Here are some links to stories I really like to read and read again:

Vulcanized Teammates

Is a story of: “Handsome young self-described “football jock” watches as he and his teammates are turned into rubberboys by their attractive assistant coach.” I personally really like the rubber aspect and how this young people are made gay. From

Bound for Glory

“A popular boyband gets a new look from their designer/choreographer—whether they like it or not.” Of course they get rubbered and crew cuts and gay. From

Milk Bar

Not always you just go for the milk. A cop is helped to find his destiny in this milk bar. And he his mind washed and so on. From mcstories.

The Extractor

What happens when an evil person takes over military special forces and their rubber Suits? Find out here


Student gets to mind control his high school and soon everything is getting much better. Here



Is one of my favorite authors. I want to recommend the following stories:

  • Galley Slave, is about a mighty prince who is enslaved on a princess galley: “Bragg again complied, standing stiffly, hands clasped behind his back. Then the Princess took wrist and ankle cuffs, snapping them into place, and a worn galley slave’s belt and chain, fitting them closely around Bragg’s hard middle. She bolted the belt securely, tightening it against the small of her slave’s back. The chain was pulled around, pinning Bragg’s hands back, the wrist cuffs hooked to a latch on the bolting.”
  • The Order –  The Chief of the Order seeks worker slaves and warriors for his mysterious Project: “He had been Chopper, now he was SUM, a First Degree Worker of the Order, and his purpose in the great Project was in the other room. Soon his main task would begin. But now, he could be of service to the Chief, so he held himself as he had been taught, while the Chief lost himself in orgasm. SUM was happy.”

  • Another favorite of mine are stories sad in Space Marine setting.”He had learned these mind control techniques in the early days, when training a space crew’s mental conditioning was a captain’s prime responsibility. The dangers and difficult conditions of early belt exploration made that necessary”
  • Stud Stable – “The greatest pleasure he could conceive was ultimate control over the best examples of studly, young manhood… He leased two lifers from the prison system and had his first steeds. They were carefully mind controlled and became docile, response Stud Steeds, hitched to wagons or used as trained manholes”


Also I’m a big fan of author: TopLegal two stories I would like to highlight especially:

Iroppoi Herususentaa

Patrick wants to join a fancy gym, but it turns out that it is way too expensive. Fortunately, the gym has an alternate means of payment.


An unbelievable man who wears a latex outfit in the bar fucks everyone but never talks catches Ryu’s fancy: “The man laughed. “We prefer our Adonis units to be the ‘strong silent’ types. You will be our first non-Caucasian Adonis.””


Skinhead Conversion

Skinmarvin has a couple of really good stories on his website. This one is about the Conversion into a skinhead of a normal guy.

Twelve days with Sargent Tate

Is the story of the conversion of a lazy young men by a gay marine corps sergeant into the perfect soldier: 12 days with Sargent Tate

Once a Courtier

This is not a story that has gay sex or men. But it is about a women encased in a tight fitting latex suit. Really hot. I think I should write a story similar but with a guy: “A naive young woman in the court of Princess Dalia of Xylaea is turned into a nubile slave.”

Uniforms Control Your Mind

Another story about a women. This time she is controlled by her swim uniform: “I am one with the team. I am Blue Mermaids’ Number 08. Swimmer Number 08 in the Blue Mermaids Team.”

PTI Instructor

A really nice story about the conversion of a normal solider into some kind of sex toy. Set in Singapore.

Corporate Drone

Guy is made a corporate drone. Does not sound to bad?

Studs under Discipline

Naked studs are put under discipline, they are nude and marched and exercised. Just yummy.


The Last Photograph

A masterpiece by Wrestlr: When his brother goes missing, Peter sets out to find him. His special forces training helps him but not in the way he thinks. Deep mind control and not really a happy end.

The White Room

Written by z119z. A guy is kidnapped and locked into a white room. Dull? not really. Because: “There is no way out except through compliance and obedience.”

The Suit

By Willie Cici. A guy gets trapped in a full body suit. Well maybe its not really bad luck. 

Keep Pushing Hard

By Nibelung: Gym motivation mp3s, pushed workouts, gear fetish. So you want to get motivated to exercise, here is a good story.

The Administrator

“After that, they put me into the administrators’ dormitory. My sentence is that I’m one of them, now, and I do what they want. I carry out the sentences”. He has to carry out the sentences in a future dystopian society. The Administrator

How I bacame a tin-plated warrior

“Corporal John Leyland reporting for duty. You may remember in part one I was dumped by my girlfriend, comforted and hypnotised by my Captain, then enrolled to a special training unit, I had a medical and then saw things I shouldn’t have seen, so I tried to escape, but things didn’t go quite to plan…” from the enchanted squadie

🇩🇪 German Stories

Eine Reihe geiler Glatzen Geschichten findet ihr bei Mister Cut


More reading hints will come. For suggestions I’m always open.



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