I wrote these stories for my personal enjoyment. They represent fantasies.   And I think they are really hot. If you like them and like to explore these themes, then you are happily invited to send me an email or comment below my stories. 

John the Firefighter

🚒 John is a firefighter. He is getting ready for the annual parade in his town. 🚨

Stories from Mike

  • Mike is on the way to school. Where he has just a normal morning. So he puts up his rubber one piece school uniform, boots, looks that his skull is shaved properly and hoff he goes.
  • Mike’s school day starts with a parade of all students. There are all the rubber bodies of his classmates standing at attention. This story is a little bit Singapore themed. I’d would be great to hear what people from Singapore said about this fantasy.
  • Mike’s class is visited by a couple of policeman trying to do some recruitment.

The Transporter

Tranter Academy

  • Tim haslogo-school-hi-2 been a naughty boy, so his parents send him to a reform school. So its Welcome to Tranter Academy. This is a lot like a boarding school, but….
  • And his induction continue.

Paramedic Retraining

Sven is not performing as he should. So his Boss sends him to Paramedic retraining. I have this fantasy where my coworkers are going from lazy, fat slabs to well trained, muscled, bald perfect civil servants. What do you think?


crimsonguardTuukka become a Crimson Guard

1. Tuukka comes from the eastern border to get a reward. He gets transfers into the Queens personal guard. Crimson Guard

2. Tuukka is no more, now it’s Tursas and he is the personal bodyguard of the Lord of Satakunta.

3. Tucks induction has finished. He is a Crimson Guard now.


Letters from a Bottom Prince

⬆️➡️⬇️ Someone sent me this emails after I wrote one story. This is a summary of the conversion from top to bottom.