want to have a look at a more solid metal one? He can still play around with his balls in this. And a metal one sends more a message.”

“Hmm. Isn’t this enough?”


“I guess this one is it then.”

Adalrich was relieved that his mother had chosen a lightweight and sporty one and not the heavy metal full lower end of the body enclosures that some parents forced their young men to wear.

“He can keep this on.”

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