Guard Stories

I wrote these stories for my personal enjoyment. They represent fantasies.   And I think they are really hot. If you like them and like to explore these themes, then you are happily invited to send me an email or comment below my stories. 

Stories from the Guard Universe

Information about the Guarduniverse in general you can find here. This is a good overview on the Background and society in which the Guardies live.

🇩🇪 Informationen in Deutsch gibt es hier.

Training a new Guardsman

logo_guard_trianing1It takes time and effort to become a proper Guardsman. Read about Sam’s journey to serve Europe:

  1. The journey (1st chapter) starts when he is recruited. The optical changes are fast and easily done.
  2. He gets (2nd chapter) his rubber uniform.
  3. But we also get to find out about the (3rd) harsh training and practices of the Guard.
  4. Not only is the Material (or you would say the new Guardsman trained) but also their trainers receive instruction on (4th) how to be a good drill instructor.
  5. But of course if you want to have a career you may have to have more then one iron in the fire. You may have to be the slave to your superior woman (5th) .
  6. And if you want to serve you need to muscles up(6th).
  7. After the hard training its time to snuggle and have fun with your new brothers (7th).
  8. Sauna is a popular past time in the GUARD, but of course you might also be locked into a rubber sleeping bag with your new bunk mate (8th).
  9. Becoming a Guardsman is not always fun. But the Guard takes care of you. For example you get your penis brought up to standard. (9th)
  10. After an exhausting training and operation, you get some rest (10th)
  11. Even in the Guard you have to clean your bunks and room from time to time. But even this can be fun if you have a dildo up in your ass (11th).
  12. Our heroes get bonded for their upcoming wedding  (12th)
  13. The Guardsman study about their work. Our hero mets his dad (13th)
  14. The Material is inspected, tested, examined and some are worth becoming Guardsman (14th).
  15. The Final day of service and reward for good training (15th).

Recruiting a new guard cadet

logo_guard_cadetMike’s parents give him away and send him to the Guard Academy.
The story is a stand alone for now, but it will be expanded at some point.
Maybe you wish to give some advice.

Always remember a guard cadet wears: First went on the two straps that crossed his chest and were fastened in a chrome buckle. Then chrome shackles around his wrists and lower legs. Next came the standard guard duty boots.
Then the shoulder yoke, made from the same chromed steal. All in all the steel yoke and shackles added another 10 – 25 kilo to the guardies weight.
Unlike the barrette of the standard guardsman a cadet wore a rubber headpiece and strap on muzzle. The rubber headpiece covered everything from the neck to the top. The muzzle still allowed them to speak but nourishment and water could only be delivered through sucking on a straw.

The day of reconnning has come and Tim travels with his Dad to the Guard Academy.

So Tim arrives at the academy and the induction begins. “This is cadet instructor (c)D-7985-642-330 or instructor to you, you will obey all my orders, or this will happen.” The figure turned and poked with a stick at a boy near Tim and the guy screamed in agony.”

Tim gets chipped and buttplugged. (Chapter 4)

Work and Live of a guardsman

The first time after the training.  Guardsman B-8007-399-033 is on duty. Set in the same Universe as both guard stories. Sam’s training is finished and he gets to see his family one time more. Then off to his work.

But there are other Guardsman being trained and doing their service.B-8007-399-005 is on the way to do his service in a prison.

Guardsman D-8007-399-033 on duty

  1. This story is set some years after the Training of  Tim to become guardsman B-8007-399 -033. He has made career and now D-8007-399 -033  is on duty with his squad.
  2. Not always if you are on duty, everything goes well, but your Guard brothers will keep on looking for you. 2nd chapter. logo_guard_rund
  3. The search starts and our Guardies put on the their tank suits. 3rd chapter.
  4. Houses are searched and people are interrogated. 4th chapter.
  5. On both sides their are questions. 5th chapter.
  6. Guards are having fun storming and searching houses. 6th chapter.
  7. In the area of the enemy 7th chapter
  8. My Cage, your cage 8th chapter
  9. The bad and the beautiful things, chapter 9
  10. in the loving care, chapter 10
  11. Life in the Guard, chapter 11
  12. Not all is great in the guard and not always there is action: chapter 12

The Inspectorlogo_guard2brain




INSPECTOR: chapter 1. The Task

The INSPECTOR: Chapter 2 Inspection


🇩🇪 Guard Stories in German

guard3shieldIm Einsatz (Prolog) auf Deutsch. Jemand aus Deutschland hat mit mir angefangen eine Geschichte über einen Einsatz der Guard zu schreiben. Wir haben einen langen Plan aber leider kamen wir nicht über das erste Kapitel hinaus. Hier suche ich immer noch jemanden der mitschreiben würde.

🇩🇪 Wer aber mehr über das Universum in dem die Geschichte spielt erfahren will, dem sei dieser Text ans Herz gelegt.